Ambloome Princess of Giants

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The Trial of Kayte's Mom

Kayte invited all her girls' school friends to be her birthday guests

At a party in her house and gardens, where at last their zests

(To be introduced to Tennyce) would be met with celebration

Of that partnership as well. She sent a special invitation.

Tennyce told his closest friend: a 14 year old Viking too,

Who said, "I wish I could come and meet a giant girl, as you

Have successfully accomplished. They'd be all there waiting for me."Tennyce told him, "I could sneak you in, when I turn up there, Stawmi.

I can understand your envy. Even though my lovely Kayte

Would have eaten me, I've never been in such a happy state,

Since I fell in love with her, and learned she also had romantic

Special feelings. I forgot her gulping plans. I'm not pedantic."

"You'd be helping me to gatecrash, uninvited," Stawmi said.

"I don't have to be that loyal. She was very nearly fed,

With myself, and you're my longest standing friendship," answered Tennyce,

"And I hardly think a hidden unknown guest would be a menace."

On the night, they used his amulet, to reach a giant tree,

On the outskirts of the garden, where the Viking boys could see

Colored lights which flashed in other trees, and several girls indulging

In the party food, which kept their giant munching faces bulging.

"I'll just leave you here for now said Stawmi, "You can look around.

I can check on you at times, and you can tell me if you found

Any girl you'd like to meet, and I can introduce you to her.

But you can't be shy. These giants much prefer an active doer."

Tennyce used his amulet, and teleported to a plate,

Which was carrying some finger food, and held by lovely Kayte.

She was wearing an amazing dress, with Stawmi's keen attention

Focused fully on the birthday giant girl of that dimension.

Kayte enjoyed the way her Viking boyfriend's body simply popped

In from nowhere. Then she raised her voice, and conversations stopped.

She presented Tennyce to her friends, who found themselves admiring

Such a "cute" and handsome tiny boy they wished they'd been acquiring.

As the girls began to spread around, with Stawmi looking on,

For the moment, he was still content to just remain anon.

Then Kayte's Mom came out the back door. Stawmi looked and found her stunning.

But a kid his age expected he would not be in the running.

She'd prefer a grown up Viking, though he knew of LATERALDATE,

And was glad she'd set that venture up to help alleviate

Any difficulties getting started on one's quest for romance.

He just wished he hadn't fallen for the one with whom he'd no chance.

Alicindra introduced herself to every girl in turn,

And approached the ones beneath his branch, which made the boy's heart burn:

"If I only said hello to her, her way of being friendly

Might include a giant kiss or two, if amulets could send me."

Then she stopped and held a bowl of lollies just beneath his limb

Of the tree, and so he launched himself towards her, on a whim,

Landing softly in the lollies, but the flashing lights had blinded

Her from seeing his approach. He wondered if she would have minded.

Alicindra dipped her fingers in, and sampled several sweets.

Then she offered them around to other girls as party treats.

Stawmi found the times he'd jumped from seashore rock to rock was handy,

As he constantly avoided being lifted up like candy.

Soon Kayte's Mom was there alone again, and Stawmi watched her eyes,

Too embarrassed to reveal he was a Viking in disguise,

Not a lolly. Still this brought him closer. Now he'd go on planning

How to start a conversation, when he came within her spanning.

"Maybe I should let her pick me up, and bring me near her lip.

If she accidentally puts me in her mouth, a guilty trip

Might then lead to compensation kisses, if I watch my timing.

If I tried to get up there myself, I'd never make the climbing."

He was thinking that, and then he saw and heard Kayte's mother say:

"Can you hand these lollies out? I'll put some music on, to play?"

Then he turned, to see that Kayte now had the bowl, and started dipping

In her hand. She put him in her mouth, and Stawmi started slipping.

She had thought he was a lolly in the dimly lit backyard,

Was about to do, what motivated murder of that guard,

(When the news of her attempts at eating Tennyce were repeated

To the rebel Vikings Ambloome and her friends had then defeated).

Stawmi grabbed her teeth and dodged around, while trying not to slide,

As the girl who didn't know of him, kept opening her mouth wide,

Trying to draw him in towards her throat, so she could send him quickly

Down her throat. He hoped she didn't find his moving presence tickly.

He considered calling out to her, to let her know of him,

But he knew she'd gladly gobble him for pleasure on a whim,

Since the rules her Mom had made were just confined to one specific

Boy for sparing. Kayte would find that eating Stawmi was terrific.

She'd be even more contented, since she could have dated one

Of the Viking boys, and eat the other Viking up for fun.

There was only one way he could save himself, was his own coaching.

So he held her teeth and struggled 'til he saw Kayte's Mom approaching.

When she came to take the bowl from Kayte, he used her lip to vault

From her mouth, amazing Alicindra with a somersault.

Then he landed in the lolly bowl. Kayte's Mom was not offended,

As she lifted him and smiled. So Stawmi found himself befriended.

He apologized to both of them, explaining that he fell

From the tree, and was mistaken for a candy man as well.

He reminded Kayte, to check on whether Tennyce integrated

With her school friends' conversations. Her involvement was belated.

Stawmi felt so much embarrassment, at falling for the host,

And confessing how he'd gate crashed and admired Kayte's Mom the most.

She was friendly, and she said, "I'd like to date you, little Cutie."

Then she kissed him, and he told her how much he admired her beauty.

He had seen his expectations come a cropper at the seams,

As the imminence of Kayte's throat had extinguished all his dreams.

Then he'd felt her lovely Mom's huge lips affectionately pressing

His whole face, revealing chemistry that he had not been guessing.

Now she took him off, to talk alone, and said, "I wish I'd known,

That you wanted what you did. I would have said, "Don't come alone,"

So that Tennyce would have brought you too. I'm glad we've found each other."

"So am I," said Stawmi, "Now I know Kayte has a lovely mother."

Then he felt her lovely kiss again. It really changed his mood,

From the fearful apprehensions that he'd be her daughter's food.

"I would like to ask my married girlfriends over for a function,

And be showing off my little boyfriend, free of all compunction."

When the party guests had gone, Kayte's Mom asked both the boys inside

For a night-cup, which they all drank from. Both girls declared with pride,

That they loved their tiny Viking partners: paired with Mom and Daughter.

Kayte said, "Mom I guess this means that Tennyce won't see my aorta."

"He had better not," said Alicindra, "Can't you see that we

Are in love, just like you two? I won't allow that boy to be

Any meal for you. You'll have to find another form of mischief.

Little boys aren't made for gobbling down. They're really made for this stuff."

Then to demonstrate the point she made, Kayte's Mom gave one more kiss

To her newfound boyfriend, saying, "Use your mouth in that way, Miss.

Don't forget that crazy Alban thinks your appetite's the reason

For his team of reckless renegades who struck with fatal treason."

Then both girls repaired to separate rooms and romanced their small beaus,

'Til the evening was approaching time to draw things to a close.

Alicindra said good night, and then the Viking boys departed.

Kayte, asked, "Mother, do you ever wonder what you've really started?"

Alicindra laughed, and said, "Perhaps you were the starting force.

If I hadn't come upon you, he'd have been your second course,

Since you'd had your lunch already, on the day you tried dispatching

Tennyce. Ever since I saw you two together, love was catching."

Stawmi stayed the night with Tennyce, where the two of them discussed

How they'd line up future dates. "I think the first thing that we must

Do is let Flyte know that you've joined LATERALDATE and kissed its founder.

He'll be glad to make an amulet, so you can be around her."

That was Tennyce's suggestion, and the other boy agreed.

"Does he dish them up for everyone who feels the burning need

To be dating giant women?" Stawmi asked; and explanations

Of the functioning of LATERALDATE were given out with patience.

It was parent / teacher night one evening at the giant school

Kayte attended. Alicindra went and hung a twinkling boule

(That's a pear-shaped imitation gemstone) centered by her necklace.

Looking lovely as a mother, she attracted someone reckless.

Yes Deevawsidadde (some father) also there, soon made a pass,

When he learned that Kayte was also in his teenaged daughter's class;

And that Kayte's Mom was alone. Deevawsidadde said, "I'm now single,

And the sight of you is making all my senses feel a tingle."

"Did your wife die, like my husband?" Alicindra asked the man.

"No. I felt we'd taken marriage just as far as people can.

I got bored with her and left," Deevawsidadde was most forthcoming,

"And the way you sat and crossed your legs made things in me start humming."

"So you took the best years of her life, while better men commit

All their lives; and now you're telling me you've simply gone and quit

On your marriage vows; and you expect you'll usher me from places

I would rather spend with someone who has never known embraces…

… I'm already seeing someone. He's from earth and fully dotes

On me, coming here whenever he has time, which he devotes

To the sweetest dates I've ever had. So please unhand my shoulder,"

Kayte's Mom answered. Then the look she gave him couldn't have been colder.

Though Deevawsidadde now hated Vikings, they had Nonvor's ear.Soon his daughter shared some gossip that she'd learned at school that year:

Alicindra's earthling boyfriend was a 14 year old junior

Near her daughter's age. Deevawsidadde would use this to impugn her.

He reported what was going on, although he'd hardly closed

Any doors to having his own daughter-witness then deposed

By Duguda (one old friend of his), who'd be the prosecutor.

Since she wouldn't date Deevawsidadde, she'd have to lose her suitor.

Since the boy was underage, Kayte's Mom was summoned and was charged.

Ambloome went to earth and fetched him as a witness, then enlarged.

Alicindra chose to represent herself. Duguda used

Nonvor's membership in LATERALDATE, which had the queen recused.

Trial began with opening arguments. Duguda said, "We'll show

That this woman is a criminal with some young boy in tow;

That although his size is different, she should not have tasted that fruit.He was underage; and Alicindra chose to break the statute."

Alicindra took the stand and then was asked how old she was.

She responded, "I'm now 45. I met the boy because

He was at my daughter's birthday party." Then more answers followed;

Though she didn't choose to mention how the boy was almost swallowed.

She was asked, "Did you start LATERALDATE in order to obtain

Someone underage, expecting that the courts would then refrain

From a prosecution, if the boy was not from this dimension?"

She responded, "No I didn't. That was never my intention."

Then Duguda called her Viking boyfriend Stawmi to the stand,

Where he gave his age as nearly 15. "Tell us: In your land,

Are there laws preventing women (thrice the age of adolescents)

From indulging improprieties as middle age depressants?"

That was how Duguda phrased his question. Kayte's Mom chose to shout

An "Objection! He can learn the laws of earthling folk, without

Making implications, which are crass and unsubstantiated."

Judge Admyra then sustained the first objection Kayte's Mom stated.

Stawmi detailed what he knew of laws on earth, to please the court.

His experiential knowledge only came from those who taught

Teenage boys at school, and couldn't breach the principles of teaching.

Alicindra said, "To use that rule in this case would be reaching."

"Could you tell the court the way she asked you out?" Duguda said.

Alicindra called, "Objection! We can't have this witness led!"

When the Judge sustained, her ruling called for delicate rephrasing,

By Duguda, while the giants there were all intently gazing.

Stawmi didn't want the court informed of time that he had spent

In Kayte's mouth; and so he left some details out, but said he went

To the party uninvited, which would prove Kayte's Mom the victim

Of his trespassing in her place. No-one there could say she tricked him.

He explained the way he'd hidden on the branch, before he divedIn the lolly bowl, pursuing Alicindra, who had thrived

On politely feeding female giant guests. He documented

How he'd stared at her and felt the giant should be complimented.

He went on to say he loved his first collision with her lip,

And declared, before the court, how their involved relationship

Made him happy, never causing any harm to him or others,

Saying, "Tennyce wanted Kayte's love, but I'd rather have her mother's."

Closing arguments were made. At first, Duguda said, "It's lewd.

That the boy initiated this just cannot be construed

As a woman's invitation to begin participating

With a minor. So Your Honour, does the statute need restating?"

Alicindra closed as well and said, "I've tried to stay aloof,

While the Prosecutor slandered me, without providing proof.Yes I'm 45, three times his age, but there was nothing phony

In the love that we've been sharing. You have heard his testimony…

… We have kissed each other frequently, and talked alone and shared

A romantic interaction, which just shouldn't have been bared

To a public hearing, just because the Prosecutor's buddy

Made an unsuccessful move on me and chose my name to muddy …

… I have never asked, nor helped this boy to start to fornicate.I've been innocent, within the law on every single date.So I move that court costs should be covered by the prosecution,

And suggest Deevawsidadde and he be placed in institution!"

She'd initiated LATERALDATE, and ran it with no aid.She could hold her own in public speech, when court room scenes were played.She'd been picked apart and vilified, and seen her boy dissected,Just because a man (who'd walked out on his wife) had been rejected.

There was silence in the court room, as the one who'd represent

Just herself (and all the audience) could see: A precedent

Would be set, when Judge Admyra made her monumental ruling.

In the mean time Stawmi stared at Alicindra, keenly drooling.

From the looks observed by Tennyce, he thought people empathized

With this love affair. Yet often those in power had surprised

Him on earth, when he'd been led to think that he'd be dealt with fairly.He'd begun to wonder if the proper outcomes happened rarely.

Then at last the judge came back and said, "In chambers I've reviewed

All the evidence, and find that this affair is nothing crude.

The defendant lost her husband. She had every right in seeking

What found HER, while prosecution's main informant's motive's reeking…

… So I find for the defendant, and Duguda I suggest

That before you waste my time again, apply a simple test:

Is the cause of action frivolous? Was any crime committed?

Or are you merely acting for an ally who's embittered?"

In the eyes of everyone in court, the boy hugged Kayte's Mom's neck.

Kayte and Tennyce had been there throughout. Lee-John had gone to checkOn their interest in appearing when the judge commenced proceedings.

Both the Viking boys and Kayte admired her Mom's convincing pleadings.

Then the Judge called on Kayte's Mom and said, "There's something I should say.Now the trial is over, it would not be deemed as ex pâté.

Since you've proved your actions innocent, while selfish men degraded

What you've done, I found myself exploring your affair, persuaded:

Could I join your LATERALDATE, so you could help me find a guy

To replace my husband (who was lost in war), but not as high?

I would like my second man to be much smaller than a midget,

And collide with my big lips as well, with tiny hands to fidget."

"I'd be glad to sign you up," said Alicindra, "but it might

Make the public think that my acquittal wasn't fully right."

"They might think me biased, if I wanted boys as young as Stawmi,"

Judge Admyra said, "But I'd be glad if adult earth men saw me."

When the judge had gone, Kayte's Mom and Stawmi finally had time,

To renew prolonged enjoyment, since they'd proved it wasn't crime.

Alicindra gave him lengthy kisses. "Thank you for your public

Declarations of the way that this has left you feeling lovesick…

… You portrayed your deepest love for me, while two misguided souls

Did their best to learn as little as they could from burning coals.

I'm aware that when we first met, you thought you might be unwelcome.

Can I tell you you're the best thing in my life, if that will help some?"

Stawmi, moved to tears, then told her, "I just don't think I'd have stood

Them removing you, and spoiling all we've got that's been so good.

I'm in love with you, like he loves Kayte, and you don't want to eat me."

"Oh my darling little one," she said, "I think you're such a sweetie."

Elsewhere Ambloome said, "We've had two jealous nasty men of late;

One from here (Deevawsidadde) and one from earth with his own hate

(Alban). Both have tried to ruin cross dimensional romances.

If it happens one more time, the queen and I are taking stances."

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