Ambloome Princess of Giants

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100 of the Heart

There was something quite upsetting, which a woman quickly sees

In her heart; as Jenyfer could sense a hesitance in Krees.

He was acting like her boyfriend, clearly going through the motion,

But she didn't really feel that he was there with true devotion.

As she worried more, she took the chance to finally come clean

Of her worries. Then she asked him, "Why the distancing I've seen?

Though you hide it well, I feel that you are thinking somewhat coldly,

Every time I put my arms around, and try to make you hold me.

Why can't we become more physical? I need to feel you here.

Is there someone else for whom you have more yearning to hold dear?"

"It's not that," he said, "I've been with someone else and vainly carried

Such a torch for my last girlfriend, who had once been gladly married.

Then divorced, she loved her children so much more than me. It hurt

More than anything I'd ever faced, and then she would desert

Me, whenever I would try to tell her how much I was needing

Her whole heart. She never softened, even though I took to pleading.

I was not just second place to children. All she really sought

Was a weekly date with me, which left me feeling so distraught,

When she went back to her life, which had no room for integrating

Me as part of one real family, and her children kept on hating.

While I'd been alone, she'd had her marriage. This time she held back,

And I'm scared to get too close to you. I haven't got the knack

For amusing you a while, and then you'll mainly think of Maura.

She's a lovely child, but I'd be in the cold, my heart the poorer."

"So is that what this is all about?" said Jenyfer, "I won't

Say that all divorcees make mistakes like that, but Krees, I don't.

I'm a widow. I'm in love with you. I want to go the distance.

I was never sure you wanted me, but still I tried persistence.

You already have my heart in full. I have a mother's love

For my daughter, but you needn't think that I place that above

What I feel for you romantically. There's nothing ever greater,

Than my heart's desire to be your wife, though that be soon or later.

I don't even love you less than Braisyde, maybe even more.

I am sorry if I didn't show that, when my grief was raw.

He's my past. I won't forget it, but my future's in our making.

We can have our cake and eat its joy, so long as we're both baking."

"Oh I want that too," he said, "I'm sorry I've so long withheld

All my trust. From now on, we can touch each other's hearts and meld

All the aspects of our lives. There's not a thing that I find ugly."

"Come here, darling," she said, putting out her arms, "Don't talk. Just hug me."

Since their courtship born in clover leaves, young Bernard really fell

For Elizner, and assumed she felt the same for him as well.

When they'd been together two months, he soon found Elizner crying:

"Some boy my size says you're far too small for me to be relying.

He believes he's in the better of positions to provide

For my future. So I think I need a break 'til I decide

Whether I should be with him or you. I'm sorry for this nightmare.

If you don't move out of Shangri-Large, I might still find you right there."

He was devastated by this news, but didn't want to press

For commitment or a clean break, lest he cause a greater mess.

So he said, "I'll hope and wait for you," so matters wouldn't worsen.

Then Elizner said, "Whatever happens, you're a real sweet person!"

To distract himself from anxious waiting (he had no idea

Of duration), he decided to attend a function near

His own home, that Alicindra ran for LATERALDATE soon after.

They had used her giant house, and hung small platforms from the rafter.

So the giantesses walked the room and passed a frequent bite

Of their food to all the platform-boys, who stood at their head height.

There were couples (married through their meetings in the group) attending.

Bernard saw the girl who'd used him for a purpose he'd been lending:

Kayte was in attendance with her husband Tennyce. He and Kayte

Went to different places in the room, so they could circulate,

And have opportunities to talk to other people, sharing

Their own testimonies, telling new folks how they had been faring.

To his great surprise, he found that Kayte moved over to him, quick.

Had she recognized him (as the one she'd eaten, so that Nick

Had then teleported to her stomache, freeing him, misleading

Kayte, who still believed this day that he had satisfied her feeding)?

Would she know that he had been the one, and then feel quite deprived

Of the knowledge that she'd eaten someone, learning he'd survived?

Would she try to get away with it again, or go off, shunting

Bernard's fate on some new boy, whom she would slyly mark for hunting?

"You're quite young," she said, "I hope you meet someone you like, who suits

Your intentions. Would you like to try a chip or smaller fruits?I'm called Kayte. My mother started LATERALDATE. I chose to marry

Someone your size when, despite his close escape, he chose to tarry.

That's a story I had best not share in detail; but it's true.

If I'd give my heart to him, I'm sure there'll be a girl for you."

Since he'd never told his name, he introduced himself as Bernard.

He was far too small to recognize, and glad she wasn't learned.

Only Bernard knew the irony that, here she was polite,

Unaware that she'd once eaten him, and offering a bite,

Still enjoying happy marriage and the joys of life which followed

What she thought had been consumption of the boy whom she had swallowed.

She would never volunteer the facts nor feel some small regret;

And he wouldn't let her know that Nick had used an amulet

To release him then. So here he stood and feigned the role of stranger,

With his mind not on Elizner, now excited by the danger.

Bernard quite enjoyed her company and quickly gained her trust.So she shared the story of the day her Mom had come, to bust

In on Kayte's attempt at eating Tennyce. She was effervescent,

As she told how they had courted. Bernard found the whole night pleasant.

In a way he envied Tennyce. Though they both had been a lump

Of potential food, at least Kayte never even thought to dump

Him as callously as Bernard's former girlfriend had enacted

Separation. Bernard understood why Tennyce was attracted.

In the meantime, Bryce and shrunken giant wife Admyra stayed

At his mansion, where a dinner invitation soon was made

To a bachelor of 24, who worked with Bryce, named Rover.He had been a clerk at Bryce's firm, and so they asked him over.

"Who'd have thought, when you had started here a few years after me,

You'd get married to a judge from somewhere else? It's nice to see,"

Rover said, "It would be interesting if she had once presided

On your paralegal cases, when the juries were divided."

"Is there anyone who's caught your heart at work or other parts

Of this town of Sydney?" Bryce asked, "Court's a place where lonely hearts

Meet and battle for the plaintiffs or defendants, then move onto

Affidavits of romantic declarations, if they want to."

"You have chosen quite a helpful time to ask me," Rover said,

"When I did Year 12, I finished school, and then went on (instead

Of committing time to unpaid education's further learning)

To commence here as a junior legal clerk and start some earning.

I was hired by a lawyer here, Alexis Merrilong.She was trading with her maiden name, and wore a nice sarong

One year later, when she asked us to her husband's Christmas barbie,

On the same day as my best friend then was racing in a derby.

I still chose the barbecue; and when Alexis soon announced

She would leave the firm, pursuing writing novels, my heart bounced.I'd enjoyed the chance to work with a solicitor, who treated

Such a junior clerk so nicely. When she left, I felt defeated.

She had shared the tidbits of her life sometimes at morning tea.

She'd been born 11 years before the later birth of me,

Done Year 12, when I'd been six to seven, then more education.

She'd done three years, gained an arts degree with honours graduation.

So intelligent and motivated more to study, she

Spent another three years working on a business law degree.

She earned honours, when she graduated then as well; and started

Paralegal work in England. But the firm and she soon parted.

On returning to Australia, she was hired by our firm.

While I did Year 12, she married (early in my second term).

Then she hired me in her third and last year here, which was exciting,

Since I'd later learn she'd make her name in famous fiction writing.

So she left; and six months later I watched reruns on TV

Of 'The Roamers,' and was quite surprised (at age 19) to see

Her full maiden name upon the credits. Then I took more notice

Of a character who'd caught my eye: the one denoted Lotus.

She had been a child star on the television, from age 10

Through to 16; and she must have started playing Lotus when

She commenced her final year of acting. I was just an infant.She had briefly mentioned acting back at 10, I thought, that instant.

She looked lovely as a 16 year old girl. Yet I preferred

Her at 29. But still my constant dreaming was absurd.She had so much extra talent, and she'd made her future brighter,

As a lawyer and a wife, and soon to be a famous writer.

One year after that, she published her first novel (perfect prose),

Called 'THE YEAR CHRISTINA LEAVES,' about a lawyer, who then goes

From her litigation job to other things. The biographic

Information in the flyleaf kept me occupied in traffic.

While the bus, which took me home the day I bought the book was stuck

In the peak hour traffic, wedged between a queue of cars and truck,

I acquired her biography, though somewhat well truncated.

That's what gave those details of her childhood acting that I stated.

After that I never heard of her until a month ago,

When her second novel came out five years later, to bestow

Such a lovely cover photograph of her, with white chin resting

On her hand, with lovely smiling face and laughing eyes suggesting:

Her first book had seemed about herself. This one, 'I TOOK MY HEART

TO A PARTNER' told the story of a marriage come apart.

And the flyleaf said she had an infant son; but now I wonder

If she's imitated separation life with art down under.

I have even walked that Eastern Suburbs street, right past her place,After work each night, but couldn't bring myself to risk disgrace,

By approaching her and asking if this time her prose was basing

The divorcee on herself. The shame is more than I'm for facing.

She looks even better in this photo than she used to look,

And her witty repartee pervades throughout her latest book.

I'd give anything for her to see me walking past, but no chance

Is available with high walls all around my goal of romance.

It was built that high before that Christmas barbecue, and rates

Just as hard to climb or see beyond as electronic gates

With remote controls to let their cars go in and out, just briefly.

Some approach to mail myself to her is what is needed, chiefly."

"Come outside," Admyra said, "I think I may have something planned

For your situation." Once out there he saw the judge expand

To her giant size. She then confided all her own back story.

Rover said, "I can't believe what I have witnessed here before me."

"I don't think that Ambloome will give you an amulet, but I

Can transport you to my planet's future, where they can supply

Their first earthling human guinea pig with shrink and re-growth power.I can mail your shrunken self and hope Alexis won't be sour."

He was duly posted off to meet his long term heart's desire.

When she opened up her package, he had started to perspire.

So she washed him in the sink. Then he explained that someone posted

Her best fan, once he had shrunken him. He hoped he'd now be hosted.

She was not aware that he was Rover. This gave him an edge.

As a 'fan' she couldn't recognize, he wouldn't have to dredge

Up the fact that she had been his boss and he had often struggled

With career and one way crushes, while those roles at work were juggled.

"Well I'll leave you on the shelf a while. You'll make a perfect pet,"

Said Alexis, "I shall take my baby son to shops, and get

One deluxe performance cage, and fit it out with each appliance

That you'll need, since those I use are made for those of us like giants."

When they'd gone, he grew to normal size and stepped down to the ground,

Let himself outside and thought that he had better stick around.

So he turned his pattern shirt around and buttoned it, inverted.

She would never recognize him as the 'fan,' if he then flirted.

Yes, the inside of his patterned shirt was absolutely plain,

And a different colour too; so he could easily remain

Unsuspected (as her shrunken fan) and dodge her caging sentence.

He would never have to be her pet, and now he had gained entrance.

So he waited in her front yard. She returned and thought he'd climbedHer front wall. He said he'd loved her. She said, "This is not well timed.

I'm now separated, and my son is often occupying

All my time, and after one divorce, I'm hardly keen for trying."

So the book was autobiographical, but now she spoke

Her intentions, that he leave her place. He chose not to invoke

An awareness of his shrinking power, and left. Then once more shrinking,

He slid underneath her gate, enlarged and ran towards her, slinking.

She was in the house by now. He took the chance to un-invert

And re-button once again his top, to show a patterned shirt.

Then he shrank and snuck inside the house, where she was still pursuing.

Her escaped intended pet. He heard the gorgeous woman cooing.

"I don't know how you got down, but you will never get away.When I find you, I shall put you in this cage; and there you'll stay."

He pretended that he tried to hide and let her soon discover

Where he was, unable at this point to be her latter lover.

So he settled for attention she would give him, by her rules,

As her captive pet. He asked for pressing-pencil leads as tools

He could use as tiny pencils, and a tiny pad of stickers

As a notepad he could write on, as he wished for bride and vicars.

He could never match her legal skills, when he'd known her before,

Since he didn't have the aptitude to study business law.

Now he couldn't match her writing skills to script a full-length novel;

And she'd put him in a place where he could only dream and grovel.

Yet he had the skills for shorter works, and turned his hand to write

Lots of poetry, to pass the time, when she was out of sight.

When she was around, he just admired the view, without confessing

That he was her former legal clerk when settlements were pressing.

While these matters were developing on earth, Elizner chose

To return to seeing Bernard. When she told him so, he froze.

"Well I'm back," she said, "I've made my choice. You're one I can't be leaving."

"But for weeks you let me think you could, and left me hurt and grieving.

You have broken all my trust. You should have been completely sure

That you only wanted me, not giant boys, way back before

You were poisoned by suggestions that a giant boy was better.

Someone almost ate her husband once, and I'm so glad I met her.

That was just before they started dating. He still asked her out.Though her Mom had stopped her dining plans, that girl was still devout

In her love for him. She married him, which gives me new perspective

On a girl who cuts and runs for weeks, and tries to be selective."

It was over for Elizner, though she hadn't told the boy

(Her own size) of her decision. So she played a desperate ploy,

Telling him that he was her first choice. So neither boy suspected

That she settled for the giant boy, once she had been rejected.

Rover reached the age of 25. Alexis also turned

36; and Rover felt he'd circumvented how she'd spurned

His intruding full sized self before. He'd said his name was Noems

From another country. Then one day she asked to read his poems.

Though he tried to make excuses, lest she learn his real ID,

He could not resist her full-sized hands, as she looked on with glee,

Confiscated all he'd written, used some magnifying lenses

To examine all the narrative of tuneless word cadenzas.

There was nothing he could do. He'd used his heart in all his work.

When she learned he hadn't left when asked, but shrunk, he'd be a jerk

In her eyes. She read of how he'd kept his early feelings hidden,

Seen her on TV, and guessed her status, then done things forbidden.

He was white faced with embarrassment and fear she'd be irate.When she spoke, she said, "I think I didn't properly estimate

Quite the full extent of your devotion. I've been somewhat jaded,

Since my husband came and told me that his love for me had faded.

I was not prepared to take time from my son and blithely rush

Into something which I thought was just a drawn out childish crush.

Yet you could have run away that day you came (a rapid riser

In your stature), and I would have lost you, then been none the wiser.

If you give your word you won't enlarge, I won't make any quips,

As I've done in books. I'll open up the cage, and place my lips

To the doorway. Then you'll have a kiss, before I'm once more locking

Up my pet. Would you find that a worthwhile move; or am I shocking?"

"I've already loved conducting this relationship of sortsOn your terms. At your size, you've kept lots of order in these Courts

Of Appeal for Motions of Romance. I've ached for months, for movement

From your lips to mine. At this size, it will be a new improvement.

You already know I won't escape, because my poem tells

How, when I was faced with loneliness and absent wedding bells,

I stole back inside your house and let you have me in your clutches.

It's my wildest dream come true to be the next thing your lip touches."

As he stood and watched her smiling face fantastically approach,

He considered that he wasn't any larger than the brooch

That she'd worn the day of their reunion. Soon her lips were aiming

For his tiny body. Rover had no more need for renaming.

He was Noems never more. At last his dreams had been fulfilled.

Every day she did the same again, and he was ever thrilled.

In a month, she said, "I'd like to let you out and take you boating

For a date, but you'd be free to keep your full size, I am noting.

Do you think you'd mind reducing as my pet outside the cage,

On occasions, and perhaps we could combine the printed page

With a story made of poetry and prose: a co-creation?

You should never had believed that you were down beneath my station."

He was glad to take on all the roles she had for him, and went

On the boating date, and when the sun went down, Alexis leant

On him lovingly and said, "I'm glad you never turned out fickle.

Now just look where this has taken us. Then clouds began to trickle.

So they went inside the yacht, and sailed the harbour until dusk.

On the shore, where she had often helped a friend she'd met, who'd busk,

They went driving into Sydney city, where at last they realized

He'd been missing from his office, since his love became idealized.

"Though I might have done some damage to your legal clerk career,

When I captured you, I don't think you should go through any fear.

Since I was your first employer there, I can give you a reference,

For the years you worked, with my home phone to check it as a preference."

"Thank you darling. I'm so glad you let the neighbours mind your son.

Though so much appeared against it, I'm convinced you are the one

I will love as long as I'm alive. Would you like enjoy some double

Dating, with Admyra, Bryce and me, once I've removed some stubble?"

"Yes you've really grown a beard at tiny size. You couldn't shave.

Still I'm glad you didn't break out, when I bid you to behave."

They enjoyed a meal and dancing on that night. An Affidavit

Of their love was written later, and the couple chose to save it.

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