Ambloome Princess of Giants

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New Fields of Endeavour

In Sydney Australia, a legal assistant was keen on a lady he met, with a will

Which needed some changing, when she got divorced, with what she had left to her husband, until

They got separated. She wanted to leave it directly to those she was given to raising.

While she mainly dealt with his boss, a solicitor, Bryce (the assistant) was frequently gazing.

She kept on attending their office, to deal with dictating the Minutes of Legal Consent

(A document used in divorce cases often). He finally wanted to know her intent.

He asked if she'd like to go out on a date. She replied that she still wasn't feeling recovered.

He'd only been struggling with that for a while, when her dates with his boss were quite sadly discovered.

So sick of that lie, and the set-ups which led to false hopes, disappointment and then the great pain,He grew disillusioned, and heard on the grapevine, that giants were coming to earth on a rain

Of social activities made for some earth men to partner with women who really were giants.

He wondered if he could expect some more truth in their words, which he hadn't received in his client's.

He went to a party, arranged at a house with a very large park just behind the back fence,

Where giants attended and brought their own food, as the space in their stomachs was rather immense.

Then Bryce was soon talking and secretly asking himself if he would be the only desirer.

He happily learned that the giantess liked him; and she was the judge by the name of Admyra.

They both worked in legal careers and could follow the language and topics, as they came across

As highly compatible, paired with each other. He suddenly no longer envied his boss.The man and the judge were provided with amulets. Then they continued to set up more meetings;

While Sydney went mad with a current of organized crime, full of robbery, shootings and beatings.

One day they were talking to visiting giants named Ambloome and Jenyfer (who could contract

Themselves down to earthling size), filling them in with a mixture combining opinion and fact,

With details of what the police couldn't put all their efforts to tracking and finally curbing.

The giants, who'd never seen anything like it in their world, found all of it highly disturbing.

"You need some fake victims," was Ambloome's advice, "And although we are giants with power to shrink,

We'd stand a good chance, by inverting that concept, with Jenyfer and me to do this, I think:

We'd wander the streets and display lots of jewelry at earthling size, waiting for gangsters to jump us;

And then we'll reveal our small talent for growing, and pack up their toys in a playground of rumpus."

It all went to plan, and the gangsters discovered their bullets would not penetrate that far in,

When only a few of them managed to get a few accurate shots at the giant girls' skin.

They managed to wrap up the gang war, and made quite a splash, as the newspapers carried the headline.

To help with the poverty they had encountered, they brought giant food stocks for those on the bread line.

In their time of taking gangland on, Queen Ambloome and her shrinking scout

(Giant Jenyfer) saw many earthling people, who were missing out

On the proper living standards, given they were not replete with riches;

While the wealthy gangsters (they had stopped) had grown too big for any britches.

So she called a conference in her world, and said, "It's time to fix this farce.

There are several fields around the palace, and the Prison Stretch of Grass

Which we could rename, to show our earthling neighbours more than token pity.On each site, we'll use our giant labour, saving time, to build a city…

… We'll consult with earth and get some help to do the tiny inside jobs,

Like electric wiring, plumbing, finer painting tasks, attaching knobs,

And those other things our giant hands can't do. But we'll provide reduction

In the safety problems, being there on hand to oversee construction."

So then giant Queen and others went to earth to speak with kings and queens

And prime ministers and presidents about the giant planet's means

For relieving all the poverty and homelessness with such creation

Of those colonies; and loads of giant food to circumvent starvation.

On the giant world, no animals existed. So they had no meat,

But could spare abundant foods of other kinds which all were nice to eat;

And the earthlings could bring sample stock for raising herds of sheep and cattle,

Also pigs. An emigration office was refurbished in Seattle.

Jenyfer and Braisyde manned it, to determine those who'd emigrate

For the colonies on Ambloome's world. The offer they'd initiate

Was to disadvantaged people first: the homeless and the lonely single,

And the unemployed and orphans. They'd make giant friends, and intermingle.

Every city they constructed would have places on its outer rim,

Where a giantess could meet an earthling man, and interact with him,

So that Alicindra's venture (LATERALDATE) could still be operating,

But without the need for amulets to implement that kind of dating.

Since so many folks on earth (and also her world) had become aware

Of those amulets, Queen Ambloome thought the cities were the way to share

With each other. So she cautioned all her people to be more reclusive

To their own dimension, so that earthlings wouldn't find them too intrusive.

Any earthling men in search of giant wives would help to colonize

Those new cities in the giant fields; and LATERALDATE would improvise

Many ways for men to meet and date the giant women, not relying

On the constant movements in and out of earth's dimension, which grew trying.

Several years went by, before the project's many facets were fulfilled,

Using giant women and migrating earthlings, who would help to build

All those extra features into every room, until the lengthy mission

Had brought all of Ambloome's plans and visions into an achieved fruition.

Ambloome then was in her thirties; and at last Lee-John felt she'd say, "Yes."

Thus with marriage on their minds, he finally saw her in her bridal dress.

Just as keen to stay together, but at that stage with no inclination

For a wedding, Jenyfer and Braisyde long since left Seattle Station.

Right on twenty, Tennyce married Kayte, who'd kept her deep and lasting pact,

That she'd never more consider eating Tennyce, who could so attract

Such a giant girl to love him. Now the girl was married. There were tensions,

As her mother faced advances from the beings born of both dimensions.

Stawmi worried all the time that she could leave him for a giant man,

Or a settler in the colonies, as each was Alicindra's fan.She'd initiated LATERALDATE, and strived to keep the project going

In the colonies; and elegant at fifty, she was always glowing.

Deeply nervous, only twenty, still quite shy, the Viking lad proposed.She accepted. Stawmi married her, and thought that all the doors were closed

To the other men who'd wanted Alicindra, but without successes.

He had never known for sure if she'd commit to him, and lived for guesses.

Then she told him she was going on sabbatical, but all alone,

Leaving Kayte in charge of LATERALDATE, whose membership had really grown.

She'd be gone for several weeks. Then to his heartbreak, he, while undetected,

Overheard her tell an earth man her own age that he would be collected.

So he spied on her some more, and saw her hide the man amongst her gear.Then she sought him out and said goodbye; and Stawmi held back every tear.Once she'd gone, he cried and then told Tennyce he would now be redirecting

His attention to a life on earth in Norway. Kayte was unsuspecting.

Tennyce kept this to himself for days, but Kayte was very keen to probe

For the reasons Stawmi left the giant world, returning to his globe,

In abandonment of her nice mother. Tennyce told what was confided.

"Are you saying Mom would cheat on Stawmi? Don't you think that's just one-sided?"

Kayte was hurt, but they resolved their heated words and said they'd have to see

What would happen when her Mom returned. In Norway Stawmi, devotee

Of a love (he felt he'd lost) shut down and found his nightly sleeps extended,

Since he dreaded getting up, convinced his broken heart could not be mended.

Then one day some other Vikings told him he was needed on the shore,

Since a giant woman in her twenties sent for him, with nothing more

Than a promise that he'd find contentment if he just communicated

With the giantess. He forced himself to go to where the woman waited.

She was beautiful and said, "I'm Alicindra. When I went away,

I went calling on an old school friend, a scientist, who wrote to say

She'd heard rumours that I ran a dating service, which was specializing

In relationships with earth men, using functions I was organizing…

… She was busy with experiments, a scientist who seldom came

To the populated areas of my world. So the dating game

Was by correspondence. I would write for earth men in a tiny city,

Sending photographs, enlarged for her, and processed by my group's committee…"

"… Then she saw a man she liked, and he liked her, and so I took the guy

To the distant hills, and asked her help with something, which she gave a try.

She was able to perfect a one-time process, which can't be repeated

On another person ever. Now my aging process has been cheated …

… I was thirty years your senior. Now my darling, you are only five

Years my junior. We can be together longer. I'll still be alive.

I'm the only woman ever who's been more in love with someone younger

Than her first of husbands, with a way to benefit from such a hunger…

… Kayte and Tennyce told me what you thought, which I can understand could stem

From the way things looked. But Stawmi, you should never fear a thing from them:

All those other would-be suitors merely hoped in vain. I swore allegiance

To your heart forever, in that court, to one true lover from these regions …

… When Duguda slandered our romance in open court, your words defied

Him to prove his allegations, and I hoped that I'd become your bride,

Just as soon as you were old enough. Yet all these years my apprehension

Was that you might fall for someone younger, maybe from your own dimension."

"I'm so sorry that I doubted you. I wasn't sure I really meant

Just as much as that in your heart. Then I overheard things wrong, and went.

You look lovely, but you always did. You didn't need rejuvenation.

Six long years has only magnified my long maintained infatuation."

"I was thinking of the future, when I'm eighty and I'd have to die,

Leaving you alone, and wishing I could stay. It always makes me cry.

Now we'll age together. Kayte's amazed to have a mother now so youthful.

I'm still getting used to all these years I've got ahead, if words be truthful."

So they rode their amulet express, and she enjoyed her second lease

On her youth; while other partnerships continued on with lasting peace.

Giant Judge Admyra married Bryce, whom she had met while in Australia.

Nonvor briefly came to visit their time in her former queen's regalia.

She had seen those earthling cities in the future time where she now stayed,

But was keen to go and visit, when such history saw them first be made,

By her daughter's innovation. There were two fine cities to examine,

Which were closest to the palace, in the land where there would be no famine.

So Newtopia and Shangri-Large were briefly subsequently seen

By the former ruler of the land, an abdicated former queen.

She brought news of Friemann's lasting health, and learned of Ambloome's judging actions

To the ones who put that health at risk, committing worst of all infractions.

Ells-Bethe's sister (named Camylla) now completely trusted earthling Britt.

They'd been married now, for quite a while. Camylla's daughter now saw fit

To be visiting the colonies. The girl (Elizner) like her mother

Came to see an earth boy as a lad her kisses might well one day smother.

From an orphan's home in Shangri-Large, a fourteen year old lad

Was enjoying his new life on Ambloome's world, but felt a tad

Of the need to stretch his legs outside the city. He looked yonder

To the countryside beyond the town, and took a lengthy wander.

Then he met a lovely girl, and guessed she would have been eighteen.

He was sure she was the most attractive girl he'd ever seen.

She befriended him. Then they arranged to meet at that same forest

For a picnic trip. He turned up with some flowers from the florist.

He was still too young to join with Alicindra's clientele.So it pleased him that the lovely girl had moved him from his shell.

Glin enjoyed the ride, as she went walking off to somewhere scenic:

Nearby valley views and river water, tasty and hygienic.

She unpacked the picnic basket, spread the rug and took a plate,

Placed young Glin upon it saying, "I'm afraid my real name's Kayte.I'm not eighteen. I'm now twenty-one and married. So I'm luring

Such a young one who admires me, for an urge that needs some curing …

… When I was your age, I met a boy your size and age, quite cute.

But my mother wouldn't let me eat him up, without dispute.So I spared the boy. We fell in love, and after six years' courting,

We got married. But I never got to eat him. Was that sporting? …

… Since you did your best to meet me in seclusion, thinking I

Was a loving single woman, I can gladly say goodbye

To a boy whom I can eat this time. I'll do it, don't you worry.

I'm quite sure you'll taste much nicer than my share of last night's curry."

Glin tried everything he could, with every carefully phrased appeal.

But he knew he didn't stand a chance. She'd lured and trapped her meal.

He'd be gone. She'd still be married, with her mother none the wiser.

How he wished he'd stayed in bed and hadn't been an early riser.

So she teased her captive, then placed him inside her mouth, and stole

All his hopes for other giant girls, when she gulped Glin down whole.

Then a man, who had an amulet, appeared inside her quickly

And transported both of them outside, before they felt too sickly.

He was Verno, Viking, working for the Queen, to solve a plot

Of some disappearing orphans. He had followed Kayte a lot,

With his amulet, transporting lengthy distances she'd wandered,

Reached the picnic spot and saw how Glin's existence had been squandered.

He transported Kate and Glin directly into Ambloome's court,

Where the girl was held in custody, with all the charges brought.

Judge Admyra took the case, with Bryce now prosecution's lawyer

(There for Shangri-Large). He called his primary witness Verno, voyeur.

"I arrived in time to see her eat the boy," the Viking said.

Kayte could not defend her actions, when she should have eaten bread.

Yet the questioning continued, with Queen Ambloome's explanation:

She'd enlisted Verno earlier, to aid investigation.

There'd been several disappearances of boys from Shangri-Large

And Newtopia. She'd placed the Viking operative in charge

Of uncovering the truth; and now it seemed they'd faced seduction,

Then been lured and eaten, somehow getting past Kayte's Mom's instruction.

Kayte broke down and said, "I give my oath. I only gobbled Glin;

And there wouldn't be another, once I'd swallowed him within.

I could always eat my husband, though effects would not be lasting.

Once his amulet removed him, it was if I had been fasting."

Judge Admyra said, "I found no proof that Katye performed wholesale

Forced consumption of the other missing orphans. But I fail

To condone her proven actions, just because the boy was garnished

From her stomach. I still find this woman's innocence is tarnished …

… Kayte I sentence you to one year's penal labour for the town

That you lured your victim out of, and by order of the crown,

You will spend the corresponding nights in dungeon cell, residing.

I had better not learn more of other victims you've been hiding."

Tennyce had the chance to visit Kayte each month inside her cell;

And he promised he would wait for her; although he couldn't tell

Why she'd bottled up her old desires and sought new victim elsewhere,

Once they'd moved from earth, replacing earthly perks like public healthcare.

Meanwhile Ambloome ordered Verno to continue with his role

As a lad with hidden amulet, to help achieve the goal

Of discovering the whereabouts of boys yet unaccounted.

It continued on, without Kayte; and still more suspicions mounted.

Then eventually a giantess (from Ambloome's guard, assigned

To protect those earthling colonies from anyone unkind;

As with others from the palace guard, who'd taken on that posting)

Interacted with young Verno, far outside Kayte's mother's hosting:

Soldier Evonlaral kidnapped Verno, since her guarding troop

Had been asked to watch for trouble, but were not put in the loop

Of elites, whom Ambloome trusted with young Verno's new assignment.

With his amulet concealed, he found himself in small confinement.

He was caged and taken off to where a secret market sale

Offered giant married women, who were wealthy on the scale,

Every chance to buy the boys as pets and cage them in seclusion.

They'd corrupted certain guards with bribes, to gain the right collusion.

He had not seen where they took him, since the cover on his cage

Had prevented him from looking out, to see at any stage

Where they went. At last they took it off, and then a woman buyer

Paid a fortune, which would motivate the criminal supplier.

Once in her place, he learned all he could, and then made his escape

To the Queen alone, and told her. Ambloome said, "It's worse than rape,

To exhibit kidnapped earthling boys alone, for private staring.

We will have to break this racket slowly, let them be more daring…

… I'll arrest the guard who took you (Evonlaral) and the dame

Who had bought you. Then we'll have to do our best to learn the name

Of each criminal within my palace guard; and make them offer

Every woman's name, address (of who's already lined their coffer)."

So an earth lad smuggling racket was in play in giant field,

With dishonest royal palace guards for wealthy wives to wield

As their weapon in their underworld endeavours to be trapping

All the ornamental earth lads who were victims of kidnapping.

Though they hadn't brought the criminals from earth's least pleasant grime,

Giant greed and base corruption birthed a ring of well planned crime.

Now the war was on to bring them all to justice and recover

Every boy who'd been abducted, sold to someone else's lover.

What had been concealed from Ambloome's side, as well as those gone wrong

Was that earth's official governments were worried all along.

They were not sure if it would be wise to send their people packing

Even willingly, despite the fact that this had Ambloome's backing.

Sure she'd saved the world from Constant-Teen, Cabilo and the like,

Or her people had, in other cases helped the world to strike

At its enemies, who threatened freedom. Still they weren't complacent.

When the plans were underway they soon set up a hidden agent.

He was someone who first gained the giants' trust, through LATERALDATE,

By pretending he was interested, and then he'd emigrate,

And retained an amulet he'd used for dating, which enabled

Him to spy on Ambloome's team and learn the truth. Reports were tabled:

He went back to earth, unnoticed by the giants, when he went,

And reported how the palace guard had members who were bent,

And incensed the US President with news of their new racket.

They discussed the giant world, and thought they may need to attack it.

They prepared a squad of air force fighter planes, and used their mole

To transport them to the giant palace, threatening the role

Of the queen, if she would not permit their government to handle

What would otherwise become the worst of both dimensions' scandal.

Though they'd landed, so that they could use loud speakers to announce

Their intentions, US Air Force still had missiles, set to pounce,

If they launched them. Ambloome stood her ground, and said, "Our invitation

To be colonizing our world never sought consideration…

… We were generous and gave them much. Yet now you force my hand,

In a place where you're not welcome. I suggest that you disband."

Then the Air Force took to flight and Ambloome's soldiers were deflecting

Lots of missiles, with their giant shields the pilots weren't expecting.

Then the soldiers used their giant nets, and other tricks to snare

All the planes. Then Ambloome said, "You think that I just didn't care.

I'm in charge of doing everything to track down all the idle

Wealthy women who have purchased boys for reasons far from bridal …

…Now you'll give us back that amulet that brought your forces here,

And I'll use my own to take you back. You'll never once appear

In my palace, making threats again. I find your style appalling.

All the amulets we handed out for dates will face recalling…

…Anyone who wants to come and live here will be just conveyed

By myself, and any one of them who wishes they'd not stayed

Will be taken back to earth at their request, not your dictation.

It's no wonder some have come here to escape your leader's nation."

From that moment, every amulet was quickly taken back,

To be regulated by the Queen. She hung them on a rack.

Some were giant sized, while others had been made to suit the little

Earthling visitors, when Alicindra managed her acquittal.

Ambloome called a secret meeting with her trusted oldest team:

Braisyde, Jenyfer and Lee-John, who were loyal to her dream.

Then she told them, "I have reached the point of starting prohibition.

Giants will not visit earth again. I've cancelled my permission …

…Only Jenyfer and I can go, so long as we reduce

And attire ourselves like earthlings, all before we make the use

Of small amulets to go there, only with the best of reasons

Based on planetary security, or private springtime seasons…

…If I let our people go back there, it really won't equate

To the rules that I've been laying down for earthling men of late,

Not to visit here, unless they are approved and then escorted

By myself. I'm not impressed by things to which their force resorted…

…If they never know it's only us, they won't perceive a threat.

It was safer back when Lester had the only amulet.

This has all become too widely known, with awful repercussions

In the last few years. But now it's time to put off more discussions."

Ambloome led the hunt for purchased soldiers, learning of the bribes,

And the women who had paid them. Then she utilized her scribes

To record the spoken evidence, and set about recruiting

Some replacement soldiers for her palace guard, with much saluting.

Soon the wealthy wives had been arrested, and the kidnapped boys

Were returned to their new cities. Only one of them had poise,

To be taken back to earth. He'd found the whole thing such a trauma,

That he would have been the first to help the president's informer.

With the wives imprisoned for a while, the husbands had to wait,

Just as earthling Viking Tennyce did, for penance served by Kayte.

Ambloome learned that both dimensions had received too much exposure,

To each other. Now she felt that both were much in need of closure.

Since they had more time, without Seattle Station as their task,

Braisyde thought about a lot of things, and took the chance to ask

Jenyfer if she would marry him. She did, and then next Autumn,

Said, "My love. We don't have baby clothes. I think it's time we bought some."

So they stayed at Braisyde's place in Norway. Jenyfer stayed small.

If she had the child at giant size, the baby would out-crawl

Its own father's moves to match the pace. They thought they'd save the chattels,

If the father wasn't smaller than the child's first toys and rattles.

When the girl was born, they'd sometimes visit giant world, equipped

With a dolls house they could live in, while the mother sometimes slipped

Up to giant size (which baby Maura might one day be able

To accomplish) but for now at least their parenting was stable.

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