Ambloome Princess of Giants

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A Prison Stretch of Grass

Meanwhile Fltye went swimming in the Queen of Giants' royal pool.Then a giant frog attacked him, causing him to drop the tool,

Which could teleport him out of there. His amulet forsaken,

Flyte was fearful for his life, and swam in terror, very shaken.

When he reached the surface, he looked out, and saw Queen Nonvor dive,From a running jump towards him, in the hope he'd be alive.

As he saw the lovely powerful great woman swimming his way,

And she grabbed him from the frog's reach, he was glad she'd been there this day.

Nonvor kissed him, feeling she'd arrived in time, and so relieved.Then she dived with him and, reaching with her other hand, retrieved

Friemann's amulet, so tiny in her grip, yet very vital.

From that moment Flyte began to plan a special new recital.

Then he made it, with a giant wedding ring (he'd had to buy

With some secret help from Ambloome, who believed that he should try

His proposal to her mother). Friemann asked the Queen to marry

Him, if she was not bewildered by the constant need to carry.

She was glad to carry him around, and soon proclaimed the news,

That the Queen (of giants) was to marry. Couples came in twos;

With Lee-John and Braisyde as best man and groomsman for the couple.

Bridesmaids Jenyfer and Ambloome stood with figures tall and supple.

Flyte was now the king (in name) of giants, though he wasn't one.

His philosophies on dating (for a while) had been home spun.He had been content, in love at last, without the marriage blessing.

Then he'd seen her hit the water, just for him, without undressing.

When they'd left the pool that day, she'd chased the frog, until it croaked.

He'd been mindful of the fact that all her royal gown got soaked.

She could have her choice of giant men, but saved him when he needed.All his fears of long commitments had (since they'd first met) receded.

She had seen how Zellit's passion faded, since he'd helped her trial,

When he'd rescued her. Now Fltye had been so keen to walk the aisle.

Though their honeymoon would not involve the standard recreation,

She would carry him across the threshold: ruler of her nation.

In the mean time, every weekend, Tennyce used his amulet

To be with Kayte and her Mom. The girl was willing to coquet

On he subject of consuming him, despite her Mom invoking

Mother-daughter expectations that she stop such naughty joking.

One day Kayte was upstairs, busy. So her Mom prepared a flask

As a heated pool for Tennyce, which he used. Then she did ask,

"Do you think that Kayte is beautiful? I think my daughter's pretty."

"Yes, but all she wants to do is eat me up and show no pity."

"I've forbidden her to do that, and believe me when I say:

I can trust my daughter's honesty. She'll never disobey,

Even when I'm not at home. I know my daughter won't be cheating

My instructions. While she's underage, there won't be any eating."

"I'm so grateful that you saved me from her tummy, that I'll do

What you like. I'll never have to fear the mouth which would pursue."

"What I'd like is you to ask my daughter on a picnic date.

Other boys are showing interest, but I'd rather you saw Kayte."

So he took her Mom's word Kayte would never eat him on the sly;

And he asked her on a date, and looked her squarely in the eye.

"Yes I'd love to," she responded. So they went out on a picnic.

He could only hope she didn't choose to scoff him for a quick trick.

On the date, he said, "I didn't think you wanted to say yes."

"Tennyce, I'd still like to gulp you down, I'll honestly confess.

But I like you too. I think you're really sweet and cute and handsome.

I'll enjoy our dates, if Mom won't let me hold you up to ransom."

"I appreciate your honesty, and also how you feel.

If you'd like to date, and promise not to eat me, it's a deal

Does your undertaking go beyond your childhood? Should I flee?"

"You mean when I turn eighteen?" she asked, "You'll have to wait and see.

I'll decide about that later, but I'll warn you in advance.

After that, if you come back, you'll never have a second chance

To escape. I'll either gamble that your heart will have you risking

Sneaking back to see me. Now let's use my finger for some frisking."

Then she tickled him, until he laughed so hard he had to cough.She gave giant mouth to mouth, but wouldn't take her big lips off.

Thus began their kissing. Though his future would be open ended,

He would stay (for now) with Kayte, on whom his happiness depended.

Tennyce hadn't yet discovered that his amulet could climb

Through the years which were the rungs of that great ladder known as time.

If he had, he might have thought of trying to find out Kate's decision

(Whether she would love or eat him as an adult) with that vision.

Meanwhile Nonvor went with Friemann to the place where she had been,

During banishment (in Chapter 2), so king and giant Queen

Could have privacy for honeymoon. He said he couldn't muster

Her experience of marriage. Nonvor smiled and said to trust her.

At the palace, Ambloome, Lee-John, Jenyfer and Braisyde stayed

For a double date. The girls retained their giant size, and played

Ambloome's board game. Each girl used her Viking beau to be her token,

Rolled the dice, and moved her man, while pleasant words by all were spoken.

There were now four Vikings loving giants. One had gained a wife,

While the youngest had begun his courtship, gambling hard with strife.

Then the other two had girlfriends, who could shrink while on their planet,

And protect it from the many threats, which almost overran it.

A ruler of giants, King Shrubbz, in his kitchen was trying to whip up the tastiest omelet,

But everything stuck to the fry pan, so all that he did with utensils could pry nothing from it.

In fits of great rage, he then sent for advisors, who told him that neighbouring giants could fry

With ease, in the kingdom of Nonvor, and so he assigned a reliable visiting spy.

The spy went to Nonvor's and learned that the secret of constant reliable non-sticking frying

Was found in their cooking oil. They had the finest, and Shrubbz had no interest in honestly buying.

He mounted his forces and travelled to Nonvor's to conquer her kingdom, and gather the spoils,

Which would have included all sorts of great treasures, but his main concern was their best cooking oils.

So Nonvor fought back with her armies as well, who defeated King Shrubbz and his plundering raiders.

The death toll was high on both sides, as the Queen lost as many fine men as the king of invaders.

The king was a casualty. Once he had died, Shrubbz' own kingdom was forfeit. So Nonvor assumed

Its rule, and was just with new subjects she gained, while the flames in old frying pans no longer fumed.

Kayte's Mom, Alicindra requested an audience, wanting to speak with Queen Nonvor, explaining

That wives from both kingdoms had now become widows, and had to compete for the free men remaining.

She added that Jenyfer, Ambloome, her daughter Kayte, Nonvor and she all had feelings for men,

Who came from the planet earth, smaller but lovely. She wanted to match-make such pairings again.

She asked the Queen if she'd allow the creation of what Alicindra would proudly endeavor,

Called Ladies Attaching To Earthling Romantics As Lovable Darlings Are Tiniest Ever:

A singles group only for ladies and earth men, which she would then run by the name L.A.T.E.R.A. .T.E.,

An acronym. Also, she hoped that the presence of others would be an example for Kayte.

When Tennyce and Kayte reached adulthood, she wanted those two to get married, instead of her daughter

Presuming to use her invaluable boyfriend for her old intention of culinary slaughter.

"I'll make sure she doesn't regardless," said Nonvor, "When she turns eighteen, she can possibly dodge

Parental authority. Mine will make sure that she'll spare him, lest dungeon become her new lodge."

So LATERALDATE started, and Flyte made new amulets, first for the giants, and then for their spouses

Or boyfriends from earth. It was news in the cities of earth on TV in all citizens' houses:

"The giants are coming, but only to court you. We welcome them here, if they know to take 'no'

As answers, and if you prefer to reside in their alien world, you are willing to go."

More women were dying on earth from atrocities, shown on the news in the evenings and mornings.

The Vikings had wondered if all this tied in with old prophecies pointing to End-Of-Time warnings.

The couples (you've already read of) joined LATERALDATE. Then giant women joined singles events

On earth, and used all of their size and their charm to ingratiate selves, as they courted the gents.

Back in Norway, Friemann Fltye (Professor, Viking) was the link,

Making amulets for men and giantesses, who would think

That a cross-dimension love affair was good for giant lasses

And small men; and yet those amulets were not known to the masses.

Then a Viking man called Alban, to whom amulets were known,

Proved he was the type who just could not leave well enough alone.

So he came to Flyte's headquarters, underhandedly inspected

What was going on; and then the man obnoxiously objected.

Pointing out that Flyte himself and three more Viking lads had gone

Off on dating trips in Ambloome's world – that's Tennyce and Lee-John,

Also Braisyde – Alban said that this was weakening the village.

With its fighting men away, the neighbours might well come to pillage.

"What if every Viking chose to go and date a giantess?"

Alban said, "The town's defenses would reduce to less and less.

You should pick up your responsibilities, not manufacture

All these amulets, which only cause our fighting force to fracture."

Flyte responded, "You're forgetting that we didn't lose Braisyde.

We gained Jenyfer, who saved our village, when the raging tide

Brought a wave of devastation, which would otherwise have flooded."

Alban, quite the born control freak, felt his belt could be more studded.

He was keen to quickly nip this inter-dating in the bud,

So his belt of token victories might acquire another stud.

He approached the village leader, hiding all his lost composure,

In the hope that he could bring about dimension travel closure.

But the leader had compassion for the feelings of the ones,Who had partnered up with giant girls, acquiring bigger guns

To defend the village. Alban couldn't see himself enlisting

Such a leader for his purpose: narcissistically resisting.

When he couldn't force his hand by redefining what was right,

He went back to Friemann's workshop, telling lies to trouble Flyte,

Who consulted with the village leader, happily confirming

He could go on. Flyte was not the kind reduced to helpless squirming.

He had never suffered bullies, and he got the chance to tell

What was going on, when Ambloome came, with Jenyfer, as well

As their Viking boys (Lee-John and Braisyde) who were soon reporting:

Other giant girls had passed up Alban, when they'd come there, courting.

What they didn't know, while they were in the place where Friemann worked

On his amulets (for giant golden payments), Alban lurked,

Listening in to what they said. He then lost every single chapter,

Of the plot, and thought a giantess was someone he should capture.

So he waited, 'til the group thinned out, then took his Viking blade,

Put the Princess Ambloome in a headlock, forced the lovely maid

To be teleporting both of them to her world, and advised her

Not to grow, or he would use his blade, and she'd be none the wiser.

He was jealous, that he couldn't get a giant girl to fall

For his rugged style of courtship. So he threatened one and all,

Telling Nonvor she could call off any more dimension travel.

Then Lee-John jumped him and set her free; and Nonvor swung her gavel.

She was merciful and sentenced him to one month in a cage,

Then returned him to the Vikings, where he had to cease his rage,

And accept that men and giantesses would be harmonizing.

Then he learned another fact, which he considered was surprising.

Alban busted into Friemann's place at night, and sticky-beaked

All the records of the bearers of those amulets, and tweaked

To the fact that one was just a kid, who might have been the weaker

Of the links in all this action. So the fighter turned to speaker.

Alban called upon young Tennyce, posed as friend, to try a ploy

Of exacting information from this rather active boy.

Tennyce thought he'd found a confidant, and told his private story.

Alban stored that information, making use of what was gory.

Once he learned that Kayte had done her best (not once, but twice) to eat

Tennyce, Alban spread the word in circles, forming an elite

Squad of trouble making Vikings, who were keen to fight the giants.Then they stole Flyte's latest amulets, and utilized the science.

When they got to Nonvor's palace, they made sure that they weren't seen.

They prepared to take the life of someone there to guard the Queen.

If they took her out, then Friemann Fltye would lose the fight forever,

They believed, as they prepared to do what they believed was clever.

They had brought along those large syringes, used to wash an ear

(By some doctors) in the hope that when their Viking squad got near,

They could use them, filled with poison, with a plan that one said, "hinges

On our sneaking right up next to them and using our syringes."

First they killed the guard outside the Queen's room, which left Nonvor shocked,

As she didn't know the cause of death, and now the Queen was locked

Into finding someone else to take the role of her protection.

What could happen to the next one left some room for circumspection.

Friemann Fltye was worried badly too, and then a thought occurred.

Alban hadn't seemed the type to go without the final word

On a subject; and by then, Flyte knew some amulets were taken.

He consulted with Lee-John, lest Nonvor's life should be forsaken.

Both suspected what had happened, but they lacked the proper means

Of ensuring that more guards would not lose life, to save the queen's,

Since the stack of stolen amulets had clearly indicated

Quite a lot of rebel Vikings were around; and so they waited.

Friemann, Braisyde, Tennyce and Lee-John then formed a Secret Squad,

Who would search the palace hiding spots, with sword or fighting rod.When they found the hidden lair, they used some new communicators

That Professor Flyte had made, and let the giants know their status.

Though the Secret Squad was only four, the giants joined the fray:

Ambloome Jenyfer and Kayte and Alicindra won the day,

As they fought the rebel Vikings, and locked all of them in cages.

Ambloome grieved her childhood friend, the guard, and coped in passing stages.

Though so much ill-will had come from Alban's evil, Friemann Flyte

(Who had worked with Alicindra – Kayte's Mom – helping them unite

Loving giant girls with earth boys) found that she was even keener

To continue running LATERALDATE with positive demeanor.

All the members of the rebel Viking squad (whose first assault

Killed the guard) were held accountable, with Alban most at fault.

They were fed and kept in Port-a-Vaults in one small palace garden,

Called the Prison Stretch of Grass. Now they would never get a pardon.

One day Ambloome headed from the palace, walking on her own.She was followed by her Viking boyfriend. He knew she was prone

To some darker thoughts, since she had said the guard had once been reading

Pleasant stories, when she was a child, with her attention needing.

Ambloome came to Alban's Port-a-Vault, and said, "I want to know

Why you murdered my old friend the guard, to strike a spiteful blow,

From resentment that my fellow giant women weren't your consort.

Tell me, also, how you rounded up your allies for your onslaught."

"They were glad to help me, giant girl," said Alban, "But the trick

Was my telling them of Kayte's affair with Tennyce, which was sick.That young lady tried to eat the boy, and then they both went steady.

When I spoke of that depravity, my men were good and ready."

"You're the sick one!" Ambloome roared at him, "Your lousy prejudice

Put my best friend in the grave, and left your whole team stuck like this.

I should lift your vaults up high and throw them straight towards the water

Of my pool, but unlike you, I don't resort to wholesale slaughter."

Then she turned to leave the Prison Stretch of Grass, and saw Lee-John.

He'd been listening, and she wondered what he thought of what went on.

"What if he was right?" she asked in tears, when he began consoling

Ambloome, "What if Kayte's attempt to eat that boy set all this rolling?"

"But it didn't," said Lee-John, "That madman Alban used the facts

To inaugurate his evil war with unprovoked attacks.

If you're wondering what to make of Kayte, just seek your own conclusion.

Are your thoughts about her dating linked with Alban's vile intrusion?"

"It's been lovely that she's dating Tennyce. Think of High School Prom,

With a tiny boy to take there, and I'm pleased that Kayte's nice Mom

Alicindra's made this dating group, to keep our peoples mixing.

But the prejudice of Alban's kind has need of proper fixing."

Then in time the rumours (of the reasons Alban used) did leak,

So that Kayte and Tennyce learned of them, and took the chance to speak.

"I should not have trusted Alban with accounts of how your dentures

Would have spared me for your soft consumption, during our adventures."

That was Tennyce's deduction. Kayte replied, "You're not to blame.

Even now, if Mom said 'yes', I'd gladly eat you all the same.

But I also love you. I'm the one that Alban used for stirring

Up a pot of insurrection, that you couldn't be deterring."

Meanwhile Ambloome said, "I could have killed him. Do I share his yoke?"

"Not at all," Lee-John said, "Since you haven't lumped my Viking folk

In together with our worst examples, wanting retribution.

Alban did that, when he played on Kayte, and chose a foul solution."

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