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Chapter 15

Mae’s P.O.V

I don’t know whether Tony came to pick me up today and to be honest, I don’t really care. He wasn’t in registration this morning, so I’m assuming he didn’t. Either way, I’m glad that I haven’t seen his face today. He would have reminded me of Rolan and I’m trying to forget about him right now. Though that has proved to be very difficult. Every little thing, things that I’ve never even thought about before, remind me of Rolan now. Random hand gestures that people do have reminded me of the cocky imbecile, even facial expressions and I would prefer it if I wasn’t reminded.

“Mae!” I hear someone shout. I turn around only to see none other than one of my good friends, Levi Carter.

“Hey, sup.” I say as he approaches.

“I’ve been calling you for the past minute. Couldn’t you hear me?” He asks, staring at me with furrowed eyebrows. I shrug in answer to his question. I must have been too deep in thought to have realised.

“You’re so weird.” He says, laughing slightly. I smile nervously before saying,

“I thought we had established that fact already.” He chuckles lightly, running a hand through his wavy, blond hair.

“Anyway, I wanted to ask you a question.” He says, a slight blush tinting his pale cheeks. I believe this is the first time I’ve ever seen Levi this shy. His tall, lanky body shakes slightly with nervousness. Ah, how adorable.

“Fire away.” I say.

“Are you and Rolan should I say this...going out?” He asks, hope glimmering in his eyes.

“Oh. Him. No.” I say with a frown, ” We’re not going out, why?”

“Great!” Levi exclaims, “I mean, no, not good. I mean it’s so very sad that you guys aren’t, you know...together.” Levi’s face turns a brighter shade of red as he stammers over some of his words.

“Is there a point to this?” I ask, genuinely confused.

“Yes, a point. There is a point.” He says, scratching his head as if he himself has forgotten what the point is. “The point is that, I was wondering whether, well, um-”

“Mae! I’m so happy I found you. Who knew it would be so hard to track down one woman in this tiny place.”

“Ethan.” I say, sighing.

“I really need to talk to you.” He says, a hint of desperation in his voice.

“I’m actually talking to someone.” I reply.

“Please.” His eyes plead with me and once again, I sigh.

“Fine.” I say, agreeing, “Sorry, Levi. We’ll talk later when you remember that point of yours.” I say. Levi chuckles, giving me a small smile as he scratches his neck.

“Sure. See you later.” He replies before walking down the corridor, disappearing behind a door.

“Now, what’d you want?” I ask, turning towards Ethan.

“I need help with Carma.”

“Ok. And how exactly do I help.” I ask as we walk side by side down the corridor.

“I need to know what she likes. Like her favourite colours, hobbies, everything. I’ve tried romancing her with flowers and gifts but they seem to have no effect at all.”

“It’s not working because you haven’t proven anything to her. To Carma it probably just seems like you’re saying, ‘here are some flowers, love me.’ Have you even apologised for kidnapping her?” I look up at Ethan. His mouth repeatedly opens and closes as he keeps starting and restarting his sentences. He finally settles with saying, “No, no I haven’t.” Ethan’s shoulders slump down in defeat.

I bite my lip, feeling sorry for him. “Well then start there. Tell her you’re sorry, she’ll appreciate that. And just spend time with her, get to know her and let her get to know you.Don’t rush things. She likes music and drawing, ask her stuff about that.” I say to Ethan, hoping to lift his spirit.

“She’s so beautiful.” He whispers into the air, “ And strong. You should have seen the way she fought back when I took her. You could see those gorgeous brown eyes of hers filled to the brim with concentration and determination. It was a beautiful sight.”

“Is that how Rolan sees me?” The question seems to just slip off my tongue before I realise I’m saying it. I cover my mouth with my hand and say, “Never mind, don’t answer that.”

“He’s really been missing you.” Ethan says quietly.

“I doubt that.” I reply, crossing my arms over my chest.

“All he’s done these past couple days is mope around.” Ethan does an imitation of Rolan and I can’t help but laugh. His shoulders are hunched over and his face wears an exaggerated frown.

“ I can believe that.” I tell Ethan.

“He changed when you were around. He went out with his friends and was more open with everyone but now he’s back to being an asshole. Don’t tell him I said that.” Ethan says, eyes wide.

I shake my head at Ethan to say that I won’t say anything to Rolan. “Did I really have that much affect on him?” I ask, not quite believing the words coming out of his mouth.

“Yeah, you did.” Ethan admits, “Look, he’s been through a lot, we all have. Probably more than anyone should ever have to go through in their life and that’s taken a toll on us, especially Rolan. He doesn’t really know how to deal with his emotions.”

“He’s my mate.” I say, “He could have at least told me that. Instead I find out from his dad.”

“He doesn’t think he deserves you.” Ethan explains, “He thinks that if you’re with him, you’ll get hurt.”

“Well I’m hurt now!” I exclaim, holding back the tears in my eyes. “Sorry.” I mumble, “I didn’t mean to get angry, I just wish he would have said something, that’s all. I’ve always wanted to have someone special to love and for them to love me too. A mate seemed like the answer.”

“Talk to him then. Knock some sense into the poor guy, goddess knows he needs some.” Ethan says. “He’s in school.”

“He is?”I say.

Ethan nods. I am suddenly full of glee and happiness and want to hug everyone. I wrap my arms tightly around Ethan’s waist.

“You know, you’re the first person I know who has ever run towards a vampire.” He says, almost like he’s gasping for air though I’m sure he doesn’t need to breathe. I must ask him if he does.

“Thanks!” I yell, letting go of him and running down the corridor. I look in every empty classroom I pass. I’m going to slap that guy silly when I see him. All the troubles he’s caused me these past few weeks and then I’m going to kiss him silly. I giggle to myself as I continue to look around. I should be in class right now. Ah well, who cares, not me, I giggle again. I head to another corridor, though this one has a ‘not in use’ sign. I shrug and enter anyway. Rolan would probably be in this corridor because of that sign. It’s not long before I start to hear voices, one of which sounds a lot like Rolan’s. I follow the sound, wondering who he’s with.

My question is soon answered when I reach the end of the hallway. The air in my lungs is ripped from body as I take in the scene before. Rolan and Mrs Barnett, kissing each other ferociously, naked bodies entwined in an intimate embrace, I almost gag at the sight.

“More!” She screams, head thrown back in pleasure. Tears cascade down my cheeks, staining them with the pain I feel in my heart. Rolan’s looks equally as affected. His eyes are shut tight and his lips latch onto any bit of skin he can found and his hands claw desperately on to Mrs Barnett’s sweaty body. I try to open the door to shout at them, at him but it’s locked. They don’t even hear the jingle of the lock because they are too engrossed in their throws of passion to even realise my presence.

All I can do is stand and watch as the boy I thought I really liked fucks another woman. I can’t look anymore, my stomach feels like it’s burning and I’m starting to feel faint. I back away from the door, gasping for air and then I run, run as fast and as far away as I can before collapsing onto the cold, dirty ground.

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