The Hybrid

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The Alpha Series: Book 2!

The 2nd book of The Alpha Series is next! Cannot be read as a standalone book!

If you’re interested to read more about Kaden, check out Kaden’s Luna on my profile!


Kaden Reid is known as a rogue who was banished from his pack. He longs for his mate but thinks she’s better off without him. Imagine his surprise when he finds her one day.

One thing is for sure, he is never going to let her go.

But Kaden’s troubled past is quickly catching up to him. A war is imminent. Will he lose everyone he holds dear or will he come out victorious?

Only time will tell.


“You...You are so territorial.” I growl angrily, crossing my arms as I stare at him.

“Blame the wolf not the human, darling.” He states before holding out a chicken wing. “Want some?”

“No.” I grumble, still peeved as I start making my way to the front door. “I’m going home.”

“So, you came all the way here just to yell at me?” He questions, a look of bewilderment and amusement on his face.

“Yes. Now, goodbye.” I state with finality, not wanting to give away that I had missed him too much throughout the day.

I had just stepped one foot out of the door when an arm wraps around my waist and pulls me back, the loud sound of the door slamming shut making me jump. I turn in his hold, resting my palms on his chest before looking up at him.

“Kaden, what -”

I am cut off when he smashes his lips to mine. Whimpering at the sudden action, I fist the material of his shirt in my hands. His lips are soft and his movements turn gentle against my own, muscular arms wrapping around my waist to try and pull me impossibly closer. I gasp when his tongue swipes across my bottom lip, opening my mouth for him.

I forgot what we were arguing over.

*Warning: Due to The Hybrid’s edit, some things will be confusing in the sequel as I have not edited it yet.

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