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Chapter 22

Everything hurts so much, I can barely breathe I am practically heaving for oxygen. Yesterday, I had to drag myself all the way home and now the black marks on my skin pulse and throb in relentless pain. At the start of the week the pain had lessened, even more so when I was with Levi but now it is intense. I wasn’t measuring how much it hurt, the pain was just pain but now I realise that everything I’m feeling is far more than it was before and I have no idea why. Maybe it is because I could cope with my physical feelings when my emotional feelings were intact but my emotional feelings aren’t all that intact right now.

I close my eyes and concentrate on my breathing, forcing myself to push the air into my lungs past the burning, aching lump in my throat. Every second it gets harder to breathe. It feels like my throat is contracting every few seconds eventually going to become perpetually shut;I am suffocating.

My mum isn’t going to be back home for another three hours so if anything happens to me, I’m screwed. I let out a strangled sigh.

Moving carefully off the bed, I make my way to the bathroom. Cold baths have helped to dull the pain a little ever since I got these damn things on my arms.

I clamber into the bathtub, submerging myself in an icy cold bath. The freezing water soothes my aching skin and relaxes the tense muscles in my body. Sweet Relief!

My thoughts drift to the events of yesterday as I sit silently in my bathtub. I wonder how Levi is doing, I wonder if he’s ok, I want to text him but somehow I know he won’t reply. I purse my lips and kiss my teeth as the thought of Rolan comes to the forefront of my mind. That piece of shit, I think. That pretentious twat. Ugh! What was I thinking!? The black veins all over my body twinge at the frantic thoughts running round my head almost as though they are in agreement with my statement. The muscle in my chest clenches, out of all the people in the world you would think that Rolan would be the person who would not cheat on me. Man, the other half of my soul is an asshole. I laugh at that though after a while my laughter slowly dies away and I am left with a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach and a lump in my throat. The black lines on my body get hot and begin to throb again even though I’m in my cold bath. I let out a sob, the tears I have been trying to keep at bay now fall freely from my eyes. I just wish I had known what he was really like instead of believing all the posters and videos he’s appeared in that make him seem like some sort of perfect, hot ass angel with the most beautiful smile in the world that could make your knees weak.

I can feel my throat begin to constrict again and I start to panic because it feels like I can’t breathe. My body begins to throb with so much pain I begin to shake. What’s happening to me? With much effort and agonising pain, I haul my body out of my bath, falling onto the bathroom floor. The cold water from the bath no longer calms the ache in my body, it now seems to burn my sensitive skin. I begin to cough violently as I feel things that can only be described as snakes crawl up my throat. My eyes water as I desperately try to heave oxygen into my deprived lungs, but it is useless. I wriggle my way to the bathroom sink and pull myself up with the sinks support. I look into the bathroom mirror and am terrified at what I see. There are black lines all along the inside of my mouth, in my gums and all the way down my throat. The pain is unbearable. I fall back onto the floor, twitching with the amount of intense pain racking through my body. I lay there, on the tiled ground, cold and vulnerable, choking. I can no longer keep my eyes open as the lack of oxygen in my body makes me light headed and blackness begins to invade my vision. I give into it, no longer wanting to feel the pain.

I open my eyes slowly, blinking a few times so that my eyes adjust to the bright light in the room. My body is stiff and tense, making it impossible for me to move.

“Ah, you’re awake.” A voice says from somewhere in the room. The voice is warm and smooth and holds no hostile tones which makes me feel safe. A man in a white shirt and dress pants comes over to where I am and stands above me.

“I’m Eric.” He says, offering a kind smile. There’s nothing odd about how he looks. He has light brown hair, dark brown eyes, smooth pale skin but there is something about him that seems different but I cant quite pinpoint it. I go to speak but it seems as though my voice box is out of order as no sound comes out.

“Don’t try to speak much. It will only hurt a lot to do so.” Eric says, “but in answer to your question. You are at the hospital. A neighbour heard you screaming, saw you on the floor and then you were brought here. Your mother will be here soon.” My heart beats rapidly in my chest and for the first time I notice the sound of the heart monitor, copying my heartbeat. How did he know my question? A small smile eases its way onto Eric’s lips and he comes to sit by my bed. He takes my hand in his big, gentle one as he sits down. He stares at me directly in the eyes, making sure he has my attention before his eyes flash a bright red and he shows me a set of fangs. I shiver and try to pull my hand away but Eric just holds me tighter.

“ I do not wish to harm you.” He begins, “I just want you to know who I am.” He pauses, watching me to gauge my reaction.

“Okay.” I reply tentatively.

“I only wish aid my future queen., I wish to tell you how to cure yourself of this pain.” I nod and listen carefully, though I am still not ready for his next question.

“Do you love the prince, Rolan?” He asks. My mouth drops slightly, I was definitely not ready for that.

Do I love Rolan? My eyebrows furrow as I think hard. I bite the inside of my cheek, feeling embarrassed as I realise that after all that has happened to me because of him I do...With all my heart. I nod in answer to the question.

“I can feel the embarrassment in you. You shouldn’t be embarrassed to love your mate.” Eric says, tilting my chin so that I am looking at him.

“I know that he has hurt you, very badly and that was wrong of him but only he can cure you.” Eric says offering me another kind smile before he continues, “The mate bond demands it. He is your other half and you belong together. The pain will only get worse if you keep rebelling against the bond. And I am not saying for one second that Rolan doesn’t need to prove his loyalty to you but you need to be together or this will only get worse.”

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