Holy Avenger

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Chapter 6

Xander licked the bones of his meal clean and threw them against the dungeon wall. It was pitiful. Master had not allowed him to feast on the delicious imperial soldiers that were plentiful at Fort Grandile. Instead, he was reduced to gnawing on the bones of the thin prisoners held captive within the dungeons.

Their screams of terror and pain were music to his ears as he ate them alive…however. It was not enough! Xander wished to eat his fill of an entire town of humans. Master had promised him that gift for succeeding in his plan to gain the princess’s trust. It did not turn out the way that master had planned, however, all because of…HIM! That little human boy who would not even be a decent snack!

Because of that meatless creature, the master had punished him severely. He can still feel the pain. The master’s wrath was truly frightening.

Xander had returned to Fort Grandile after being revived from his fatal blow, as all demons do. ‘So you were defeated by a child…and a wooden stick?’ General Marcus Valva was livid but did not let it show in his voice. ‘Forgive Xandar master!’ Xander had pleaded as he cowered on the ground before his master. ‘Xander had underestimated the village human! Pleassse forgive Xandar!’

General Marcus looked disgusted with Xander. ‘Of course, you underestimated him. He is a human child and a village idiot who knows nothing of battle or has any training whatsoever. Yet you failed and set back my plans!’

General Marcus had kicked the grovelling Xander on the face with so much force that it sent the demon flying to the other end of the room and crashing into the wall. It was then that Xander’s master had used demon magic to torture his demon minion for several hours.

Just thinking about that encounter sent shivers down Xander’s spine. Only then, Xander heard the clanking of metal walking down the stone steps that led down to the dungeons. An imperial soldier walked nervously toward him and began to speak ‘T-the General demands y-your presence on the parapets’

A half-hour later Xander had joined his mater on the parapets of the fort. General Marcus stood facing the view of the valley below as the sun began to set. “Did you enjoy your meal?” General Marcus asked without looking around. “Yesss! Very much massster! You are so generousss! Xander is not dessserving of the sssucculent imperial!” Xander replied as he licked his lips with his forked tongue.

“Indeed,” General Marcus said ‘I have decided to give you a second chance. Princess Azzara is an important piece, and I must have her in my possession if my plans are to be successful. You will retrieve her by any means necessary; however, you must not kill her.’

Xander bowed deeply to his master and said ‘I ssswear to you I will not fail thisss time! But what of the boy?’

‘Yes, you will not fail me this time. If you do, I will make you wish you were never summoned from Paroria. As for the boy, do with him as you please. We do not need a village idiot who wants to play the role of hero.’

Xander smiled to himself. That runt will pay dearly, he thought. I’ll make him suffer pain so terrible he will beg for death! For my master…I will succeed.

General Marcus continued to stare out into the valley as darkness coloured the sky. A gust of wind had blown past as the general had whispered something that would have been inaudible for any man to hear. However, Xander was no man and heard his master’s words perfectly.

“Your role in this story is not yet over princess. But your end is soon approaching…and what a beautiful end it will be!”

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