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Chapter 11

School, today, was a bore. I could barely concentrate in any of my lessons because I kept thinking about the date I’m supposed to have this evening, with the one and only, Rolan Clarke. Part of me is looking forward to the date with him, thinking about the endless romantic venues he could take me to. Then the other part of me(the sane part) realises that I’m being stupid and shoves all the romantic daydreaming into the hypothetical dumpster in my mind.

I will not allow the soppy, has-a-soft-spot-for-romance side of me to entertain the idea that Rolan and I could actually work and I might actually like him. He could be a real softy on the inside. Maybe, I’m the one, like in all those books I read where the bad boy and the shy girl get together, how romantic.

No! Stop it, Mae! I internally scold myself.

I groan and lightly bang my head against the wall. It’s been like a civil war inside my head all day, I don’t know what to think. I could enjoy this date, I might not, who knows? Anyway, that’s not what I have to focus on now. I need to put my internal bickering to the side for a sec and concentrate on how I’m going to tell my mum I’ve got a date. Right now I stand outside her bedroom door, pacing, thinking of what to say.

I take a deep breath and with [tremourous] hands, open my mum’s bedroom door.

“Hey mum,” I say, locating her with my eyes, sitting on the floor looking at some paper in her hand.

“Hey sweetie, you ok?” She asks, taking her eyes off the documents she has been studying.

“Can I ask you something?”

“Well you just did.” She states, laughing at her own joke.

“Muuum,” I whine, “Please, I’m trying to be serious here.”

“Alright, alright. What is it?” She asks, a smile still on her lips.

“I, well, um, have a date,” I say, my lips take the form of a nervous smile.

My mum completely ceases her movements, she stares dead ahead for a few minutes before she looks directly into my eyes. “So, who’s the little rascal then? Who thinks he’s worthy enough to take my daughter out?”

Ok, so she hasn’t outright rejected the idea, that’s ...good, I guess. “Uh, it’s a guy named Rolan, Rolan Clarke.” I answer.

My mum’s face brightens and she looks up at me smiling, “Oh, the lovely young man who brought your watch over a couple days ago, said you forgot it at school or something. He’s a good catch, that one.” I ignore that comment.

“What?! My watch?” I feel my left wrist, realising that my watch is indeed gone. He stole my watch! I’m gonna kill him!

My mum, as always, takes the opportunity to rant, “Yes, your watch. You’re always forgetting things. Everywhere, a glass here, a plate there, your violin that you where meant to play in your orchestra with. Someday you’re going to forget something really really important.” I roll my eyes discreetly. It’s best not to stoke the fire that’s already burning, especially if you want something from it.

“So... I can go?” I ask my mum hopefully.

“Yes. But don’t come back too late. 9:30. Latest.” She says sternly.

“9:30am tomorrow. Got it.” What was that thing I just said about not stoking the fire?

“9:30pm. Today, this evening.” My mum confirms, looking me in the eye in warning, though I can see the small smile that tugs at her lips.

“Thanks mum!” I yell, tackling her into a bear hug. “I’m gonna go get ready.” I walk across the landing, back to my room and open my wardrobe. What should I wear?

I go over to my desk and pick up my phone, pressing on Rolan’s number that has somehow been saved into my contacts.

To Rolan:

What should I wear?

To Mae:

Why u asking? Do you actually care about this date?😏

To Rolan:

No! I just don’t want to look out of place in whatever place we’re going.

To Mae:

I don’t believe you.

To Rolan:

Ur problem not mine.

To Mae:

Something Casual.

To Rolan:

Where are we going anyways?



There is no reply after that. Ok, so I need to wear something casual. I take out a black a-line mini skirt and pair it with a black and white crop top and some white and black converses. My make up is simple; black winged eyeliner and cherry red lipstick. I let my red single plaits loose so that they frame my face nicely and compliment my lips. It’s 6:30 now and Rolan should be here in about half an hour. I suddenly feel nervous, the idea that Rolan might not like my outfit being one factor contributing to my nervousness. I take a deep breath. Come on Mae, get a grip, it’s Rolan.

The doorbell rings, ceasing my nervous thinking, ” Oh my God, It’s Rolan.” I whisper to myself in panic. Ok, it’s just Rolan. He’s an asshole. No one wants to impress an asshole unless their weird, right? ’You are weird.′ My subconscious reminds me. I groan quietly. The doorbell rings again. Oh yeah, person aka Rolan still at the door, I remind myself.

“Coming!” I yell. As I walk out onto the landing I see that my mum has already beaten me to opening the door.

Rolan wears plain black, skinny jeans and a white button down shirt, (unfortunately) covering his tattoos and some grey high top shoes. It might be a simple ensemble of clothing, but it defines all the right places on his body, making him look incredibly hot.

“Hello Ms Coles, you’re looking beautiful as ever, how are you this fine evening?” Rolan asks, a charming smile on his lips instead of that annoying smirk. I narrow my eyes at him and scoff. He winks at me. I return it with an eye roll.

“Oh stop it,” my mum says giggling. I pretend to fake gag almost cracking Rolan’s fake charming demeanour by making him laugh. “I’m very well, how are you?” She asks politely.

“Truthfully,” Rolan starts, “Right now I feel like the luckiest guy taking your daughter out today.”

“Good. So I trust that you won’t let anything bad happen to her then .” My mum says, her tone light, though there is an underlying threat. She’ll hunt him down if anything happens to me and supernatural or not he wouldn’t be able to survive the beating that would come his way.

“I would never ever let anything happen to your beautiful gem of a daughter.” He replies. He looks right into my eyes as he says this and his intense gaze fills me with a warm, fuzzy feeling that reaches all the way to my toes, making them curl. He means it, that much I can tell, mainly from the feeling of comfort and security his gaze evokes in me. But why? Why am I so important to him? He hasn’t answered that question yet. Then again, he hasn’t answered many of the other questions I’ve asked him either, so no change there.

“Ready?” He says, addressing me. “You look beautiful by the way. Have I already mentioned that?” He asks.

“You have,” I reply, continuing my descent down the stairs, ” But you can keep the compliments coming,” I say.

“Yes ma’am.” Rolan replies, looking my body up and down, committing the image to memory. He licks his lips and bites the bottom one in such a sexy way my legs begin to tremble, ever so slightly.

“Well, don’t let me get in your way. You kids go have fun.” My mum says. I forgot she was standing there during our little exchange. “And remember 9:30pm latest. Ok.”

“Ok. Bye mum.” I place a kiss on my mum’s cheek before she closes the door leaving me alone with Rolan.

“Come on, let’s go.” Rolan says, offering his hand. I take it and we begin to walk down the street.

“So, where are we going?” I ask timidly.

“We’re going to a place me and my friends like to go, to chill and stuff. It’s not too far from here.” He answers.

“Cool.” I reply.

“So how was your day?” He asks.

“Good, it was good. I had English, which is my fav subject, so that was good.Yours?”

“The same.” He replies, “You like English?” He asks.

“Uh, yeah. Creative writing mainly. I suck at the analysis part.” I answer. Rolan laughs.

“I’d like to read some of your stuff sometime. If you’d allow me.” He says. I laugh to myself.

“What’s wrong,” Rolan asks, scratching his neck nervously, “Have I done something wrong?”

“No, no. Not at all. I just can’t believe that we’ve gone a whole conversation without you smirking and me calling you an asshole.” I say, speaking my thoughts out loud.

He laughs slightly as well, “See,” Rolan says, ” Your enjoying the date.”

I smile nervously, ” I guess I am...are you?”

He nods, ” I am.” I smile again, this time in happiness. What’s happening to me? I shouldn’t be falling for him but I am. It’s like there’s an invisible cord wrapped around us, bringing us together and I can’t ignore it.

“We’re here.” Rolan says.

“A bowling alley. Nice” I comment.

“I’m glad you like it. I wanted us to be able to relax.” Rolan says. I grin and say,

“It gives me a chance to show off my excellent bowling skills. I always win.” I gloat.

“Oh do you now. Well then, you won’t mind a little challenge then.”

“Of course not.” I reply. “But if I win you have to...get rid of Tony.”

“Fine. But if I win, I get to take you on a second date.”

“Your on.” I exclaim, getting weird looks from people who are playing. “Sorry.” I apologise. Rolan laughs at my antics, making me smile shyly. We get our shoes and head to our lane.

“Your first.” I say to Rolan. He picks up the bowling ball and saunters up to the lane like he owns the place. He seems to assess the lane, choosing which bit is best to roll his bowling ball. He draws his hand back, back muscles flexing, and with an elegant movement, releases the ball onto the lane. Almost all of the bowling pins are knocked over but a few still stand. Rolan comes back and takes another bowling ball. Again, he assesses the pathway he wants his ball to take before releasing it. The rest of the bowling pins are knocked over and a little animation appears on the screens above that shows our scores.

“A spare.” I comment, “I thought you do this with your friends a lot.”

“What, you think you can do better?”

“Of course I can.” I’m totally bluffing. I haven’t been bowling for a couple years now but it’s fun to play the part and to just let loose. I might lose on purpose, the date has been going well and a second one might not be so bad.

I stride up confidently, bowling ball in hand. I take a deep breath and then release the ball from my hand. It goes straight down the middle and knocks all the pins over. I grin and turn around to smugly look at Rolan. I flip my hair confidently and strut back to my seat.

“Impressive. But you’re not the only one who can get a strike.” Rolan says, picking up a ball.

“Oh really. Please, show me.” He smirks and walks up to the lane. He doesn’t wait this time instead he rolls the ball quickly and precisely down the middle. A perfect strike.

“You learn quickly.” I say.

“I have a good teacher.” He comments, licking his lips, drawing my attention to them.

I pick up a ball and walk up to the bowling lane. As I’m about to throw the ball I lose my footing on the ground and instead of rolling the ball nicely I end up chucking it onto a different lane. I fall to the floor in a flurry of arms and legs, face planting.

“Mae! Mae, are you okay?” Rolan says, voice full of concern. I laugh and answer, ” Yeah, yeah I’m fine.”

Rolan picks me up bridal style and carries me to a row of chairs. “Let’s take a break. We can order something to eat.” I nod.

“Food sounds great. I’ll have a hotdog please.” He nods.

" I’ll be back in a sec, don’t go anywhere.” Rolan says firmly.

“Ok, dad.” I say sarcastically. Rolan shakes his head at me and smiles before leaving to order our food. He returns a little later, “They’ll bring it over in a couple minutes.” I nod.

“Rolan,” I start, ” Why, why did you offer to take me on a date?” The question has been bothering me for some time now.

“You’re beautiful. And I know I’ve said it a thousand times but I mean it. I wasn’t lying when I said I would protect you...with my life. You’re funny, quirky-in a cute way- and I love that you bite your bottom lip when your nervous. I love that you can be passionate about the things you care about, I love that you can be shy sometimes. You’re just exquisite.” Rolan confesses, almost bringing me to tears.

“Then why have you acted like such a jerk, if you think all those things?” I ask. I’m so confused.

“I-I can’t be trusted. I want you to hate me.”

“Trust me, I’ve tried. It’s impossible.” I say, trying to lighten the mood but it doesn’t work. I take Rolan’s hand in mine, wrapping my hand around his tightly closed fist. “Tell me why you think you can’t be trusted,” I whisper.

“I want to protect you but...I can’t. You can’t trust me, I’ll only get you hurt.”

“I don’t believe you,” I state. I watch as Rolan’s eyes widen in shock for a second before they focus on me. Everything around us stops. My head inches forward and Rolan’s head imitates my movement. Our lips are almost touching, we’re a centimetre away.

“Rolan, how funny it is to see you here,” a voice calls from somewhere. Rolan’s eyes focus on something behind me, he rolls them and then tucks his head into my neck and kisses the base before he replies,

“Mother, Vrey, what a surprise it is to see you here.” Rolan sighs.

“I was thinking the exact same thing.” A girl says. She’s tall and lean with an impressive figure. I feel a little jealous. She makes me look like leftovers next to a banquet of food. I smile timidly up at her feeling intimidated, my brown eyes connecting with her vibrant, emerald green ones as I do.

Another lady stands beside the girl and she is just as beautiful, shiny brown hair pulled back into an elegant low bun. Her lips full and pink, her cheek bones high and prominent. Eyes as blue as a bright summer’s day sky scrutinise me and I find myself sitting up straighter in my seat.

“Hello I’m Mae. It’s nice to meet you both.” I say. The lady smiles kindly at me and replies, “ It’s a pleasure to meet you too. I’m Rolan’s mother, Angela.” The lady introduces herself. I nod, committing her name to memory.

“And I’m Vrey. It’s a pleasure to finally meet you.” The girl says, squishing herself in between me and Rolan. She adjusts the denim skirt she wears before taking my hand in hers. “I’ve heard so much about you.” She says excitedly.

“You have?” I ask, feeling slightly worried.

“Oh yes, my son seems quite fond of you from the way he talks about you everyday.” Rolan’s mother adds.

“He does?” I say.

“He won’t shut up about you. Not that that’s a bad thing. It’s cute the way he talks about you.”

“Ok, well it’s time for you guys to leave.” Rolan chimes in suddenly, a light blush on his face.

“Actually, her majesty and I came to get you. Your needed back at the palace for something important .” Vrey says casually as she moves her straight, jet black hair from her face.

“Her majesty!Palace!” I exclaim, jumping up from my seat.

“Did I say palace. I meant your place, I mean his place. He’s needed back at his place.” Vrey bites her lip nervously and looks up at Rolan. “Sorry.”

Rolan growls. “Vrey.”

My brain has just exploded. Prince! He’s a Prince! A prince of what? Of who? “ I think I need to go home.” I say quietly.

“No, Mae Stay.” Rolan says.

“You need to leave too Rolan. We can talk tomorrow. I just, I just need time to process everything that’s happened recently, that’s all.” I explain.

“Ok, but,” He takes my hand and squeezes it gently, “We will talk tomorrow.”

“Ok.” I reply.

I watch as the three of them walk away before I let my body sink onto a chair, blowing air out of my mouth as I do.

What the hell is happening to my life?

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