The Hybrid

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Chapter 6 - Possessive Streak

I’m currently lost and full out panicking.

I had woken up to Vulcan knocking on the door with a bundle of clothes that surprisingly, were my exact size. He had left me to get ready, letting me know that breakfast is prepared and to meet him in the kitchen. However, when I was done and walked downstairs, I had no idea where to go.

The house is like a maze and I’m buried deep in it. I walk down another hallway, groaning in frustration when it only leads to a dead end...again. Turning back, I run out of it only to crash into a wall with a scream. The wall wraps its arms around me, steadying me before my face can meet the ground.

I look up to see an amused Vulcan staring down at me, a smirk on his lips. Blushing, I clear my throat and let him pull me towards the foyer and into the kitchen. My jaw drops when it’s that simple, it was right there and I wasted so much time trying to find it when I could have been eating!

I take a seat at the kitchen island, the room smells heavenly from the cooking. Fresh fruits are filled in cute patterned bowls that are set right in the middle. He puts a plate of crepes in front of me, telling me to hurry as it’s nearly time to go.

“Do you have Nutella?” I ask, popping a raspberry in my mouth before turning to face him.

He reaches into a top cupboard and takes out a jar of the chocolaty goodness. Taking it from his hands happily, I grab a butter knife and spread it onto the crepe before piling it with fruits. I roll it up and bite into it, licking my lips when some of the chocolate spread gets onto them.

“Don’t do that, Моя роза.” Vulcan orders from behind me, his arm brushing my shoulder as he places more crepes on the stack. (My rose.)

“Do what?” I frown in confusion, turning to face him slightly.

He stares at my lips for longer than necessary before sighing, shaking his head and turning back to the stove. I shrug before making another roll-up and eating it quickly.

“My friend will be giving you a lift to your apartment.” He suddenly states, making me frown.

He turns around at my silence, the confusion in his eyes fading into realization. “I trust him with my life, you will be safe.”

I nod quietly, finishing the rest of my breakfast. I have just taken the last bite when the bell rings, the chime echoing throughout the house. My ride is here and with one glance to the clock, I know I have to hurry.

Hopping off the stool, I pick up my phone and run out of the kitchen. “Thanks for everything, Vulcan! Bye!”

I open one of the double doors and step outside, noticing a black car parked on the driveway with a man in the driver’s seat. But before I can take another step, I’m pulled back into a rock hard chest by my elbow. Looking up, I raise a brow at him in confusion. His green eyes have darkened considerably as he stares at me, more like at my lips again. He turns me around but still keeps me molded against his body, his arm wrapping around my waist and pulling me flush against him so that I reach the tip of his shoulder.

My heart races at the intensity burning in his orbs, warming my body up in an instant. His hand rises to cup my cheek and I shiver at his touch when his thumb caresses it softly. I feel like I’m melting inside, turning into mush.

“You’re not going to school like that.” He murmurs, chuckling slightly when I continue to look at him in confusion.

His index finger soon brushes the corner of my lips, taking away some Nutella that I have forgotten to wipe down. My cheeks flame in embarrassment over how I must have looked with a chocolate stain on my face. Kill me now, I think to myself. However, what he does next has my breath hitching in my throat and my heart skipping a beat. My eyes widen when he pops that finger into his mouth and licks the chocolate right off, a smoldering look in his eyes.

Gulping harshly, I back out of his hold and squeak out a “thanks” before turning to rush to the waiting car. Before I get in, I look up to see him standing there with intensity burning in his eyes as he watches me, his hands in the pockets of his slacks. It’s only then that I notice how incredibly sexy he looks with his shirt sleeves rolled up to his elbows, hair tousled messily as if he just got out of bed.

Averting my gaze before I embarrass myself further, I get in and smile at his best friend who grins in return. As he starts the car, he notices me staring at Vulcan from the window, glancing at him before turning to wink at me and wiggle his brows suggestively. I gasp and slap his arm, blushing hard which results in him howling in laughter as he drives down the road.

I wave goodbye to Indigo Ferndale, as he had introduced himself. He has a full head of striking white blonde hair with the darkest eyes surrounded by an almost violet ring. Although I was taken aback by the unusual color, I have to admit that it’s beautiful. He is of slim build but you can tell that he is muscular nonetheless. With a pale complexion and angular features that look sharp enough to cut, he looks like a man that girls fawn over.

Indigo had smirked when he saw the school, telling me that he had graduated quite some years ago and then attended college for a degree in engineering. In return, I had groaned over how I had one more year left.

Rushing through the entrance and towards my locker, I shove everything I need into my bag because I’m racing against the clock. But, just as I have placed my books in my bag and slammed the door shut, I scream at the sight of Sophia and Alex when I turn around. Placing a hand over my heart, I will myself to calm down when students shoot me weird glances as they pass by.

“You don’t look sick.” Alex muses, leaning further to take a closer look at my face. My eyes widen when I remember the lie I had told Damon as a reason for missing school.

“That’s because I feel better now.” I grin, linking arms with Sophia as we walk toward our first class, which is English Literature.

I take a seat in the middle row, Alex and Sophia on either side of me. We are halfway through the lesson when Kaden strolls in, letting the door bang against the wall. If it was possible for steam to come out of ears, then that’s what my teacher looks like right now. His face is red with a grumpy scowl set on his lips as he stares at Kaden distastefully. I listen to him getting shouted at with a smirk, watching as he rolls his eyes at me as he stands at the front of the classroom. It goes on for quite a while before the droning of Mr Davies fades, handing a detention slip to Kaden and instructing him to take his seat.

As soon as Kaden turns his back on him, he pulls a face that has me covering my mouth with my hands to stifle the giggles. Noticing, he smiles boyishly before walking over and settling himself into a seat two spaces down from me. The clearing of Mr Davies’ throat has me turning around to face the front and avoiding his glare. He lets out an angry huff before resuming the lesson again.

After that session, we attend our next classes before it’s time for lunch. My gaze follows Kaden as he makes his way into the library with another boy, probably serving detention during lunchtime. Turning back, I pick up the burger from my tray and take a bite, the conversation flowing around me easily.

Turns out there’s a basketball game this Friday, the jocks clearly pumped for it and talking strategy whilst their hands move animatedly. I listen in, shrugging when Alex asks me if I’m going, perhaps I will. It will certainly take my mind off things but, I’m not sure if I will attend the after party though. Regardless if they win or not they are still throwing a party as a thanks for a good game. I shudder at the memory of attending the last party in London, it was definitely something.

Lunch flows by easily and before I know it, I’m walking out of my last class and to my locker, placing the books I need into my bag before slamming it shut. Rushing out of school like everybody else, I head across the parking lot, thankful that school is over.

I go home with Sophia and Alex, driving to the Valentine’s house for dinner. Alex drops us off and speeds down the road to his house which isn’t so far away. Where Damon and Alex live is quite similar to where Vulcan lives, except the only difference is that there is a forest to the back of these houses instead of trees surrounding the whole area. Also there is no diner and less stand-alone houses. In their place are large homes, big enough to be classed as mansions.

Theia greets Sophia and I with a warm smile, hugging us before letting us in to the aromatic smelling house. I grin at the smell of food wafting from the kitchen, my tummy growling in hunger. Lunch at school was crap today so, I cannot wait to dig in.

Just as I have placed my bag beside the door, I’m brought into a hug before Damon ruffles my hair, messing it up completely. I shout in surprise and mock anger, punching him in the arm before grinning up at him. His dad greets me next with a big hug and a kiss to my cheek, walking away into the kitchen where the girls are.

“Gaming before dinner?” Damon jumps over the couch, landing on it and picking up a remote.

“Hell yeah!” I fist pump the air, taking a seat as he starts the game.

Thirty minutes later we are slaying zombies left, right and center, screaming at the television when they get too close and shouting out orders to each other.

“Son of a – cover me!” I yell, pushing buttons frantically while Damon runs forward to shoot them all.

We hear our names being called in the distance but ignore it, our entire attention on the game. Damon yells as a zombie swipes at him before shooting at him while I switch to another gun. We high five when we reach the next level, searching for zombies that have emerged. I shoot one down and run back to where Damon stands, looking around for others. Very soon we are in the middle of the level, shots being fired one by one at a rapid pace.

We are nearly finished with the level when the television screen turns black making us shout in protest. I throw my controller down to look right, Theia standing there with a power cord in her hand and glaring daggers at us. Knowing it’s useless to argue, we trudge to the kitchen, complaining about our game along the way. I’m soon shut up by the food though, literally inhaling the home cooked pizza slices.

Around ten at night, Damon drops me off at my apartment, instructing me to make sure I lock the door and being his usual protective, annoying, brotherly self. I wave him off and watch as he disappears down the street when he knows that I’m safe and inside. Locking the door, I throw my keys into a stone tray on a nearby table, placing my bag of books beside the sofa and smiling at the fact that I had completed my homework in one of my free periods.

Trudging up the stairs, I absentmindedly pull off my clothes, slipping off my flats and walking to my closet to pick out a set of night clothes. Pulling on an over sized sweater with shorts, I free my hair from the hair tie that holds it up into a high ponytail, groaning when my roots hurt slightly. Not bothering to look at my phone, I leave it on my bedside table, taking off my mother’s locket that hangs around my neck and setting it aside before lifting the covers and slipping underneath. I sigh in content and close my eyes, dozing off in a matter of minutes.

However, sometime later in the night, I’m woken up by loud banging coming from downstairs. I freeze, my heart racing as I wonder who it is, my mind instantly thinking of the men who had took me. I tremble, my fingers shaking as they grip the covers. I sit up, panicking as I search frantically for my phone that is lost between the sheets.

A vibration indicates where it is and I snatch it up to see a number I don’t recognize. I accept the call and bring it up to my ear, answering it shakily.

“Aurora, I’m outside your apartment. Open the door.” Vulcan’s voice filters through the speaker.

“You scared me!” I release a breath, holding a hand to my racing heart.

“Shit, I’m sorry. Can you let me in, please?”

I mumble that I will be down in a minute before hanging up, putting on my robe before making my way downstairs. Walking through the hallway, I unlock the door and pull it open just a bit before peeking out, sighing in relief when I see him. I open it wider to let him in, the cold air creeping in making me shiver and curse myself for not covering up more.

Before I can turn around, I’m pulled into a tight hug. My immediate reaction is to freeze in surprise before I relax, wrapping my arms around his waist. He doesn’t say a word until he pulls back, tucking a strand of my unruly hair behind my ear, staring deep into my eyes with immense worry.

“What’s wrong?” I whisper, stepping out of his hold.

Wincing when all I get is an angry glare, I focus my gaze on my bare feet whilst tucking my hair behind my ear. There is a long silence before he steps towards me and grips my jaw, gentle enough not to hurt me but tight enough to catch my attention. I stare into his dark eyes, wondering why he is angry and how he knew exactly where I live.

I’m brought out of my thoughts when he speaks, his tone low and dangerous. “Indigo was waiting to drive you back to my home after school. You left.”

My eyes widen when his words register, remembering how Indigo had told me that I should get my wrist checked again this evening. “I-I’m sorry, I completely forgot.”

His arm wrap around my waist to pull me flush against his chest, my lips releasing a yelp of surprise at the action. “Vulcan...”

He clenches his jaw, eyes blazing in fury as he stares down at me. He doesn’t say anything more, instead he asks me where my room is and I point up the stairs, not uttering a single word to him as he takes my hand and climbs the steps up to my bedroom, opening the door and closing it with a loud thud.

“How did you know where I live?” I ask the question on my mind ever since he showed up at my doorstep.

“Indigo.” He states, making me nod in realization.

His eyes sweep over every detail of my room, taking in everything and committing it to memory. Placing me on the bed, he walks over to the window that looks out onto the back yard. I wring my hands as I wait for him to say something, anything. The silence is killing me and making me nervous.

My eyes soon droop before I shake my head, forcing myself to stay awake. I hear his footsteps, looking back to see him pacing in front of the window with a scowl on his lips. Sighing, I wish he would just let me sleep as it’s a school night and I’m tired. I jump when he growls loudly, his fist clenched and itching to break something. I don’t get why he’s so angry; I mean it’s not like we know each other that well. So what if I didn’t come back? I can get my wrist checked at the hospital.

Closing my eyes, I sigh and lean back against my pillows, exhaustion creeping in. He has started talking again with his back facing me, arms crossed as he looks out the window. I’m just so sleepy that I don’t realize when exactly I have laid down, my body horizontal on the bed with the blankets askew. I rest my hand on the soft, fluffy blanket, trying to pull it closer to me.

Yawning, I cover my body up to my waist before letting my eyelids close fully. I hear the faint muttering of him, weirdly feeling safe and protected knowing he is here.

After a short while, I hear a sigh in the distance making me frown at the disruption. Warm hands grab my waist and re-position me on the bed so that my head now rests on the soft pillows, tucking the blanket under my neck. I feel a gentle kiss press to the top of my head and a hand stroking my hair before it slides down, knuckles grazing my cheek.

“You should go home, I’m fine.” Humming softly, I cuddle closer to the warmth.

Instead of listening to me, he starts playing with the ends of my hair which makes me sigh in content. His cologne mixed with the warmth emitting from his fingers calms me, soothing me to sleep.

“I was worried, the doctor needs to keep checking on you.” His voice is a soothing grumble in the night.

“I’m...fine.” I state sleepily, hearing him mutter something about me being stubborn as hell.

“You infuriate me little mate, but I can’t seem to let you go.” Is the last, muffled whisper I hear before I slip into dreamland.

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