Ambloome Princess of Giants

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Dragon Dream Waves of Cabilo

Lee-John woke up in his Viking village home in Norway, fresh.

For a moment, he could not untangle quite a complex mesh

Of reality and dreams he'd had the night before, which sauntered

Quite predominantly in his mind. He felt that he'd been haunted.

In the hours he'd slept that night, he'd dreamt he'd been attacked at sea

By some pirates. Then a giant widowed princess set him free.

She was Ambloome. With an amulet, she'd come from her own planet.

They had fought the many villains, who once briefly overran it.

He had courted Ambloome slowly, and she'd gained the power to shrink

To his size, which helped her sail in Viking boats she might make sink

At her giant size. In time she had her great inauguration

As the latest Queen of Giants. He'd enjoyed her coronation.

He had married her at some point, though his mind would now prevent

Any hazy recollection which could pinpoint that event

In the sequence of events, which had occurred while he'd been dreaming.

Now it left him quite convinced the real world needed some redeeming.

He had lived a batch of years in one long night, while he had slept.

How he wished that such a fantasy could be preserved and kept.

It had all been so realistic. He was almost left believing

That it had been real. In fact he mourned the dream with actual grieving.

While recalling such a marriage to a lovely giant Queen,

He decided that his fantasy of sleep should then be seen

By the world, in some artistic type of medium. He stated

His intention to the village Timely Scribe, and then narrated.

Then the Scribe converted story notes to long and rhyming verse,

But the publishers would pass it up, accepting things much worse,

Glorifying infidelity and rank inebriation.

With such things becoming normal, Ambloome seemed a deviation.

So the manuscript remained concealed, where no-one ever saw

Its great content, in the darkness of the Timely Scribe's desk drawer

In the back of his old book shop, where he worked each day and traded

In the literature of yesterday, with old editions graded.

Lee-John had been so affected by the night of sleeping bliss,

That he couldn't just resume his normal life. He'd come to miss

Lovely Ambloome and her world of giant friends that he'd been making.

There were leaves of dreams inside his thoughts he couldn't grasp by raking.

He recalled a midnight party in Australia, that he dreamt.

Since he found the life around him now so empty and unkempt,

He decided he would take a flight to Sydney and endeavor

To indulge in recollections, which his waking up did sever.

So he caught the plane and stared out from his window seat at views

Of the country he was leaving. He was happy to excuse

All his wishful thoughts of other worlds and dreams of gladly sharing

Earth with giantesses from those worlds. He felt himself despairing.

When he got to Sydney, he was glad he knew his way around,

Even though he couldn't think of ever having left the ground

In a plane before. Yet he could recognize the geographic

Distribution of the suburbs and conditions of the traffic.

So he bought some lunch and settled near the fountain in Hyde Park.

Once again, his mind played tricks, as he recalled a once dreamt spark

Of his having been to Sydney, with the Sandman's help to journey.

Then he ran into a paralegal and retired attorney.

They were friends he thought he'd dreamt about: Alexis Merrilong

And her loving boyfriend Rover. Yet the memories had been strong.

They had recognized him too, and guessed they must be friends for certain.

Yet he somehow had them lumped with Ambloome's world behind dream's curtain.

"You're for real," Alexis said, "I thought I'd dreamt of you, no more."

Rover also shared the memories that he'd dreamt the night before.

"How can we have all starred in each other's dream worlds, overlapping?"

Lee-John asked, "We can't have dreamt each other up, while we were napping."

Since Alexis had the sharpest mind, she did pontificate:

"Someone wanted us to think that we just dreamt those things which sate

Our own inner yearnings. Yet I was embarrassed to be thinking

Of a part of my dream. Rover, can you turn your mind to shrinking?"

Rover said he'd dreamt of that as well, but hadn't dared to say,

Lest she think him quite insane and merely send him on his way.

Now he found that he could shrink to tiny size. He recollected

How he got that power (in chapters past), while they inspected.

Lee-John then recalled how Jenyfer and Ambloome gained that gift

(Back in chapters gone), as he used his sharpened mind, to sift

Through what seemed like dreams, recalling Alicindra's and Admyra's

Gain of shrinking power as well (in chapter N's entire blahs).

He convinced them it had all been true. They then located Scout

And his neighbor Bryce, who'd also wondered how they'd gone without

What had seemed so real, yet turned to dreams. They then returned to Norway,

Found and spoke to Krees around a special meal of salmon morné.

"Rover's shrinking power is proof we didn't simply dream the same.

Yet our amulets just can't be found, and isn't it a shame

That their maker Stawmi's disappeared as well. It's my suspicion,

That whoever warped our minds has taken him to aid their mission.

Then the Vikings and Australians searched for days, and found a cave,

Where a captive Stawmi told them that they'd little time to save

Both the giant world and earth as well. They set him free, retreated

To his place; and then the story of what happened was completed.

As he worked to make new amulets, he told him what he'd learned

When some villains only known to Lee-John had at last returned.

They had once been giant snakes on Ambloome's world, who'd gladly drunken

From Fermenti Pool and changed to golden dragons, rather shrunken.

Since the liquids in Fermenti Pool had changed their size and shape,

(Back in Ambloome V), they'd had the power to subsequently rape

All the minds of children, turning them to evil. They were exiled

From the giant world, no more to cloud the thinking of the next child.

In their Golden Dragon forms, they had no need, in space, for breath.

So they wandered through the constellations, never fearing death.

Then a warp was briefly opened, which they used to reach Orion,

With no amulets. They came to earth and found us here to spy on.

They observed Cabilo, captured in Peru, because Braisyde

Broke his mind control technique (in Ambloome XV). They relied

On alliance with Cabilo, who's enforced incarceration

They were able to conclude. They then conspired in isolation.

Then Cabilo used some principles of his hypnotic lens

On projectors far more powerful to help achieve their ends.

When the Dragons' mind control techniques were channeled through the layers

Of projector lenses, new affects would plague the major players.

All their memories of each other's worlds would be construed as dreams.

Overnight the change was made. The truths were lost to all the teams.

They had captured Stawmi, since he was the means of reconstruction

Of the amulets they stole amidst the night of his abduction.

They had planned this move for some time. It was they who'd orchestrate

What Norwegian troops believed was just a normal agent's fate,

When Cabilo's mind control convinced poor Braisyde's supervisor

That a death by Dragon's deed was not. His men were none the wiser.

They'd eliminated someone who had been the only thorn

In Cabilo's side the first time. Even when his wife did mourn,

Sweetest Jenyfer had not suspected plans that they'd been laying.

That she'd think Braisyde a dream now simply happened, without saying.

Using Stawmi's captured amulet, and others that they stole,

They took Dragon teams to Ambloome's world, without the closed up hole,

That they'd used in space to get to earth at first. They spread hypnosis

On the giant world as well. The wives of earthlings lost that closeness.

On the colonies, those earthlings thought they were a breed of 'Smalls',

Who had always lived on Ambloome's world. They just ignored the calls

Of the memories which they took for dreams. The giants had concluded,

That they'd never had those amulets, that dreams left them deluded.

So the Golden Dragons took control of Ambloome's world with aid

Of Cabilo's new device. Cabilo used the ones who stayed,

To project hypnotic waves on earth, where giants were the figment

Of the dreams of men of normal size who dreamt of where 'The Big' went.

Now that all the men and Merrilong had amulets to use,

They decided that the time was ripe, with none of it to lose.

If they went to sleep again, they'd wake up once more misconceiving

That their past was merely stuff of dreams not worthy of retrieving.

First they teleported all around the earth, and found the spot,

Where Cabilo and his Dragons used the weapon, which had shot

Those hypnotic dream waves everywhere. Then Rover used his hidden

Shrinking talent. Then he snuck in, doing just as he'd been bidden.

Stawmi'd written down instructions on a sheet and taken that,

To create a smaller copy with a modern Photostat,

Which reduced the print, and cut what he had written as a portion

Of the copy sheet, which Rover now would use with utmost caution.

Using Stawmi's expertise, he snuck inside Cabilo's ray,

And rewired it, so that new effects would soon come into play.

Then it caused a feedback loop which fried the brains of every Dragon.

They were dead, and wouldn't be revived by new Fermenti flagon.

With Cabilo's mind control device now rendered fully mute,

He was captured by the Vikings, who were keenly resolute,

That their next stop would be giant world, where Ambloome wouldn't know them.

All the giantesses wouldn't even have the Scribe's new poem.

Krees directed them to his house, on the giant world, for dolls,

As they couldn't walk the streets, with recognition on the polls

Of the giantesses. In the dollshouse, where young Krees resided

He found tiny Maura sleeping. What had Jenyfer decided?

Did she wonder how she had a tiny baby daughter there,

Since her memories of Braisyde left her mind without a care

For the dreams she thought he'd been in. Had she 'dreamt' of Braisyde dying,

Little knowing that it came about through more than Viking spying?

Then they suddenly saw Jenyfer, who took a giant peek

From the window, checking up on Maura. Then she chose to speak.

"You are real! Just like my daughter. All my people were affected

By belief that you're just dreams. You're everything that I suspected."

She reduced her size and joined them, giving Krees a long embrace,

And was filled in by the others, who soon brought her up to pace.

She explained that she and Braisyde had once dreamt of the existence

Of each other, which had given her some present day resistance.

(Look up Ambloome XXII). They both had met and shared a special gift.

Each had dreamt about the other, long before dimension rift

Had been crossed. It stood to reason that she had the means of seeing

When a dream would point to something real for such a special being.

Maybe that had been the reason that Cabilo's first attempt

With his Alpha Mind Worlds claimed the earth, with Braisyde still exempt.

When her friends had talked of dreams, her speeches may well have resulted

In belief that she was mad. She went to Anna's and consulted.

Anna Lyste had kept her confidence, but thought she'd lost the plot.

Only Jenyfer remembered what the others all forgot.

She had secretly looked after Maura, while she vainly lusted

For a way to get to Krees. Now Ambloome could not still be trusted.

"I'll mind Maura," Krees replied, "You've got to use these amulets

We've constructed to locate the other weapon which besets

All your people with hypnotic dream waves. Stawmi's innovation

(As it did on earth) will put an end to memory deprivation."

So they teleported all around the giant world, until

They discovered where the dragons manned their weapon on a hill.

Stawmi teleported into it, and did the same rewiring,

Which ensured the Dragons killed themselves, when they continued firing.

As all memories of the truth returned, Queen Ambloome said, "I'm proud

Of my oldest friend. I'm also very glad that I allowed

Each of you who came to save us all to be a rare elitist

Bearing amulets. For finding us, Lee-John you are the sweetest."

Krees let Lee-John have the limelight, even though Krees also knew,

That when Lee-John had restored him, he'd been close to breaking through

On his own. His time with Roslanne's mind games once had been his classes

For exposing what Cabilo did; when dreams were born from farces.

When they had some time alone, he said to Jenyfer, "My dear,

There are things I'd like to tell you, which are only for your ear.

I was close to shrugging off the dream waves. Back when we were working

Out our trust concerns, I always knew Cabilo had been lurking.

He'd corrupted Roslanne, though she didn't need his help to bust

That relationship. She was the one who'd left me slow to trust

Even someone sweet and radiant like you. She tried regaining

My affections once, while you were out. I didn't need restraining.

Though I sent her far away, no more partaking of her game,

With my heart forever fixed on you, I still retained the shame,

That I'd dated your arch enemy (or Braisyde's worst), then worried

That my courtship with his widow was perhaps a little hurried.

Now I've learned he was responsible for Braisyde's death, as well,

As the whole damn world's hypnosis. Let his Dragons go to hell.

All we've done is hoist their brains to burn in their own self-made fire.

Do you think I'm really good for you? I've been both worlds' pariah."

Krees was crying now. She didn't mind. She cuddled him quite close.

"I just want to see you reach the point, where you feel more morose.

You have suffered as a private witness of Cabilo's doing.

Such recriminations of yourself have no worth in pursuing.

You were not involved in Braisyde's death. You never came to plan

What began with my pursuit of you. I'm touched you turned Roslanne

Out, in spite of how you must have deeply loved her when you dated.

You have chosen me. There's nothing there which need be expiated.

I'm in love with you completely as I was with Braisyde while

He was living. Now if anything, you chose to just revile

Someone who had been the follower of my late husband's slayer

Back before you knew Cabilo had become the major player."

"But if I had talked to Ambloome, long ago, with what I knew,

We just might have kept an eye on what was happening in Peru.

Then we could have stopped the Dragons in advance, protecting Braisyde.

Since I sat on that, I don't deserve you as my latter day bride."

"Darling you could not have known what would have happened. That's absurd.

But I'd like to think that somewhere in your worries, I just heard

Your first mention that you're thinking (in the future) of proposing.

That's a door to dreams I'd open, with no thoughts of ever closing."

"You're so gracious, darling. You and Braisyde clearly both were made

For each other. Yet you make me feel that such design was played

Out in history twice. I'm just as sure that we were both created

For each other too. I will propose, when both of us have waited."

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