Ambloome Princess of Giants

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The Passing of the Pearls

Kayte and Tennyce (on a picnic) had a talk one sunny day.

"Would you like to come for lunch next week? My Mom will be away,"

Kayte informed him, "She and Stawmi will be on a joint vacation.

You and I can have the house alone, by special invitation."

Tennyce turned up on the day and saw that Kayte at last had donned

Her most lovely dress: his favourite. He had told her he was fond

Of the stunning girl in all her dresses; but he'd kept on hinting.

On this day she'd finally worn it. He stared up at her, still squinting.

From the ground, to him, her face was so high up. He keenly strained

All his vision to look up at her; and then the girl explained:

"I was saving it for you to see, and this is that occasion:

Mom would never let me eat you, but she didn't need persuasion…

… On the day before I asked you on this date, she said she'd thought

I could do it after all. So be aware your time is short.

As you know, I find that laughter is the most appealing tonic.

So I'll eat you in your favourite dress, and won't that be ironic?"

Though he tried to run away, she had her fingers quickly catch

Tennyce. Then she said, "You don't have long. You'll soon be down the hatch.

Mom won't save you this time, little boy, and don't attempt to squabble.

I'll soon have you in my mouth, and then I'm really going to gobble!"

"Just one question, Kayte," he said, "If she had never once agreed,

And we later turned 18, would you have used me just to feed

Your big tummy; or would you have let me live and then consented

To a marriage? I just have to know if you'd have been contented."

"At 18, I'd make my own decisions," Kayte said, "You'd be gone,

And you will be in a minute, even though you turn me on.

Have a good trip down. Forget your every dream that you could own me.Now you'll never have the chance to live with me in matrimony."

He could only watch the pleasure on the laughing face of Kayte.Then she put him in her giant mouth, and (in one piece) she ate

Him, by swallowing and gulping. Then she simply started reading,

Unconcerned with what she'd done to him, in spite of all his pleading.

For an hour she read a book, relaxed and most inclined to slouch,

As she'd made herself more comfortable upon her mother's couch.Then she closed the book and saw that, on another couch there rested

Such a tiny earthling boyfriend whom she thought she'd just digested.

"Don't get up," said Tennyce, "Friemann Flyte replaced that amulet,

Which was giant sized, with this one. Then I made a vital bet

With your Mom, that if she lifted what had been a safe restriction,

You would eat me. I've observed you simply reveling in fiction…"

"… You've been reading, since my tiny hidden amulet removed

Me from you; and your straight answer to my final question proved

That your appetite is greater than your love, which has no passion.

You have teased me, when you did it, wearing such a lovely fashion."

"Tennyce! You and Mom have really played a very clever trick.

This is great. Now you can use that, if you teleport out quick.

I can eat you many times, and we can still enjoy the romance.

Let me put you on my shoulder, and we'll have a little slow dance."

"No. It's over Kayte," said Tennyce, "This has been a proper test.

Though I'll always be in love with you, I've seen how you can jest

In the cruelest way, with no regard for things that you've been doing.

While I would have gladly stayed with you, it's hardly worth pursuing."

"Go ahead and leave!" said Kayte, "Some other boys (as big as me)

Have been asking me for dates; and even though you just got free;

I've still had the fun of eating you, which you have not prevented,

Even though the meal I thought I'd bought ends up just briefly rented."

When Kayte's Mom returned, she asked if Stawmi could apply his size

And his amulet, to go to earth and properly advertise

Her next function that she'd host at home for LATERALDATE, expected

To attract a lot of giant girls, since she was well connected.

The publicity from Alicindra's trial had well increased

Giant membership attendance expectations for the feast.

Stawmi's amulet brought several earthling men in quick succession,

With a score of teleporting trips, where interest found expression.

In the course of evening interaction, one young man called Britt,

Who was 31 and never married, saw a woman sit

Right beside him. She was 46 and elegant and dainty.

She was Ells-Bethe, and she found that Britt was positively saintly.

Soon she asked him if he'd like to go and be alone somewhere,

And then kiss her. He accepted, and the tranquil evening air

Kept them comfortable, while she was walking with him to her workplace:

One small shop, not open after hours, with no-one there to purchase.

"Can't we go to your place?" Britt asked, "It would have more atmosphere."

"But my husband's not aware I joined that group. It's better here.I'm a married woman, but I've never kissed a man so compact.

So I infiltrated LATERALDATE and tried the food Kayte's Mom stacked."

"This is really tempting," Britt said, "Since I think that you're the most

Lovely giantess I met tonight, including quite a host.I'm so flattered that at last a gorgeous woman would consult me.But I can't do what we both want. It would constitute adultery ….

… I'm quite sure that Omni-Child you mentioned wants you to be true

To your husband, and as much as I'd give anything to woo

Your affections, I think marriage is a lifetime of commitment."

When he finished, he walked off, but giant fingers went where Britt went.

"It's too bad you feel that way," she said. She tied him to her hair,

Then unrolled a sleeping bag, and settled down to sleep right there.

"Just a kiss was all I asked for. Since you're not cooperating,

You can stay here as my prisoner, with no further chance of dating."

"Don't you understand?" he asked at last, "It isn't right to cheat.

I came here in search of marriage, which would make my life complete.

I don't want a passing interlude, that only serves to ruin

Someone else's proper fairytale, which should have been their shoe-in."

"Are you absolutely sure of that?" asked Ells-Bethe, looking stern.

"If you never let me go, then I shall simply have to learn

How to cope with being punished for continually adhering

To my principles, no matter how your features are endearing."

"Well I'm glad to hear it," Ells-Bethe said, and rapidly untiedLittle Britt, "I never would have let you kiss me, if you tried.

Here's a picture of my little sister, who was once discarded

By Deevawsidadde, a disappointment. This has left her guarded."

"She's adorable as you are," Britt said, "What's this have to do

With the way you brought me here and tried to force a kiss with you?"

"She's retreated into parenting her daughter in denial

Of her loneliness, despite the news of Alicindra's trial …

… She was unconvinced that she could ever trust another spouse.

And her daughter's made new friends and has a life outside the house.

So I asked her: If I tested someone's values, being careful,

Would she give some thought to trusting him? She said she would, though prayerful …

… Would you like me to inform her of the ways that you replied

To the pressure I employed? I really think that she'll decide

To go out with you." So Britt said, "Yes." His courtship started healing

All the damage from Deevawsidadde's unfaithful double dealing.

One day people from the Viking village, sitting high on rocks,

Watched a giant girl appearing in the water, near the docks.

It was Kayte. She strode right into town, and scanned the village, searching.Then she came upon a lonely hill, where Tennyce rested, perching.

He'd been watching Kayte approaching, and experienced a fear

For himself and other villagers; but as the girl drew near,

He could only think romantic words, which sounded good on paper,

As he thought back to the way they'd met and she'd announced her caper.

"Can we talk?" she asked, "I borrowed one of mother's amulets

For her customers. I could have gathered up the Viking nets

And ensnared a score of Viking boys and had them all for dinner.

But I came to win your trust, if that's a suitable beginner."

"What about those other boys you're dating?" Tennyce asked, perplexed.

"I just stood one up, and didn't want another date made next,"

Kayte replied, "I didn't mean it, when I said I'd not have missed you.If you find the truth convincing, I'm unable to resist you…"

"… I am overcome at times by my desire to make a snack;

But I'll never force you down again. So please just take me back.I don't want to be with giant boys. Although I've been voracious,

You have always been the only one for me, if you'll be gracious."

"This is quite a co-dependency," said Tennyce, "But since I

Played my trick, with your Mom's help, and saved myself and said goodbye,

There has never been a person who has caught my eye in Norway,

With such love we shared once amulets had given me the doorway…

… So explain to me this urge you've got for such a dining vice."

"It was just for fun at first, but now I know you taste so nice,"

Kayte replied, "I'll have to find another way of satisfying

Such an appetite, which doesn't call for little Vikings dying."

"I could still attach my amulet to something on my wrist,

Let you have your fun, and then pop out before I'm really missed,"

He said, "Would you like the chance to go ahead and do it often?

I don't mind, if your big tummy doesn't then become a coffin."

"I'd love that," she said, "But that's not why I came. When we're adults,

I am hoping that our courtship will have marital results.

Though I might have filled this conversation up with lengthy jargon,

My delight at what you've offered needn't enter in the bargain."

So she took him back to her place, and the Vikings didn't lose

Any citizens. They did their Sunday best to just excuse

Her excursion through their village. They'd been happy to survive it,

And ensured the reconciliation on the hill was private.

Friemann Fltye and Nonvor had been married 14 months thus far;

While on earth he worked with Stawmi, who became the rising star.Stawmi learned the hidden secrets used for building and repairing

Lots of amulets in sizes men or giants could be wearing.

Flyte had chosen him, because the boy was in relationship

With Kayte's Mom, who ran the dating service. Now he could equip

Alicindra with her clients' amulets himself, as maker.

Then those amulets were sold to any willing paying taker.

Still Deevawsidadde was jealous of the boy (not known to work

On the LATERALDATE arrangements with Kayte's Mom, and as a perk

Would be kissing her instead of him). He started further plotting,

And one night approached the place where Alban's rebel squad was rotting.

When he reached the Prison Stretch of Grass, he used the proper tools

To remove the doors from Port-a-Vaults and free the little fools.Then they all conspired together, since the lot of them resented

Interaction through dimensions, which they thought should be prevented.

They were unaware of Stawmi's training, thinking their main foe

Was Professor Friemann Fltye, and so they said he had to go.

First Deevawsidadde acquired a poison serum from a sapling,

And asked Alban their Barbarian to get the next stage happening.

With his team of rebel Vikings on the lookout, Alban snuck

Into Nonvor's royal chamber, where he had a bit of luck,

Finding Friemann's drinking water. Then he poured their foul elixir

In the water, thinking, "Kayte's Mom counts on him, but this'll fix her."

They had pulled it off, though Nonvor had discovered their escape,

With the Port-a-Vaults in ruins and their doors bent out of shape.When she went inside the chamber later, she discovered Friemann

Barely conscious, with his skin gone red. She cursed some unknown demon.

He was dying, and her scientists had no known way to cure

What would kill an earthling body, which was previously pure.Nonvor took him with her amulet, and traveled from the present

To the future, where the outcome wasn't nearly so unpleasant.

In the distant future, radiation treatments would sustain

Fltye, if given to him weekly, but he'd still need to remain

In the future. So with heavy heart, the queen did abdicate

All the rights to rule her kingdom, as a policy of state.

There were quick and sad farewells, as she collected (from her wealth)

All she needed for a future house and home and Friemann's health.

Then she traveled to the future, with her sudden abdication

Leaving urgent need to organize Queen Ambloome's coronation.

All her Viking friends were special guests, as well as giant girls

Who were dating them. Lee-John enjoyed The Passing of the Pearls,

Which was part of that great ceremony. Yet he wouldn't settle,

With the rebel Vikings on the loose. That hunt would test his mettle.

Two days later Ambloome gathered all her soldiers and a stack

Of her giant friends and Viking allies. "That's the third attack

On our cross-dimension dating venture. I was quite specific,

That there shouldn't be another. Yet this last was quite horrific."

She made Stawmi's role official as the Keeper of the Trade,

To provide her troop with amulets. Then several more were made.

Then she led a team to Norway, sent them out to every city,

And demanded they produce the team who'd poisoned without pity.

Friemann Flyte was one of theirs, and though the queen had been quite blunt,

They were just as keen as her to implement a proper hunt.

When they'd tracked down all the rebel Vikings, Ambloome stayed in Norway,

With officials who had helped her, saying, "Now it's time for your say …

… You had motive, which we've seen before; but now you'd better talk.

Who removed the doors from Port-a-Vaults and gave the sapling stalk

That you needed for the poison, which was used on my stepfather?

When I know, I'll leave you here, but I'll be nasty, if you'd rather."

"It's Deevawsidadde. He said the woman he had tried to court

Was in love with some kid from the village. Then he said he thought

We could help each other put a stop to things, if we were tricky.So he gave me sapling serum, and I slipped a fatal Mickey."

The Norwegian court officials promised: Alban and his group

Would be punished there on earth for what he did. So Ambloome's troop

Then returned to their own planet, where Deevawsidadde was callous.

He was unaware that Alban had informed them of his malice.

He was apprehended easily, and thrown inside a cell.

Ells-Bethe's sister, who was dating Britt, got custody as well.She was called Camylla, and the daughter she'd born to the prisoner

Was a girl who went to school with Kayte and had the name Elizner.

Jenyfer and Ambloome got together one day to debrief,

And decided that their ever growing group could use relief.

So they organized with Alicindra's help, to run a formal

At the palace, just for LATERALDATE: the lovers far from normal.

They invited all the couples known, and others on the books.

Ambloome sponsored all the catering, and told the palace cooks

They'd be paid an extra bonus for their work, if they made ample,

So that everyone who came would have a feast of choice to sample.

When the evening came for Ambloome and Kayte's Mom to host the ball,

All existing couples got their first and greeted one and all:

There was Kayte's Mom Alicindra paired with Stawmi. Then her daughter

Kayte was coupled there with Tennyce, who of course was somewhat shorter.

There were Jenyfer with Braisyde, also Ambloome with Lee-John.

There was Britt with sweet Camylla. While the dating ball was on,

Her young daughter (that's Elizner) came along, though not yet seeking

A relationship with tiny boys, despite her mother's speaking.

Only Friemann Flyte and Nonvor couldn't make it, but below

In the dungeon was the father of the girl who didn't know

That Camylla's former husband was responsible for drugging

Nonvor's husband. Now she only saw her Mom and Britt play-hugging.

Alicindra told the men and boys to use the place entire

To conceal themselves, while giant women gathered, to retire

For a while inside the smallest room, and then the games were started.

She explained the rules of treasure hunting while the earthlings darted.

Then a room of giant women spread around, and each one sought

Any tiny one that they could find, and soon the lot were caught,

All except for Braisyde, who concealed himself, when he was able

On a plate of special pastries, when he'd climbed up on the table.

When the game was long since over, he could hear them all concur,

That he'd been the most successful. By then only Jenyfer

Was continuing the search for him, and then at last Camylla

Lifted up an apple Danish which she hoped would really fill her.

When the other ladies saw him there, they laughed, and someone called

Out for Jenyfer, who said, "My little boyfriend, you have stalled

Long enough by hiding on a plate of every kind of pastry.

It's a good thing Kayte's behaving, or she might have found you tasty."

"Thanks for being patient lately, Lee-John," Ambloome said outside,

"When my mother had to go, I really thought I could have cried.

Yet I had to put a brave face on, and step in as the ruler.

Well at least Kayte's Mom (at no point) let Deevawsidadde's charm fool her."

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