The Hybrid

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Chapter 7 - Basketball

Important Note: I don’t know much about basketball so, please let me know if there’s any mistakes.

Turns out I do attend the game.

It’s Friday evening and I’m at the subway station, waiting for my friends to arrive with Alex. We both have coffee cups in our hands and are stating things on our bucket list that we will do someday, to pass the time. Lily and Christian are coming up for the weekend and I’m very excited to see them again. We always have fun when everyone is together.

“Skydive.” Alex states, taking a sip of his cappuccino before looking at me with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes.

“You would never!” I slap his arm, making him let out a girlish scream when his coffee nearly spills.

“I’m serious!”

“You can’t even handle rollercoasters, how are you going to be comfortable with skydiving?” I snort unladylike, glancing at my watch.

“Rollercoasters come before skydiving on my list.” He smiles sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck. “When I overcome that fear, I think I’ll be okay to fall out of the sky.”

Chuckling, I drink the last of my latte before walking to the nearest bin and throwing it in, returning to the little corner we are occupying. As I open my mouth, the speakers cut me off, announcing the next arrival. I watch as Alex straightens and dusts doughnut crumbs off his shirt.

We wait until the subway comes to a stop before standing on our tiptoes to catch sight of our friends. Being short is not helping me in this matter. Soon, we spot their familiar faces and wave them over. Lily lets out a squeal and launches herself at me, winding me from the impact. I greet Christian next and we chat our way to the car.

We arrive at the school in record time and find a place to sit in the gym with our friends around us. The place is getting full quite fast, seats are being taken up at a rapid pace and people are coming down the stairs with snacks and drinks in their hands. Everyone is invited as it’s an open game. Parents, family, friends, town folk; anyone who caught wind of the upcoming big game during the past month.

I swat Alex’s hand away when he ruffles my hair, handing me my food and drink before taking a seat next to Sophia and Damon further down. He sticks his tongue out at me before winking and turning back to face the front.

“So, any news. What’s been going on, Rory?” Lily asks, using my nickname, before throwing a piece of popcorn and hitting Alex’s neck perfectly.

I chuckle, taking a sip of my drink before shrugging. “Nothing much, same old school and homework.”

“Are you holding up okay?” Christian asks next, making me nod back with a small smile.

I know he’s referring to my parents and living alone. What I don’t mention is the kidnapping that happened last week. I had a lengthy talk with Vulcan, demanding answers and for action to be taken. Furious that I was kidnapped and held in a cell where I was beaten for wanting answers, I wanted those men to pay for what they did to me.

Vulcan had told me that those men were a part of his community but, he didn’t expect them to treat anyone with brutality. He reassured me over and over that he has taken care of the men himself by turning them into the police so I could charge them. Darius and Theia also got involved when I told them, overlooking the details when an officer came over last week to take my statement, telling me that they are going away for a very long time. The news has relieved me completely, knowing I got justice for what I went through, but I know it’s going to take a long time to recover from what happened.

“I am so sleeping over at your place, Damon and Sophia make me want to hurl.” Lily blurts with an exaggerated roll of her eyes, bringing me out of my thoughts.

“Amen sister!” Alex yells, gaining the attention of most people.

Damon scoffs whilst Sophia shouts indignantly, an argument breaking out between them over which couple is the most loved up. The only people that are not in a relationship are Alex and I. What about Vulcan? I think, choking on my drink as a result. I wave away the looks of concerns, wiping my lips with a napkin. Vulcan and I are not in a relationship, no way! I mean a man with a face like that in a relationship with plain old me? Yeah, that’ll happen when pigs fly.

Sighing, I look around the gym and wave at Indigo with a smile when I spot him. But the person beside him turns around to look in my direction and the familiar face has my breath hitching in my throat.

Those familiar eyes remain fixated on me, emerald green shining brightly like gems under the sun. Vulcan stares back at me, nodding slightly as if he’s acknowledging my presence. I nod back to which he just smirks in return. He looks handsome like every other time I see him, oozing raw masculinity. Dressed in casual attire with dark jeans, a white shirt and sneakers, he looks totally at ease and blends right in.

I can hear girls talking about him and staring over with lust filled eyes, either fluffing their hair or pushing out their chests. Rolling my eyes at them, I turn back to face the front, a feeling of slight jealousy rising within me. But, why am I jealous? He isn’t mine.

The game soon starts with a high-pitched whistle, players scattering and the basketball being passed around. I whoop along with everyone else as our school’s star player gets a basket and the spirit of the game cheers everyone up.

We watch on as the ball is taken by the other team who unfortunately make a slam dunk causing everyone to boo in our section. The game progresses with intensity as baskets are won but also lost. The atmosphere is tense yet lively, everyone here just to enjoy a good game of sport.

The whistle soon blows for half-time and the players trot back to their part of the court, huddling close together with their coaches and forming strategies, implementing their backup plans. I can see the coaches’ hands waving animatedly as their lips move, giving out instructions.

“Let’s go get some food?” I turn to Lily who arches her perfect brows in reply.

“You just had some!”

“I’m a growing girl.” Grinning cheekily, I pat my stomach before pulling her up by the arm. “Anyone want anything? Lily and I are doing a food run.”

They all rattle off their orders with us trying to remember it all. Linking my arm with hers, I make my way up the stairs. As I look up, my eyes meet Vulcan’s who is currently looking behind me with a frown. Before I can look back, an arm wraps around my shoulders which belongs to Dallas. He’s one of the few friends I have made when I started this school, a well-known swimmer here. I have watched him before during one of my gym periods and he is impressive.

“Hey Aurora, how are you finding the game so far?” He asks, pointing back to the court.

I nod absentmindedly, my attention on the angry scowl on Vulcan’s lips as he glares at Dallas. “Good, I’m glad I came.”

“Well, I’m really glad you did.” He smiles boyishly, leaning a bit too close.

I smile slightly, my heart racing when I see Vulcan stand up, his fists clenched and ready to stalk towards us. His whole posture is tense and shaking, glaring daggers at the boy with his arm on me.

I glare at him in warning when he takes a few steps forward before sighing in relief when Indigo pulls him back, making him sit on the bench. Vulcan moves to stand up again when Dallas presses me further to his side but is stopped by Theo, who attends school here but knows them both.

They are talking to him and I can tell that they are trying to calm him down. Turning back, I continue up the steps with a frown, wondering why he had that reaction. He seemed quite angry and looked like he was about to come over to Dallas and I.

Grabbing some snacks along with sweets, I wait for Lily and Dallas to finish before we head back onto the bleachers. As we near the row where Vulcan sits, my steps slow and I look at him in conflict, wondering if I should talk to him or not. I glance back to see that Lily and Dallas have reached their seats and are chatting to my friends. Sighing, I decide to join them thinking I can always talk to him later.

I can feel a gaze boring into the back of my head as I make my way down, handing food to Alex, Sophia and another one of my friends. Ignoring the feeling, I focus my attention back on the game when the whistle blows, the players in action once more.

After a while of players trying to score points on each other but failing, the ball is passed to the star player, Lorenzo. We’re down by two more points to win and the atmosphere is tense. I watch as he runs forward with incredible speed, evading the opposing team players with efficiency. He’s nearing the basket with such momentum it has me leaning forward in my seat in excitement and anticipation.

Finally, Lorenzo throws the ball into the basket and we watch it circle the rim before dropping inside, making everyone erupt into cheers and hollers, our team running across the court to each other. I scream in delight, throwing my hands up and being lifted by Christian who twirls me around in joy, laughter escaping his lips.

We won! I guess deciding to attend the game wasn’t a bad decision after all.

After everyone has cleared the gym, I follow my friends to the locker room where we congratulate the team. Turns out Damon knows most of the players even though he had graduated two years ago. I watch as Alex and Christian fist-bump and high-five the players, chattering on about the game and the after party being held tonight.

Leaning against the wall, I wait for them to finish whilst Sophia stands by Damon and Lily leaves to find a quiet place so she can talk to her boyfriend. Deciding to wait outside, I have just made it to the exit of the gym when someone calls my name from behind. Heads turn my way in the parking lot when Lorenzo catches up to me with a wide smile. He’s shirtless and proudly showing off his abs and defined muscles, shorts hanging low on his hips that I fear will fall off if he doesn’t pull them up.

“Aurora, right? We have Art together.” He smiles, dragging his fingers through his luscious brown hair.

I smile, greeting him. “Hey, yes we do. Congratulations, you were amazing out there.”

He chuckles before thanking me, rubbing the back of his neck and seeming almost hesitant. “So, are you coming to the party? I can pick you up, what do you say?”

I ponder over the thought, it wouldn’t hurt to go if he is inviting me himself. Maybe I can go for an hour or two, if it gets too crazy I can just leave. But before I can answer, an arm snakes around my waist and pulls me back into a warm chest. I look up to see Vulcan glaring furiously at Lorenzo, his hold on me tightening.

“She says no.” He states harshly making Lorenzo’s eyes widen and hold his hands up in a surrendering motion.

“Whoa! Didn’t know she was taken man, sorry.”

“Wait what?! I’m not in a relationship with him!” I sputter, struggling in his tight grip.

Lorenzo looks at me dubiously with a raised brow. “You’re not?”

“No!” I exclaim just as Vulcan replies with a “Yes.”

I look up at him and glare, hoping I appear threatening. He glares right back and I swear if I could hit him, I would. Him holding both my hands down is getting in the way of that, so I kick his shin only to gape at him when he doesn’t flinch or wince, not one expression on his face; emotionless.

“Ah, lovers spat, is it?” Lorenzo chuckles, catching my attention. “I’ll see you on Monday, Aurora.”

I watch helplessly as he walks away, joining the team in the locker room and leaving me with the grouch. Sighing, I turn and punch him in the arm before pulling away, finally escaping his hold. I cross my arms and frown up at him, both confused and angry at his behavior.

“What was that?!”

He shrugs carelessly, placing both hands on my waist and pulling me close. “What?”

“We’re not dating, why would you say so?” I huff, pushing at his chest but to no avail.

His hold just tightens and I’m now wrapped up in his arms, my body almost molded against him. I shiver from the warmth, the tingles exploding wherever he touches me causing a feeling of bliss to rise within me. It’s crazy how much he has an effect over me.

I snap out of it when he grips my chin, leaning down so our lips are almost brushing against each other. Lord knows I’ll faint if they meet. I forget about how students are milling around us, how any of them can spot this compromising situation I’m in and start a rumor so fast, it will do TMZ proud.

“You are mine, Роза. Not that boy’s, not Lorenzo’s. Only mine.” He growls lowly, making my eyes widen at the possessive tone. He’s referring to Dallas as the “boy” making me realize why he had become so angry back then. (Rose.)

“N-No, I’m not y-yours.” I stammer, cursing myself for choosing this to be the right time to turn into a bumbling fool.

“No?” He murmurs, swiping my hair to my other shoulder before leaning down and placing a hot, open-mouthed kiss onto the curve of my neck.

Holy fuck! I gasp and fist his shirt in my hand, my eyes closing of their own accord at the pleasurable sensation. He continues, trailing a path of fire from my neck to my jaw, teasing the corner of my lips like last time, making me moan breathlessly.

“V-Vulcan, stop. People are l-looking.” I whisper, trying to pull away.

He doesn’t. I can feel his smirk on my skin as he nips at my jaw before trailing kisses down the length of my neck. My fingers dig into his shoulders as I bite back a moan, trying to pull away before the rest of the group comes looking for me. In response he pulls me back, growling softly in my ear as a warning.

“Vulcan, please –”

“Say that you’re mine.” He orders, pulling on my earlobe with his teeth before letting go. I shake my head incredulously, struggling in his hold. He gently pushes me up against a nearby wall, pinning my hands above my head before leaning down to look me square in the eyes. “Say it or I won’t stop.”

I bite my lip in panic when I notice the team emerge from the locker room, Damon and the group making their way in this direction with them. I look back to Vulcan with a pleading look to which he just smirks wickedly in response.

“Aurora –”

“I don’t belong to anyone. Get off me.” I try pushing him back, only for him to huff in frustration and tug me against his chest again.

“Vulcan, get off me now...” I warn, trailing off before slapping his arm repeatedly when he doesn’t do as I say. “Let go!”

“I am not going to say it. This is unnecessary!” I argue with a frown on my lips.

Involuntarily, a low moan escapes my lips when he teases the corner of my lips before nuzzling his nose into the crook of my neck, pulling my shirt away and placing open-mouthed kisses on my shoulder. My hands weakly push at his chest, curling up when he blows warm air onto the wet spot, making me shiver in response.

I can feel myself crumbling into nothing but mush in his hands and the smug bastard knows it. How can I be so weak at the hands of a man who I barely know? It’s like his touch melts me and makes me want to fulfill any request he makes.

“Work for it.” I state, pushing him away when he lets my hands go.

He backs away slightly with a confused expression that I find adorable. With his brows furrowed and a frown on his lip, he stares at me in disbelief. “What?”

“Work for it.” I shrug, now it’s my turn to smirk smugly. “Show me why I would want to be yours.”

He chuckles with a hint of danger, leaning down to look me in the eyes. “I won’t have to do a damn thing Aurora, it’ll be you who willingly wants to be with me.”

“We’ll see.”

His eyes narrow at my dismissive tone, head tilting slightly when we hear the familiar laughter of Sophia. I watch as he steps towards the exit of the gym but, just when I think he is finally leaving to join Indigo and Theo, he abruptly turns back and pulls me close by my elbow.

I open my mouth to protest but am cut off by him pressing a quick kiss to my forehead, whispering the word “mine” before making his way to Indigo and Theo who are waiting by the car.

I stand there with an unhinged jaw, mirroring Theo’s expression whilst Indigo just grins wickedly before sending me a knowing wink and making me blush in embarrassment over how they had witnessed everything. Groaning lowly, I swiftly turn away from them in mortification. They had seen me willingly allow Vulcan to do that.

I barely have time to catch my breath when Damon calls my name, making me face them with a shaky smile, trying to calm my haywire nerves. Once we are ready to go, we say goodbye to the team, congratulating them once more before heading off to the cars we came in.

I walk behind, my mind on the events that have happened today. I can’t believe that he is interested in me. But I know I have to be cautious, everything with him is moving so fast and I don’t want to end up heartbroken.

Sighing, I open the door and get in, pulling my seat belt on. For the rest of the ride, my mind wonders over the possibilities of what can be as we make our way to the city for food. Are things about to get interesting or is my life going to stay the same old boring self?

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