The Unforeseen

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Chapter Fourteen

Timena had been sparring with Samuel, trying to help strengthen his defenses with very little luck when Silas, Aldus and Miro stepped out onto the court. They nodded in her direction and she did the same, wondering why they had come out there.

Silas stepped out onto the grass, approaching them. "Mind if I cut it Samuel?" He asked politely. Samuel nodded before retreating.

"Would you do me the honor?" He removed his sword from its' sheath.

Timena knew it was a bit of slippery slope, she'd already lost to him once, did she really want to experience defeat a second time?

Against her better judgement, she agreed before pulling out her sword as well and backing away a few paces.

They circled one another, she knew that he wouldn't strike so she would have to be the first to do so. She advanced first, simply jutting the blade out towards his face and he leaned away. Silas mimicked her movements twice and she blocked both times. Catching her off guard he lunged forward, repeatedly striking out at her as she fought to counter his actions. Their blades pushed against one another and Timena pushed forward with all her might before spinning her sword around in the air and bringing it down, only to have it clang loudly against his own.

"Very nice." He commented before both of them shot backwards defensively.

It became a battle of dominance for them both. Silas blocked each of her attempts with little effort which proved to be frustrating for Timena. She did however manage to nick him a few times, leaving a small cut on the side of his face while slightly tearing the arms of his tunic.

Timena had never been one to fear a man's physical strengths but Silas proved to be more skillful with it, it caught her off guard at times and he could sense it. The force of his strength had physically disarmed her, leaving her vulnerable. He'd been thoroughly impressed with her skills, but he knew exactly how to conquer his opponent, in the end seeing the defeat and anger in her eyes.

Silas knew she wanted a fair fight, it would have angered her otherwise. He would have gladly let her defeat him a million times over. Timena glared at him but altered her expression to a bitter smile, bowing and walking off the court. Silas followed after her.

"Timena wait." Silas called after her as she trudged down the hall.

Rounding a corner, she continued down another hallway. An arm pulled her back, halting her steps immediately.

"What?" Timena replied sharply.

"My apologies for-"

"You fought a fair fight, there isn't anything to apologize for." She moved to walk away but he held onto her arm again, pulling her gently.

Silas watched as the breeze coming in blew Timena's dark curls around in different directions, her eyes had become almost completely green in the light of day. He was mesmerized by the contrast of her tan skin and black hair and he felt a sense of heat rising within himself. He wanted her, in that very moment he wanted to taste her, even if it was just for a moment— and so he did.

Silas' mouth was on hers in an instant, he lightly held the nape of her neck before moving to caress her face. Timena could barely comprehend what was going, but her body certainly could. Deep down she felt a tiny but warm feeling of pleasure in her lower belly as he waited for her to push him away or stop him in some way. She didn't. Silas' tongue traced her bottom lip before delving further and Timena kissed him back, letting her body lead instead of her mind. He continued to kiss her at a leisurely pace, his tongue exploring her mouth as he held her body to his. A small moan escaped her lips and just like that, the moment had ended.

Timena pushed at his chest and slowly Silas removed his arms from around her waist. He looked down at her with that very same heat in his eyes and his face turned upwards in a smirk and she rolled her eyes before turning to walk away.

Disappearing into a small passageway, Timena could finally breathe. What had she just let happen? You could have resisted somehow you fool. Why did you have to kiss him back? Had it not been for the little pathetic moan leaving her lips, she mightn't have realized what she was doing, she thought. She hadn't intended to kiss him back, but she had gotten wrapped up in the sensation of it all, it was all too sudden. She traced her lips with her fingers, clearly fascinated by what they had just endured. The feel of strong arms and Silas' very scent that reminded her of the forest had heightened the sensations, and perhaps his oral skills may have also added a bit as well.

Damn you Silas. He had stolen her very first kiss.

The rest of the day consisted of Timena hiding from Silas at every turn. She couldn't believe she'd had such a major slip up and let herself succumb to physical pleasures.

"You kissed him?" Both Samuel and Eurina yelled out in shock.

"He, kissed me." Timena replied, almost ruefully. And you, kissed him back.

Eurina and Samuel looked back at one another still shocked, not sure of what to say next.

"So that must be why he's been walking around the castle looking quite pleased with himself." Samuel laughed as he sat back down on the wobbly stool in the kitchen.

"So, how was it?" Eurina asked, genuinely interested.

"I hated every second of it." Timena lied. Eurina smiled at her, wondering if that was the truth.

The steel itself seemed to glisten even in the dark and faintly grim atmosphere of the armory. Timena was still mesmerized by the shiny blade, the weight of it in her hands gave her a feeling of satisfaction that she'd always enjoyed. Looking around to ensure that no other person was around, she got in her usual defensive stance before gripping the hilt of the sword tightly.

Timena held it vertically in front of her face before advancing outward, the sunlight seeping in emphasized the moving dust particles that surrounded her. She swung the blade around skillfully, getting accustomed to the feel of it in her hands. Crossing her front foot across her back foot, she turned in place, only to find Silas' pale eyes playfully watching her every movement. The sword clumsily slipped from Timena's fingers and clanged to the cold ground as she had been startled by the sudden intrusion.

"Could you maybe, refrain from sneaking up on me in the future. I do not appreciate it." She warned him.

He continued to smile, a deep smile which only reminded her of what had happened earlier. "Would you like to go into the city?" He finally asked.

Her brows knit in confusion at his question. "W-Why?"

He approached her slowly. "It can't be pleasurable being cooped up in this castle all the time now can it?"

And whose fault is that? She rolled her eyes but nodded in agreement as she placed the sword back on the stand.

When she turned around, Silas stood right in front of her, making her very aware of her body now but the small voice in her head gave her the common sense to avoid any physical interactions with him and she quickly side stepped him before running up the cobbled staircase.

The citizens of Gabaden moved around Timena and Silas easily as they walked along the streets. Silas watched intently as she greeted anyone and everyone they passed by, from the vendors to the local people in the city. He wasn't surprised that they all seemed to have genuine love or respect for her, or just the simple pleasure of being in her company. He thought back to how he'd made the deal that would let him keep her forever.

Her eyes seemed to change color, bouncing between completely green or a warm tone of amber. Her dark curls moved as they pleased under the sunlight and her movements with a sword had been the second most beautiful thing he'd ever witnessed, besides her physical appearance of course.

Silas shook his head, he was weary of only being able to fantasize about her.

Timena held her head high, sure of each movement as she sparred with her father. He'd taught her almost everything she knew when it came to combat. Her tactics had improved with each passing year and Vassar couldn't help but laugh when she had once again disarmed him, laughing triumphantly.

"Ah go easy on your poor old father." Vassar said jokingly as he held his hands up in surrender.

Timena smiled brightly at her father before bowing respectfully.

Silas continued to watch her as she came over to sit down under the shade. He walked towards her nervously.

"You're very skilled with that sword." Silas stood before her, merely an eighteen-year-old man now. She was the only person he'd ever been nervous to speak to in his life, besides his father.

Timena looked up at him with a small smile. "Practice is everything, you must know this." They both smiled now.

Vassar's smile faltered slightly, and he saw that his daughter had been speaking to the young boy, Silas. Walking over to them, he smiled uneasily.

"Timena why don't you head inside to see if Eurina needs any help in the kitchen." He spoke gently but the warning was there.

She nodded in understanding before walking away from them both and going inside. Vassar gave Silas a tight-lipped smile before walking back onto the court.

As he watched Vassar go, he smirked. He had known that the king did not like him being around his daughter, he'd known since the very first time they'd met when they were children.

His father had passed only two years before and every bit of his things had been passed over to his eldest son. Silas was aware of the financial help that his father had been aiding Mororcin over the years. The previous Mororcin's had been less than frugal with the island's wealth and overtime, had depleted most of their resources selfishly.

If Vassar wanted his island and its' people to continue to prosper, he'd consider the deal that Silas would eventually propose to him.

Although Silas had wished he could have had the chance to let her fall in love with him on her own without being forced into marriage, he was not sorry he had done it. He already knew that he loved her, but Timena would need time to fall in love with him, and his utmost patience, for she was stubborn and could be easily scared away.

"Why are we here Silas?" She asked, slightly annoyed.

"Like I said before, being cooped up in the-"

"I know that already, it's your fault I was stuck in there. With all your large guards following my every move." She cut him off, getting a bit aggravated.

He chuckled. "Can you blame me?"

"I do blame you, very much." She replied, sarcastically but very much genuinely.

"Am I really that awful to you Timena?" He asked in a low tone as they neared the water.

They traveled down steps and onto another less crowded path. She leaned against the stony wall, admiring the breeze and the waves of the sea.

"You are forcing me, why would you want a marriage based on that?" Timena continued to look out.

"Would you have given me a chance? Honestly?" He asked in frustration.

Timena had to think for a moment. "Maybe, I'm not certain. But you knew who I was growing up. My focus has always been on combat, and generally anything having to do with weapons or my country. That hasn't changed." She answered truthfully.

"And I admire that about you, I don't wish for any of that to change. I just want you to make space for me inside all of that." He spoke gently.

Timena pursed her lips. Again here she was, questioning who she thought he might be again.

"We don't have to get married right away, I'm not asking you be someone else. Have you not known our entire lives that I've wanted you?"

"Did you not just hear me? I have only ever been concerned with my fucking swords and bows and heavy armor and-" She stopped herself shortly. "You stole my first kiss, nothing like that had ever crossed my mind before." Timena told him honestly.

There was a surprised look in his face, which gradually turned into satisfaction at the admission.

She rolled her eyes, immediately regretting telling him the truth. "Don't gloat." She turned away, hiding her face.

Silas couldn't hide the swell of pride he felt at knowing that he'd been her first and only kiss, he wanted to do it again. Timena could see it in his eyes.

"Do not get any ideas." She warned, continuing to walk further down the path before sitting on the wall.

"I've wanted you for so long and having to make a deal with your father wasn't my best plan, but he was adamant on keeping you away from me." Silas said disdainfully.

Her face scrunched up at the unpleasant thought. "And with good reason."

And just like the last time, Silas caught Timena off guard again, pulling her face in for another heated kiss. She gently pushed at his chest to get away, but he wasn't convinced. She looked up at him, searching his eyes before he moved in closer once more. She kissed him back this time, her lips uncertain and his eager with need— he caressed her cheek like before and lightly sucked on her lower lip. Her hand found its' way to his sternum and stayed there, trembling at the closeness of him.

Sensing her nervousness, Silas slowed down, taking his time. His kisses had become slow and tender, a better pace for Timena. His hand rested on her knee as hers now held onto his slightly stubbled jaw. His tongue delved into her mouth just barely, leaving her at the brink. She moved her face a bit closer to his each time, aware now that that was his aim. His lips were soft against hers and Timena began to feel a pressure building further down that was unusual but welcomed. Stopping herself right there, their lips lost connection and the cool breeze began to replace the heat from their warm kiss.

You foolish bitch. Timena looked back towards the sea, unable to make eye contact with him.

"When you come back with me to Calyx soon, we'll have the chance to get to know one another properly." He said softly, as he brushed her curls away from her face.

Timena caught her breath. "I can't leave Silas, this is my home."

"This will always be your home, but eventually you will have to live with me." He stroked her cheek and she moved his hand away.

Timena was aware that things would change once they married, but she didn't want to have to leave home. Her life was in Mororcin, her people, her family were all there. A life in Calyx was not one she wanted.

"What did you expect? For us to marry and me move here, or see you every few weeks? You will help me rule over Calyx Timena." He said sternly, his face growing cold.

Timena got up, beginning to walk back into the city. Silas trailed closely behind her, and they stayed completely silent. On their way back home, she felt herself getting even more frightened because she knew in the end, she wouldn't even have a choice.

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