Her Wolf

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Chapter 9

Three Months Later

I freaked when Frank told me some people had broken into your house.

I thought for sure something bad had happened to you. It’s a good thing he was there.

But I still can’t believe your pregnant, look at you.

It was a bit of a shock for me too, said Alisa.

Please tell me I get first dibs as godmother.

Of course.

I’m sorry things didn’t work out with Dan.

His loss, not mine.

Don’t you dare touch that box, said Sarah.

I was just going to push it closer. I’m not an invalid you know.

No, you’re not but you are stubborn and pregnant and I’m not risking you hurting yourself.

Besides, I promised to come over and help you pack.


Hand me the duct tape so I can tape the boxes over here, I said easing into the chair.

Can’t you sit still and watch, asked Sarah with a laugh?


Samuel and Marie haven’t let me lift a finger since I got pregnant and you know how I like to keep busy, I’m afraid of getting lazy.

Plus, this way I feel useful.

Is this the last box, asked Sarah?


Samuel just pulled up.

Sasha got up to peep through the curtain. Oh, that’s just creepy.

How do you do that?

Another guy is getting out the other side of the truck.

Ooh and he’s hot.

Let me see, I said turning to look out the window.

That’s Richard, he’s a close friend of Samuel.

He’s cute.

I guess so, I never really checked him out that way.

Of course not, you have your own eye candy to look at.


I hope you two finished packing, said Samuel coming through the door.

Yes we are. Come help me up, please.

He came over and helped me get up.

I hope she didn’t give any trouble.

Not really, although I caught her just in time from moving a box full of glasses, said Sasha with a smile.


How are you and the baby, asked Richard stepping forward to give me a peck on the cheek?

We’re both doing fine thank you.

Sarah I would like you to meet Richard. Richard this is my best friend Sarah.

Hello, he said with an outstretched hand.

Sarah shook his hand with a smile. He bent over and picked up a box before walking out.

I’ll go make sure everything’s locked up and turned off, said Samuel.

He is so hot, said Sarah fanning herself.

I rolled my eyes at her.

I’m gonna go help, said Sarah taking up a box.

Alisa watched her walk outside talking to Richard.

He’s got to be a bear Shifter, she muttered.

He is.

I jumped slightly and the baby stretched.

Don’t sneak up on me like that, I said rubbing my belly.

Sorry sexy, he said wrapping his arms around me. She leaned back on him.

Sexy is not the word I would describe this, she said motioning to herself.

I look like I’ve swallowed a beach ball, you can barely wrap your arms around me and watching me try to get out of a chair is hilarious.

But thanks for trying to make me feel better.

I guess I should prove it then, he said giving me a deep kiss.

“Hey, come and help with the boxes, yelled Richard ! You can grope her later”.

I laughed waving at the two of them through the window.

Go help him, I said pulling away and laughing.

Thanks to the joint effort we got everything into the truck pretty quick.

I guess this is it, I said feeling a little down.

Don’t look so sad, said, Sarah. It’s not goodbye forever you know. I’ll come visit you and the baby.

I know, but I feel like I’m leaving you all alone.

Don’t worry, besides I won’t be alone tomorrow night, she sang waving a piece of paper.

I have a date.

Give me a hug you freak, I said laughing.

You know it.

I turned and got into the truck with some help.

You better take good care of her, said Sarah or I’ll find you.

I will.

I sat looking through the window trying not to let my nervousness show.

She worried about the birth of her child and moving away from Sarah, she was the only close friend she had apart from Marie.

Samuel reached across to rub soothing circles on the back of my neck. It helped eased my worry but I was still a bit uneasy.

I guess after what I went through with my parents and still managing to find someone who loves me, friends and family, I was a bit scared of it being snatched away.

I didn't let these feelings of unease overwhelm me though, it meant that I was alive and kicking.

I promised my aunt I wouldn’t let fear stop me from living life and that’s exactly what I was gonna do.

She entwined her fingers with his before leaning back to relax.

Whatever happened in the future they would face it together.

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