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Chapter 13

The piercing sound of my ringtone cuts through the silent night, yanking me violently from my peaceful slumber. My eyes open in alarm, seeking out the source of the disruptive sound.

I pick up my phone from my bedside cabinet and look at the screen, squinting as the bright light burns my eyes. It’s an unknown number, like hell I’m answering that now. It’s bloody three o’clock in the morning! I decline the call and put my phone back on the cabinet. However, it’s not long before my ringtone is going off again and the screen is illuminating the room.

“Can’t a girl have a peaceful friday night.” I whisper yell in frustration. “Hello!“I answer the phone.


“Hi, who is this?” I ask.

“It’s Derek Clarke. I am very sorry to disturb you at this hour but I was wondering whether, Rolan came over to yours tonight and decided to stay over.”

“Mr Clarke,uh, um, no, no he didn’t. Why?” I ask, sitting up in my bed and turning my lamp on. My heart beat quickens slightly. Why do I feel like something’s wrong?

“He left earlier today and isn’t back.”

“Oh, well he’s not here. And how did you get my number by the way?” I ask.

My question is deemed irrelevant by Mr Clarke as he asks, “Mae did my son say anything about leaving today? Going anywhere? Meeting anyone?” His voice is monotone and gives nothing away that could indicate why he has asked such questions.

“No, he didn’t. Is something wrong?” I ask, swapping the phone to my other hand and pushing myself up off the bed, standing and pacing as that ominous gut feeling settles into the pits of my stomach.

“Yes, my son is missing. Normally, he does go out sometimes, to get away from things but he always says where he’s going and when he’ll be back. This time he mentioned nothing.” Mr Clarke explains.

“I could look for him around here. He might have been coming to mine and got lost.” I speak my thoughts out loud whilst also trying to suppress a yawn. I’m so tired.

“I would appreciate that very much.” Mr Clarke says, voice still monotone. How does he sound so calm? “My apologies for the disturbance,Mae. I wouldn’t call if it weren’t absolutely necessary.”

“It’s fine, Mr Clarke. I understand.” I reply, “I’ll call you later to tell you if I find him.”

“Thank you. Take care.” Mr Clarke says.

“I will, bye.” I say, ending the call. I go to my wardrobe and pull out some jeans and a baggy jumper then I tiptoe out onto my landing, listening intently to the sound of my mum’s snoring for any disruption. There is none so I proceed to my front door, slip my shoes on and quietly open the door, the soft click of the lock ringing through the quiet. Not enough to disturb anyone though.

Soon the cold night air is blowing gently around me and my feet are walking on the concrete pavement. I take out my phone and dial Rolan’s number, the dial tone being the only sound breaking the silent night as well as the occasional sound of a car driving past.

“Come on, Rolan.” I say, “Pick up.” I shake the phone, feeling agitated, thinking that somehow that will make Rolan answer the phone but -of course-nothing happens.

I check as many streets as possible before I’m positive that Rolan isn’t anywhere around here. I fish my phone out from my pocket and dial Mr Clarke’s number.

“Anything?” His deep baritone voice asks.

“No, I didn’t find him.” I answer. There is a pause before Mr Clarke replies,

“I believe you are acquainted with my driver, Alan.”

“Uh, yes, I am. Why?” I ask.

“He will be at your house in a few minutes to collect you, there is something you need to know.” Mr Clarke says. I go to ask what he means but he ends the call, leaving me completely baffled.

I walk swiftly back to my house, getting there just in time to see a familiar black car pull into my driveway. I walk towards it and get in, relaxing, as the warm air envelopes me.

“Hello Alan.” I greet sombrely. He replies with a quick ‘hello’ before speeding down the roads, buildings becoming mere blurs in the night.

It is only now that I have time to sit and think about what’s happening now. Rolan has gone missing and I think I know why.

Now that I fully think about it, it sort of seems obvious. Earlier I told Rolan I just wanted to be friends and he had agreed but now I don’t think he wanted that at all. It makes sense now. Why would he ask me on a date? Surely not to just annoy me. Why would he allow me to know his secret about being supernatural when he could wipe my memory in a heart beat? And now he’s gone God knows where, probably because I didn’t even try to hear what he had to say. I’m so stupid.

My worrying momentarily ceases as we enter through a big black gate, leading to a long winding road that is shrouded by trees and vegetation. On the gate is the picture of a wolf presented on what looks like a circular-cut of solid gold , it’s head is proudly held high and engraved into its fur are a million more faces of wolves. I am completely awestruck by its beauty and even more so when we get to the end of the road, driving up to a massive mansion. The building is tall, reaching to almost touch the sky above. It’s walls are painted a dazzling white that puts the stars and moon to shame. A majestic fountain rests at the front of the mansion, decorated with intricate designs of all sorts of flowers; Orchids, Lillies, Roses, Bluebells, everything. There are also two stunning statutes, one female and one male. The female has a crown on her head with the shape of a crescent moon engraved in her forehead and the male, again, wears a crown but this time engraved on his forehead is the sun. Their bodies are entwined within each other’s and they look lovingly into the others eyes.

My attention then drifts to the grand archway that stands tall at the front of the building, welcoming you warmly inside. Again there is the symbol of the wolf placed in the centre of archway as well as fairy lights that have been wrapped around it to brighten the structure up. The whole place is the epitome of elegance.

“It’s beautiful.” I whisper to Alan, who -in my bout of wonder- has already parked the car and opened my door.

“Very.” He replies before saying, “And I understand that this can be quite overwhelming but we are in the midst of a dire situation and the king would like to see you as soon as possible.” I nod my head as I step out of the car, understanding what he means. I’m here to help find Rolan not to stare at buildings and statues.

Alan leads me to the mansion and as soon as I step inside my breath is once again stolen from me. Crystal chandeliers hang from the ceiling, shining light in every corner of the enormous foyer. The white tiled floors gleam beneath my feet, enabling me to see my reflection. Seven marble pillars, span from the floor all the way to the ceiling. A grand stairway lies in-front of me, covered in a regal, wine red carpet and beside the stairways -on either side- are four corridors all with the same wine red carpet.

Alan ushers me down one of the corridors, taking various twists and turns along the way. We arrive outside a huge mahogany door that is guarded by two tall, intimidating men. The men begin to haul the door open, allowing me a peek into the room. I can already tell it’s magnificent.“The king is through there.” Alan says, pushing me forward encouragingly.

“Woah, where are you going?” I ask Alan panicked, grabbing onto his arm.

He answers, “I have not been permitted entrance, I will come and collect you when I am summoned.”

“But Alan,” I say however he does not hear as he has somehow disappeared and I am pushed inside the room. A massive window is on the left, letting the moonlight shine through. It is draped in two large wine red curtains that have threads of gold sewn throughout. Along the perimeter of the room are many different statues. I catch a glimpse at one, reading the label that is beneath it. ‘King Alexandros’ it reads and the next one to it says ‘Queen Lilia’. I think these are the previous king’s and queens that reigned. And finally several paces ahead are four chairs, all circumscribed with gold and expensive jewels.

A door at the far end of the room, one I hadn’t noticed, opens and Mr Clarke steps out, body clad in nothing less than an expensive Armani suit. He motions me forward with an index finger and I find my feet moving closer to him but stopping at a safe enough distance from his tall, looking frame.

“Hello Mae,” Mr Clarke greets, ” I’m sorry that we are meeting like this but I have important news for you that could help find my son.”

“Ok.” I say, urging him to go on.

“You are Rolan’s mate.” He states simply.

“What! No, that’s not possible. I think you got that wrong.” I say shocked.

“Mae, are you really telling a king he’s wrong.” He stares me down, making me bite my lip nervously.

“Well, king’s can be wrong too,” Mr Clarke raises an eyebrow at my suggestion and I immediately correct myself, “Of course that doesn’t mean you’re wrong. I just...” Mr Clarke silently regards me before continuing with why I came here.

“Mae, I need you to concentrate. As Rolan’s mate you are the only one who will be able locate him.”

“I don’t think that’s possible.”

“Mae, I need you to feel the connection you have with my son.”

“I’ll give it a try but I don’t think it will work.” I close my eyes, concentrating on reaching the connection I supposedly have with Rolan. Mr Clarke said to feel for him, whatever the heck that means, so I take a deep breath and focus.

After a few moments I let out a defeated sigh, “I feel nothing.” I say.

“Perhaps if you were near something of my son’s, it might strengthen the bond.” Mr Clarke suggests.

“I could try that, I guess.” I reply nervously.

“Follow me.” Mr Clarke commands, not waiting for me to follow him, almost like he knows I will. He guides me down many corridors and I hastily follow after as one of his steps equates to about three of mine.

We arrive at Rolan’s bedroom and honestly it’s not what I expected. I thought that there would be more posters on the walls and the room would be less clean. Not that I’ve

thought about being in Rolan’s room before.

In one corner of the room is a simple wooden desk and in another is a shelf full of books. There are also two doors that I guess are probably a closet and a bathroom. Though the thing that catches my eye is his bed. I immediately walk towards the bed that is covered in electric blue sheets - my favourite colour- and sit down, sinking into the comfortable memory foam.

“I think this will work.” I say to Mr Clarke, whilst thinking about sleeping in this bed heaven.

“Remember what you’re here for, Mae.” Mr Clarke says seriously, though there is the smallest, almost undetectable smile on his face. I nod and then close my eyes, breathing in and out steadily.

Almost immediately I feel something in my stomach, it twist and turns deep inside me. It doesn’t hurt it just feels like somethings waking up inside me. My breathing becomes rocky and suddenly my eyes open. I know exactly where Rolan is. Somewhere nearby, in a dark place. It will take a couple minutes for me to get there if I run. I get up and bolt out of the room, ignoring the calls of Mr Clarke.

I know the way out of the castle like I’ve been living here for ages and then I’m outside in the cold, dark night, sprinting into the trees. It’s like I have a mental map in my head as I navigate through the trees until finally I come to a halt. A couple metres in-front, through the trees, is a cave and I immediately know that this is the place. I walk fast-pace to the entrance,stopping only to take my phone out and turn on the flashlight before walking in.

The light fans out, illuminating the dark space, allowing me to see a few paces in-front of me. I walk further in with hesitation fully aware that there could be something dangerous in here.

“Rolan.” I whisper into the dark. “Rolan.” I yawn and rub my eyes, feeling the fatigue wash over me. “Come on, Rolan. I’m so tired.”

I’m getting nearer to the back of the cave when I finally see him, lying on the floor, unconscious. I gasp and run over to him, kneeling beside him. I clutch Rolan’s clothes and shake him gently.

“Rolan!” I shout. I shake him more but nothing happens. I decide to slap him and then he groans. “Oh my God, Rolan! Jesus Christ! Can you hear me?”

“Mae.” He mumbles before slowly opening his eyes.

“Don’t you ever scare me like that again, Rolan. You scared the hell out of me and your family. You made me run.” I exclaim to him.

Rolan chuckles lightly before bringing his hand up to my cheek to run the back of his knuckles over my skin. I hold his hand to my face and close my eyes, feeling those familiar tingles.

“You’re so beautiful.” He murmurs.

“Did you hit your head?” I ask, looking down at him quizzically. Rolan doesn’t answer my question instead he pushes himself up so that his lips are almost touching mine. My breathing becomes uneven and I swallow hard.

“Rolan, what are...” He doesn’t let me finish as he presses his lips against mine. I freeze for a second, stunned at his actions before finally giving in. This is what I’ve been wanting all along and it’s amazing. Rolan’s lips are strong and controlling against my soft ones. They guide my inexperienced lips, coaxing me into a pleasure-filled haze that has my head racing with dirty images. Rolan bites my bottom lip, I gasp, giving him enough time to slip his tongue into my mouth. He explores confidently, leaving no crevice untouched and I can’t help but tremble in his arms. Rolan then pulls away and smirks before saying,

“No, Mae. I did not hit my head.”

Author’s note

Hi all,

So I wanted to say that I have just restarted school so updates won’t be as frequent. I’m going to try and update every Sunday but chapters may come later than that so please bare with me on this.

I hope you enjoyed this chapter. ’Til next time.


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