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Chapter 20

“No!” I shout as the dumb main character drops his car keys on the floor, just as the murderer approaches. “First you run up the stairs, then when you finally get out, you trip up over your own damn feet, now this! Ugh!“Currently, I am sat in front of the T.V watching some random ‘horror’ movie.

I bend my neck forward, grabbing as much popcorn as I can with my mouth. I smile at my ingenious invention; a stack of pillows on my knees with a layer of popcorn on top so that I do not have to move my arms unnecessarily. Utter genius!

A ping sounds from my phone but I ignore it. I have been ignoring everyone except my mum. I don’t want to have to deal with Rolan or his friends. Another ping, I groan. Leave me alone. I look at the illuminated screen of my phone.


Hey, it’s Levi. Just wondering whether you’re ok and if I could maybe come over ?

It wouldn’t be that bad if a friend came over. I mean, I have been cooped up inside for three days without much company. I pick up the phone, tapping on the message to reply.


Sure, come over. Bring food so we can feast! I won’t let you in otherwise.


As the lady requests.

I smile, the heartache caused by Rolan and co, momentarily forgotten. Looking forward to the ‘play-date’ with Levi I proceed to slowly exit my bed to put decent clothes on. I’m sure Levi would appreciate it if I didn’t look like I’d been sleeping on the streets.

With much time and effort I am finally decently clothed and ready for visitors. And I am just in time as the doorbell rings.

“One sec!” I shout, as I carefully descend the stairs. “Hey,” I say to Levi.

“Mae, finally decided to come out of your little cave.” He says, a cheeky grin on his face as we lean in to give each other a hug.

“Oh, ha ha, very funny.” I say, rolling my eyes though still laughing slightly.

“So, how have you been?” He asks, cocking his head to the side.

“I’m ok.” I say.

“Are you sure?” He asks again.

“I don’t want to talk about anything sad or depressing, basically anything to do with Rolan, at all. I want to have fun.” I say.

“Noted.” Levi says. He comes in, chucks off his shoes and proceeds into my living room.

“Ok, snacks for m’lady are: M&Ms, Sensations Thai Sweet Chilli, Sour Cream and Onion Pringles, Galaxy cookie crumble and for drinks, Coke and Rose lemonade.” He lays all the snacks on the coffee table and I can’t help but shiver in sheer delight at the sight of it all.

“You are literally the best!”I squeal.

We both sit down on the couch and munch on our snacks, flicking through the channels. We finally land on a random programme. As we are watching an advert for a new movie comes on.

“I really want to go see that movie.” I whine childishly. Levi laughs at my baby-ish pouting.

“Well, we could go see it.” He suggests, “I mean I just got payed at work. I have some money to blow.”

“Oh look at you, adulting already.” I say to him.

“So d’you wanna go?It could be a date.” He says, a hopeful gleam in his eyes.

“I would love to but I can barely move without it hurting.” I say.

“Why, what’s wrong?” I show him my wrists. As soon as he sees the black lines on my skin he gasps.

“What the hell! What is that?” He stares at me in horror, “What did the doctors say?”

“They don’t know what it is but it doesn’t seem to be contagious, if you’re wondering.” I say quietly. Silence hangs in the air as Levi tenderly strokes my arms, concern etched in his soft features.

“You know what.” He says, his voice cheery and determined, “I’ll carry you there. I’m strong.” He flexes his arm muscles. I laugh at his antics. “You can barely hold yourself up with those lanky legs of yours.” I say playfully.

“Hey, hey, hey. Don’t hate on the legs. You girls would kill for these beautiful, sexy, long legs of mine.”

“Bit hairy,” I comment,eyes lighting up with a brilliant idea.

“Oh no, what are you thinking?” Levi asks, wary.

“We could wax them.” I say, a crazed look in my eyes.

“No, absolutely not.” He says getting up off the couch.

“Ok, I’m joking, I’m joking.” I say, laughing at the fearful expression he wears. I’m not joking.

“Right, well I’m not. I will carry you there if you want me to.” He says, staring at me, again, with hopeful eyes.

“You might not be able to carry me but you could push me there.” We both slowly grin at each other and nod.

Both Levi and I laugh hysterically as he pushes me, as fast as he can, down the high street. People eye us with annoyed faces as we whiz past them in my old baby pram which I am strapped as tightly as possible to, holding all the snacks Levi brought over earlier. Streetlights turn into blurs, the wind rushes through my hair and whips around my body. I close my eyes and focus on the feeling, enjoying it, loving it, hating it because I know that at some point this ends and my reality will come crashing down on the fragile walls my mind has created to keep all bad things out of my head. But for now I’m going to enjoy myself.

“Whoo-hoo!” I shout, feeling frivolous. Levi joins in and soon we sound like a pack of hyenas, running wild.

We arrive at the cinema in no time, completely out of breath, panting.

“That was amazing!” I exclaim, earning a few odd looks from the people around us.

“For you.” He says, wiping sweat from his forehead. “It feels like I ran a marathon.”

“Ahh, it’s ok Lee. When I’m better, you can sit in the pram and I’ll push you.” I say.

“Yay!” He says like a child. I smile at him and for a fraction of a second I look into his eyes and see something that I didn’t notice before.

We approach the cashier’s desk. The lady behind the counter shoots us a peculiar look, watching us intently.

“So, what will it be?” She asks.

“One teen and one child for Johnny English, please.” Levi says, no mirth in his voice. The cashier eyes me, “But she’s...not a child.” The lady says, though she doesn’t seem completely sure. I smile and bite my lip to stop myself from laughing at what I am thinking. I let out a loud childish shout, “Waaaaaah!” Levi looks confused for a few seconds before I wink at him.

“Look what you’ve done. You’ve upset her.” He turns to me, “ It’s ok baby, don’t cry.” I let out another cry. Levi turns back to the lady, “I should complain.” He says. The lady looks horrified.

“Oh no, no don’t do that. Here, please, here are your tickets.” She says, handing him the tickets. He huffs, hands her the money and then pushes me away from the desk. We giggle as we walk away, poor woman.

“Oh my God.” I say, laughing with Levi, “That was so funny when he fell out of the car. Did you see his face?”

“I know right!” Levi says, shrieking with laughter, “His lips moved one way and his eyebrows moved the other way.” We both burst out laughing as we recall the scene.

Soon everything is quiet and we settle into a comfortable silence.

“Hey did you ever remember that point of yours?” I ask, looking up at him. His cheeks tint a slight pink.

“Uh yeah, I did actually.” He says, scratching his neck nervously. He takes a deep breath before facing me, “Would it be too hard for you to stand?I want to tell you this to you’re face.” He says. I shake my head in answer to his question and slowly stand,biting my lip as pain ricochets through my body. However, this seems important.

“I really, really like you, Mae. I think you’re just...incredible and I really would like to give us a chance.” I am stunned, I wasn’t expecting that at all. “I mean,” he says, “If you want to, we don’t have to. I know you and Rolan just ended, and well...” he trails off, not knowing how to finish his sentence. And there it is, that thing I had seen before in his beautiful, blue eyes. I realise I really do like Levi.

“I would like to give us a try too.” I say, smiling as a huge grin is plasters itself on his face. He hugs me softly, careful not to hurt me. “Can, can I kiss you?” He asks. I nod.

His lips meet mine with a soft, tentative touch like he is afraid he’ll hurt me. It’s slow and sweet, warming my belly with all sorts of fuzzy feelings. We pull away, breathlesss, grinning at each other like bloody Cheshire cats.

Unfortunately our moment only lasts a few seconds as a loud, menacing growl rips through the quiet evening air. A black blur flashes before my eyes before I hear a loud thud on the concrete a few metres away. It takes me a few seconds to realise that Rolan has Levi pinned to the ground and is repeatedly punching him in the face.

“Stop!” I shout desperately as I run up to them. Levi desperately trying to throw Rolan off. “Stop it, you’re hurting him!” I shout as I begin to cry. Levi’s face is smeared almost completely with blood, his nose at a crooked angle, his lips busted up. I grip onto Rolan’s shoulder tightly, trying to pull him off even though I feel like fainting from the pain racking through my body. “Get off! Get off! Oh my God, please!” I beg. It is only now that I can smell it, the odour that clings to Rolan’s body;alcohol.

Rolan turns to me, facing me with pitch black eyes. “Would you beg for my life like you are for him, if the roles were reversed?” He asks as he approaches me, leaving Levi’s limp, lifeless body on the cold floor. I tremble as I cry at the scene in front of me.

“Would you?” Rolan asks again, stroking the back of his bloodied hand against my cheek. I swallow hard, feeling repulsed by his touch. Now my shock and hurt is replaced by anger. I slap his hand away from me and look him directly in the eye defiantly. “No,” I say, “I wouldn’t”

I see him swallow hard, before regret seeps into his eyes. He goes to say something but I interrupt, “You need to leave. Now.” I say strongly.

“I’m sorry.” He whispers before disappearing. I run to Levi and kneel by his side.

“Levi, oh my god.” I say, shaking him lightly. He groans. “I’m calling an ambulance, ok. I’m getting help.” He says nothing else and I begin to worry.

“Stay with me, Levi. Stay with me. Help is coming, stay with me.”

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