Ambloome Princess of Giants

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Alpha-Mind-Worlds of Cabilo

Back in Chapter 1, the Sun Cult was defeated by the forces

Of the Sentinels of Daylight, who were actually resources,

Who in service to the Omni-Child, would serve as guard or screen,

To protect the world from take-over by ageless Constant-Teen.

Yet one remnant (of those awful times) attempted relocation,

With success, and then set up another evil operation,

Up on Falcon's Hill, while all the rest of Constant-Teen's old cult,

Were awaiting trial and punishment, quite sure of the result.

This escapee was Cabilo, who'd perfected a persuasive

Means of taking over people's minds, with techniques quite invasive.

His hypnotic lens would take one back to some long lost desire,

By manipulating alpha parts of any brain's quagmire.

From the Falcon Hill, he monitored the world for an emergence

Of the giants from that other world, to use as his resurgence

Of a power he'd control, by feeding dream worlds to the brain,

While he actually was using them to raise his kind of Cain.

When, eventually, Queen Nonvor came with Ambloome (for a visit),

Jenyfer, Braisyde, Lee-John, towards a setting so exquisite,

Namely Norway's Coast; Cabilo, who had monitored and tracked

Recent amulet appearances to Braisyde's beach, attacked.

With his lens, Cabilo perpetrated sudden, quick intrusions,

Into all their minds, and fed all five the wildest of illusions.

While believing they were doing other things, the leading two

Used their amulets, to transport all of them towards Peru.

This would be the first of countries, which Cabilo's dreaming minions

Would attack and override the local government's opinions.

Unaware of their own rampage, all three giants played it rough,

While the Vikings did the subtle tasks, when size was not enough.

While Queen Nonvor struck a city, doing damage to its dairy,

In her mind, she thought she really fought the leading Fire Fury

(Her old enemy from Ambloome I), but not the way that things

Really happened then. Her mind believed that she could save the king.

In reality, her husband had passed on, before the onslaught

Of the Fire Furies. Now her mind forgot her latter consort,

Namely Zellit, who had helped her clear her name, when she was charged.

Meanwhile Jenyfer and Ambloome hid at earth size, then enlarged.

While the younger giant girls approached the temples and assaulted,

Young Lee-John was smuggled close by Ambloome. Then he quickly vaulted,

From his girlfriend's giant pocket to the window, where the drape

Slowed his movement, as the regent was unable to escape.

At this point, Lee-John believed that, when the pirate crew had plundered

Ambloome's raft at sea, he'd fought them off, while she had simply wondered

At his swordsmanship, when back then she had really been his aid.

He indulged his mental fantasy, and helped Cabilo's raid.

All that Lee-John saw was pirates going down, amidst the sea-spray,

As his mind received those images from such an altered replay,

Of events in Ambloome VII. He saw pirates get the bends,

As they sunk; but he was hypnotized by old Cabilo's lens.

Ambloome saw herself with children, though the records she did witness

(In her journey to the future), showed that, though she had the fitness,

She had never gone ahead with plans to build her family tree.

Yet her mind lived contradictions to the facts from Ambloome III….

… So Cabilo had her capturing a base well armed with missiles,

And then orchestrating on-the-spot Peruvian dismissals

Of the highest leaders of the land, with no sign of dismay,

As her master-of-the-mind Cabilo came to have his way.

Since Cabilo's lens had also got to Jenyfer's possession

Of her faculties, her mind had made an uncontrolled regression,

To her childhood dreams of playing dolls with someone she had learned

(So much later) was more suitable than someone she then spurned.

Yet, instead of meeting him at Ambloome's party (per the telling

In eleventh of these stories), she now found her mind was swelling

With another version, where they met as children. So Braisyde

Never had the chance to be the man she'd looked for far and wide.

He was instantly available in her mind's alteration,

Less appreciated, since she'd built a faster expectation,

Seen it gratified in childhood, with Cabilo's mind control,

While her body stopped some tanks, before their treads could start to roll.

She would grab each tank and turn it over gently, topsy-turvy.

In Lee-John's mind he had saved Ambloome from several of the scurvy

Thieving pirates, and she thanked him for the rescue of her raft.

He dispatched them all, received her love and thanks, and then went aft.

Nonvor still thought she was winning, as she shot a hydro pellet

(In her mind against the Fire Fury), still forgetting Zellit

(Her new partner) and the fact that Lester came to use his gun,

(His toy water rifle), dousing Furies' flame in Ambloome I.

In the mean time, Viking Two (Braisyde) had also been subjected

To Cabilo's mental misconstructions. He had once expected,

As a teenager, that he would find some sweetness back at school,

When in fact results of courtship ventures always turned out cruel.

In the daydreams, which Cabilo's lens induced, he had the normal

Opportunity to take a pretty girl to high school formal,

Go for picnics, kiss in privacy, and feel that every date

Came with freely given feelings he could just reciprocate.

With an absence of the loneliness, the sneering and the teasing

Which had really happened, Braisyde found his altered teens quite pleasing.

With his mind believing all of this, it really wasn't hard

For Cabilo to make use of him as nearby bodyguard.

Yet one detail had been overlooked, or else miscalculated.

Though Cabilo's lens took memories from their minds and recreated

Them with differences, which mesmerized his targets; he could not

Know the true extent of Braisyde's pain, which had become his lot.

He'd struck adolescence at thirteen, and watched the girls he'd honour

(With his dreams) all pairing up with bullies (who'd made him a goner

In the playground in his first two years of school). The grief remained

In his mind, as it accumulated, all those years ingrained.

It could not just be rewritten, when Cabilo's lens implanted

False accounts. Unlike the others, Braisyde's mind had raved and ranted

Of the seven years of broken heart, restored in time to break

Once again. He'd often found it almost more than he could take.

So his brain broke through the Alpha-Mind-World thoughts, which did enable

Him to take Cabilo by surprise, and properly turn the table.

First he struck him with his sword, but only used the weighty flat,

So to knock him out. The soldiers left him tied up on the mat.

Then Braisyde released his friends from what Cabilo's lens was doing.

When Peru learned what had happened, they saw nothing worth pursuing,

Since they'd also been apprised of how the Seven Sentinels

Of the Daylight came from Ambloome's world to stop the Sun Cult's cells.

Now Lee-John and Ambloome (with her giant amulet) stayed in her world, occupied,

While Braisyde and Jenyfer spent time on earth; and then using his amulet, tried

To get to the giant world. Somehow their amulet (normal sized) wasn't responding.

So Braisyde soon opened it up with some tweezers, and looked at some loose copper bonding.

He couldn't repair it, but went to Professor Flyte (Viking, aged 40), to show

The problem. Then Friemann Flyte said he would do what he could to make their device go.

Not only did Friemann Fltye get that one working, but also the handsome professor

Reverse engineered the technology, making another, with him its possessor.

Flyte went to the palace of giants himself, and concealed himself deep in some plants,

Watched Nonvor have lunch in the courtyard, until he was found, and subjected to rants:

"Just what do you think that you're doing, small man? You've upset my lunch, secretly spying.

You should have just let me get on with my meal. You could see that your presence was trying."

He answered, "I came to supply you with amulets I can make, so you'll have more,

For Ambloome and Jenyfer, Braisyde and Lee-John and you; but I never foresaw

That you would be angry. I'll go, if you like, and I'm sorry that I have been spoiling

Your lunch." Then as Nonvor approached with her hand, Friemann Flyte found his body recoiling.

"I jumped to conclusions," Queen Nonvor explained, and invited the genius to come

For a party that night in the palace. She emptied the juice from a 2 gallon drum

Down into some punchbowls, and then lost her wedding ring, when it went suddenly slipping

From finger to punchbowl, and sank to the bottom. So Friemann went gallantly dipping.

While holding his breath, he swam right to the bottom and soon found the large diamond ring,

She'd continued to wear, even while dating Zellit, as she had been wife of the king.

The Queen was so grateful, and said she was sorry for being unpleasant at midday.

He said, "It's alright. You were merely surprised. I'd forgotten whatever you did say."

He went home with his amulet, changing his clothes, and came back, when the party commenced.

He stayed in the garden, too shy of the giants; and meanwhile the Queen was incensed.

She noticed a maiden the same age as Zellit, who kept making frequent advances,

To which he'd responded with small talk at first, and then offered the maiden two dances.

The Queen went outside, and was followed by one of the soldiers, who'd seen her react.

The soldier made passes at Nonvor, who struggled, and felt she was being attacked.

She warned him that he'd have to leave, if he mauled her. The soldier remained non-compliant.

Concerned for her welfare, the well-hidden Friemann took stock of the menacing giant.

He lunged with his Viking sword, straight at the soldier, retracting as soon as he'd pierce

His ankle. He hid in the garden again. Yet the moment was making him fierce.

The soldier went screaming for help, unaware of what really had just perforated

His ankle. The Queen spotted Friemann and thanked him, and then sought the young man she'd dated.

In less than a day, such a valiant Queen of the giants had had the delight

Of seeing that she had been wrong in prejudging the latest from earth: Friemann Flyte.

Her younger man boyfriend named Zellit had lately been less than an adequate suitor;

And now that she'd seen him in action, she felt that the tiny professor was cuter.

She broke up with Zellit, on friendly terms only, with both of them perfectly sure,

That what they had built on his earlier rescue was not meant to be evermore.

She realized that Flyte was much closer to her age, and thanked him for how he had fought hard,

Protecting her honour. Then Nonvor soon lifted him up for a dance in the courtyard.

Now Ambloome and Lee-John had gone to the balcony, so they could sit and converse.

"You've kept me quite stable, since I had to watch my late husband removed in a hearse,"

Said Ambloome. I would have been tempted to try to make use of the time travel circuit

In Lester's old amulet, though it was weeks before my giant fingers could work it.

I wanted so much to go back into time and approach him, before we had met,

By visiting him in his past back on earth. But the history is meant to be set.

Temptation was in me, to follow my heart, even though I still knew I'd be causing

A temporal paradox. Falling for you put that urge far beyond merely pausing."

The moon (of the giants) was full. So she took him for walks in a garden below,

(Not one on the side of the palace, where Nonvor and Friemann were starting to show

Their mutual affections). So Lee-John and Ambloome drew closer, becoming united.

Surprised by the turn of events for the Queen, the Professor was also excited.

Two guests didn't stay late: the giantess Jenyfer, who had already arranged

With Braisyde, to go for a walk in the fields on the giant hills. Both of them changed

To nightwear at her place, and slept in their rooms; until Autumn took time to be sunny,

Next morning. They went to the fields, and she shrank to his size, and said, "Cuddle me, honey."

She put down the things that she'd carried, and now found that there was much room on the rug

For both of them (once she had shrunken). Then Braisyde gave Jenyfer one lengthy hug,

And kissed her and looked, as the sun lit the fields; and they felt themselves well isolated,

Enclosed by a nice panorama of timelessness. Both of their hearts were elated.

At one point, she teased him for fun, and he played back, and, as lovers do, she then chased

Her boy through the fields, to the Wood, then enlarged, lest her giant sized legs go to waste.

"No fair," laughed the boy, as she caught him in no time, and carried him back on her shoulder.

He swung back and forth, with her hair, so their reverie games became just slightly bolder.

For some time each Viking had grown closer to his loving giantess.

All three couples used their amulets, which took the boys to girls' address,

And the girls did likewise, but the Queen would have to haunt the realms of seamen;

Since she didn't have the means to shrink on earth, so she could be with Friemann.

Though they'd started later than the Princess, and Lee-John, the second two

(Namely Jenyfer and Braisyde) felt the deepest passions coming through.

Though he'd only been back for a day (on earth), young Braisyde missed his girlfriend.

When he tried to use his amulet, he faced what made his living world end:

He was not transported through the realms of space dimensions. Neither did

His endearing girlfriend come to him. He faced what he'd thought "God forbid":

Now it seemed their amulets were failing. Ambloome and Lee-John were handed

Just one blessing of togetherness. Lee-John was there, when all were stranded.

In the meantime, Braisyde went to Friemann Flyte, and had him scrutinize

Braisyde's amulet, but Flyte said nothing could explain his own surprise;

Since existing amulets, and one he'd only built that day went nowhere.

Braisyde knew where Jenyfer remained, and now he couldn't ever go there.

With a breaking heart, he grieved alone, atop a Viking village spire,

As the sun went down each night he spent alone, without his heart's desire.

He had dared to cross dimensions, tempting fate and met, her by intruding

On another planet. Now their love was lost, with him forever brooding.

Even Friemann, with a kindred loss, had hope that he could redesign

Better amulets, which wouldn't cease to work. Now sun would never shine

In the scenery viewed by Braisyde, with his girlfriend lost in her dimension.

Since their hearts had bonded, each of them had been the other's heart's extension.

Every walk of life he'd tried before was hollow, and increased the weight

Of the loss of one so made for him. He ran from friends and stayed out late.

Every afternoon, with several hours to go before the sun descended,

He would sit out on the rocks, recalling what began and grew and ended.

Then one day he thought his eyes were playing tricks, as halfway out of sight,

He saw giant Jenyfer appear to shimmer into view and fight

Some invisible repulsion, which would send her into spasms, reeling

Back and fading out of view. The Viking acted on his pent up feeling.

As he hopped his boat, and headed straight for where she soon appeared, to thrust

All her giant strength against what held her back, poor Braisyde knew he must

Try to sail right through towards her, even if his wooden boat then crumbled.

Then she burst through into his world, screamed in pain and bent her legs and stumbled.

"You must shrink, so I can take you to the shore," he called, as she collapsed,

Barely conscious, to reduce her size, before a minute had elapsed.

Braisyde took her back to shore. When situations were not quite as hectic,

She was treated for a shock, which seemed, in symptoms, to be just electric.

Once his amulet had stranded him on earth, a Viking, Braisyde struck

Every former trite indulgence from his mind, convinced he'd lost his luck.

But then Jenyfer had found a way, from her side of dimension's limbo,

But was injured in transition. Braisyde rescued her, with arms akimbo.

She explained that giant scientists had learned that some dimension tide

Had repelled her and her amulet, like any on the giants' side;

While on earth, its Vikings noticed nothing, when they tried, with no successes,

To traverse the lanes to Ambloome's world. Now Friemann could make better guesses.

So then Jenyfer had worn a force belt, which she'd hoped would counteract

The dimension tide, and pushed with all her might, until the rift had cracked,

Only moments, long enough to get her through. She thanked the Queen's Inventor,

In her mind, since Nonvor had allowed the usage of it, when she sent her.

Now that Friemann knew the problem, he could analyze, and then inform

Both young lovers, that they could expect a passing of that Inter-storm,

Which had interrupted travel from dimension to dimension lately.

He assured them it would soon be gone, which lifted all their spirits greatly.

Yet it might as well have merely lifted his, because the one who'd grieved

Had no further cause to cry, since she'd come through. They both felt so relieved,

As they hugged each other tightly, and resolved to spend some time, where feet go

Walking off alone. She kept her size reduced to Braisyde's (incognito).

Since his amulet still worked on parts of earth, he took his lady out.

In Manhattan's lighter disco haunts, he liked the way the girl would pout,

As the coloured lights kept altering the tones of intermittent glowing

On her cheeks, until the midnight hour advised them that they should be going.

So they walked the streets all night, and found that Central Park's romantic lamps

Were at least as nice as bonfires they had once enjoyed on Viking camps.

Several times they held each other tight, reminded, by the brief conditions

Of dimension travel, how they'd once become each other's vital missions.

They'd been lonely on their separate worlds, and then they'd met, like dreams reborn.

"Should we ever chance another separation? Should we let this warn

Every pattern of our thoughts, that we should make all trips to my home (Norway)

Or to yours (the giants' world) together? Surely that's no harmful foreplay?"

That was Braisyde's interrogative, and Jenyfer, of course, concurred,

Though the other giants might have found such measures borderline absurd.Yet the Queen had pined for Friemann too, and Ambloome, having once lost Lester,

Had been witness to the frantic state of Jenyfer, and second guessed her.

Then, as Friemann had predicted, things calmed down between his world and theirs.

All the Vikings and the giants reunited, free of woes and cares.

They had faced invaders, Constant-Teen, Cabilo, every other menace.

Yet the hurt (that they had just faced) made those threats seem like a game of tennis.

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