Her Wolf

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Chapter 5

Early in the morning Frank came to pick us up.

“How did it go, asked Samuel”?

They’re both locked up, he said gravely.

“Did you find out the reason why they wanted to kill Samuel”?



He hesitated. “Don’t you dare lie to me”.

“I am tired of people bullshitting me”.

I have been lied to, abandoned, disowned and almost killed! I deserve the truth.

Frank and Samuel both jumped at the glass that cracked on the counter.

Sorry, I’ve been under a lot of stress lately.

I didn’t mean to do that.

I assume you know everything now, said Frank wrapping and dropping the glass in the garbage.

“You knew all this time”?

I did.

“Why didn’t you say anything”?

As long as your powers were sealed off and I didn’t tell you, you were safe.

Or so I thought.

Not everybody takes kindly to the offspring of witches.

“What if I had gotten pregnant”?

I highly doubt that would happen.

What makes you so sure?

Your warlock blood would compel you to walk away from human men.

Oh my god, he’s right. I always had this uncomfortable feeling around most men that wanted to date me for some odd reason.

I started freaking out.

Try to stay calm, said Frank or you’ll, “snap”!... break the house.

They all turned and looked at the coffee table split in half.

Let’s go before I destroy the house, said Alisa walking out.

She took a deep breath and slowly got into the truck.

Take me back home.

We can’t, not yet.

If it’s about me being alone don’t worry I can...

That’s not it, said Frank cutting me off. They know where you live and they think your human and I want them to keep thinking that way for now until they’re permanently locked away.

Right now there being questioned.

I went back to the house to bring back some things that might help, it’s a good thing I did too.

Look in the box next to you.

What is this huge book?

That book contains names, drawings, and descriptions of almost every kind of supernatural or mythological creature that lives or ever lived.


I opened the book and started looking through the pages.

Samuel looked up at the review mirror to see Alisa frowning looking through the book.

Looking for something in particular, asked Samuel?

While I was skimming through I saw a page on the fae. I don’t think I ever want to meet one.

I used to have nightmares about some of these images I’m seeing in here when I was little.

My mother said they were nothing but nightmares.

I thought kids in particular loved fairies, said Frank.

Not me.

My aunt told me when I was younger what the fae people did.

Kidnapping people and switching babies. I slept with the lights on for a month.

Found it!

Found what exactly, asked Samuel?

The guy that I stabbed looked like this, she said turning the book in their direction.

A skinwalker.

“Are you sure”, asked Frank?

Definitely, his eyes were like this before they went back to normal.

“Are skin walkers like shifters”?

No! They both said.

Okay, okay, no need to freak out.

Being compared to them is considered an insult. We are proud of who and what we are.

Skinwalkers may be able to shift into animals but that’s where the similarities start and end.

We do not walk around stealing people’s identity and wearing their skin, said Samuel.

That would explain why I kept picking up a human scent, said Samuel.

I don’t like the possibilities I’m seeing.

Tell me.

Those men were the same people who tried to kill me, but when I made it to Frank’s house they just disappeared.

Maybe they thought since you were injured you wouldn’t be able to move and they could come back for you later.

That’s exactly what I was thinking but they never came back, said Frank.

They weren’t happy to see me at your house that night for sure.

At first, I thought it was just for their own selfish reasons but now I definitely believe there were under orders from someone, said Samuel.

What do you think?

Warlock or witch, asked Frank?

Probably warlock most likely, said Alisa.

What makes you so sure that it’s a warlock, asked Frank pulling up in front of his house?

My father is a warlock, she said getting out.

You didn’t know?


I thought my aunt told you.

How did you find that out?

She came to me and told me... in a dream last night.

Long story short my biological father is a warlock.

The car stopped and I saw Marie waiting for us at the door.

Alisa darling it’s so good to see you, said Marie coming down the steps to hug me.

Frank told me what happen you poor thing. Come you must be chilled.

The others followed us inside.

Sit here, I’ll go make some tea to warm you.

Thank you.

Your hands are shaking, said Samuel taking them and rubbing them between his larger ones.

You look exhausted.

I am.

This wasn’t how my life was supposed to be.

I was supposed to find a decent man, settle down somewhere far away from my parents and have a bunch of kids and grow old and ugly.

That might never happen for me now.

Supernatural beings can have children too you know.

But I’m some sort of hybrid, and thanks to my father’s genes there’s a good chance that I’m infertile and even if I’m not, people are going to be scared of me.

What kind of life is that?

She coming out of the kitchen with the cup of tea. Here.

It’s hot, said Marie.

Thank you, I said taking the cup.

I’ll go take your stuff upstairs, said Samuel kissing me on the cheek.

He’s very fond of you, said Marie.

I took a sip of the tea before I answered.

He’s a wonderful person, I said.

Then why do you look so worried, asked Marie?

I blushed under her curious gaze.

I don’t want to be a burden to him, especially when we’re just close friends.

“Is that what he tells you”?

It’s complicated. But it’s the truth.

Whatever was in the tea was making my body start to relax, almost like I was floating.

What did you put in this tea?

Some herbs to help you relax.

Your aunt taught me how to make it.

It’s very good for stress and high blood pressure.

Samuel came back downstairs and found Alisa stretched out sleeping in the living room.

He cast a questioning glance at Marie.

I gave her something to calm her down don’t worry.

Poor girl.

She’s so worried about everything that I don’t think she even realizes she likes you.

I think she does, but she’s stubborn enough to deny it. She doesn’t like bothering other people or burdening them with her problems.

Thanks for letting us stay here, he said picking her up. Good night.


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