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5. His Story

Adeline sat behind the Alpha’s desk where she could look at her two mates. Hunter was looking suspicious and a bit hostile towards the other man. It was apparent that he didn’t believe that he would have to share his Luna with another man. Or perhaps he did believe it and the thought irritated him.

Cameron was looking docile though a bit confused. He also was unsure of the whole state of affairs as he had not been wholly sure he had understood the situation.

“Cameron, I met Hunter here last night in the woods on the southern border of this pack’s land. I knew at once he was my mate.” Cameron looked at her in confusion and hurt and Addie fought back a tear at her mate’s sudden pain.

“But-you are my mate, dear one,” he said, wondering if he was being rejected.

“I know,” she told him. “That’s why this is a confusing situation. I’ve never heard of one having two mates before. I am as bewildered as both of you, I swear.” She was sincere and both of the men knew it. They could see it in her eyes and the feeling rolled steadily through the weak bond they maintained with her.

“I will not share my Luna with another,” Hunter nearly growled out. There was a moment of silence at his statement before anyone spoke.

“I am not sure if we have a choice in the matter at this point,” Addie said. “When I left the cells, I went to our pack shaman and she told me that the only way to sever the bond would be by death. I won’t have that happen, no matter how much you may hate me for it. Losing either of you would be like losing part of myself.”

“What else did this shaman say,” Cameron asked after a moment, genuinely curious. He had never met one but knew that they made potions and some could even see the future in the stars and moon.

“She said that your past may have been what caused this strange situation today,” Addie told him. Her eyes flickered to Hunter’s and she saw the caution there. “She also mentioned it was one of hardship. Can you explain to us? We may be able to understand why this has happened. The shaman implied as such.”

Cameron sat back in his chair and took a deep steadying breath. He wondered where to begin. It was true what the shaman said, and he mildly wondered when he could meet the woman. She seemed gifted.

“I’m 23 years old. I will be 24 in a few months time. I have been away at school trying to get a medical degree since I was 18 years of age. I had decided that if I hit my 23rd birthday and hadn’t found my mate that I would mark another. She and I- we had dated briefly when we were younger and she also had not found her mate. She was already 24. Her name was Sharla and she was the Beta’s daughter. We discussed our decision with her father and he was okay with it.”

“Did you-did you mark her?” Addie asked. Hunter gave her a quick look but her face was impassive. She had tried hard to make it so.

“No-I never had a chance to,” Cameron told her. “Her brother was against the coupling and he tried to kill me. He succeeded actually. I flat - lined for 5 minutes before the doctor was able to bring me back.”

“How did he succeed in almost killing you?” Hunter asked, quietly. “What did he poison you with? And how?” Even though he was not fond of this... arrangement, he was truly intrigued in regards to the man’s story.

“I make healthy smoothies every evening for the next day. The man had taken it from the pack house fridge and put hemlock root in it. Ground it up fine so I wouldn’t be able to tell. Not that I could anyway-the smoothies don’t taste all that great,” he answered. “I suffered from rapid heartbeat, convulsions, a burning in my digestive tract and other unsavory conditions. If I hadn’t been a were, I would have most definitely died from it. At one point I went into a coma and suffered from renal failure. The doc was able to save me though and I was kept in the hospital for weeks after the attempt. After I got well enough, I left the pack. I didn’t know if he would try to kill me again. I didn’t feel safe with the likes of him around.”

“What happened after you left?” Addie asked.

Cameron hunched forward in his seat. He wasn’t comfortable talking about all the things that occurred between the time he left Bounty and when he had come to his mate’s land. He felt that she mate may reject him if she knew. But, he also knew in turn, that she may reject him as well if he lied and she found out later that he had kept silent. A lie by omission. Honesty was truly the best policy in this instance.

“I headed south, away from Bounty Pack,” he told them both. “I slipped past the Canadian border and ran into a group of rogues being led by a sadistic individual by the name of Gabriel. He had some sort of twisted vendetta against the Alpha family of a pack situated in Washington state. And he wanted their Luna. You may have heard the story. It’s practically legend even though only a short time as passed.”

“I heard of such a war with an Alpha in order to claim the Alpha’s mate,” Hunter said in a gruff voice. “There was an alliance and the invading pack was taken down.”

“That is true,” Cameron said nodding slowing. “I was there. Forced to be there actually. Gabriel threatened the lives of all the woman of the pack that he was pursuing if I didn’t help him. I believed him. I knew he only wanted the Luna and wouldn’t care if the other women were killed, though he had promised the rogues their pick of she-wolves and a place in his pack if they allied with him.”

Addie blinked and sat back in her chair. She had been slowly creeping towards the edge of it while listening. It seemed like a story she would have read in a book, not something that could actually happen less than a thousand miles away from her.

Hunter looked outraged. He couldn’t believe that anyone would ally themselves with a group of wolves and a demon pack of blood lusty wolves. Cameron saw the disdain written plainly in the man’s eyes and Cameron’s own shone with a glassiness that he was fighting to hold back. He was not proud of himself, though he did very little in the actual fight.

“When the fighting started, I immediately yielded to the Beta of the pack we were fighting, knowing that I could never harm the wolves there. They had done nothing wrong. They were fighting for their livelihood and their Luna. I couldn’t go against them. Plus, I knew that Gabriel would have to take down their Alpha and would be away from the majority of the fighting so that he could try and kill the man. The Beta put me in silver and took me to their cells until they could speak with their Alpha. Eventually, Gabriel died, though he did kill the Alpha of the pack, Diamond something I think. A new Alpha, who was the Luna’s true mate was given the position before the old Alpha died. I spoke with the Beta and the new Alpha and they let me go after I helped a bit around their pack clinic. I was training to be a pack doctor before I left Bounty and had some skill in helping with the wounded. Their new Alpha-he is a good man.”

There was a long pause in his speech while Cameron wondered if there was anything else he needed to add. Hunter was curious as well if the man was leaving anything out, but Addie had the most mystifying question of all.

“How did you know where to find me?” She looked so innocent when she asked that, it hurt Cameron’s heart.

“I-I don’t rightly know,” he said. “In all honesty, once my wolf and I were well enough to leave the hospital after the murder attempt, I just knew I had to head south. My wolf insisted on that direction and I let him lead me until I was blindsided by that rogue Alpha and his crew of savages.”

They all sat back and thought of what this could all mean. Poisoning in an attempt to kill a man because of a mate. His flat-lining followed by his wolf knowing where to find his mate. It was a puzzle. One that maybe a shaman could help with?

“I would like to meet this shaman of yours,” Cameron said. “Maybe she could shed some light as to what this all means.”

“Okay,” Adeline said. “But first I think we should talk about what this means for the three of us. Hunter? How do you honestly feel about all of this?”

He sat back and stared at the woman who already owned his heart, body and soul. He cared deeply for her but didn’t know what to think about this triad. He wanted to be honest but didn’t want to hurt her either.

“I’m shocked and appalled,” Hunter said slowly. “I don’t want to share my Luna with anyone else. No Alpha or wolf in general would want to. On the other hand, I know how much it would hurt you if you were to reject him or he you. If I knew more about this, I may feel better. But, I just don’t know honestly. I’m.... conflicted.”

“I can understand your feelings, Hunter.” Cameron was nodding as he spoke. “I would not want to share my mate as well, but knowing that her rejection after everything I went through to find my mate...I think it may kill me if I was to bear that burden as well.”

Adeline sat there and watched as the two men confessed their feelings about the situation. This was beyond the pale. She realized as soon as her vision turned blurry that she was silently weeping. Tears made their way in slow tracks down her face before letting out a quavering sigh.

Both her mates swung their head to her when they heard the soft sound. Standing up, they went around their respective sides of the desk to comfort her. A short look passed between the two. They both didn’t like the other much and didn’t want to share their mate with another, but they also understood something else. Their feelings at this point didn’t matter much. Comforting their mate had to come first and foremost.

“Hush, Love.” Hunter cupped the right side of her face as Cameron nuzzled her neck with his nose, taking in her scent while comforting her.

“We will figure this out in time,” Cameron affirmed.

The three sat there like that for a few moments, letting their scents comfort each other and their wolves.

They decided that they should speak with the shaman. Adeline agreed but wanted to first talk with her father of the facts of the situation. Maybe he had an idea of what this all portended. Plus, she wanted to keep him abreast of the situation.

As awkward as it was, she found him outside with the Alpha, watching the enforcers train under the eye of the Alpha’s son, Edward. Once she had reached the two, she decided it would be best to speak to them both and they all wandered off to a secluded portion of the grounds that only held a few herb gardens.

“When I left the cells the first time, I went to see Shaman Riki,” she told them. They didn’t look surprised. It was what one of them would have done in this situation had they thought of it at the time.

“She told me that she already knew about my dual mates and that the truth probably lay within Cameron’s past. He told us of his travels and how he came to be here. It was...fascinating to be honest.”

James and Corbin were intrigued. Keeping silent, they let Adeline have her say. After she was done reiterating what Cameron had said, they stood there silently, thinking.

“Was he telling the truth?” Alpha James asked. “You would know more than anyone Addie.”

“He’s telling the truth, of that I am sure.” Adeline looked determined. She wouldn’t let her feelings for her mate cloud her judgement. She couldn’t afford to at this stage in their relationship, and before anything went further.

“Are you going to speak with Riki now?” Corbin asked his daughter.

“I think it would be wise if we three went to her cottage and spoke with her so, yes.” She told her father.

“I think once she hears the specifics of his past, she will have some semblance of how this whole situation came to be.” Alpha James had spoken and both Corbin and his daughter bowed their heads to his will, though they would probably have gone anyway even if the Alpha hadn’t given the suggestion so forcefully.

And to be honest with himself, James wanted to know what Riki had to say about this whole thing as well.

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