Her Wolf

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Chapter 7

At first, she thought she was back in her room at the guest house, but looking up at the medals displayed on the wall it started to come back to me.

“All of it”.

Thinking back she vaguely remembered drinking something before feeling lightheaded and funny.


It was the tea.

That would explain why I didn’t freak out when Samuel saw me naked in the bath.


I turned and saw Samuel looking at me.

"What’s wrong"?


It didn’t look that way to me, said Samuel. You were frowning.

"Was I"?


What were you thinking about so intensely?

Marie. I think she drugged me last night, I said laughing lightly.


"Did you know"?

When I came downstairs last night you were sleeping, she told me. She told me she gave you something to help you relax. I never asked her what it was she put in the tea though.

Well, whatever it was she added gives a very interesting side effect, I said leaning forward to rub my nose against his.

I have to remember to get the recipe for whatever it was she gave me.

"Can I ask you something"?

Fire away.

"What’s your relationship with Frank and Marie"?

They took me in when my parents passed away.

I’m sorry. How old were you when they passed?

I was about five, but I wasn’t taken in until I was about twelve.

I spent seven years in the pack I was born into.

Is that the reason why you hate packs, isn’t it?

I guess so.

Frank and Marie were old friends of my parents and they would come to visit me from time to time to make sure I was doing ok.

Until they came and saw first hand for themselves how things really were.

They had walked in on one of my punishments.

They were really upset and they took me away from the pack that night.

When they took me in they had two sons already, their daughter wasn’t born yet at the time.

Why did the pack treat you that way?

My father was the alpha of our pack before he got killed by another alpha from a rival pack.

The news was too much for my mother and she got ill and passed away.

When the new alpha took over, everything changed and of course in defiance, I refused to acknowledge him as my leader.

Hence the beatings.

Did nobody step in to help?

Everybody was more concerned about securing their positions in the pack and saving their own asses.

When I came to live here with Frank and Marie I didn’t quite trust them, or anybody for that matter.

I kept to myself, did what I was told and tried to stay out of everybody’s way. But everybody kept including me. At the time I couldn’t really understand why.

They hardly knew me and I was no kid of theirs.

Now I really think back I probably acted like a real bastard over the years.

I think you’re starting to realize that they actually care about you.

Not because of pity or charity, and you’re not a bastard. You just didn’t want to get hurt again.

But now your eyes are finally open and you’re seeing that you do have people who love you, I said giving him a peck.

You’re the reason why he said pressing his forehead against mine.

I give up.

What do you mean?

I kept telling myself not to get too attached to you, that way it would be easier to walk away. But the more time I spend with you, the more I don’t want to walk away.

I’m glad, he said.

You look very happy this morning, said Frank suspiciously.

What did you do this time?

Can’t I be overjoyed in the morning?

With that grin, no.

Now tell me what mischief you’re up to, he said pulling her down into his lap.

You remember when Tessa was conceived, asked Marie?

I think it was around the time we accidentally drank...

Please don’t tell me that’s what you put into that tea.

It was just a drop, I promise.


That would explain the moaning and groaning last night, thought Frank.

I hope whatever it is your planning doesn’t backfire, said Frank.

“Knock, knock”.

Are you guys up?


I made a fresh pot of coffee and some breakfast for you and Alisa.

“We’ll be down in ten minutes. Thank you!”.

Race you to the shower, she said climbing over him to run into the bathroom.

“How did you two sleep last night, asked Marie pouring me and Samuel coffee”?

Great, I said fighting the blush trying to bloom on my face.

The council called this morning, said Frank looking through the newspaper.

Samuel paused from eating.

“What did they say, asked Samuel”?

One of the two men we caught tried to escape last night, apparently he had some help.

Did they find who it was that tried to break him out, asked Alisa?

No, and they couldn’t question the other prisoner either.

As soon as they started to question them about who it was they both had sudden heart attacks and dropped dead.

What was even creepier were the results of the autopsy.

When they cut them open and examined them, both hearts had finger impressions on them, like someone reached into their chest and squeezed the life out of them.

Alisa cringed at the image she pictured in her head.

Did they say anything about me, asked Alisa?


I found that odd too, especially with what happened.

I spoke to a friend of ours about helping you find a way to control your new powers.

Here, It’s her number, he said handing me the card.

Whose Isabella, asked Alisa?

She’s a witch and a powerful one said, Frank.

Weeks passed since the incident with the prison, and there wasn’t any more talk of it. It was almost like it never happened.

I did give Isabella a call, and so far things were going great. Although I would catch her now and then sometimes staring at me.

I think because I was a bit of an anomaly, she was fascinated, so I tried not to let it bother me much.

Sam had moved in with me, Sarah was safe and everything seemed to just go back to normal, well relatively normal.

That’s the third time in a row you held your back.

I can’t help it my lower back hurts.

I think I may have slept wrong or something.

Come, let me rub your back.

Aren’t you worried about spending too much time from work, I asked stretching out on the bed?

I left people to take care of things until I get back, he said putting away the clothes I was folding.

It’s one of the perks of being the boss. That and I’m still on vacation.

The next day I called in sick and went to the doctor.

I found out I was pregnant, about a month along.

The time didn’t sound right but I kept quiet.

I cried when the news finally settled in. Not because I was scared, but because I wished I could share the news with my aunt and mother. But my aunt was gone and my mother practically disowned me.

When I left the doctor’s office I headed over to Marie.

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