Ambloome Princess of Giants

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Converging Visions

In a great Nordic Sea was a man (little more than age 20), who'd gone to set sail.

He had spent many years in pursuit of adventure and romance, to little avail.

With an ancestral sword, and a costume, which would have belonged to a late former Viking,

This young man, called Lee-John, left the shores of his home, on a search for a life to his liking.

After days on the water, he started some fishing, to restock the boat with supplies.

Well he caught quite a lot in the days which preceded adventure's first hint of surprise.

(He'd been hoping to live what he'd read in the library, but nothing appeared to inspire it.)

Now a much larger ship came to rest by his own, with a crew at the will of a pirate.

He was grossly outnumbered, but challenged the pirate to dueling with old Viking blade.

Though he won, he soon realized that honour was absent, as further incursions were made.

He was now fighting three at a time, with defeat only inches away from his beanie.

Then from out of the depths rose a giant young woman all dressed in a paisley bikini.

She observed his predicament, standing secure, with her feet on the sea bed below.

Then she lifted the pirate and crew men away from Lee-John, and soon forced them to go.

He was grateful and watched, as the villains departed; with all of their swords and a truncheon

Ineffective against her. He used two days' catches to serve her a large seafood luncheon.

"It's the least I can do," said the giant, "I'm Ambloome; and this (on the chain 'round my neck)

Is an amulet, which has enabled my journeys to this world, with no traveller's cheque.

I got married to someone called Lester, from your world; but one day he fell from a table.

I'm a widow, and glad to have saved you at least, though you were doing well with your sable."

She went on, to explain that she wanted to make sure his memory wouldn't grow dim,

And had come to his world, to recover from loss, and just recently taken a swim;

To discover the battle of Lee-John and pirate's crew; finding displaced sense of meaning

In her saving a man (slightly younger than her) and providing great shoulders for leaning.

She invited Lee-John on an amulet journey to her world, so she could get dried.

They appeared (with his boat) in the palace's pool, where the sailor and yesterday's bride

Were each other's new comforters, friends and protectors. The family had two generations

Of the widows (in Ambloome and Nonvor, her mother the queen) with the same deprivations.

Then an Ogre, who wanted to steal all the knowledge recorded within royal script,

Used a Sucker Fan, pulling the sheets of note paper, which hadn't been fully equipped

With enough weighty words (to prevent them from flying away) written down in each chapter.

Thus the Ogre believed he could fathom his means to take over, and bask in great rapture.

Nonvor, Ambloome and Lee-John soon found the device. Then Lee-John went inside, with his sword.

He located a way to disable the whole thing, by cutting a wire and a cord.

With a Sucker Fan out of the way, they retrieved all their records, and briefly imprisoned

The mean Ogre, while Ambloome saw much of her husband in Lee-John, whose features were wizened.

Though Lee-John had waited patiently, throughout a long hiatus,

He was yet concerned that Ambloome held a grieving widow status.

He could not forget the sight of her, when she had first appeared

From the ocean depths and saved him from the fate that he had feared.

Such an image was emblazoned on his mind. She'd looked so striking.

If she'd loved a tiny Englishman, he hoped she'd love a Viking.

He decided to suggest a meeting she might not construe

As a date, unless her heart had feelings there to follow through.

So he asked someone to summon her, but found her agonizing.

When she told him of the reason, what he learned was quite surprising.

Wondalyn, the leading palace cook had brought some evidence,

Which had seen officials charge the queen with serious offence.

So the judge and court officials ran the show, and prosecuted

Nonvor, calling Wondalyn to speak, when facts became disputed.

Her exhibit A was photographs of Nonvor's rendezvous

With her former son-in-law (named Lester), sharing time for two.

Then the queen was charged (along with the departed) with conducting

An affair. Her lawyer's actions were soon deemed to be obstructing,

As he tried to quosh the charge. So he was then found in contempt,

Sent to dungeons for a day to prove that queens are not exempt.

So the second charge proceeded, that the queen had been unstable,

After Lester broke it off, and had then knocked him off the table,

As a woman scorned. The jury found there was no homicide,

But believed her guilty of the said affair, when she'd been tried.

So the judge declared that it was time for Nonvor to be banished,

Nonvor left the palace, with her personal fortune. Then she vanished,

Telling Ambloome that she planned to go and live in her abode,

That she'd had, before she'd met the king. She took her horse and rode.

She did not know how she could have been suspected of such malice

With the husband of her daughter, by a person in the palace.

She moved in, and took to gardening, using herbs to cook, and sage.

After weeks, she had a visit from her former palace Page.

Nonvor's youthful Page boy Zellit learned from Ambloome (and went riding)

To her house and said, "What's done to you I cannot be abiding.

I'm no lawyer, but I filed appeals, if I can represent

You in court, I think that I can show who really had intent."

"I believe in your sincerity," said Nonvor, and invited

Zellit in for dinner, trusting that the wrong could now be righted.

She prepared a bed, which got him through the night, and then the source

(Of her newfound hope) accompanied her, as each did mount their horse.

Though pre-occupied with all he'd need to do, while they were riding,

To reverse the cruel usurping of her throne, with judge presiding,

Zellit felt a sense of sweet detachment, riding past the streams,

In the company of the damsel in distress of all his dreams.

Things had changed a lot in Ambloome's giant kingdom, since the trapping

Of the Yeti (back in "Chapter 1"). So let's indulge recapping:

Ambloome's husband Lester died, in what was claimed an accident,

Though a recent accusation came from one who'd not relent.

So the queen had been removed, and Ambloome, coupled with her grieving,

Was empowered as head of state, since Nonvor's role did need relieving,

Which left Lee-John, her new Viking friend, unable to pursue

His romantic interest in her; now that she faced much ado.

Well this brings us to the point, where Page boy Zellit and his client

Rode their horses past the streams and hills, proportioned for a giant.

Both were giants in a giant world, but only to Lee-John,

Who awaited their return, so their defense could be put on.

Then some mounted bandits tried to rob Queen Nonvor of her rucksack,

Which contained her wealth. Then Zellit drew his sword and swiftly struck back.

He was young, and nimble, faster than the clumsy vagabonds.

When he cut their straps, their horses bucked, and flung them into ponds.

"I'm in debt to you, before you've even gone to my court hearing,"

Nonvor said, and he took notice of the way that she was nearing

His own horse. She leaned and kissed his cheek, and looked more like a friend

Than a monarch, as they rode again, and passed another bend.

"We had best make speed, Milady, just in case another varlet

Comes to trouble you, before I turn the tables on that harlot,

Who accused you falsely in the court, which made you abdicate

Your position, which I must get back. Let's make the hearing date."

When they stopped beside a stream for water, Nonvor complimented

Zellit once again, for all he'd done so far: "I feel contented,

Even though we've still to face what makes me seem a helpless waif.

You are young, and yet you have a way of making me feel safe."

When they reached the palace once again, the judge was non-committal,

Said he'd hear their motion, which they hoped would win her an acquittal.

Zellit questioned Wondalyn, without allowing her to stray

From the facts, and then he brought his own researches into play:

He produced a diary (written by the king), that he'd located;

And he read aloud a page of long ago, which clearly stated,

That young Wondalyn, though married, had once tried to court the king.

He'd been faithful to the queen, and Wondalyn had felt a sting.

Zellit then called Lee-John to the stand. The Judge preserved some order,

In the courtroom, as Lee-John switched on a tiny earth camcorder

He'd collected, when Ambloome had left him Lester's amulet,

To convince the jury their adultery case had not been met.

It was put just near a giant microphone with amplifier,

So the miniature equipment's volume could be made much higher,

And the judge required a magnifying glass, to watch the screen,

But was willing to attempt what might exonerate the queen.

Nonvor watched them all in action, and her daughter was admiring

How the Page boy and the Man from Earth were cleverly conspiring

Just to prove the truth, that Wondalyn took pictures to mislead.

(But the case concludes in "Ambloome X." Don't miss the chance to read.)

Ambloome's mother was appealing what had caused her abdication

From the throne; with Page boy Zellit showing vital information,

In a diary. Now, since giant court was willing to admit

Any evidence, Lee-John the Viking offered some of it.

He'd gone back in time (per "Ambloome III"), once Ambloome had instructed

Him in amulet time travel, to confirm what was deducted

By young Zellit. As an earth man, he was small enough to slink

Into chambers unobserved, with Nonvor's future on the brink.

He'd recorded harmless dialogue, which he knew had corresponded

To the photographs that had been used to say those two had bonded.

He made sure he wasn't seen by Lester, Nonvor, nor the cook,

Who was hiding with her photo camera, just as keen to look.

So the judge was now convinced that Wondalyn had been rejected,

Then retained the grudge, and borrowed from the facts, which she projected

Onto Nonvor, in the hopes of gaining vengeance, but she failed.

She was later tried for perjury and other crimes and jailed.

Then Lee-John said that he wished that he'd not needed public screening

Of the family conversations. He was sorry for demeaning

Nonvor, Lester and Ambloome; but Ambloome said that she was pleased

For the memory of her husband's voice, now that her pain had eased.

She was grateful that he'd helped to prove her mother hadn't cheated

With her husband, now that Wondalyn's revenge had been defeated.

She invited him to swimming in the palace pool. Her dive

Brought a wave of water near his boat, which made him feel alive.

In the meantime, Nonvor asked the Page boy to her private chamber,

And inquired how he was so sure someone else had tried to frame her,

That he'd borrowed private property, belonging to the king,

With a view to scanning every page and checking everything.

"There's been so much scandal, true and false, all born of hurt and feeling.

If I told you how I knew for sure, you might just hit the ceiling,"

Zellit said, "I've been your page for years, and I could not accept

Your complicity in such a thing, though accusations crept."

"But you sought me out, convincing me, to come back for the ruling,

Which you brought about, heroically, with legal techniques, dueling

With a woman who had planned my downfall. You were every bit

Of the knights (who fight with swords and shields); though I'd gone off to knit.

You defended my lost honour, and you haven't made a mention

Of a fee, for representing me, despite my regal pension.

Then you've cleared my son-in-law as well, exposing Wondalyn.

Can you tell me how to thank you, since I simply can't begin?"

Then the Page boy, still in some things shy, which came with being youthful,

Found the chance, within her gratitude, to be a bit more truthful.

So he put his arms around the queen, and she did not resist.

Now at last she sensed his feelings, and responded, as they kissed.

They soon lay down in her bed, and though the boy was shyly muddling,

She knew everything to teach him how to make the most of cuddling,

With no premature experiments, that shouldn't come too soon.

They'd be saved for later, if there came a time for honeymoon.

With their amulets, Lee-John and Ambloome went to Lee-John's village,

Where a flood, which came from last days warnings caused a massive spillage.

Ambloome used her giant hands to rescue lots of people fast;

While her body held the waters back, until the danger passed.

There was little damaged in the town, and citizens were drying

By their fires that night, with gratitude that they'd been kept from dying;

Since they might have drowned, if Ambloome hadn't pulled them from the flow.

They had never seen a flood like that before, and couldn't know.

All the gardens near the coast were full of shrubs and flowers soaking;

And some people, who had lost their breath, had almost gone down choking.

Once she'd helped repair the dam, she met Lee-John's young friend Braisyde;

And invited him to her world, where some party food was fried.

In the kingdom of the giants, Ambloome's party celebration

Of her birthday went ahead as planned, with one more invitation.

Now Braisyde was on the guest list too, and found himself enthralled,

In the company of the girls, where giant friendships weren't forestalled.

They were glad to meet another lad from earth, who wasn't seeing

Ambloome (unlike Lester and Lee-John), they found themselves agreeing.

There was one, who caught his fancy, and her name was Jenyfer.

He was glad, when she was friendly, as he talked a while with her.

She reminded him of someone from his childhood dreams distinctly.

He recounted what he'd dreamt back then, expressing things succinctly:

He'd been ten years old, and dreamt he'd found a giant girl who played,

With her dolls house. Then he'd been her doll, and never felt afraid.

They'd enjoyed sweet summer friendship, until he had then awoken,

Wishing she'd been real: a secret dream of which he'd never spoken

For the last ten years; until this day (resulting from a flood)

Brought a flood of memories back, which fate had once nipped in the bud.

Lest she merely think that it had simply been coincidental,

He had further evidence, that he was more than sentimental:

In his dream, the girl was Jennifer, though Jenny named for short.

Now the giant's party nametag had Braisyde's attention caught.

Her pronunciation was the same, and her long hair was golden,

Like the Jenny of his long lost dream; a fact which would embolden

Him to ask if she was interested, and if his story meant

More than casual conversation's way to pay a compliment.

Jenyfer explained that she'd been dating someone for a year now.

When she'd tried to change his darker habits, that one wouldn't hear how

He could treat her with gentility; and so she'd come alone.

Ambloome's party invitation for them both was never shown.

She had known that things weren't right, but she'd of late begun despairing

Of the chance of meeting someone who was decent, kind and caring.

Then the story told by Braisyde had reminded her as well

Of a dream, she'd had while teenaged, which she then went on to tell.

Giant Jenyfer attended Ambloome's party, never telling

Her unpleasant boyfriend it was on, since he'd been overselling

His aggressive side more recently. Just now she'd met a guest

Who resembled someone from a dream, which had become her quest.

In her dream, she'd wandered in the streets, and soon found herself picking

Lots of cards up, which were on the ground; and turned a corner, sticking

To the pavement, as she found more cards, and then a tiny lad,

Who'd been gathering up the cards as well. He gave her all he had.

As they met, they'd learned that each of them had casually regarded

Their discovery as chance to grab what someone had discarded.

Then they each were faced with only ending up with half a pack.

So the boy had given up his share, which she could not pay back.

He had been the height of those cards, but became her lasting standard

Of the way to treat a girl, since her dream boy had (back then) handed

All those cards to her. That's how she knew her boyfriend wasn't right.

She was sure Braisyde resembled her dream lad, from her hindsight.

She had pictured such a special boy concealed by four leaf clover

For so long; but now she had to tell her boyfriend things were over.

She was sure he'd not accept it. So she thought it might be wise

To seek help from Ambloome, since she had the troops to mobilize.

Ambloome gave Braisyde a dolls house in the palace, while her soldier

Went with Jenyfer to give her beau the bad news. She was bolder,

With protection such as this, and such great love for one she'd seen

In her dream of old, as he'd seen her in his, with proof to glean.

True to form her erstwhile boyfriend soon became a trifle surly,

Making threats, "You can't just leave me. You'll regret this treatment, Girlie!"

He was warned by Ambloome's guardsman to retract his open threat.

This left Jenyfer convinced their dates were something to forget.

Though she knew her old beau's loving thoughts would soon evolve to hating,

She was glad for opportunities to go out, double dating

With her friend Ambloome, and two small earthling partners, who had grown

Up as friends as well on earth. Such parallels were quickly known.

Ambloome had to stay on giant world, and grow to be more regal,

But then Jenyfer had always wanted for the sounds of seagull

And the rolling surf, and wished that she could sleep each night on sand

At a beach. Braisyde facilitated this in his own land.

He arranged for her to settle in an empty field in Norway,

Using Ambloome's amulet for travel. Lee-John's was the doorway,

For the other couple. Grateful Vikings built a great big shed

In the field for food she brought from home, so she'd be properly fed.

To protect the Viking village in the night from further flooding,

Or attacks, young Jenyfer would thus facilitate her budding

New romance with young Braisyde, by sleeping nights upon the shore,

As their beach defense. Braisyde enjoyed their evenings more and more.

Though Braisyde and Lee-John reveled in their girlfriends' giant figures,

They had watched cartoons and seen the use of shrinking raygun triggers,

And discussed together how they'd feel if maybe once or twice,

They could marry and enjoy what otherwise was merely vice.

Both were Vikings, and had no way to initiate the changes.

Yet they soon used Lee-John's antidote, to travel in the ranges

Of the time stream, so that they could see if anyone invented

Means of growth, also reduction, when their lives were long lamented.

They took Jenyfer and Ambloome to the giant kingdom's future;

But no medicine would help them more than x-rays or a suture;

When it came to making sizes change. Perhaps they'd lost the bets,

When expecting they could reach some future help with amulets.

Then, instead of asking doctors, they found people specializing

In most radical of sciences, to do with such resizing.

Using Ambloome as their subject for the test, they'd radiate

Her with something, which was meant to make her size a varied state.

They had hoped that she could grow and shrink herself and clothes in theory.

Yet the testing, after treatment left the giant princess weary

Of the hopes, which never worked out. So they tested Jenyfer

With a radiation bath as well, but no chance would occur.

So the couples then returned, by amulet, to their own eras,

Where their clothing wouldn't shrink, and neither would its giant wearers.

Lee-John stayed in Ambloome's giant world, with her, while young Braisyde

Went with Jenyfer to Norway (earth), still pleased that they had tried.

Then as Jenyfer sat on the beach that day, again resuming

Her protective role, Braisyde was ever keen on giant grooming.

Then a heavy rain began to fall, and she said, "Would you like

Me to lie, to block potential flood, once more the human dyke?"

He was thankful, but the storm was merely scenic, with no danger.

As she longed to hug her man, she wished she could become a changer

Of her size. Then all at once, she found her body start to shrink,

With her clothing, and connected that she had to really think.

Once she concentrated hard enough, and exercised her will power,

She could shrink or grow by thinking it, and revel in the thrill shower

Of the lovely storm beside the sea. But now a nearby cave

Would be shelter from them both, and he could be the one to save.

So Braisyde led Jenyfer towards the sheltered rock formation,

Where they stood and watched the tempest. Then he gave an invitation

For a kiss (at equal size), which they enjoyed; and then they knew,

That the doors would really open, when they later said, "I do."

For the moment, he would not propose. They'd revel in the courting.

Then Braisyde said, "Darling, maybe we should set about exporting

Your discovery to Ambloome, so she'll have the chance to know,

That with proper mental discipline, she'll also shrink and grow."

So they used their amulet, and went to Ambloome's palace, gladly,

And they told her their experiments had not turned out too badly.

With a bit of mental effort, Ambloome also thrilled her Fjord,

By diminishing, then checking that her size could be restored.

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