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Chapter 8

Rolan’s voice drips with arrogance and smugness and I can tell-even from here-that he is sporting a big smirk on his lips.

“What have you done!” I shout.

“I gave you what you wanted, you’re home.” He states calmly, as if nothing is wrong.

“Your an asshole.” I yell down the phone.

“A sexy one.” He replies. I ignore his comment.

“Don’t you understand that this is someone’s life you’re messing with.” I pull at the roots of my hair. “I can’t believe you.” I say, tearing up. “You kidnap my friends, you kidnap me, take away my memories and almost get me killed and on top of that you make my own mum forget who I am. I swear to God Rolan, you better make everything normal again or I swear I’m going to kill you!”

“Good Luck with that my love. I’m immortal and can only be killed by one thing, and that thing isn’t you.” I scowl at his words, retorting with,

“Just because you can’t die doesn’t mean you can’t feel pain.”

He laughs, the kind of laugh that irritates every fibre in your being, until you are shaking with anger.

“You’re only saying all this because I’m not standing right in front of you. If I were there you’d be as quiet as a mouse.” Rolan says matter-of-factly.

“No, I’m saying all this because I’m pissed off at you. You can’t just take control of my life whenever you feel like it.”

“I can.” Is his simple reply.

“You know what, fuck you Rolan! Have a good day.” I go to hang up but Rolan’s panicked voice stops me, “No!Mae, Don’t hang up!”

“Why not Rolan. I have to find myself somewhere to stay tonight, thanks to you. You’re wasting my time.”

“Stay over at mine...I’ll make it worth your while.”

“Piss off Rolan.”

“Ok, ok. Jokes aside, there are things we need to discuss.” He says.


“Come see for yourself.” Just as he says this the car I arrived in a few moments ago reappears and pulls into my driveway.

“Oh you smooth prîck.” I exclaim, whilst scowling at the black vehicle. A chuckle is heard from the other side of the phone line, then Jake says “So you’re not that innocent.” I voice my irritation with a groan of annoyance.

I hang up.

Alan steps out of the vehicle and opens the car door, an indication for me to get inside. I hold my head up high and walk up to the car.

“Hello again ma’am.” Alan says.

“Hello Alan. How have you been since I last saw you?” I ask. A small smile appears on his lips, one of amusement and appreciation. I’m guessing not many people ask how his day is going.

“I have been alright ma’am. You?

“My day could have gone better,” I say, climbing into the car.

“Just give master Rolan some time, ma’am. I know he hasn’t been as nice as he should be but he may surprise you.”

“I doubt that very very very very very very... much” Alan stares at me pointedly,” “but” I continue, ” I appreciate you trying to make me feel better.” I sigh, I will not be surprised if I find a couple white hairs on my head after all the stress Rolan has put me through. Alan gives me a small smile but says nothing more and closes the door.

Presently we arrive at our destination and as soon as I see the place I am robbed of my breath as I take in my surroundings;a beautiful contemporary mansion. Almost all of the bottom floor is made of glass windows, allowing for a clear view of the open plan kitchen. It’s design is modern using white, grey and black as primary colours to decorate the walls, tables and cupboards. The rest of the place is sealed off behind light beige walls, leaving the rest to the imagination, though no one can deny that it won’t look just as magnificent as the outside. The building is ravished in a bright glow, making the stunning place all that more exquisite.

Alan parks the car into a garage, one that is already full of expensive cars that have been preened and polished until they’ve show nothing but a clear reflection of anything near.

Waiting for me at the other end of the garage is Rolan. His muscular tattoo-covered arms are crossed over his toned chest- covered only in a tight black t-shirt. His dark umber hair falls over his eyes and a smirk rests on his lips. How cocky can he be for that thing to permanently sit on his lips? Alan gets out of the car, opening my door so that I can get out. I thank him and walk towards Rolan.

Rolan waits until I am almost by his side before he extends his hand out for me to take, a silent invitation. One I accept, feeling compelled to do so by some invisible force. He leads me to the kitchen and pulls a chair out for me to sit on. I do, resting my arms onto the cool surface of the marble countertop. He takes a seat directly across from me and for a moment he is silent, only staring. His intense gaze begins to become uncomfortable, so I say, staring at my twiddling thumbs, “No one else coming?”

He shakes his head but otherwise ignores my question and instead says, “Told you you’d be quiet as a mouse if I were in front of you.” My nostrils flare and I have to bite my lip to stop myself from retorting with something rude because I don’t think that would be the wisest thing to do. Right now I am putty in Rolan’s hands. I have witnessed some of what he can do and don’t know the extent of his powers, or his sadistic bounds. He may very well enjoy seeing me helpless and defenceless and that scares the shit out of me.

“Nothing to say?” He asks, his hard stare unrelenting.

“You wanted to talk.” I say, flicking my eyes up to his for only a second, before looking back at my thumbs.

“Straight to the point.” Rolan comments.

“Please Rolan,” I ask, voice cracking, “I’m tired and worn out, please no bullshit, just tell me what you wanted to discuss.”

He nods, ” I want us to have an agreement, a deal of sorts.” He starts but I interrupt,

“I’m not giving you my blood or anything like that.” I exclaim, pushing myself away from the table. He laughs, finding my worry amusing.

“No,” he continues, ” Nothing like that. I meant a verbal agreement.”

“Oh,” I say, my heart already slowing it’s frenzied beat. “And what’d that be?”

“I will promise you something and you will promise me something.” I nod for Rolan to continue. “I promise not to take away your memories or anyone else’s in your life and in return you do not mention a word about what me and my family are or what we can do.”

“Who’d believe me anyway.” I ask, snickering a little to myself. They’d think I’d gone mad.

“You’ve already witnessed how easy it is for me to erase you from the world, I will not hesitate to do so, if you don’t comply.” There’s no humour in his voice, his tone hard and serious. A few moments pass before Rolan asks.

“Do you agree?” I nod my head silently but Rolan doesn’t seem satisfied.

“Verbal agreement Mae, Verbal.” He says.

I grit my teeth, I’m not incompetent, I breathe deeply and reply with a solid, “Yes.”

“Good,” He says, the atmosphere in the room now free of tension. “We can be friends.”

“And I can go home?” I ask with a hopeful grin.

“No. I want to keep you by my side a little longer.”

“The feeling is not mutual.” I mutter under my breath.

“What was that?” Rolan asks.

I smile sweetly, “Nothing.”

He eyes me but then dismisses the subject. “Your going to stay over tonight and go to school tomorrow. Everything will be back to normal by tomorrow.” He says.

“Carma, Becka and Kaiko will be there to, right?” I inquire.

“Yes. Now let’s show you where you’re staying.”

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