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Chapter 30

The early morning sun peeks it’s way through the sides of my curtain, leaving streaks of orange dancing across my lilac walls. The sound of twittering birds fill my otherwise quiet room, their songs a sweet melody, comforting me as I sit here, pondering the events that will take place later today.

My Bindium des Soulus.

Or should I say our Bindium des Soulus, mine and Rolan’s. It almost feels like my wedding day, except, I’m not wearing a big fancy dress.

What will I be wearing?

I’ve been so busy thinking about what I’m going to say as my promise, what Rolan will say to me, it never occurred to me to think about what to wear. I don’t have anything particularly nice that I could wear or anything that would live up to the standards of what Rolan’s probably going to be wearing.

I take the piece of folded up paper I had placed on my bedside cabinet the night before, scanning over the blue inked shapes that have sunken into the white paper. My promises. Written in my messy, scrawled handwriting. I did it in a rush, hastily writing down all my thoughts onto this small, delicate sheet. I wasn’t sure what I was going to say until last night, it sort of just came to me. I folded the sheet and placed it back where it was previously, eyes lingering on it for a moment. I’ve poured out my heart onto that piece of paper. I just hope I haven’t made a mistake by trusting Rolan again.

My alarm clock sounds, breaking me from my daydreams. 6:30am. I don’t want to move, whether that’s from the nervousness I feel for what lay ahead today or whether it be my sheer laziness, I don’t know. I throw my covers off reluctantly, stretching out the the knots in my muscles whilst making unintelligible but completely necessary noises as I do. Padding out onto the landing, I make my way into my shower. I slide down the bathroom wall and sit on the floor as I wait for the water to heat up.

Stepping into the hot stream I let my muscles relax under the water. Tense tendons now turning to jelly as the current beats my back. I sigh into the air completely relaxed, all my cares washing down the drain.

I stay like this for at least half an hour, humming random tunes to myself, feeling utter bliss. The ringing of my phone interrupts my peace. I quickly dry my hands before reaching out to grab the phone.

“Rolan, hey, how are you?” I ask as I begin to dry my body off.

“Hello, my love, I’m very good. How are you?”

“I’m cool, just getting ready for today.” I reply.

“Cool, Vrey and her mum, Carlia will be over to pick you up in about two hours.”

“Oh, ok.” There is a few moments of quiet before Rolan asks,

“Are you stressed? Nervous?”

“A little bit,” I answer, “Not because I think I’ve made the wrong decision but because I don’t want to screw anything up.”

“You won’t screw up.” Rolan reassures.

“Thank you.” I reply, as I start to get changed, pushing an arm through the sleeve of my t-shirt. “Also what do I wear? Am I allowed a skirt? Can it be black? Cause I know that normally when you wear black to a formal event it’s for a funeral but I-”

“Mae, my sweet, calm down, everything has been taken care of. You needn’t worry about anything today.”

“Even my outfit?”

“Even your outfit.” He replies.

“Ok,” I say.

“And you only said you were a little bit stressed.” Rolan says, chuckling lightly.

“Ok so I lied, I’m a lot stressed. It feels like I’m getting married today and I don’t know what I’m going to be wearing or what I’m meant to do. I have to speak in front of a massive crowd. Honestly, I thought I was done with public speaking when I finished my GCSE English speaking speech.” I say, fully out of breath by the time I’m finished. Rolan laughs, the sound loud and boisterous.

“Why are you laughing at me?” I ask, pouting, though I’m not really annoyed.

“You’re just adorable when your like this. I wish I was there to hold you, to reassure you that everything is going to be perfectly fine, I promise. Scouts honour. You can’t see me right now but my fingers are being held up.”

I laugh, feeling the anxiety in my body ripple away. “Were you actually a scout?” I ask.

“You bet. I’ve got my fire safety badge, my forester activity badge.”

“You have to show me these when I get to yours.” I say.

“Why, don’t you believe me?” Rolan asks.

I laugh, “Of course not,” I say, “Poor Ethan and Jake probably had to do all the work for you. Rolan would you like me to rub your feet as you watch Ethan plant the tree?”

“Excuse me,” Rolan says in disbelief, “I think you mean, His royal highness, Prince Rolan.”

“Oh see there it is, there’s the tea. I knew it, I knew it. Exposed!”

“Oh no, you got me.” Rolan says, “My life is over.”

“The internet is gonna eat this drama up.” I exclaim. Fits of laughter sound from each side of the phone, Rolan and I both cracking up with mirth.

“Hey,Mae,” Rolan says, through the last drips of his laughter, ” my mother’s calling me to help her with flower choices so I have to go but, uh, I’ll see you later.”

“K, cool, see you soon.”

“And Mae,”

“Yeah,” I reply.

“I love you.” Rolan ends the call, leaving me completely and utterly baffled.

“What?” I exclaim, “You can’t just leave me with that.” Banging on the bathroom door has me momentarily stunned.

“Mae, what the hell is going on! It’s bloody seven thirty in the morning.” My mum whisper shouts through the door.

“Sorry, I just...found something surprising.”

“Well, keep it down. We don’t need the neighbours complaining.”

“Sure will.” I reply, “Also whilst you here. Can I ask something?”

“Go on.” My mum says. I can visualise her crossing her arms, waiting with that I’m-going-to-immediately-reject-anything-you-say-if-I-think-that-what-your-asking-is-the-tiniest-bit-unreasonable look.

“Can I go to a sleep over at Vrey’s house.”

“I don’t know,” she says, “I don’t really know Vrey and I’m not comfortable with you staying at someone’s I don’t know.”

“Please, if anything happens I’ll call you immediately.” I beg. It’s not like I have a choice, I have to go with Vrey later today. “Vrey’s mum is coming by later with her today. So you guys can talk and get to know each other.”

“We’ll see.” She says as I open the door to the bathroom.

“Ok,” I say, giving her a hug.

“I’m going back to sleep, wake me up a bit before they come.” I nod and then make my way to my room, flopping onto my bed, awaiting the arrival of Vrey and her mother.

It’s not long before it’s about time for Vrey to arrive so I get up to get my bag with the things I’ll need for the weekend. “Mum!” I shout, “There gonna be here soon!”

“What!” She replies.

“I said, they’re coming!”

“Oh,ok!” She answers as I hear her shuffling around her room.

Ten minutes later the door bell rings and I go to the door to answer it.

“Vrey!” I exclaim as we lean in for a hug.

“Hey Mae,” she replies as she hugs me tightly, “It feels like I haven’t seen you for ages.”

“It does, doesn’t it?” I say.

“So you ready to go?” Vrey asks, “My mum’s waiting in the car.”

“Well actually, my mum wanted to talk to your mum. She wasn’t too keen on the idea of me going to someone’s house that she doesn’t particularly know well.”

“Oh, ok, my mum can come over and meet her. I’m sure she can persuade her.”

“Well she’ll have to. It’s not like I can’t go with you today.”

Vrey laughs, “That is very true.” She says.

I call my mum downstairs so that she can meet, Carlia, Vrey’s mum. “Hi there,” My mum says as Carlia approaches the door, “I’m Yasmin, nice to meet you.”

“Carlia, nice to meet you too.”

“Please come in, would you like something to drink?Tea? Coffee?”

“Tea will be fine, thank you.” Carlia replies as she steps inside, “You have a lovely place.”

“Oh, thank you. I was actually thinking of redecorating.”

I motion to Vrey to follow me upstairs, saying, “We’re just gonna go upstairs to my bedroom.”

“We’ll be in the kitchen,” My mum replies as Vrey and I make our way upstairs.

“So, you excited for today?” Vrey asks, bumping my shoulder as she goes to sit down at my desk.

“Excited and nervous. Hella nervous.” I say, plopping down onto my bed.

“Why?” Vrey asks

“Why?” I say, looking at her like a crazy person, “Because everyone is going to be staring at me. What if I trip in front of all of them? What if I stumble over my words? What if I freeze up and can’t say anything? What if I fart loudly by accident? What if-”

“Wow, I didn’t realise you could be this stressed.” Vrey says. “Look, just try not to think about the people. This is a moment for you and Rolan, no one else. You’re doing this for Rolan and your relationship. Even if you do mess up, who cares. Rolan definitely won’t and that’s what matters.” I nod still feeling a bit nervous.

“Girls!” My mum says, calling to us from the bottom of the stairs.

“That was quick.” I say to Vrey.

“Told you my mum could persuade her.” Vrey says, winking at me as she flicks her long black hair, ” Come on.”

“What?” I say confused.

I make my way downstairs asking my mum, “So I can go?”

“Yes,” She says, laughing lightly, “You can go. Just be careful and call me if anything happens, ok.”

“Ok,” I say, “See you soon.”

I walk with Vrey and her mum to their car, a sleek, white convertible. As we sit inside the car, my knee bobs up and down in anxiety. Vrey turns to me and places her hand in my knee, “Today is going to be great.”

The tapping of fingers on glass has me jumping up in surprise. “What? What?” I say. “Oh,Rolan.” He smiles at me through the window and pulls open the door. He picks me up bridal style. “You ok?” He asks as I snuggle into his chest.

“Mmmhmm.” I reply, yawning. Rolan kisses my cheek. ” Sleep,Mae. I want you fully awake later.”

“I know she’s tired, Rolan, but we need to go through at least one run-through before the real thing.” Gentle hands hold my shoulders and shake me awake. My eyes flutter open to find Angela sitting on the edge. “Sorry to wake you, dear but we need to do a practice run of the ceremony.”

“No, it’s ok. I probably should have gotten more sleep.” I reply.

“Come,” She says, ” The quicker we get this done, the quicker you can relax. Later you’ll have a nice massage to de-stress you from all the nerves and a nice pamper session.”

“That sounds so nice, thank you.”

“Of course, only the best for a princess.” Angela says, as we make our way to the throne room.

When we arrive I can’t help but gasp in awe. The room is massive, the ceiling feeling like a world away. Huge red curtains hang over the windows that give you a view of the forest below. Bouquets of flowers line the walls as does golden bunting that glistens under candle light that is being used to light up the room. Rows of black and white pews are set up, creating an aisle.

At the end of the aisle is an alter and two thrones all circumscribed with gold and red jewels.

“It’s beautiful.” I comment.

“Isn’t just.” Angela replies, “Now later today, you and Rolan will both walk up here together. Your arms will be linked as you do so.” She guides me up to the alter, holding my arm as I would be dong later. “When you reach the alter stand on the first step. My mate will then come and say the welcome speech. After this Rolan will speak his promises then you will do yours. ” I nod, listening intently to what I have to do so that things run smoothly.

“Once this is all done, Doctor Eric, my mate and I will approach you. Eric will the put the mating symbol on the both of you. Make sure to give him your right hand.”

“Right hand, got it.” I reply.

“After, dinner will be served and that’s the end.”

“Uh, cool.” I say.

“Now let’s get you ready.” Angela pulls back down the aisle into a small side room. Inside there is a table, holding what looks like different oils and fragrances. The room is dimly lit with candles and fairy lights.

“Princess Mae, I am Kyra, your masseuse for the evening. If you would like disrobe behind the screen and then lay down under the sheets. Once you’re done, please ring the bell.” She motions to a little brass coloured bell with a brown handle.

“Sure.” I reply, unknowing of what to say. The lady, Kyra steps out and I begin to take off my clothes, laying on the bed once I’m done and ringing the bell.

Kyra steps back in and immediately gets to work. Hands kneading my back, pulling out all the tension from my muscles. I’m in heaven as she beats my with quick, precise hands movements, sending me into pure bliss.

Soon though my massage is finished and I’m being ushered into another room by a group of women, moving around quickly to get me ready.

I can feel as they file down my nails, shaping them to look pretty and perfect before painting on blue nail polish. The cold feeling of the liquid has me shivering as they do so.

Someone else also stands behind my chair, curling each strand of my hair so that it’s biunces at my shoulders before tying my hair up into a bun, leaving a few strands out at the front for a fringe.

Once my hair and nails are done a beautiful dress is brought in and laid infront of me. The dress is made from a sheer, see-through material. The dress was mainly light blue but there is a train at the back where it fades into lilac. Across the front of the dress is a light pink sash, running all the way to the bottom of the dress.

Eagerly, I put the dress on, allowing the various people around me to make adjustments to it so that it fit properly.

Once I’m done a guy says to me, “Princess Mae, if you would like to follow me. His royal highness, Prince a Rolan is waiting for you.” I follow the young man as he takes me to where Rolan is.

Rolan waits for me just before the doors that lead into the throne room, wearing only a pair of black slacks. Other than that he is bare. I watch as his abs flex as he walks over to me, his eyes drinking every inch of my body in.

“You look amazing,” He says, pulling me into his arms.

“And you look handsome, as always.” I reply. He smile, placing a kiss on my cheek.

“You ready?” He asks. I nod.

We stand just before the large, mahogany doors that open into the throne room, endless chatter of an excited pack drifting through every so often.

I entwine my trembling hand into Rolan’s, seeking comfort from him. I’m not regretting my decision, not one bit, I just feel nervous, extremely nervous.

Rolan replies with a reassuring squeeze of the hand before turning to me to place his hand on my cheek.

“Don’t worry, my sweet, everything will be okay.” I nod, feeling somewhat reassured.

The doors begin to open and suddenly there is quiet. Everyone turns to look at us as we make our way down the aisle, my blue dress trailing across the purple carpet. I tighten my grip around Rolan’s arm as I notice everyone staring at us, awe on their faces. He does the same to reassure me and soon we are at the alter. Mr Clarke gives me a small nod in greeting and give a nervous smile.

“Nervous?” He whispers. I nod in answer. “Don’t be, you look amazing.”

“Thank you.” I reply before turning to Rolan.

We both clasp each others forearms as Mr Clarke begins his speech,

" We are gathered here today on this joyous occasion to celebrate the uniting of Princess Mae and Prince Rolan.” The pack erupts into cheers and claps, the room full of sound. Mr Clarke signals for the pack to settle down before he begins again, “May they be each others greatest strengths in life so that together they may overcome their weaknesses.

We hope that in the coming years when Rolan takes the title of Alpha King and Mae becomes Luna Queen that they will aid each other in the prosperity of the Kingdom. We hope that in this joining both people may become better and stronger together. May Rolan rise like the sun over his people, to spread safety and security like rays of sunshine. May Mae shine like the moon, her moonbeams bringing everlasting calm and peace.

And lastly we thank the Moon Goddess for this blessing of love and mate-ship and we hope that in the future she continues to guide us in this life.”

The pack erupts into cheers again, howling their joy into the evening air. I grin from ear to ear as I look up at Rolan feeling completely ecstatic. He does the same as he holds my hands, squeezing slightly to show his happiness.

Mr Clarke again signals to the pack to settle down before saying, “Now the couple will say their promises to one another.”

Rolan looks at me and says, “I want to start off by saying that I love you, wholly and completely and that there is nothing in this world that I wouldn’t do for you. I would give up my life for you in one of my uneven heartbeats, all you’d have to do is ask. Secondly, I want to publicly apologise for the hurt I caused you. For betraying your trust and tearing your heart apart, I will spend the rest of my life making it up to you.” Rolan looks at me with an intensity that I’d never seen before, “I promise you, Mae, that I will cherish you forever, that you will want for nothing. You will always be safe with me and if, in the future, you allow me to place our pups in your belly, I promise to be the best father I can be to them. They too will want for absolutely nothing.”

Tears fall down my cheeks, a consequence of Rolan’s kind words, and they don’t seem to be stopping any time soon. I can barely speak as overwhelming emotion racks through my body. “I’m so sorry,” I say, furiously wiping underneath my eyes.

“It’s alright, take your time, my sweet.” Rolan says as he holds me closely, hugging me tightly. Many ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ sound from the crowd as they watch our exchange with eager eyes, clapping and cheering.

“Just give me a sec,” I say, wiping under my eyes with the pad of my fingers.

“Breathe, my love.” Rolan says as his hands hold my cheeks. I take deep breaths, trying my best to calm down.

“Ok, I think I’m ready now.” I say as I take ahold of Rolan’s hands. The pack once again quiets down, listening intently to my every word.

“Rolan,” I say, looking him in the eyes. The brown of his irises shift and somehow I know that Blake is present here too, listening to me. “Although our relationship has gotten off to a rocky start, I’m glad that we are where we’re at now. I want to thank you for taking things slow with me and allowing me to adjust to your world. I appreciate the time we have spent with each other and have enjoyed just getting to know you for you and not through reading gossip magazines. In time I know that I will love you with all my heart and maybe, one day, we can start a family together.

I promise that I will try to be the best mate that I could ever be although I’m still trying to figure out what that is because a mate is not just wanting to care for someone or wanting to spend every waking minute with them, being and having a mate is so much more complex than that.

Lastly, I want to promise the pack that I will try my best to be a good Luna and hope that I can help lead them into a bright future.”

Howls and unintelligible sounds of joy and content crash through the silent air as the crowd applauds us. Rolan swoops me into his arms, pressing our bodies flush together, placing a longing kiss on my lips. I grin as we pull away, feeling completely ecstatic.

“Now that the mated couple have said their promises they will each have the mark of a mate placed on their palms.” Mr Clarke says as he, Eric and Angela approach us, a sharp silver knife carried with them on a golden plate.

“Princess,” Eric greets as he motions for me to give him my hand. Angela then gives Eric a golden scarf which he wraps around the handle of the knife, it glistening in the candle light.

Quickly he presses the blade of the knife into my skin, drawing a perfect circle into the palm of my hand. I hiss as the blade pierces my skin, blood dripping from the wound. Eric repeats his actions with Rolan before wiping the knife with a cloth and placing it back on the golden plate.

“Now place your palms together so that your blood may mingle, uniting your souls to become one.” I grasp Rolan’s hand, feeling his blood and my blood press together, ‘mingling’ as Mr Clarke calls it. After about a minute we let go and Eric wraps a bandage around my palm, however, I can see that Rolan skin has already began healing, the flesh knitting back together only leaving a scar. “Well that’s a first,” I whisper to myself as I watch his skin.

“The ceremony is over and now the feast begins!” The crowd cheers once again, as they begin stomping their feet and clapping their hands in jubilation. “Now please,” Mr Clarke shouts, “Make your way to the dining hall for the festivities to begin.” Everyone begins to file out of the ceremony hall, excited chatter leaving with them.

“Congratulations!” Angela says as she comes to hug us both, “I’m so proud of the both of you.”

“Thank you.” I say. She rubs her cheeks against mine before saying,

“See you in the dining hall.” Her and Mr Clarke walk off, making their way to the feast.

“Come on then, Rolan,” I say as I follow suit, “I’m starving.”

Rolan grabs my hand and pulls me back into his arms, kissing me. “Let’s go somewhere first.” He says as he cups my cheeks with his hands.

“Yeah, the banquet, in our honour.” I reply, motioning with my thumb to the doors.

“No,” He says, laughing, ” somewhere else. My bedroom.”

“Your what?” I say, pulling away.

“Not like that.” Rolan replies, pulling me back into his arms, “There’s a surprise waiting there for you...if you want it.”

“A surprise eh?” I ask, raising my eyebrows. He shakes his head at me with a laugh.

“Come on.” Rolan says, pulling me into the direction of his bedroom.

We finally get to Rolan’s bedroom and I’m eager to find out my surprise. “What is it? Why can’t you just tell me?” I ask, pulling on his arm.

“Be patient.” Rolan says as he kisses the back of my hand. I walk in, finding a guy standing inside with what looks like a tattoo gun. His black hair sticks up although it doesn’t look untidy. He wears a grey tank top, with denim jeans. His green eyes seem to lighten up as he smiles at me. “Hi there.” He says.

“This is Hunter. He’s a tattoo artist. I thought we could get matching tattoos, have our own unorthodox consummating of our mate-ship.”

I smile at Rolan, leaning up to give him a kiss. “I’d love to get matching tattoos.”

“Good.” He says. I sit in the chair and wait for Hunter to start the tattoo.

“Rolan,” I say, “This has been the best day of my life. Thank you.”


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