Her Wolf

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I know that love comes in different shapes, sizes, and colors but I would never have thought my love would be covered in fur and have a tail. WARNING: This book does have some sexual content.

Fantasy / Romance
Roxanne Smith
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Chapter 1

After a long day at work on my feet, all I wanted to do was go home, take a shower and curl up in bed.

I really think you should let me drive you home, said Frank.

It’s okay, really. It’s not far.

I know but it’s still not safe at night especially for a woman.

Go home to your wife Frank. I’ll be fine.

Okay, but let me know you’ve gotten in safe, he said driving off.

“Fluffy, fluffy? There you are”. Did you miss me? I know.

I fed the cat and sent a quick text to Frank. He and his wife own the veterinary clinic I work at.

They would sometimes come by to check on me or give me a ride home. They were good people.

She was in the bathtub soaking when she heard the door slam downstairs.


I know you’re here. You left your shoes by the door, along with your work bag.

“I’m in the tub”!

The bathroom door swung open.

"Aren’t you supposed to be home making Dan miserable"?

No, it’s movie night remember.

Crap! Can’t we skip it?

Nope, you promised besides I brought snacks.

Fine, get out so I can put something on.

I’ll go get the snacks ready.

Three minutes later I came out dressed in my pajamas.

What did you bring?

I have oatmeal cookies, brownies, popcorn, m&ms, and ice-cream.

I took a few cookies and some orange juice and went and sat down on the sofa.

Okay, we have our snacks and our movie, let’s get down to business. I’m worried about you, said Sarah.

Here we go again.

I’m serious. You’re twenty years old and all you do is work.

I have to unless you’d like me to send you a bill for the water, light, and cable.

You know what I mean. You don’t go out. This isn’t healthy, especially for someone your age. You need to get out and enjoy life.

I’m afraid I’m going to come over here one day and find a sixty-year-old woman sitting in this chair, or worst you can end up alone with a house full of cats.

The second option might not be so bad, I said laughing a little.

You see, comments like that worry me.

I happen to “like” working and I’m too tired when I come home from work to think about going anywhere.

That’s because you overwork yourself. Take a break once in a while sometimes, you might even be able to pick up a hobby.

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