Ambloome Princess of Giants

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Proof Negative

One day Kayte and Tennyce found themselves in their first argument.

Lots of heated words were said and loads of energy was spent.

"If you feel that way," said Tennyce, "Why not run back to your Mummy?"

"If she hadn't saved you," Kayte replied, "You'd now be in my tummy!"

With euphoria replaced by such a strong intensive fight,

Tennyce looked on their first meeting with a burst of second sight;

That she would have gone ahead with it. By now they'd come to bicker.

If he left her, she might do it yet. So he would have to trick her.

So he met with Stawmi, next time Kayte was with her Mom, to chat.

Tennyce said, "I never realized she was such a selfish brat.

I was so in love, I overlooked the fact that any gumption

For romance was just her substitute for culinary consumption.

Could you take me back to earth, where I can get my feelings dulled,

And inform Kayte's Mom and Kayte I'm going to treat us as annulled.

Since her giant size made sure our marriage wasn't consummated,

It will be as though we broke up when we'd really only dated."

In the meantime, Bryce's neighbor Scout made use of his new gift

(His own amulet) while up in a balloon, which went adrift.

He'd been taken up with Bryce's friend named Rover, and Alexis,

Who had hired it. With his amulet, he took them through the nexus.

They arrived above the colonies, and gladly chose to float.

It was just as nice an outing as their outing on the boat.

Only this time Scout was there as well. They flew it out still farther.

Scout was keen to walk on land, but staying up was what they'd rather.

So they dropped him off beside a giant cave, and floated high.

Rover kissed Alexis Merrilong, just under giant sky.

She was finally in love with him, and Rover was delighted,

As the giant landscape down below was clear for nearer sighted.

Scout explored the cave, and saw a sleeping giant girl in ice,

In a chamber, with atomic power. He rolled a dozen dice,

Metaphorically, by pushing all the buttons on the panel.

It was like the plots of movies on a science fiction channel.

Then the ice began to melt and seep through cracks, until she thawed,

And explained to him the reason she had had herself so stored:

"I was born some decades past, and my friend Aradee was seeing

One boy your size. Once I asked him how to find a tiny being.

He entrusted to me secrets he had not told Aradee.

He had come from future colonies, which I might live to see.

But I knew that if I waited, I would end up more than fifty.

This was one sure way to save my years, if I was ever thrifty.

So I asked a science expert friend of mine to house and freeze

Me in this suspended animation. Could you tell me, please,

Why he didn't come to wake me as he promised, since you settle

On our planet now, no larger than a pretty flower petal?"

"Well my friends explained the colonies were built, because a war

Killed a lot of giant men, which led to LATERALDATE and more.

There's a chance your friend was one of those who lost their lives defending

Ambloome's kingdom, but your sleep might well have gone on, never ending."

"Yes, you've woken me. I'm grateful. You may call me Alysonne.

I expect I have an empty house, and since the sunlight shone

Just enough to light this cave for you, it's time I relocated

To my house. Are you the one for which my sleeping self has waited?"

"I would like to be," said Scout, "I have some friends my size outside,

In a gondola of sorts. I've been their amulet-tour guide.

I should take them home, but I am glad your body's not still stiffer

From that ice, which has reduced the way our ages might well differ."

"You're quite right," she said, "Though just a few years older I appear,

I'm quite youthful in my fifties, being from another year.

I'd be older than your parents, if I hadn't been suspended

In the freezing chamber, with my time of living thus extended."

In the meantime, back in Lily-foot, another lunch was served

For some giant girls from LATERALDATE. The city's walls were curved,

As the city was of circular design. Another migrant

From the planet earth, named Eustace thought the atmosphere was vibrant.

He was 32, and felt himself immediately drawn

To a giantess named Commencroft, who on that day had worn

One long dark grey dress. He did his best to marshall her acceptance,

By his climbing on her hand and demonstrating his six step dance.

When she went to leave, quite suddenly, he ran and strained his thighs,

Just to catch up to a woman who enjoyed a larger size,

Since each step she took was lots of his. He jumped, and started clinging

To her dress, and called way up to her, while dangling there and swinging.

Commencroft stopped walking, and bent down and saw her tiny guest

Making use of lengthy fashion in the way that she was dressed.

Then she used her giant fingers to provide the needed boosters,

Lifting him towards her face, to then communicate with Eustace.

"I was going to ask if you would like to join me for a meal,"

Eustace said, and felt his voice was sounding nervous, like a squeal,

"It would just be you and me this time. I think that you're the only

Giant there I'd like to be with, which would stop you being lonely."

"You have caught me unaware," she said, "I only really came

To the luncheon function, so that I could see the very same

Tiny city that I teach my high school kids about in college.

Since my singles group was coming there, it helped augment my knowledge."

"You're too lovely to be single. How did you end up like that?"

He enquired. She changed the subject, but she gave a gentle pat

On his head, to let him know she wasn't simply lightly brushing

Off his compliment. Her giant face had passing hints of blushing.

"You're so small. You couldn't take me out. I'd have to carry you,"

Commencroft continued, "What if you fell into my next stew?

And I'm older than you too." He said, "I'd hoped for someone 40."

"I'm now 52," she said, and then became a trifle haughty."

"You're so beautiful," said Eustace, "You're my only heart's desire."

"But you'll have to work for decades, while I'm ready to retire,"

Commencroft replied, "My daughter's 22. How would she handle

Me involved with someone your age, who's no taller than my sandal?"

"Won't you give me just a chance?" he called, as Commencroft just frowned.

Bending down, she placed her new admirer gently on the ground.

"I've been married once before," she said, "We come from different places."

Then he watched her walk away, convinced he'd used up all his aces.

Every now and then that happened. There were some who didn't lean

To relationships with tiny men, but happened on the scene

To indulge their curiosity. They'd still retain the tickets

On themselves, but only Merrilong liked someone small as crickets.

Not to mention that Alexis knew that Rover could still grow

To a normal size or shrink down, ever changing to and fro.

On the other hand the men who fell for giants were restricted

To comparative minuteness which was often self-inflicted.

Scout and Alysonne went calling on aged Aradee and Ken,

And confessed at last, that Alysonne had satisfied a yen

To survive in youth to present day; where she had been assisted

By the very type of boy she sought, when freezing was enlisted.

LATERALDATE's next evening function then saw newly single Kayte

In her finest dress. She moved around, while hoping to locate

Bernard, whom she quickly found. She said, "I hoped you'd be renewing

Your attendance." Then she told him what she'd recently been doing.

She explained the fight she'd had with Tennyce leading to demise

Of her marriage. Bernard stared into her giant glowing eyes.

He had somehow envied Tennyce. Now the reasons had concluded.

Would she ever come to know how Bernard's fate had been eluded?

"Have you ever eaten someone?" Bernard asked, although he knew.

Kayte replied, "Well, in a sense I might have eaten quite a few,

Though my former husband wasn't gone for good, nor Glin digested.

Ambloome's agent Verno rescued him, when I was watched and tested.

I was sentenced to the dungeon for a year, but can you keep

Quite a secret of the one I swallowed all the way down deep?

After getting out, I took a boy away in isolation.

No-one rescued him, and eating him has cured my deprivation."

"Do you have regrets about his fate?" said Bernard, quick to ask,

As referring to himself as someone else retained the mask

Of his being whom she spoke about. She answered, "No. Why should I?

He was tasty, and he's gone for good, and I still look the good guy."

Bernard wasn't turned away by this. He had to supersede

How her husband had reacted, since he felt a yearning need

To be with her for the future. Yet one question still persisted

In the mind of whom she'd eaten, yet who still this day existed.

"Would you ever try to eat me too?" he asked, and she said, "No.

If I hadn't eaten someone else, then you might have to go

Down inside my tummy. But don't worry. One I've eaten swam well.

Now suppose you tell me more about your type of giant damsel."

He went into all the details of Elizner's brief sojourn

Into proof that she could never do another thing to earn

Back his trust. Kayte said that Tennyce and Elizner both deserted

Kayte and Bernard. Then she kissed his tiny cheek, and gladly flirted.

Bernard wanted to convince her that her crucial appetite

Wouldn't ever cause a boy like him to suddenly take flight.

But the only proof was in the fact that he had once gone sliding

To her tummy. That was evidence he couldn't be confiding.

If she learned of that, she'd want to make a permanent repeat

Of the time when she had used him as a tasty lunch time treat.

"I just wish I could convince you I would never be withdrawing

From your love," said Bernard, "You are quite the opposite of boring."

"You've convinced me, with your own back story," Kayte said, "Since we are

Kindred spirits of abandonment, who share the kind of scar

That was forced on us by wayward partners. I'm the one who's needy

Of the means to prove to you that you won't find my tummy greedy.

Though you've been my mother's client here, would you still like to meetHer informally?" asked Kayte. So Alicindra was discreet.

She would ever keep the secret from her daughter, of collusion,

Which enabled Kayte's and Bernard's hearts to undergo some fusion.

Every boy who'd found a giantess had found a way to yield

More from hopes, than chasing women who had limited the field,

Back on earth, when they discounted all the men without broad shoulder

As unworthy of their love, and spent their best years growing older.

Slimmer men had felt demeaned, as though they'd never get the chance.

Then the doors had opened, as they gazed upon the towering stance

Of each giantess with shoulders they could climb on, who were tasteful.

In comparison to those who'd turned boys down, these girls weren't wasteful.

Bodies come in every shape and size, and that's true just on earth.

It's unruly to decide that certain sizes have no worth.

Friendly smiles on people's faces and two twinkling eyes both gleaming

Are the elements required to move to love from merely dreaming.

With so many couples, who already knew and practiced this,

Ambloome's own adventures settled down to royal wedded bliss,

With her husband Lester, now that, on the whole, she'd properly weeded

All dissenters from their seats; a move which had been sorely needed.

She might not have given everything that happened her assent,

If she'd known about it all. But still she knew that people meant

Very well, in most of cases. Now she'd strictly regulated

Use of amulets, while colonists and giantesses dated.

One day Jenyfer and Krees awoke, and spent some time on kissing,

And discovered that her infant daughter Maura then was missing.

In her place they found a ransom letter, which contained a threat.

So she read it through repeatedly, and struggled not to fret.

"Come to Bomen Castle, Jenyfer, and you will find your daughter.

Come alone. Do not communicate with media reporter

Nor policeman, or she might somehow regrettably be harmed.

I'd much rather take good care of her, and hope that you'll be charmed.

So she made her way outside the Viking village, telling no-one

Of her destination. In the castle courtyard she met Bomen,

Who had briefly tried to court her once, and failed to see the stars

In her eyes reserved for Krees. He now had Maura caged with bars.

She had seen how Bomen's moderation drinking was his habit.

If he saw a sparkling bottle, he was always keen to grab it.

She believed that drinking alcohol was never any good;

Just as Proverbs Chapter 20 Verse One says nobody should.

While awaiting her arrival, Bomen moved from moderation

To a state which now resembled borderline intoxication.

Now he said, "If you don't marry me, your daughter will remain

Still watched over by my guard, who'll use my dungeon to contain."

She had gotten close enough to use what she had been reserving

(As per Ambloome's latest wishes) for a man who was deserving.

She enlarged herself to giant size and made a speedy grab

For her daughter's drunken kidnapper, and pushed him at a slab.

"Tell me where my daughter is, or you will soon be sadly finding

My next vow 'as long as you shall live' to be of useless binding."

Then they heard the clash of battle swords, while Jenyfer did squeeze.

Bomen's guard came tumbling through a doorway, pushed along by Krees.

"Maura should be safe," said Krees, "Just hold them both, and I'll be fetching

Lengths of rope. While Ambloome squeezed in fury, both of them were retching.

To the giant it was just like tying dolls with bits of string.

Then she left them for authorities, while Krees achieved his thing:

He came out with Maura, safe and sound. "I'm glad you came to parry

Every blow that Bomen's guard attempted. I would never marry

Such inebriated evil," said the giantess and shrank,

After pouring out the vat of wine from which the villains drank.

"I was sure you'd never be his wife, but I'm still up for asking

One small question," Krees said later, when the two of them were basking

In the sunlight on a picnic, "Now some 18 months before

I became your babysitter, I came knocking on your door.

On a day of intermittent rainfall, I was there, collecting

Food for charity. You talked a while. I spent the time inspecting

All your premises, to see if you were married, while I'd feign

Lack of interest in the vital fact I could not ascertain.

Then those 18 months went by, since I'd considered slowly hitting

On yourself. Then I applied and got the job of babysitting.

You turned out to be the client, with a husband and a child.I was glad I'd kept my feelings in, or I'd have been reviled.

But you didn't even recognize the man of this confession.

I would not have sought your heart; but how could there be no impression

In your memory, when you hired me? At least back then you'd know

I was someone who'd been there before and briefly said 'Hello'."

"You would understand if you'd been married," Jenyfer responded,

"Braisyde dreamt of my existence long before we met and bonded.I had dreamt him too. Our love ran deep and occupied my thoughts

All the time. I didn't even notice any decent sorts.

When he died, and you kept minding her, in time I saw a sequel

To my first love. Now the feelings that I have for you are equal

To the ones I had for Braisyde. You can rest assured by me."

"Now I understand," said Krees, "That was the way the past should be."

"You were brave, the way you followed me and sword fought like a Roman,

Saving Maura from the castle guard, while I was clenching Bomen.

I now only want to be with you, but I've a question too,"

Answered Jenyfer, "pertaining to the time I hired you.

I now know that you remembered me, when sitter's work was needed.

Was the romance we have now perhaps (within your heart) preceded

By affections you developed, while you worked in my employ?

I'd be flattered, not offended, in that case, you darling boy."

"Yes I was in love with you back then, but never could take action,

Since I didn't want the guilt of one who would commit infraction

Of your marriage. So I kept it in and hoped that I would meet

Someone just as lovely as yourself, who'd make my heart complete."

"You're adorable," she said, "But curiosity's demanding:

Did your feelings start much earlier, that day that we were standing

On my doorstep, when you came, collecting food in bags and tins?"

"I was very keen on you," he said, "But wouldn't risk the sins.

I was representing (badge and all) the charity collection.

If I'd been direct, pursuing you, and made a bad reflection

On the team, it would have let them down. And somehow something told

Me that you already had someone you'd vowed to have and hold."

"How could you have had that instinct?" questioned Jenyfer, "It's guessing."

"Not at all," said Krees, "You're beautiful and sweet, with every blessing;

And your eyes betrayed the happiness of someone who'd been wed.

So I only would have hurt myself with anything I said."

"You can have me now," said Jenyfer, "My self suppressed admirer.

Every lady should be fortunate with someone to desire her

For as long, and just as much as you have done, behind the scene.

You did nothing. Then the time was right. Your conscience can be clean."

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