Her Wolf

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Chapter 4

The next day I woke up in bed.

I didn’t remember getting up so I assumed Samuel had carried me up. I remembered the conversation we had last night. It had felt good to tell somebody else besides Sarah.

My heart felt a lot lighter, but I still mourned the loss of my aunt greatly.

After I freshened up I came downstairs.

I was half expecting to find Samuel in the living room or the kitchen.

But there was no sign of him.


I went and checked all the rooms in the house and still didn’t find him.

I walked back into the kitchen, and I noticed the back door open.

The first thought I had was that somebody could be in the house. But that thought was quickly squashed when I saw a familiar wolf standing in the doorway. The wolf shimmered and transformed into Samuel.

Sorry, I went out for a run through the woods to clear my head. I wasn’t expecting you to wake up so soon.

I thought someone had maybe broken in when I saw the back door open wide like that.

No worries, not many people even know a house is here.

The last time I saw him naked he was lying faced down buck naked on my sofa, but now he was standing here in broad daylight with everything displayed.



I took my eyes of his stomach to look up at his face. He was smiling.

Crap, he caught me.

I turned my back to him and started going through some of the drawers trying to block out the image of his naked body.

I’ll go take a quick shower and throw something on, he said turning to go upstairs.

I went over to the fridge and opened it.

There was way more food than I had expected to find and there was so much to choose from. I finally decided to do some scrambled eggs and bacon for the both of us.

I was almost finished when I felt a familiar presence behind me.

I hope you’re hungry. I turned to see Samuel watching me.

How did you know I was here?

If my memory serves me right you use to do that when you were in wolf form. Whenever I was cooking you’d come and watch me.

Especially on mornings and at dinner.

Here, I said handing him a plate.

Thank you.

“Do shifters age”?

We do but very slowly.

How old are you?


I almost dropped my fork.



That’s so unfair you don’t even look it.

He laughed.

“How old do I look to you”?

The same age as me. Lucky you.

It has its moments.

What made you want to work with animals?

She shrugged.

I’ve always liked animals, maybe more than people and I was always really intelligent for my age. It was the one thing that made my dad notice me.

When I moved in with my aunt and was looking for work Frank offered me the job and I took it.

“Do you live in a pack”?

I saw from the rigid stance of his body that the question had bothered him in some way.

I mean... you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to, I said quickly.

It’s okay, he said. I used to be years ago, not anymore.


Living in a pack is not as easy as you think. Everybody has specific roles and duties that you’re supposed to fulfill.

Sometimes it makes people become unstable.

For the rest of the day, we talked a lot about each other. I never brought back up the topic of pack life again, though.

Before we realized it time had flown by and it was night.

I had just had a hot shower and finished putting on some clothes when there was a knock on my door.

Come in.

I came to ask you if you’d like to come outside on the porch for some fresh air before you go to bed, said Samuel.

But if you’re already ready for bed, he said looking at my clothes I won’t bother you.

“No, it’s okay”. I’d love to. I can never get to sleep early anyway.

Just let me grab a sweater first and meet you outside.

I rummaged through the bag I brought with me and pulled out a sweater.

When I got outside on the porch he was sitting waiting for me.

Aren’t you cold, I asked sitting down next to him?


I forgot you have that high body temperature thing going.

Unfortunately, my sweater wasn’t doing much against the cold air.

He watched her rubbing her arms.


Yea, a little bit.

“Want me to keep you warm, he asked with open arms”?

I knew I should’ve declined, but I was cold and I didn’t really see anything wrong with it.

He made a funny face and I laughed before getting up to sit in his lap.

I snuggled in close and laid my head on his shoulder.


I nodded.

Being in his arms felt so warm and comfortable. Like being wrapped in a human blanket.

I can’t even remember the last time someone held me like this.

He was glad the sweater wasn’t thick enough.

It gave him the perfect excuse to hold her and breathe in her wonderful scent.

We sat like that for a few minutes before her even breathing and soft snores let him know that she had drifted off to sleep.

He got up to go inside with her when he heard a rustling and stopped.

A white wolf jumped out and he relaxed.

I can’t run with you tonight, he said to the wolf.

Is she your mate?

Not exactly, but I’d like her to be.

There was a howl in the distance and they both turned in the direction before looking back at each other.

Your mate is calling you. Go to her, said Samuel. The wolf nodded his head before taking off into the forest.

I turned around and saw my aunt. I knew it was a dream but I started to cry when I saw her standing there. I missed her so much.

Don’t cry, she said wiping my tears.

I know you miss me darling, but I haven’t left you. I’ve been watching over you all this time.

You can’t let me or your parents hold you back from finding happiness. You didn’t fail me. If anything I failed you.

"What do you mean"?

You’re not altogether human.

I know this is a lot to come to terms with and I should have told you sooner, but your mother forbid me from ever speaking it.

"Were you going to tell me the day we left"?


Your mother and I are descendants of witches but she refuses to accept it.

I accepted my heritage and powers a long time ago.

Now is the time for you to do the same thing.

Your special Alisa and even more unique than you even know.

All I can tell you is to follow your heart and always trust that gut feeling.

“Dad isn’t my father is he”?

No, I’m sorry darling.

It’s okay, at least I know why he treated me the way he did.

"Did you know that Frank was a Shifter"?

From the day I met him.

"Who is my father"?

Your mother never told me. All I can tell you is that he was a warlock.

None of this is making sense.

"If my mother is a witch and my father is a warlock then where is the power and magic that I’m supposed to have"?

I sealed them away.

I stood gawking at her for a minute.

"You what"?

When you were little your mother came to me begging me to seal them.

Sigh, I told her no good would come of it but she wouldn’t listen. Even when there was a possibility that it could have killed you if things weren’t done right.

So I did it, I didn’t want anyone to risk hurting you.

She wanted a normal life and family. She was afraid you would draw too much attention.

"Is that the reason why I used to have such terrible fevers"?


I knew mother was a mean person but it didn’t stop the pain I was feeling right now. It was like my stomach was being tied up and my heart was being squeezed and I couldn’t breathe.

To know she hated me this much. I fell to my knees and started crying as the tears poured down my face.

I felt when my aunt wrapped her arms around me trying to console me but it didn’t stop the pain that I was feeling.

"Alisa! Alisa"!

I woke up and was lying in Samuel’s lap. My heart was pounding furiously in my chest.

Hold me please, I said hugging him.

You were screaming and crying in your sleep, said Samuel rocking me soothingly. I thought someone had gotten into your room.

My parents never loved me, I said between sobs. Now I don’t have anybody.

Shh, that’s not true I’m here, I’m right here and I’m not going anywhere.

After Alisa calmed down a bit she told him about her dream.

"Do you believe she knows who your father is, asked Samuel"?

No, I don’t think so.

You know after she told me what my mother did and why she did it, that coupled with the news of my biological dad.

I just...was overwhelmed.

She sat up straighter, wiping her face.

Frank definitely knows more and I intend to get to the bottom of all this.

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