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Chapter 2

Mae’s P.O.V

The beep of a heart monitor is the first thing I hear, as my senses return to my body. It’s loud and rings in my ears, making my head pound like the inside of a drum. My eyes open gradually, finding dull, white walls that reflect the light from a bulb that hangs above me. A sickly sterile smell clings to the air, making my stomach churn and my head woozy. It’s too clean, too bright and too quiet in here. It’s unnerving. My head starts to spin. I can’t really remember anything, other than a face. His face. Rolan’s face... and emotion, so much overwhelming emotion. My heart rate increases and the beep of the monitor quickens, it’s too noisy, too loud. I try to push myself up off the bed I have been placed on but a wave of dizziness ricochets through me and I have to let my body droop back onto the stiff mattress.

The door to the room opens and I hear the thud of heavy shoes hit the floor. The recognition of those footsteps, sends chills down my spine; pleasurable chills that go straight to my core. Why does he affect me like this?

“How are you feeling?” Rolan asks. Sitting down on a chair that is next to the bed. He slouches onto it, lounging casually on the uncomfortable looking thing.

“Al-right,” I say, slurring my answer, head still whirling with dizziness. There’s a moment of awkward silence before I speak up again. “Why are you here ?” I question, generally interested in his answer. “I mean you don’t know me. Why do you care?”

He shrugs nonchalantly, not replying to my question. Instead he stares at me with an intense gaze, that has me quivering uncontrollably.

“Can you not do that?“I say, looking down at my entwined hands, avoiding those intense brown eyes of his.

“Do what?” Rolan asks, sounding innocent and sweet, though I can hear the mischievousness hidden in his voice.

“So why are you here?” I ask again, pushing for an answer. He really is annoying me. My head hurts, my eyes hurt and I just want to sleep but of course nothing is ever that easy.

“Can you just leave, I’m not in the mood.”

Rolan shakes his head stubbornly, sending a cocky smirk my way.

“Ugh, just leave me alone already.”

“No,” he says, getting more comfortable in the chair next to the bed.

“Yes,” I retort.


“Why not?” I ask impatiently.

“Because, you’ve got something that I want.” He says, smirking.

“And what would that be?“I ask.

“Something important.” He whispers, getting up from the chair. He drags his fingers over the wires that are connected to my body. For a second, I see a bit of worry in his eyes as he looks at them, however it’s gone in a fleeting moment and I am left with an impassive stare. His hand then touches my skin, tingles ,like electric, racing up my arm. What’s happening? I’m so confused.

“Tell me you feel that.” He says, looking directly into my confused brown eyes. I can’t help but stare back. “Tell me,” he says a bit more forcefully. My voice is gone, I can’t speak. All I can do is shiver at the deep timbre of his voice. So I nod. He smiles a small, sad smile, before inching his head toward me slowly. I don’t stop him. Everything in the room stops though, for our little moment. The tick tock of a clock that hangs somewhere in the room is drowned out by the blood rushing in my ears. The monitor spikes, mimicking that of my heart. His lips are nearly to mine, when the door bursts open. Kaiko-one of my best friends- runs in, her coppery-brown her shaking as she does.

“OMG! MAE YOUR AWAKE!” She shouts. I wake up from my trance and instantly pull back from Rolan. I can feel the temperature in my body rise as embarrassment fills my body.

“What’s the matter my flower, afraid that you’re falling for me?” Rolan questions, with a raised eyebrow.

“Ha! You’re really funny.” I reply sarcastically.

“Should I leave? Or...” Kaiko’s two coloured eyes-one brown and one blue-sparkle with uncertainty and curiosity, as she speaks up.

“No, Kaiko you can stay. Rolan here is the one that needs to leave.” I say answering her question.

" I am leaving,” he says, before stopping by the side of the hospital bed. He takes my hand into his warm one and says, ” Till next time, my flower.” He peppers kisses all over my palms, holding on tightly. I try to jerk my hand away but he grips it harder and kisses it more. I finally am able to free myself and at this he seems genuinely affected but he hides his hurt expertly. He winks at both me and Kaiko before departing from the room. I sigh in disgust and shake my head. Asshole.

Kaiko stares at me but says nothing on the matter. “So how have you been?”

“Horrible. I have a raging headache and right now I can’t tell whether that’s from Rolan or something else.” She laughs but soon it dies away and all I see in her eyes is curiosity.

“Yeah about that,Why was he in here?” She says, twiddling her two thumbs nervously.

“I don’t even know.” I reply honestly. She looks at me sceptically, raising her eyebrows. I shrug and put my hands up in surrender to show I’m innocent. Kaiko shakes her head.

" That billionaire guy is throwing a party for the whole of our year.” Kaiko says, sitting down in the chair next to the bed.

My eyebrows furrow, “What?Why?” I ask.

“They want to celebrate some anniversary or something like that. He’s hired the whole bottom floor of that fancy hotel, The Ritz.” She replies.

“I swear that place is so expensive,” I ask, eyes bulging.

“I know right.” Kaiko says, ” He must be balling.” She exclaims.

“What am I going to wear?What dresses are you and Carma wearing?” I question excitedly. She doesn’t reply instead a wave of noticeable sadness passes through her eyes and I immediately get suspicious.

“What’s wrong?” I ask.

“Nothing, why’d you ask?”

I raise my eyebrows at her just like she did to me a few minutes ago. Her thumbs begin to twiddle again, making me suddenly feel nervous.

“She’s gone, Carma’s gone.” Kaiko whispers, tears beginning to traipse down her cheeks.

“What’d you mean she’s gone?” I ask panicking. The fear that courses through me is tense and brittle in my veins. I want to throw up all of a sudden.

“Th-the police c-can’t find her,” She stutters out, as more tears fall down her cheeks. “Sh-she’s been missing two days now.”

Tears of my own leak from my eyes as I process this information. I’m too shocked to even do anything else other than sit and cry.

Carma’s missing.

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