Her Wolf

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Chapter 2

Okay, can you tell me what’s wrong?


About a couple of weeks ago my daughter’s dog went missing, she dug her way under the fence and got out.

When we found her and brought her back home she started acting strangely.

She won’t go outside and all she does is lay in her basket.

Is she eating?

Yes, a bit more than usual.

Well, she doesn’t have any breaks or bruises and she’s pretty healthy for a dog her age.

I think I might know what the problem is.

Alisa took up what appeared to look like a plastic wand and gently glided it over the dog’s stomach.

You see this whole area over here, I said pointing at the screen.

“She’s pregnant?“.


Oh, my goodness.

At least two to three weeks from the look of it and I see at least four pups.

This would definitely explain her change in behavior.

Let her rest when she wants to and continue to feed her the way you’re doing now.

Remember, she isn’t the same dog she was a couple years ago she’s much older, so the pregnancy might put a bit of a strain on her.

Thank you.

You’re welcome, anytime.

I had just finished washing my hands when I got a page from Frank telling me to come to his office in the back.

I knocked and opened the door to his office and saw him trying to hold down the biggest wolf I ever saw.

Help me hold him steady, said Frank.

He gave the animal the shot and after a couple of seconds, the wolf went limp.

Did you just...no, I just put him to sleep for a while.

Not to sound rude or anything but why didn’t you call someone else to hold the...wolf or dog?

He laughed a little, for a number of reasons and he’s a wolf despite his size.

I called you because I need a big favor from you.

“What’s the favor”?

I need you to take him with you for a couple of days.

“Why me”?

I have to work too.

No you don’t, your vacation starts from tomorrow.


If you doubt me check your schedule.

Please, you have the room and your closer.

"Sigh, okay".

But if he ruins my house you’re paying.

"Just out of curiosity, why didn’t you just call the wildlife reserve or the zoo to take him"?

I can’t, he belongs to somebody, it’s a long story trust me.

All I can say is someone was trying to kill this wolf.

"Why would somebody do that"?

Let’s just say they're a lot of "sick" people who don’t like animals.

I knew all too well how vicious people could be to animals, sadly she sometimes got to see the damage first hand.

Take him home with you and stay with him.

Take my keys to the truck.

"What about work"?

I’ll tell everyone you went home sick.

Now go.

I knew how much Frank and his wife loved animals especially Frank but this was a bit bizarre even for him.

She stood looking at the sleeping wolf. Frank so owes me big time.

After I got the wolf into the house I took an old quilt and placed it in the center of the living room floor before gently rolling him onto it.

Even though I was a bit uneasy being so close, I still felt sorry for him. One of his front paws was wrapped up and there was some dried blood on the fur to the side of his face.

The phone rang and I picked up, it was Frank.

Don’t worry, I’ll remember to change the bandage and tend to the cut.

Already taken care of.


I placed the phone back on the receiver and turned to look at the wolf.

A wolf who prefers cooked food.

Things just keep getting weirder and weirder.

He’s pretty protective of you, huh.

As time went by the wolf started to grow on me.

It was almost like having a pet dog, and he didn’t even try to eat the cat.

Of course, I couldn’t let Sarah or anybody else know that I had a wolf living with me in the house.

She’d probably think I was starting to lose it.

I was stretched on the sofa with the wolf watching the television when the phone rang.


I hope you’re ready for tonight, said Sarah.

Sorry, I can’t have a sore throat and it’s really bad.

That sucks, you sure you don’t want me to come over and at least check on you?


I’ll be okay.

Love you too.

That was a close one.


Don’t give me that look.

The wolf crooked his head to the side with his tongue out, almost like he was laughing.

I told her that to keep “you” safe.

He barked.

Didn’t buy that huh?

Well, you’re half right.

Sarah is like my best friend but I don’t think she should spend so many nights over here babysitting me and I do not feel the need to dress up and go clubbing.

It’s not her fault that I’m this way. But enough about me.

I should give you a name for the time being.


That’s a good name.

What do you think?


I like it too.

I’m going to bed, she said with a yawn, you be a good boy.

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