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Ambloome Princess of Giants

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Giantesses, romance and parallel dimensions are all to be found in Ambloome Princess of Giants. When an unsuspecting group of viking boys are sent into an otherworldly dimension rampant with giantesses of wondrous capacity they will encounter more than just the creatures of myth on their adventure. Romance, lust and passion are all to follow in this epic fantasy romance adventure.

Fantasy / Romance
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Origin of an Amulet

Once a boy of 13, with a wandering mind (and the name he was given of Lester),

Found an amulet, while he was walking the woods, near the end of his second semester.

When he read its inscription aloud, he was taken to huge flowerbeds in a courtyard.

He took note of the size of the flowers and an old fashioned towering palace, and thought hard.

This great garden and buildings were clearly for giants, who lived in their own frame of reference.

He imagined a world, where he might be the giant, but this place was young Lester's preference.

He was met in the garden by one giant princess named Ambloome, who quickly acquainted

Both herself and her mother Queen Nonvor with him; and a picture of friendship was painted.

He was only as tall as their fingers, and found that his amulet also transported

Him to earth, when he read the inscription in their world; but none of those things were reported.

He would visit Ambloome, every chance that was given, and tuned out of after school sport scene.

Then he soon found that he was in love for the first time, before he had even turned 14.

Then her palace was raided by flying Fire Furies of Lester's own size, who surrounded

Their own bodies with flames, which could burn any weapon; while Lester and giants were grounded.

Then the Queen sent the visiting Lester back home, so she wasn't concerned with protecting

Such a tiny good friend from a powerful foe with persistence they'd not been expecting.

Then the Furies continued their onslaught, in search of the jewels in the giant queen's palace.

They had never invaded the kingdom before, and the giants were caught by their malice.

When they finally threatened the princess with death by inferno, some sprays of cold water

Hit the Furies, extinguished their flames, and made them a prime target for Nonvor's young daughter.

Ambloome caught them in butterfly nets, when she realized that they had been willing to trifle

With her friend, who'd come back from a toy store on earth with a loaded high powered water rifle,

And a spare, which he gave to Queen Nonvor, to refill, while he gave the Furies a shower.

Lester kept swapping guns with the queen, until all the Fire Furies had lost their fire power.

Then the queen chained the Furies and made each do penance, for one month, as one lady's necklace;

And construction began on some giant water pistols in case any Fury was reckless.

To bestow all her thanks on the small boy who saved her, Ambloome then revealed her affection,

With some kisses (his first), and the amulet showed both their smiles in a glowing reflection.

For some years they were close. Then he made his decision to move out of his world forever.

So he said to Ambloome, "If you give me your great hand in marriage, then I shall endeavour

To become the best husband; though next time I might be the one with small size, who needs saving."

She accepted, since she had recalled their first meeting had given her just the same craving.

Young Lester accidentally found, while wondering where he'd not been yet,

That he could travel anywhere, by clasping his great amulet,

And concentrating on the place that he would really like to go.He thought of empty spots on earth, to take Ambloome, like peaks of snow.

He pressed his hand, while she pressed hers, and both their heads met, nudging scalps.

He spoke inscription words aloud, and took her to the high Swiss Alps.

When they appeared, he told her they no longer had the need to press

The amulet. The mountains catered well for such a giantess.

They'd both worn winter clothing for the trip, and Lester wore some skis.

He then said, "Bet you can't hit me with giant balls of snow," to tease

His lovely giant wife of 24. The 19 year old sped

Along the slopes, while Ambloome tried to walk in snow. Her partner fled.

She gained on him and rolled a ball of snow, took aim and deftly threw

The snowball, which just missed the boy. He turned his skis and then withdrew

Behind a mountain, out of sight, but giant fingers clothed in wool

Reached down, as she climbed over, grabbed his ski tips, giving him a pull.

He found himself now skiing upwards, to the top of that white cliff,Where Ambloome said, "You cheated!". Then they laughed through their pretended tiff.She held him fast and dropped a ball of snow, and then he lay inert.

She wondered if she'd knocked him out or worse, and prayed he wasn't hurt.

She took her glove off, using it to gently brush the snow aside,

And said "My darling, I'm so sorry," stared at him, and blinked, and cried.

"It's alright, sweetheart. I was just pretending," he at that point spoke.

"You cheeky little boy! You had me worried sick, just for a joke!"

She put her glove back on again and used her fingertip to flick

Some smaller clumps of snow at him. He made a point of being quick,

In trying to dodge them, while he also gathered up and threw a wad

Of snow at her, which hit her cheek, and then she gave his chest a prod.

It tickled him, and made him laugh, and then she lay down, felt the need

For rest, while he went off alone, and felt romantic, while he skied.

Then suddenly he was attacked by what he thought was legendary:

The Yeti of the Alps pursued him down the slope, behind a tree.

He tried to use the trees to hide, but had no room to ski the trip.

The Yeti soon came lumbering in. He bent right down, to then unclip

His skis, and carried them as weapons he might use to swing, if caught.

The Yeti finally cornered him, and he was almost overwrought.

The Yeti found himself in Ambloome's hand, as she reached down to get

The beast, and said, "How cute. I think I'll take him home to be my pet."

She lifted Lester up as well, and later had her Royal Page

Prepare the palace courtyard with a decorating silver cage.

That's why the Yeti's not been seen for years. This curiosity

Amuses regal hosts and guests, and often can be somewhat free

To roam a well fenced portion of the garden, which would then contain

The Yeti, which was safe enough, in Ambloome's mother Nonvor's reign.

On further wishful thinking, with his amulet in hand,

And giant Ambloome's finger on it, Lester could command

His amulet (on earth) to take them both a long way forward

To 3501 AD, which first made them feel awkward.

They soon adjusted, glad to see the future, and explored

The city of that era. Ambloome earned a large reward,

When standing in the mall, to help a falling window cleaner,

Who thanked the smiling giantess, well pleased with her demeanour.

He used his cleaning gear to add some extra sparkling shines

To Ambloome's giant jewellery, then returned to wiping signs.

Then Lester took them both away from elevated highways.

They went to Ambloome's future, as they travelled (this time) sideways.

On Ambloome's giant world, in future time, they found great peace:

Invading Furies all defeated. They'd renewed their lease

On happiness and holidays. They soon were socializing

With Ambloome's late successors, who found Lester quite surprising.

They'd read the ancient legends; but she'd never had a prince

(With Lester as the father). So Queen Nonvor did convince

A Noble of the kingdom to begin a line of leaders;

As giantess and tiny man were happy, not as breeders.

There had been times, between those eras, when a war was fought,

Preserving giant monarchy. Then children born were taught

To stave off revolutions, which might leave them badly bloodied.

The history scrolls of Ambloome's world of giants had been studied.

The palace had been given quite a makeover, since when

The Lester/Ambloome couple followed Nonvor's reign back then.

The modern giant kingdom had new luxuries, retaining

Its charm of Ambloome's time, though other queens had since been reigning.

Then, true to every other yarn that's found in time-jump lore,

They got back only seconds after they had left before.Their amulet could give them time away without requiring

Their lengthy absence, with their travel time not soon expiring.

Then Ambloome tried to document adventures, thus to write

New history of their jumps in time, but one small oversight

Had not complied with changing rules, that document revision

Must be 500 words or more. She'd written with precision.

She sat at her elaborate desk, which had some built in jewels,

And wondered why the modern scribes were adding pointless rules.

She wrote her way towards compliance, modifying scribbling

Subjecting what had been enough, to circumvent the quibbling.

She thought of other mediums, which might have been entrusted

With what she wrote upon that desk, where gems had been encrusted;

And put her recollections of their time jumps in containers,

To be time capsules of the present day with no complainers.

Ironic, though it seemed, that what she'd written of their ride

In time could be unearthed, around the time the recent bride

Had visited in 3501, then coinciding

With her arrival there, which shows that time is made for biding.

Her earth sized husband Lester sat upon her desk and viewed

The movements of her hand and eyes, not wanting to intrude

Upon her concentration, which new scribing rules had hijacked.

He waited for some romance, while his wife was briefly sidetracked.

On a peaceful day in Ambloome's kingdom, Nonvor and her kin:

Ambloome, and her husband Lester (not a giant) welcomed in

Representatives, who'd come (from a dimension which was new)

To both Ambloome and her earth born husband, who'd thought there were two.

From a third realm came the Gemsters, people made of coloured stone;

Which resembled precious jewels that decorated Nonvor's throne:

They were Emerald Woman, Sapphire Man and Ruby Man as well,

Who'd been lucky to escape a giantess clown called Jester-Belle.

So the Sapphire Man explained that they'd invented amulets

To explore the worlds of space and time, before their tribe forgets

That the cultures of a thousand planes are wonderfully diverse.

So they shook their superstition that such travel was a curse.

Those three travelers (and one Ruby woman) managed to procure

Four new amulets, and used them to lead others on a tour

Made of 50 Gemsters, keen to see the giant kingdom's sights.

So they came to Nonvor's kingdom, where they risked their civil rights.

They were found by Jester-Belle and promptly captured by the clown,

Then displayed as living treasures (when the circus came to town)

In her sideshows, making her a fortune, from the revenue;

And the four (who'd come with amulets) were not sure what to do.

If they tried to free the others, they'd be quickly caught themselves,

And become a new addition to the jewelry show of elves.

So the first three could transport themselves to Nonvor's throne, to plead

For assistance from the giant queen, to foil the villain's greed.

But the Ruby Woman disappeared, to some third place elsewhere.

Lester showed them his own amulet, and said that they could share

His and Ambloome's help to free the tourists. Then they recognized

It as Ruby Woman's amulet; and then they theorized.

Ruby Woman must have gone to earth instead, and lost her tool

(Made for transport), leaving her to hide from humans, as a jewel.

Lester subsequently found it, then took no time to convince

His fiancé (turned to wife) to have adventures ever since.

Nonvor's palace guard of giants were soon mobilized to storm

Jester-Belle's now famous circus, where they soon admired the form

Of the Gemsters, once they freed them. Lester led the Ruby guide

Off to earth, and helped him find the Gemster, who'd become his bride.

When the teams had reunited, Gemsters showed their gratitudes,

By designing (so to aid the princess in her interludes)

Her own amulet of giant size, and let her beau retain

That which he had found on earth and used to travel every lane.

One of Nonvor's royal scribes had quite a traumatizing dream,

That the Time of Yellow Dragons was upon them, as a team

Of such evil beings would present a danger to the folk;

"Dream of Danger from the Dragons who were Yellow as a Yolk."

He recorded what he'd dreamt, and then he did abbreviate

Such a lengthy title, taking "Dan" from "Danger," so to state

Things dramatically, with "Yell" from "Yellow." Then it would unroll

Such a prophecy well documented in the Dan-Yell scroll.

Nothing happened for a dozen months, and then some giant snakes

(Who enjoyed the power of human speech) created belly aches

For themselves, by trying to teach the giant children to rebel.

But the children loved their peaceful world, and so the serpents fell.

They resented all their failures in the mind games they had played,

And retreated out to plot more evil in the Jungle Jade.

Deep within it, they then came across the lost Fermenti Pool

Where they drank, until its fluids made them more than merely cool.

The Fermenti liquids turned them into dragons coloured gold,

With new power to mind control the children, seizing evil hold

Of the kingdom's future giant adults, thus to overthrow

Nonvor's monarchy, with such an awful horror to bestow.

So the Serpents (turned to Golden Dragons) went back to possess

All the children's minds. It took the Queen a little while to guess

(From behaviour of the children) that each one had lost their mind

To a dragon. She recalled a means of help that they could find.

It was something left behind by her late husband (once the king)

In the Cheroo-Solom city, where the Spirit of White-Wing

Would watch over it, until the time when Dragons (once exiled

As the Snakes) would need defeat. For this was groomed the Omni-Child.

They could now identify the fact that White-Wing's role had links

To the warnings of the Dan-Yell scroll, and what the Dragons' drinks

Would produce in their abilities. Ambloome and Lester went

Off to Cheroo-Solom City, on the mission they were sent.

Then the White-Wing Spirit introduced them to his protégé,

Who (with just a touch of his hand) could send Dragons on their way,

Out of children's minds. He said, "You only needed to request,

And admit you couldn't do it on your own. You've passed my test."

Though both Lester and his giant wife now each had amulets,

They were not required, since Omni-Child had quite amazing sets

Of astounding powers. He used them to return the ones (who'd sought

Him) to Nonvor's central kingdom, where the fastest fight was fought.

Omni-Child then made the Dragons leave the children safe and free,

And commanded them to leave the planet. All of them did flee

What began (with warning prophecy of dangerous events)

Now could end with keeping post-script scrolls with positive intents.

So a scribe named Revill Aytajon would write it down and seal

(In containers) all the records, which would later on reveal.

Then he buried those containers on a nearby unnamed isle;

And he covered all the earth above with moss, which grew a while.

He would pat the moss each month, to mark the spot, and told his heirs

To continue this until the day they dug up those old wares.

It was named the Isle of Flatmoss. Ambloome never got to see

Such advanced accounts, when traveling over time and tallest tree.

On the earth, a secret cult, which did (for centuries) conceal

Its existence from the populations, took the chance to steal

From the people far more openly, when they decreed the time

Had arrived, for them to seize the world with far more overt crime.

Now the Cult of their Sun Sorcerer (for centuries) was led

By the Sorcerer (from whom it gained its name); and it was said:

He used evil pagan magic (at 16) to stop decay

(Known as aging). He was nicknamed Constant-Teen, and had his way.

He corrupted many innocents, who followed where his toes

Would be treading. Then they struck the world with multitudes of woes.

There was not much point in keeping Ambloome hidden off the graph.

So she used her giant size to tackle all of earth's riff-raff.

But her giant might was ineffective, stacked against their spell.

It was Lester's turn to try to infiltrate their citadel.He disguised himself as one of them, and read their warning (checked),

Which foretold they'd lose, where miracle and method intersect.

Seven Sentinels of Daylight were the only ones who could

Be victorious against the Cult of Sun. Perhaps they would.

But the writing said the Sentinels of Daylight won't be found

On the earth at all, which meant the Cult of Sun would hold their ground.

So in desperation, Lester went with Ambloome, to the Queen

(Nonvor), just as much determined to be stopping Constant-Teen.

He'd once rescued them from Fire Furies (back in "Chapter 1").

Still indebted, Nonvor knew she had to stop the Cult of Sun.

So Queen Nonvor issued her appeal to all her palace guard,

In the hope that soldiers would come forth to hit the Sun Cult hard.

When the volunteers were totaled up, the numbers looked quite bleak.

There were less than ten prepared to go to earth, perhaps too weak.

It was Lester who picked up on things, and said the team was strong.There were only seven giants, as predicted all along

In the writings he'd examined back on earth, which did imply

That the Sentinels of Daylight came from elsewhere, standing high.

So the Cult of their Sun Sorcerer (with Constant-Teen at helm)

Were completely unaware of what would shortly overwhelm

All their numbers, even though the giants had no magic strength:

Omni-Child (from "later verse") would send his power to them at length.

Evil magic never stood a chance, and they could not claim luck.

Ambloome's amulet ensured the trip, and seven giants struck,

And defeated all of Constant-Teen's now unprotected troops,

While the Omni-Child made Sorcerer of Sun just jump through hoops.

So the earth was liberated from the Sun Cult, now aware

That the giants from another world existed, and would share

The continuum of all dimensions. Amulets were sparse.

Thus awakening to existence of the giants came to pass.

There were signs that earth was breaking down from too much wear and tear;

But the Omni-Child brought hope that he was willing to prepare

Living quarters in abundance on the giant world for those

Who appreciated how he'd been the Sun Cult's dousing hose.

That would come, but then was not the time for earth to relocate.

What was overdue (at this point) was a long romantic date

For the giant princess Ambloome and the husband she adores

(Lester), who had both been far too busy fighting both worlds' wars.

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