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Chapter 10

The muscles in my abdomen ache... mainly due to the fact that I’m hunched up inside a cupboard.

“Mae!” Rolan shouts from somewhere in the corridor, voice full of irritation and anger. I hear the door to the classroom open and my breath hitches. My palms feel clammy all of sudden and I can feel the sweat dripping down my neck.

What will Rolan do if he finds me?

The question keeps floating around my head and every time it comes to the forefront of my mind I become even more nervous. He’ll kill me, no, torture me, for disobeying him.

“I know you’re in here. I can smell you.” Rolan says, making it a point to sniff the air loudly. I bite my lip hard and close my eyes as I hear Rolan’s footsteps getting closer and closer, one step at a time. 1...2...3...

Silence. I hear nothing now, no calling of my name, no footsteps, no sniffing, absolutely nothing. Something’s most definitely wrong.

The door to the cupboard flings open with a loud bang. Light invades the dark space, burning my eyes, I scream. Rolan’s eyes blaze auburn, his lethal fangs on full show. He growls in my face and I have to shut my eyes again, scared that he’ll shove his long,sharp teeth into my neck.

“I knew you couldn’t be trusted.” He growls out, pulling me out of the cupboard. I yelp as Rolan throws me over his shoulder and out of the classroom. Only to be bombarded with two teachers standing outside the door, one of which is Tony. When did he become a teacher at this school?

“Where you the ones causing all that racket? You’ve disrupted every class in this hallway!” States Ms Pouell firmly. “Would you like it if you were trying to learn and were disrupted? I expect you to write a letter of apology to every single teacher in this corridor. Not to mention you two should also be in class.” I roll my eyes, this lady lives for rules. She can’t see me since I’m still hanging over Rolan’s back, which I’m grateful for, because if she had seen me, she would have my head on a spike at the front of the school for everyone to see.

Rolan seems to share my disdain by letting out a growl-like “No!” I snicker to myself, imagining Ms Pouell’s eyes bulging out of her head at Rolan’s obvious display of disagreement and disobedience.

“Put the girl down now!” She exclaims sternly. I feel Rolan shake his head defiantly.

“Ms Pouell,” Tony suddenly intervenes, “I would be happy to accompany these two in detention after school and make sure their punishment is followed through.”

Ms Pouell nods, seemingly happy with Tony’s proposal. “Good. That’s good. Myself or the head may come by to check up on them later, seeing as this is the second week in you trial run.”

“Of-course.” Tony replies, giving a polite nod. I can almost feel the glare she sends our way before leaving. We wait until we can no longer hear her footsteps before we do anything. Rolan then pulls me off him, however he still has a firm grip on my wrist.

“Thank you Tony.” Rolan says. “Though you did fail at your first job...keeping her in your sight.”

“I am sorry, Sir. I will not fail again.”

“I hope not. Your duties return to normal in the morning. For now, leave us, I want to talk to Mae...” Rolan turns to me, an evil glint in his eye, “Privately.” Tony nods and leaves us silently.

I try to back away from Rolan but he keeps me firmly in place, still I try to pull away from him.

“Stop wriggling before I decide to drag you back to my home and never let you go again for a week!” He snaps, eyes flashing auburn.

“You can’t do that!” I yell, pulling furiously, “You said if I didn’t say anything you wouldn’t take away my mum’s memories again!”

“I won’t. You’ll have to explain to your mother why you disappeared for a week without mentioning who took you and what I am.” Rolan smirks. I think about it for a second. An even worse horror than actually spending time with him or Tony would be explaining to my angry mum why I disappeared-without a trace- for a week.

“Or...” Rolan continues.


“You can go on a date with me. Think of it as a sort of penance for disobeying me.” He gives me a sly grin, he’s got me right where he wants me. “You have until our detention to decide. Who are you to face? Your mother...or me?” Rolan walks away without another word, allowing the heavy thud of his black boots to speak his unsaid sentences through the silent corridor.

The last two lessons of the day are a bore. Even my favourite subject, English, felt like I was watching paint dry. The only thing my mind can focus on now is deciding whether or not I should face the wrath of my mum or face a couple hours in Rolan’s company.


I turn around to see Tony walking towards me, I sigh irritably as well as roll my eyes. “Tony. And to what do I owe the pleasure of your unexpected, unwanted company.” I say sarcastically.

“I missed you.” He replies in the same tone.

“Really?” I say smiling, “Because the feeling is so not mutual.” My expression turns sour.

Tony sends me an eye roll of his own before saying, ” I wanted to escort you to your detention myself. You won’t get away from me ever again, Mae.” We begin to walk down the empty corridors, heading to my detention. Only a few minutes left to make my decision.

“You have too much confidence in yourself.” I comment. I’ve decided I don’t like Tony.

“No,” retorts Tony, a muscle in his jaw ticks, “You underestimate me.”

We arrive at our destination, an empty classroom where Rolan already sits, waiting. He leans back on a blue, plastic chair, feet propped up on top of a grey table, hands resting behind his head.

“Leave us.” Rolan orders Tony who obediently bows his head and leaves.

“Is he your lap dog now?” I ask.

“Mae.” Rolan greets, ignoring my question. Rude.” How lovely to see you.”

I smile, a sour smile, before flinging my bag on to the table furthest away from Rolan. I’m done with today, I just want to go home. I take a seat, groaning, letting my head drop lightly onto the cool surface of the table.

“What’s wrong, Mae. Something bothering you?” Rolan asks.

“Oh... Piss off Rolan.” I retort.

“Fine, lets cut the crap. What’s your decision?” He sends me a signature smirk, awaiting my reply.

I wait a few moments before I answer, whispering, “I’ll go on a date with you.”

“I’m sorry, what? I didn’t hear what you said.” Rolan puts his hand behind his ear, leaning towards me.

“I’ll go on a date with you.” I say, more forcefully.

“Oh Mae,” Rolan gasps dramatically, ” I’m honoured.”

“Don’t get your knickers in a twist. It’s more of a strategic decision than one to please.” Rolan raises his eyebrows in curiosity, I continue. ” I figured that was the only way to spend the least amount of time with you and not have to face my mum.”

A small smile graces Rolans features, and a look of almost...approval appears in his eyes. I look at him sceptically. “What’s wrong with you?”

Rolan coughs, composing himself, “Nothing,” he replies, taking a seat in his chair.

The door to the classroom opens and in walks the head teacher, Mrs Barnett. When she walked into the room she seemed as though she was a lot more composed than when she walked into assembly last week. She had walked into our room steady on her six-inch heals but now she stands on shaky legs. Her cheeks are flushed and she has started to wring her hands nervously.

“Ah, Mrs Barnett. Just the lady I wanted to see.” Rolan says, getting up from his seat and sauntering over to Mrs Barnett, circling her slowly.

“Rolan.” She says, “I should have known you were going to be in here.”

“Not for much longer, I’m leaving and so is Mae here.” Rolan replies, ceasing his circular movements so that he is face to face with Mrs Barnett. He almost passes her height and that’s with her and her six-inch heels.

“You can’t do that.” She replies, trying desperately to stand her ground. “You have detention.”

I watch their confrontation with curious eyes, the encounter seeming very odd.

Rolan smiles, a sly smile. ” I could stay here Mrs Barnett or I could tell everyone what happened last week before assembly. I’m sure your dear husband would love to know what happened.” Rolan cocks his head to side, looking into Mrs Barnett’s widened eyes.

Love to know what? Ooh, this is better than an episode of Eastenders!

“N-no.” She stutters, ” That won’t be necessary. You and Mae are free to leave.”

I’m shocked. Truly and utterly shocked. This is a miracle. Did he make her forget something? No, if anything he made her remember something. Something she doesn’t want anyone knowing.

“Mae, you coming. Or are you gonna sit there, gawking like a fish.” Rolan asks. I shake my head, not being able to respond with words.

I get up and walk towards where Rolan holds the door open.

Rolan begins to walk down the corridor at a fast pace.

" Hey wait!” I shout after him, running in front of him so that he can’t walk away. “How did you do? What was? When?” I can’t even form a sentence, I’m too flabbergasted.

Rolan just smirks whilst brushing a stray strand of hair behind my ear. “I’ll pick you up tomorrow evening at 7pm.” He leans and places the lightest of kisses on my cheek. Soft tingles spread through my body, making my heartbeat quicken and my breaths short and shallow. Rolan smiles once more before leaving me standing in the middle of the corridor, my hand lightly touching the spot he kissed.

“See you tomorrow,” I whisper to the empty corridor. I stand there for a while before shaking my head. I can’t wait to get home and see my mum. I don’t know how she’s going to react. Is she wondering where I am? I shake my head in answer to my own question, there would be millions of missing posters with my face on it if she was.

I hurry to the bus station, eager to get home. The cold bites at my cheeks, the wind and freezing air combined, making tears leak from my eyes and my nose burn. The grey clouds overhead are full of water, ready and willing to burst and open up the heavens to the mere mortals down below but even the rain can’t dampen my high spirit.I just can’t wait to see my mum.

I stare out of the bus window, watching leisurely at the many people that walk the streets. It’s not long before the familiar streets of my hometown come in to view and then my house as well. I grin and jump out of the bus, running down the road until I stand in front of my door. I knock loudly, waiting for the door to open. Soon I can hear the clicking of a lock and then the familiar view of my hallway is in front of me and so is my mum. I jump into her arms, giving her the biggest hug ever. She stumbles back a little before wrapping her arms around me.

“I’ve missed you!” I exclaim into my mum’s shoulder.

My mum laughs, “You were only at Carma’s for a day.” She says, “But I’ve missed you too.” She kisses my cheek before we let each other go.

“Carma’s. Right.” I say. My mum looks at me strangely before she shakes her head and dismisses my weird reaction.

“Dinner’s going to be ready soon, so go get changed and then come downstairs.” I nod and then walk up the stairs but before I can disappear completely from my mum’s view I turn around and say, “Mum.”

“Yes sweetie?”

“I love you.” I say.

“I love you too.” She answers before going back into the kitchen.

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