The Griffin Syndrome

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Carissa's once ordinary life gets forever changed after she discovers the world of the supernatural, and the mystical werewolf responsible for her it. Carissa didn't believe in the supernatural. Jagger had only ever known the world of the supernatural, and even against her own best interest, he wanted to show her it. Yet he hides it in a whirlwind of lies and half-truths, hoping that she won't notice his bluff. However, after Carissa witnesses Jagger murder a teenage girl in the middle of a park, things begin to change. Suddenly Carissa has a myriad of questions and a kaleidoscope of forgotten memories to relive, and suddenly Jagger is faced with the one thing he wasn't ready for: the girl who had forgotten him. Over the years she had been the core focus of even his most detailed reveries, yet now that she's real and in front of him, it's more like a constant struggle to keep her away, to resist the temptation. Werewolves. Mermaids. Witches. Mates. A grim, forbidden romance. Carissa's new life couldn't have been any more hectic - or so she thought.

Fantasy / Romance
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The Durante-Martinez Split


Monique Martinez, now ex-spouse of major technological advancerAlan Durante— colleague of the infamous software and hardware developer Jack Edge has recently announced a public statement for her and her husband’s divorce. The statements says, “We were happy with each other for a long time, but as the years went by we could not find that happiness anymore. Between our two children Carissa and Jeremy, we figured it’d be best to split before they eavesdropped on things that they would never unhear. We do still love each other, but we’re not in love per say, with each other anymore. Le meilleur de vos souhaits, mon amour. I’ll always feel something for you Alan, and I wish you the best of luck with our daughter; I’ll be sure to cherish our son.”

This statement has been translated by many and has had multiple different translations, but the general census of the translation is, ”Best of wishes to you, my love.”

And with that statement Monique Martinez has vowed not to speak of her divorce in the public eye again for the time being, but on note of her next fling there’s Chris Sheppard, a fellow lawyer working at her law firm that seems to have caught a certain Martinez’s eye. Maybe it’s just a rebound, or maybe it’s a future proposal that we should be preparing for soon. Either way, the supposedly “everlasting” Durante marriage has now been destroyed and the chains of commitment are open, leaving many speculating that a few secret affairs are going on behind closed doors.

But, whether it was caused by an affair or not, we still support the former-power couple on their decision, and as Monique said in her own statement, we wish both of them the best in the future endeavors, though we do hope that one day they will reunite as new lovers. Yet, who knows? The future is as uncertain as it ever could be, and maybe the spark of love has burned out between the two of them, or maybe it hasn’t — either way, we’ll be on the roller coaster that is their relationship as much as you are, and if something were to be rekindled, the world would most likely know about it.


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