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Chapter 6

Searing hot rage runs through every nerve in my body, it’s hard to think straight with all the memories I keep receiving every few minutes.

Multiple hands had to pry me off Rolan only a few moments ago. Now I sit with my hands tied behind my back, with both Colton and Jake sitting next to me on the couch, watching me warily.

“I’m impressed by you, Mae.” Colton says, taking a little folded up cloth from his pocket to polish his glasses. “Your stupidity has amazed me quite a bit. Attacking an Alpha. Absolute genius.”

“I thought you would have realised by now, considering you’re so smart, I don’t speak werewolf. You’ll have to explain just for me,” I say, batting my eyelids, “What’s an Alpha?”

“Oh of course, how silly of me. In lamens terms, just so you can understand, it means the leader of all werewolves. They normally are quite possessive, can be very hôrny and have very very short tempers, not taking much bullshît from anyone. Again, very proficient choice-making.”

I roll my eyes, turning to Jake, ” Is he always like this?”

He nods his head, “Pretty much. You’ll get used to it, or learn to ignore him.” Quiet fills the air making me realise how many questions race around my head, with one standing out in particular. Why did they take Carma? I’m hoping that I’ll find all my answers soon.

Colton sits to my left, a mass of handwriting is scrawled messily on a piece of paper, as he tries to figure out a complicated sum. Jake sits to my right - phone in hand -playing minion rush. I look at the two of them, turning my head both left and right. They don’t seem to notice me, so I decide to ask,

“Where are my friends?” I say, asking no one in particular.

“Carma’s with Ethan, the guy who uh...took her.” Jake answers. I grit my teeth and shake my head.

“My other two friends, Kaiko and Becka. The ones I came barging into your hotel room with.” I say. Colton tenses beside me.

“They’re not here.” He replies stiffly. The pen in his hand snaps and I jump slightly.

“Well that’s an obvious lie.” I mumble.

With an irritated stare Colton puts his piece of paper-covered in ink-down and then faces me.

“And how do you know that? You have no facts, no evidence...”

I interrupt. “Yes, but you guys have kept secrets and lied to me before. So the fact is - if you require one so greatly, Oh so smart one - you can do it again, and you are. So tell me where my friends are.” Colton seems stunned for a second, not expecting my sudden fierceness. He goes to reply but instead is stopped by the clicking of the door.

Rolan walks in. “I’m sure you have a lot of questions.” He says, looking at me warily, almost waiting for me to pounce again, “And we’ll try to answer them as best we can.” He finishes, taking a seat on one of the other couches. He sits with his arms spread over

the back of the chair, leaning back comfortably, with his ankle crossed over his knee.

“So, what’d you wanna know?” He asks, raising an eyebrow and cocking his head to the side. Suddenly, I don’t feel quite as confident as I did a few moments ago. Everyone stares at me and it now becomes very apparent that these people are not human. They’re creatures of nightmares, of the dark. Rumoured to have been culprits for many merciless killings for pure pleasure. Those rumours must have stemmed from somewhere.

“What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue.” Rolan says with a cocky smile on his lips. His eyes flash obsidian, making me flinch ever so slightly. He smiles, a taunting smile “I can smell your fear.” He says, licking his lips.

“I’m not scared.” I lie, trying to put on a brave face. “I’m just... thinking.” Rolan stares at me, not believing the lies that come out my mouth for a second.

“If you say so.” He replies. A few moments pass by, full of awkward silence, no one speaks,everyone just stares, waiting for my first question.

“Why take Carma?” I finally ask.

“Hmm. That’s a hard one. What shall I say?” He says tapping his chin. I can’t tell whether he is being sarcastic or not. “She’s special.” He finishes.

“Special?” I press.

“Very special.” he says ” Next Question.” I sigh, knowing that’s all I’m going to get.

“Where are my friends Becka and Kaiko?” I question.


I groan, impatience beginning to wind its way up and around my spine. “You said, you’d answer my questions.” I say.

He comes towards me with slow steps, the sound of his boots hitting the tiled floor echoing throughout the spacious room. He takes his index finger and thumb to tilt my head up so that my eyes look directly into his beautiful dark brown ones.

A sort of electric current erupts between our connected skin, ricocheting all the way to the tips of my toes, I shiver.

“Actually,” He starts, “I said I’d answer them as best I can.“He steps away, making me miss the feel of his skin on mine. Why the hell am I reacting like this?

“Well you can answer them better, you know the answers, the proper answers to them. So why aren’t you telling me them?”

“Simple.” Colton chimes in. Of course he does, I roll my eyes. ” We don’t trust you.”

“Well the feelings mutual.” I mumble under my breath. The room falls promptly silent again. Questions? What other question should I ask? There are too many to concentrate on to just ask one at a time. So I just sit there nibbling my bottom lip.

“Stop doing that with your lip.” Rolan groans with balled fists and a tense frame. He sounds like he’s in pain.

“Why? What’s wrong?” I ask.

Jake turns to me, a smirk on his lips. “Don’t tell me you’re that innocent.” He says.

I have no time to react to Jake’s sentence, instead a ear-splitting bang is heard from somewhere downstairs. The ground beneath my feet quakes and rumbles as smoke begins to wind its way beneath the door frame. Jake flinches visibly, sending a worried glance to the other boys in the room, one that is quickly returned. What could possibly scare these three supernatural creatures that much?

My heart starts to pound as I begin to inhale the black smoke that has slipped under the door and is now hovering over my feet, rising! An alarm goes off, chilling me to the bone. Fire alarms have never really been my thing.

“I’m going to see what’s happening. Get Mae out of here safely. Make sure nothing happens to her.” And with that Rolan leaves the room.

I start to wriggle my hands, pulling at the restraints that hold me captive. The rope rubs at my skin but I don’t care, I need to get out of the ropes.

“Get me out of these.” I exclaim in a shaky voice, coughing and spluttering on the black smoke that begins to saturate the room. With one quick tug, by Jake, my wrists are free.

I am yanked to my feet and pulled towards an exit by Colton. “Keep up.” He says, as I stumble(multiple times)over my own feet. “You humans are so slow. Absolutely useless.”

A growl comes from behind me, “Remember who you are speaking to.” Jake warns, which confuses me more than I already am. Who could I possibly be to Colton but a mere helpless human, I laugh. I already think quite low of myself, I’m sure being by Colton for more than a couple days would worsen those beliefs, which is something I don’t want for myself, so I guess I don’t want and will never be anybody to him. So what is Jake on about?

We jog down the hallway, blackened with a thick, hazy, smog that I constantly choke and sputter on. Small flames have begun to reach our hallway, leaving a worrying orange hue. I can barely see through the smoke, having to cling onto Jake’s arm.

“You enjoying yourself there?” Jake asks, throwing me a side glance and a smirk. I didn’t even realise that I had started to squeeze his arm

“Yeah, I am.” I reply, laughing when I see(barely)his shocked expression.

“Will you two stop being such children, if you haven’t realised by now we’re in the middle of a burning building,full of smoke.” Colton exclaims.

We finally get out, the fresh air cooling our burning lungs. I turn around to look back at the devastation that has encapsulated the building I was previously in. Flames climb the infrastructure, breaking it down brick by brick. Black smoke saturates every hall in the building. You can tell it was a beautiful place - more beautiful than the Ritz - full of life and vibrancy but no more, now death plagues the hallways, grabbing and clawing at everything that tries to cling onto life.

“Where are my friends?!” I exclaim, turning to both Jake and Colton.

“They’re safe.” I see uncertainty in Jake’s eyes,but I choose to believe him anyway. The idea of them being safe, calming my furiously beating heart.

“Come on, we need to get away from the building.” Jake pulls my arm and drags me away from the burning place.

We follow a small, unclear path, hidden well by overgrown shrubs and vegetation. It leads to a clearing full of people. Mothers hold their crying children, paramedics clean wounds inflicted by the flames. Some just sit on the floor, staring into the distance, preferring to escape into their own worlds than stay in this one.

Colton and Jake walk over to someone. Their shoulders broad, their frame tall. Their hair neatly styled, not a single black strand out of place. It’s the multi-billionaire, Derek Clarke.

“Uncle.” Colton says, gaining his attention.

“Colton, Where is your cousin, Rolan?” Cousin? No wonder they’re both douchebags.

“He went somewhere when we first heard the explosion, my guess is he went to check on Ethan and Alex.” Derek nods with a troubled look on his face before turning towards me. I smile awkwardly.

“And is this...” He starts, not needing to finish his sentence. Jake answers this time with a quick, “Yes, it is”

Derek puts his hand out for me to shake one I shake tentatively whilst smiling nervously up at him. “I’ve heard a lot about you Mae.” He starts. Alarm bells go off in my head. How did he know my name? I’m sure he can see the worry in my eyes because a small, almost mocking, smile appears on his lips.

“You have?” I ask, my voice wavering slightly.

“Yes,” He begins,” And if it weren’t for the dire situation we are currently in, you could have told me more about yourself, from your own mouth that is...” He doesn’t finish his sentence, instead something in the distance catches his eye. I turn around, curious to see what is so interesting.

A man with a dazzling white suit leans against the bark of a tree. A black cane with a diamond-shaped object on top,is held with two hands, one on top of the other. Even from here I can see the mocking smirk he wears.

“Excuse me Mae, I have some business to attend to. It was nice meeting you.” Derek fixes the blazer he wears before saying, “Jake, come.”

Jake says a quick ‘bye’ before following Derek, leaving me alone...with Colton.

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