Katie the Cousin Fairy

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Chapter 7

"Thank you so much Robin hood" said Chloe. "Its fine" said Robin Hood. "Goodbye" called Chloe as she flew up and away. I had better be quick she thought. Katie needs her fairy dust back and I want to get to bed soon because I am so tired.

As she reached Katie's house, she began to sing and dance. She gave the box back to Katie, yawned and called "goodnight". After a big sleep, she woke up the next morning to find that Katie was making breakfast. Together they went dancing off to Chloe's dancing lesson. Overnight, Chloe's wings had faded until they were completely gone.

"Oh well" said Chloe "It was lots of fun when I had my wings but I don't need them at the moment. I am sure that I will be able to have wings again another day."

Katie the cousin fairy was so happy to be able to have lots of fun with Chloe, her best friend and cousin, again.

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