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Chapter 23

I nod but stay quiet, unknowing of what to say next. Eric squeezes my hand reassuringly and offers a sympathetic smile. “My job as a doctor is to care for my patients and to pass on all knowledge I have so that they can get better. This is my advice to you, Mae.”

“Someone said that if I, if I found another person,mate, this would go away.” I say, motioning to my arms.
“True, but as I can see,” Eric cocks his head to the side with an amused smile, “His highness has made sure you have no other, how should I say this, suitor.” I roll my eyes and purse my lips.
“You mean, Levi.” I state.
“Yes, I mean the boy, Levi.” Eric answers.
“That’s why everything felt ok when I was with him isn’t it. He could have other half.”
“Yes but like said before, another mate isn’t an option anymore.” Eric says.
“No, no it isn’t.” A couple moments of silence pass before I ask, “Why would Rolan do such a thing? Knowing that he has a mate and then...cheat on them. It just doesn’t make sense.”
“The Prince and the Royal family have both been through a lot, though I can’t go into detail as it is not my place to say. His highness, well from what I understand, he finds relief in...pleasure from his troubles. Anyways, I’ve said too much.” Eric let’s go of my hand and gets up to collect something off his desk, “For now all I can offer you, other than my advice,is more painkillers.” He places the paracetamol on the cabinet next to the bed.
“What, what are you?” I ask out of curiosity.
Eric chuckles, “I thought the red eyes and fangs would be obvious signs of my species.”
I smile nervously, feeling slightly embarrassed at the fact that I hadn’t caught on to the fact that he is a vampire. I must seem so ignorant to him. “Is that how you know all that stuff about me because you’re a vampire. Can all vampires do that?” I ask.
“No,” Eric answers, “My gifts are unique to my person. Sometimes I hear people’s thoughts, sometimes I feel their feelings and sometimes I just get an image.”
“That sounds kinda cool.” I say. Eric smiles.
“I’m glad you think so, Princess. Now, I must leave you. Your mother would like to speak to you.” For a few seconds I am confused but after I hear the footsteps walking down the corridor and the turning of the door handle I understand. My mum rushes in and runs to my side. Her face has dry tears on it, her brown eyes are red and puffy. She trembles slightly as she holds her hand in mid-air, feeling apprehensive to touch me.
I take her hand in mine and give her a small smile.
“Oh my baby girl.” My mum says as fresh tears begin to fall down her cheeks.
“I’m fine, mum.” I say, trying to comfort her as I entwine my fingers with hers.
“I’ll leave you guys to speak.” Says Eric as he exits the room.
“I shouldn’t have gone to work.” My mum mumbles through her tears.
“Mum, don’t blame yourself. You need to work. How else are you going to buy me my chocolate bars.” My mum lets out a small laugh at my joke.
“I just wish I knew how to make you better.” She says as she places light kisses on my cheek and brushes hair off my face.
“Chocolate helps.” I state.
My mum smiles softly, although it doesn’t quite reach her eyes.
“What’s wrong, mum?” I ask. My mum sighs before saying, “Your school has been sending letters saying your child’s attendance is below average, blah, blah, blah. It’s statistically proven that if your child has low attendance they fail their exams. What do they think I’m doing? They know you’re sick. I’ve told them millions of times!”
“Mum don’t worry about school.” I say, “Maybe I should go in so they can see how bad things are.”
“Maybe?” My mum replies. We sit in a comfortable silence for a few moments, lost in our own thoughts.
“I’ve seen the videos.” My mum says quietly which makes my whole body still.
”I forgot about those.” I mumble quietly.
“Are you ok?” My mum asks. I nod and give her what I think is a convincing smile. She has enough to worry about already, I’m not going to bother her with unimportant teenage drama.
“We were never official.” I reply.
“I have a good mind to go and whoop that boys ass.”She says angrily.
“Mum, I don’t want to have to visit you in jail.” I say.
“I’ll only be put in jail if they can prove it was me who hit him.” I laugh lightly, trying not to irritate my throat, I cough.
“I’ll go get you some cool water and then we can talk about what your going to do about school. Oh and here’s your phone, thought you might want some entertainment.”
“Thanks.” I say as I take the phone.”Time to finally answer my messages.”
My mum leaves and I turn my phone on. The screen is immediately flooded with texts from the past week and a half. They’re all from Becka, Kaiko and Carma. I open up our group chat and type.
Hey, sorry I haven’t replied for ages. I just wanted a break from everything. May be coming back to school soon.

There is almost as instant reply.

Mae, it’s been ages! Can’t wait to see u again. Maybe I can come over before and we can talk. Anyways got homework. Bye!
Next to reply is Kaiko.

Yay! Mae’s coming back! I’ll finally have my chemistry buddy back. Yay! Can’t wait! See u soon!

I smile at her response. I missed my chemistry buddy. Becka’s reply comes last and not to my surprise it is the longest.

Where the fuck have you been? Why haven’t you replied to any of our texts. U had me worried and I never worry. That’s Carma’s fucking job! I can’t believe I’m saying this but as soon as you’re back at school we’re having one of those group meeting thingies and you’re telling us everything. Also that asshole has been asking for you. I kicked him in the nuts, thought u should know. See you at school.
I roll my eyes. Of course she kicked Rolan, that’s Becka for you.
My mum soon returns with a glass of water in her hands. I eye the cup greedily and don’t hesitate to chug down the refreshing liquid when she passes it to me.
“Slow down, we don’t want you choking.” My mum says as she watches me with shock and amusement as I lap the water up like a dog. I finish the water quickly, wanting more as soon as I’m done. I look at my mum with puppy dog eyes. My mum takes the glass with a role of her eyes but I don’t fail to notice the smile that tugs at her lips.
“Thank you!” I say trying my best to shout, though all mirth leaves my voice when I see a jet black, diamond-topped cane leaning against the wall as the door closes.
A strange shiver runs from the top of my head to my left forearm. The skin on my arm begins to tingle and burn. Alarmed, I look at my forearm and when I do I can’t help the terrified gasp that escapes my mouth when I see bold, red capital letter wriggling and turning and flipping between the black lines on my skin.

‘Something big is coming,’ they read, ‘Are you ready, Mae?’

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