Ambloome Princess of Giants

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Courtship in Clover

One more year went by, which then saw Kayte released from Ambloome's jail.

Though she hadn't lost her appetite, the taste seemed rather stale,

With the fear of going back to prison there like something chronic.

Her desire to make her stomach someone's jail was quite ironic.

Meanwhile Jenyfer and Braisyde had a daughter one year old.

Maura had her mother's sweetness, and they didn't need to scold.

She responded well to simple baby talk, and kept obeying.

Both her parents would delight in watching their young baby playing.

Then they hired a babysitter in his twenties, who was free,

In the evenings, when they went on dates. His eyes lit up with glee,

Every time the child was near him. With young children he was gifted

Any worries for their daughter's care were well and truly lifted.

Nonvor made another visit from the future, and she took

An old friend of hers named Aradee, to take a proper look

At Newtopia in present time (that's Aradee's). The honour

Flowed from earthlings (at the old queen) as their gazes fell upon her.

On the outskirts of the city, Aradee was quite amazed

At the colonists, and then the giant woman gladly gazed

At a boy of 17. She asked if he was very busy.

Ken said "no," and thought the sight of her was making him quite dizzy.

Nonvor went to see Queen Ambloome, while her friend invited Ken

To a visit back at her place; and she told the young lad, when

They arrived, that she was 47, still completely single,

And had never met someone, who really made her senses tingle.

"But I think you're so adorable. Now would it be amiss,

If I gave a so much younger man a great big giant kiss?"

She enquired. He said, "It wouldn't be amiss. It's what I've needed

In the disappointing years which might have endlessly preceded."

So she kissed him. Then he asked if he could stay with Aradee,

Since, as long as he would live, he didn't think he'd ever see

Such a lovely woman elsewhere. Then she said, "I'm idealistic,

And your compliment about me is appealingly realistic.

Back when I was so much younger (though you think I'm stunning now),

I was absolutely gorgeous, and I made a well-kept vow,

That I wasn't going to sleep around, nor be a shameless hussy.

I would wait for someone special, and I've always been so fussy.

You're that special person, Ken, but I would like to just rewrite

All those years that I have waited, if we carefully practice sleight,

Not of hand, but of the timeline. We'll ask Nonvor for the first thing:

That we'll need: a ride through time for you, to years that need reversing.

As a teenager, I lived here, with my parents, who've since died.

Would you like to court my younger self, who'd then become your bride?

I'd have Nonvor take you back, and then you'd have the chance to meet me

As I was back then. I'm sure she'd fall in love with you, young sweetie."

As an extra new precaution for him, Aradee then wrote

(On the smallest piece of paper that would fit) a timely note

To her younger self, in case he needed help substantiating

That he was the one that teenage Aradee should end up dating.

It was written to her younger self, with things that only she

Could have known, to prove the Ken she sent was someone meant to be.

Then she took a photograph of him and her beside an awning,

And advised him to conceal it, with the greatest spoiler warning.

If their courtship went successfully, the shot would contradict

What went on in altered history, But he needn't be that strict.

Nonvor came to their assistance, and the lady of the present

Kissed him one more time, before his image turned to iridescent.

Ken and Nonvor vanished from her sight, and thirty years ago,

In the afternoon, the garden briefly took on quite a glow,

As the travellers reached the time required, and Nonvor gave the letter

And the picture to him, saying, "If I go now, it is better.

I can't stay here in this time. I shouldn't meet the teenaged me,

Whom she often asked around to visit here. But you'll soon see

Both of us as girls your age. I'm glad your heart's on my old school friend.

If you changed my courtship with the king, you'd make my rightful rule end."

Nonvor went back to the distant future, where she'd kept her sight

On continuing to care for her new husband Friemann Flyte.

Ken met both the giant girls that afternoon, and started seeing

Whom he'd come to date and called their giant romance 'Aradeeing.'

When the decades of their marriage brought him back to present day

(To the date of their first meeting, which he knew would ever stay

In his memory), he at last produced the letter and decaying

Hidden photograph, and told her things he'd wanted to be saying.

"That's a picture I cannot remember taking!" she exclaimed,

"And a letter where so many secret things are really named

In my writing." Then he told her of the truth he'd been suppressing

Thirty years ago. She said, "My darling, you have been a blessing.

When I think I lived that time alone, a fact I since forgot,

Since, for me, it didn't happen, I sure owe myself a lot

For conspiring with you, so that we could have this happy rerun.

I was married to an earthling, back when no-one else would see one."

In the present, which they'd reached by waiting, Alicindra stewed.

She was sure that Kayte's primeval urge had only been subued.

She would never lose her urge to eat a little earth boy fully,

'Til she'd done it, but would face the retribution for a bully.

At a LATERALDATE event, Kayte's Mom was talking to a lad,

Who was 13. When she'd given all the details, Bernard had

An idea. He said, "She would have fully satisfied her craving,

If Glin wasn't rescued. Then you say she'd spend her life behaving?"

"She assures me it would just be once. I know it sounds absurd,"

Alicindra said, "But I can always trust my daughter's word."

"Then it's easy," Bernard said, "You simply get your husband Stawmi

To prepare another amulet. My friend will use it for me.

We'll arrange for Kayte to capture me, while seen by my friend Nick.

So she'll eat me up, and then he'll simply play a clever trick,

Teleporting to her stomach, fetching me and then escaping.

Kayte will never know, and then her future habits will be shaping.

She'll have done what she has wanted, which you've promised me will purge

Her of any further nagging thoughts to gratify the urge.

I'll be eaten, in her mind at least. As long as I avoid her,

She won't ever learn the facts, which this approach should well embroider."

"I'm so grateful that you'd do this, and I'll do my very best

To provide you with a giant girl to love you. I won't rest.

You will have the full assistance of my team of keen assistants.

When she's going to eat you, make it more realistic, with resistance."

So they set Kayte up to fall for this, and she enjoyed the kid.

On occasions when she showed up in the future, Kayte's Mom hid

Bernard, just in case she recognized the boy she thought concluded.

She would never know the way that Bernard and her Mom colluded.

She would live her life contentedly, with Tennyce, and no more

Would she turn her thoughts to tendancies to be an earthivore.

Tennyce never learned she'd done it, but her mother's fears were over.

She arranged for young Elizner to seek out a four leaf clover.

Yes, Camylla's daughter searched the clover leaves, but what she found

Was a tiny boy named Bernard, who was lying on the ground,

Just as Alicindra planned, because the boy she felt indebted

To was keen to meet Elizner, when her photograph was vetted.

Meanwhile Braisyde joined intelligence in Norway, where a case

Led him off to other continents, to travel on a chase

For a deadly foreign agent. When the conflict grew more heated,

Braisyde gave his life, ensuring that the man was still defeated.

Then the agent was arrested and convicted, which was mild

To a grieving widowed Jenyfer, who had an infant child.

Krees her babysitter did his job, which gave her time for crying,

As she wished her husband hadn't taken on the job of spying.

Maura wouldn't see her mother's grief, and still enjoyed some peace,

Which she knew was thanks to all the babysitting done by Krees.

Then she showed him her old amulet, and said, "You'll never burn me.

I can trust you with the truth, if you would like to take a journey."

Then she took them both to giant world, and into her dolls house,

Where he waited, then stepped out and felt the size of some small mouse,

As she grew to giant size and said, "I'm trusting you with all this,

As I love you." He responded, giving Jenyfer a small kiss.

Alicindra and Admyra had become the best of chums,

Since Admyra had responded to the beat of legal drums

By dismissing prosecutions by the lawyer named Duguda,

Who'd attacked Kayte's Mom's relations with a welcome small intruder.

Alicindra had assisted Judge Admyra's meeting Bryce,

Paralegal boy from Sydney; and the couples found it nice

To be double-dating frequently, but all of them were feeling

That the shrinking power of Ambloome was the means for some concealing.

So the four consulted Ambloome in their search for good advice.

She informed them of the chance to make the women small as Bryce,

Just as Jenyfer and she had done. Four couples went off touring

To the future, where the radiation baths were most alluring.

Ambloome introduced the other women to the scientists,

Who repeated what they'd done before. When radiation's mists

Cleared away, the Judge and Kayte's Mom waited for the special treatment

To enable them to walk the places where the shrunken feet went.

Soon it happened. Now four giant women all could infiltrate

Earth society at earthling size on one quadruple date.

But at first, they just went separately, with Ambloome gladly waiving

Her new rules against those amulets which Stawmi was engraving.

Now that Friemann stayed in future times, the Viking he had trained

As a maker of new amulets (the expert who remained)

Had permission from the queen to make two more to aid the linking

Of their worlds for two more giants who enjoyed the power of shrinking.

Alicindra shrank to earthling size, and Stawmi gladly showed

Her his Viking village haunts, while on an inner Sydney road,

Bryce was pleased to hold Admyra's hand, and take her to his mansion,

Plan a midnight party for the girls whose size concealed expansion.

That would happen later. Meanwhile, old Duguda, feeling blunt

At the failure of his prosecution, saw a new affront

In construction of the colonies, though little was exerted.

He considered that the Queen's attention had been too diverted.

So he struck at night and kidnapped several folks from Shangri-Large,

And approached Newtopia as well, where he would quickly barge

Past the giantess who guarded it, and snatched some more insurance:

Representatives of cities. Then he gave a new assurance:

Once he'd fled to his large castle, he made sure they'd not escape,

When he stuck them to the table top, with red adhesive tape.

With the red tape holding them at bay, he told the reigning monarch,

Who approached, "I'll kill them all before the sky has even gone dark.

If you don't agree to send the earthlings back to earth, and stick

To our people, I will do these tiny hostages in quick.

If you even try to break in here, I'll take them all out early."

They believed his shouted threat and found his disposition surly.

"I'm afraid we'd never get to him in time to help, my liege,"

Said a guard to Ambloome, "He can hold off any feeble siege,

With his guns and all those tiny victims trapped. He'd see us coming.

But perhaps an earthling could sneak in, if we locate the plumbing."

"No. He'd be too small to help," said Ambloome, "Think of that man's grudge."

Alicindra talked the matter over with her friend the judge.

Then Admyra (with Kayte's Mom) both shrank, while Queen and crooked lawyer

Didn't notice that the castle now had new guests in its foyer.

While the Queen was outside, shouting to Duguda, both would run.

Alicindra grew to giant size, and used Duguda's gun

To surprise him, while Admyra pulled the red tape off the raiment

Of each hostage. He would never represent another claimant.

Ambloome had the man disbarred and charged with treason, as she said,

"I expected that you would have learned from precedents (instead

Of this madness), like Deevawsidadde and Alban going crazy.

That you've thrown your whole career away is something to amaze me."

It was not yet time for Bryce's party. Now the man heard, "Hark!

Christmas time is here. He took Admyra walking in Hyde Park

(As in Sydney's Hyde Park, in Australia). Then the decorations

Of the city's fine department stores were glowing invitations.

They went walking hand in hand throughout the city, where he bought

Her some jewelry and a dress. He even showed her Sydney court,

Where she watched a minor earth case, as its judge convened the hearing.

Then they toured the town some more with Christmas time forever nearing.

They had lunch, with window views. The restaurant linked two second floors

Of adjacent buildings, like a walkway. Then came Santa Claus,

Whom Admyra hadn't heard of. She saw children, sitting posing

For their photographs with him. Then came the time for most stores closing.

So they walked up near the gallery, and had a look at art.

Bryce was feeling such exhilaration in his happy heart,

As they walked across the freeway overpass, and through the setting

Of the sun in scenic gardens: moments they'd not be forgetting.

They enjoyed a gardens café, with some juice and apple pie.

When they reached the opera house, the moon was rising in the sky.

Then they caught the harbour ferry to a place they could have gone to

By the train. The wharf looked even better, which they both stepped onto.

As they walked up to the station (Milson's Point), and caught the train,

Bryce was dying to express to her how much he'd come to gain.

Once they'd crossed the Harbour Bridge, he took her through The Rocks. While walking

In the oldest streets of Sydney, he was still just idly talking.

Then he stopped at the Observatory, when they had climbed the stairs,

And he said, "You've been the answer to my worries and my cares,

That I might have gone on lonely. On my last walk here at Christmas,

I could not have had the loveliness of joy for two that this has.

When I walked these places all alone, I struggled with defeat,

Thinking only someone lovely could make all of it complete.

Christmas always left me lonelier, when all my friends went missing

On their holidays, and I was not with someone here for kissing.

"It would not have been enough to just bring any girl along.

We are more than legal servants, who decide the right and wrong.

You're the special one I've waited for, and all that we've been doing

Reinvigorates the happiness, that I've spent years pursuing.

I'm so happy I could bring you here and show you my town too.

I'm so totally completely in the deepest love with you."

Then they kissed amidst the city lights, away from giant castles.

She was at his house on Christmas day to open gift wrapped parcels.

In the latter part of January, four giants did reduce,

Came to Bryce's house at midnight, for a feast, and orange juice.

In the gardens of his mansion, with no music to awaken

Any neighbours, lots of kissing scenes were slowly undertaken:

Alicindra with her husband Stawmi, Judge and husband Bryce,

Ambloome with her husband Lee-John, and the two who'd not seen rice

Thrown yet (Jenyfer and Krees) enjoyed the night, while folks were sleeping.

They were not aware a 13 year old boy had started peeping.

Scout was next door, living with grandparents, and snuck out at night,

In the holidays this once, because the moon was extra bright.

He made use of bushes bordering, where there were still no fences

From his property to Bryce's, and could not believe his senses.

When a garden light globe broke, and Bryce came back with one so new,

To prevent the need for ladders, Ambloome took a chance and grew

Just enough to reach the second story outside wall's lamp socket,

Holding Bryce, who changed the globes and put the old one in his pocket.

As he saw her shrinking back to earthling size, the boy was shocked.

Then he bumped a garden ornament, and once it had been knocked,

It fell over with a crash, and all eight adults were alerted

To his presence, and the implications couldn't just be skirted.

He had seen their secret power. Ambloome filled the youngster in

On the fact that they were giants, who in time could all begin

To reduce themselves and visit earth. Scout wasn't educated

Of the days of many amulets, when giants came and dated.

She decided he could have one, and a place in Lily-foot

As his second home. He promised they had not unwisely put

Any trust in him. They even let him use the early morning

That remained to party with them, just before the next day dawning.

He'd been orphaned far too late to be among the first main wave

Of the orphans who would take the chance to move, that Ambloome gave,

When the colonies were built for Shangri-Large and other cities,

Like Newtopia and Lily-foot by both worlds' old committees.

He snuck back inside, so glad that he had found a secret group,

Who'd accepted him and shared their secrets and their chicken soup.

He could go to their world any time, which would be so exciting.

Ambloome trusted him to tell no one, and he would do the right thing.

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