Ambloome Princess of Giants

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Saved by the Belle

When Dimension Tide had made it nigh impossible to pass

Through a barrier to earth, and all solutions had been sparse;

Braisyde's Jenyfer had used her giant amulet, combining

With her earth sized one, plus force belt, which a man had been designing.

And it tested out successfully. She'd made it through okay,

So that Braisyde had looked after her, while she had had to stay

For a while, until Dimension Tide receded. After this trap,

She discovered that she'd lost her giant amulet through mishap.

She had dropped it when, at last, she'd broken through; and then she'd shrunk,

Unaware her giant amulet had very quickly sunk.

Now a fourteen year old Viking boy named Tennyce (for a quarter

Of his life) had practiced diving through Norwegian ocean water.

Not long after that Dimension Tide, he took his father's boat

On the water, and considered that the chances were remote

Of his finding sunken booty. Yet he took a proper measure

Of their distance from the shore, to undertake a search for treasure.

He was sure the water wasn't deep enough to cause the bends.

So depressurizing later wasn't needed for his ends

To be met. So Tennyce fitted up his tank and occulator.Then he took a dive, and came upon a rotting sunken freighter.

There were bits of junk and worthless things just lying on the deck.

Then he found an open doorway, which he used, so he could check

That there wasn't any valuable commodity nor shocker,

Like a skeleton or lurking shark in someone else's locker.

When he'd satisfied himself that he would never find doubloons,

He was still convinced that this had been the best of afternoons

He'd enjoyed for quite a while. Although the lad was not with sinew

For a lot of swimming muscle, he was happy to continue.

He went swimming at the bottom, found a broken fishing net

Weighted down with something heavy. Then the giant amulet

Was the next of objects, which had caught his eye. When he resorted

To some random ways to touch it, he and it were teleported.

He appeared in someone's living room, and used a cushioned chair

To support his gear and amulet, and left them sitting there,

While he looked in other downstairs rooms, and couldn't find the owner.

When he did, he'd have a time explaining how he'd 'pulled a boner':

(That's an old expression meaning "made a blunder" in the slang

Of an English writer's almanac). Now Tennyce never rang

Any door bells, knocked, nor sought permission, when the boy had trespassed.

So the fact that he'd been teleported would have then been guessed last.

Not sure whether he'd be wise to use his amulet once more,

Lest he reach a place more dangerous than Norway's ocean floor,

He felt silly walking through some stranger's home, while clad in wetsuit;

And he hoped they hadn't gone and left it guarded by a pet brute.

So he wandered up the stairs in search of bathroom towels, to dry.

Finding none, he found a window. Yet he couldn't see the sky,

When he looked outside. Instead he saw a giant bedroom, laden

With its furnishings; and on a carpet sat a pretty maiden.

She was 14 too, but giant sized, with hair of darkest brown.She was reading something. Then she noticed him, and put it down.

"I can see I have a visitor," she said, "Have you been sneaking

Through my mother's house. Now don't be shy. I'm sure you're built for speaking."

He had reached the world of Ambloome, where the giants didn't know,

That the Omni-Child's connected Spirit had once, long ago,

Given every giant supernatural means of understanding

Every dialect of earthlings. Talking back was not demanding.

(Look up parts of chapter 1 for more about that Omni-Child).

At this time, when Tennyce gaped in awe, the teenage giant smiled.

"Are you just as shy with people your own size?" she ventured, teasing.

Then she grabbed him, testing he was real and living, gently squeezing.

"My name's Kayte," she said, "Now tell me, little visitor: What's yours?"

"I'm called Tennyce," he replied at last; and then a silent pause

Took him over once again, as he could not believe his senses.

He had never noticed girls before, and had no cool defenses.

"Sorry Kayte," he said at last, "This doesn't happen to me lots.

When I'm greeted by a giant girl, my speech gets tied in knots.I have wanted to be more polite. I merely got excited,

When I saw you, since you found me in your dolls house uninvited."

"There's no need for such apologies. From now on you're my guest.You can tell me all about yourself, while I enjoy a rest,

On my bed, and then I'm going to eat you up," the giant giggled.

As she loosened how she held him, Tennyce worried much and wriggled.

She lay down upon the bed and told him, "Tennyce I will feel

All your movements in my tummy, when I've had my little meal,

And I'm reading my nice book again. So there! You'll soon be eaten.

You were safe until I saw you. Now you're caught. You're mine and beaten."

Then she stuck her tongue out, probably to make a taunting joke

Of her own amusing plans for him; or maybe she did poke

Out her tongue to show him where he'd be, so he would find it shocking.

It was just as big as him, and it protruded, ever mocking.

She enjoyed her chance to terrorize him, pointing to his fate.Yet he had more thoughts than fear alone, when he was watching Kayte.

Girls look most attractive, when they're happy. This one kept on grinning,

Smiling, laughing and reminding him that she was surely winning.

He was fearful, yet infatuated. Yet he wouldn't know

What to do about his feelings, which he'd been too shy to show,

Even if she'd been his own size back on earth, without the power

To dismiss him as a snack her stomach acids would devour.

She requested that he climb her cheek and sit down on her chin.

So he did, and every time she spoke, the Viking boy looked in

At the huge mouth, which awaited him, and then the rounded locus

Of her parting lips. He wished that kissing him would be their focus.

Every part of him was keen to shout, "I love you giant Kayte,"

As he watched a face delighting in the chance to cause his fate.

"Are you doing this, because I look like tasty food? Or is it

That you want me teased and frightened as an ending to my visit?"

"I think: both," she laughed, "At last you asked me something somewhat deep.

I'm so pleased you're scared, and though I know you think that I'm a creep,

I don't care. I'm sure you'll taste nice. I won't mind, when you're departed.

Now I think we know each other well enough. So let's get started.

I am going to stay right here, and when you see me open wide

My big mouth, I'm then expecting you to climb down right inside.

Once you're there, I'm going to sit up. You will soon be right to swallow.

At your size, you'll find my throat is like a tunnel, round and hollow."

As he climbed onto her lower lip, and wondered what was worst,He decided he'd be better off, to climb in there, legs first.So he faced her chin, and held her lip, and felt her mouth beneath,

And was glad that she was careful to avoid him with her teeth.

He was frantic for a way to save himself, and then he thought:

"Since she told me she'd be grabbing me, I've been so overwrought,That I didn't even realize that she doesn't have awareness

Of my amulet. Perhaps I might escape from her unfairness."

"I don't mind the way you take your time," she thought, "It's lots of fun,

Since I know you're merely living out the fact that I have won.

And to make you climb in there yourself has really been amusing.You've just had to go along with me, still certain that you're losing."

"Kayte, my people have a custom. It's to grant a last request

To a dying man. I hope that you'll afford this to your guest.Could we play a game of hide-and-seek, with your door closed, ensuring

That I can't get out? I hope you wouldn't find the game too boring."

He explained the rules, and hoped that she would play and not suspect

He was asking this, to get away, or his plans would be wrecked.

"I don't think it sounds too boring," Kayte said, "Now that we've been resting,

I'll have lots of fun, while winning at the game that you're suggesting."

So she put him on the carpet. Then she closed her eyes to wait,

While she counted up his time to hide. He knew that wily Kayte

Would expect that he would hide behind a cupboard, where she couldn't

Quickly get to him. She hadn't guessed his strategy, and wouldn't.

While he had his chance, he ran inside the dolls house, where he found

That his amulet then took him back to earth, but solid ground,

Not the water where he'd found it. So he brought his father's boat back,

After testing more, and then he hung his wetsuit on the coat rack.

When recalling how Dimension Tide had found a way to cleave

All the giants from the Vikings, Lee-John said, "We had to grieve.

But it stopped all six of us from utilizing our fourth wonder,

Or we would have used that method, when the present chose to sunder.

If we'd traveled back or forward on one world, but just displaced

In the time stream, then our problem would have quickly been erased.

In the future or the past, Dimension Tide would not be stopping

Us from going to each other's worlds with more dimension hopping.

Once we'd crossed the rift from giants' world to earth, we'd simply shift

To the point in time we'd come from, back before we crossed the rift."

"You've out-thought Professor Flyte," said Ambloome, "Luckily for Braisyde.

He and Jenyfer had feared their future love was by the wayside."

"Friemann Flyte has not been with us long. He's learning, bit by bit,"

Lee-John said, "But if you'll shrink yourself, "I think you'll better fit

In the place on earth I'd like to take you next for intermission.

It's called Amsterdam. We'll teleport to some unseen position."

They enjoyed the dykes and rivers and politeness of the Dutch.Then some spy named Frank misplaced his diary, which contained as much

As the names of all the foreign agents and the new location

He'd unearthed. He knew that something big would start its machination.

Sure enough, the foreign infiltrators tracked and captured Frank,

Cuffed his wrists and ankles, tossed him in the water, where he sank.While he held his breath, he knew he'd soon be drowning. Then the gripping

Of a giantess prevented Frank from any further slipping.

He'd been witnessed there by Ambloome, who had grown to giant size,

Then reached underwater, causing Frank to stop descent and rise.He was grateful and enlisted her and Lee-John, who requested

To involve themselves, with so much plot and counter-plot invested.

Then the foreign agents faked their next move. Doing that they drew

Frank and Lee-John out with Ambloome, since their first assailant knew

How to stop Ambloome. He handcuffed her, by rapidly surprising

With a rear attack, expecting that he'd stopped her from resizing.

What he didn't know was Ambloome's power to grow the things she wore.

So the handcuffs grew as well. At that point, Lee-John quickly saw,

That his sword could move the giant locking mechanism, freeing

His beloved from the cuffs; which sent the foreign agents fleeing.

At her giant size, she couldn't chase them safely through the dyke.

Frank and Lee-John did the tracking, 'til they saw their chance to strike.Once they'd captured all those criminals, they found Frank's boss was very

Grateful. Ambloome and Lee-John enjoyed a Holland tour by ferry.

She enjoyed the time on his world, as she snuggled in his arms.

Whether large or small, he loved the very essence of her charms.

He'd no jealousy of Lester, who had been his predecessor,

Any more than Zellit's time with Nonvor bothered the professor.

On the Saturday, when Kayte had let her captive run and hide,

For a game of hide-and-seek, she'd thought she'd soon have him inside

Her big tummy. But she'd searched the room, and simply couldn't capture

One, who'd teleported back to earth and thought of her with rapture.

Though still mindful of the dangers, Tennyce yet retained his crush

On the girl who'd tried to eat him. Yet he couldn't blindly rush

To her dolls house and expose himself to dangers of digestion.

Neither could he drive her from his mind. He asked himself the question:

"Is there value in admiring her from places that conceal

Me from being seen by Kayte and ending up as her next meal?

Yes it is." This time he reached the dolls house. Then a new position

Underneath her cupboard helped him beat her woman's intuition.

Maybe Kayte would lift the dolls house roof, if she'd kept her door shut

And believed he'd stayed inside her room; and kept on searching. But

He could not just lift that amulet and cart it through her bedroom.

Yet he'd need it for eluding her, and dodging inner Kayte doom.

She was writing in her diary; and he wished he knew her thoughts.

Yet he couldn't go and ask her, having played the risky sports,

Which had saved him. Then he saw the girl of whom his heart grew fonder

Put her diary down and open up the bedroom door and wander.

"If she's left it open, she must think there's no more need to play

Hide-and-seek, because she's realized that I somehow got away,"

Tennyce thought. He used his amulet to travel to the diary,

Which was open on the carpet, there to meet his first enquiry.

So he read about her social friends at school, who all were girls,And considered he'd be better off if he'd found sunken pearls;

Since that amulet had made his life a trifle complicated.

There was nothing in her diary to suggest that this girl dated.

"What a lovely fancy amulet!" came Kayte's voice. Then young Tennyce turned

To discover she had then crept back. The girl who might have spurned

His affections, if she knew of them, now thought she'd found a jewel.

He could never make another trip, since Kayte now had the fuel.

She was not aware that something made to be an ornament

(For a girl her own size) had in fact been used to circumvent

Her attempts to find and eat him, last time he'd been there to see her.

If he'd only stayed away, he'd be much safer and much freer.

With her other hand, Kayte lifted him, and then her big head leaned

Back, below him, as she dangled him above her mouth, and preened.

Then she lowered him towards her. Tennyce knew that he had tempted

Fate and lost. The dice had consequences. He was not exempted.

"Kayte! Unhand that little boy at once. I'm always here to feed

You with everything, despite your father's death. But this is greed.

He's a harmless traveler, like the ones our queen and princess courted;

And a third one dates another of our girls, it's been reported."

Kayte's own Mom had rescued Tennyce, and soon learned where he was from.

He made frequent further visits, now protected by Kayte's Mom.

She'd been friendly, never dangerous; and seen to his reclaiming

Of his amulet, forbidding Kayte from further hungry gaming.

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