Back From Beyond (Sample)

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I have decided to take the plunge and start up a Patreon account. Like I have said in other posts, the tiers are small. I’m not here with price-gouging intentions people. I just need the funds to get an editor and hire someone to do artwork for my covers!

Here is the Patreon page:

The tiers, like I said, are minimal: $2, $3 and $5 monthly with the subscription. Obviously, $5 gets the most content but I will add higher tiers later on when I get my shit together more.

I see it as buying a book a month, only you’re buying it in chunks lol. You all know I write up lots of chapters weekly and I plan on continuing to do that! If there are any questions, don’t hesitate to ask on Wattpad, Inkitt or my email at

This does not mean that I will not publish on inkitt as well, it will just be a more limited number of times a week. I know not everyone is able to contribute and I don’t want to completely abandon this platform!

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