The Unforeseen

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Chapter Twenty

Timena continued to ponder over what she should do next, she couldn't bring herself to tell anyone just yet for she was so ashamed by what her father had done. She sat by the fire, watching the flames slowly burn the pieces of wood.

"Didn't think I would find you here." Silas slowly entered the study, dressed in a black tunic, trousers and an overcoat. Timena stayed silent as her eyes remained glued to the fire.

"No smart remark?" He asked lightly.

Timena felt as burnt out as the wood in the fireplace, it was secret after secret and none of them good. She did not want the burden of these secrets and she longed for the time when all that mattered was sparring.

Silas sat down next to her. "What's troubling you?" His deep voice was almost soothing.

"Why do you keep trying Silas? This can't be fun for you, the constant fighting and being denied. Why bother?" She asked.

"Because I know it's only to keep me away because you are scared." He replied.

"How do you know there aren't more important reasons that we shouldn't be together?" She paused. "You are fighting to make us happen, but maybe it isn't written in the stars for us, maybe we're just not supposed to be together, and you keep forcing it." She said calmly.

"Who is to say we aren't?" He asked defiantly.


Silas snorted. "You are just too stubborn to see what we can have."

"But Silas, why do you get to make that decision? It isn't fair to me, and if you cared so much about me and my happiness, you wouldn't be forcing us together."

He stayed silent for a while, her words had struck a chord.

"I do have feelings for you, I won't deny it anymore, but I don't want to marry you, a-at least not yet. I am not ready for that life yet."

"But you'll give us a chance?" He questioned.

Timena rolled her eyes. "Silas, I already said I would, but your moods change faster than lightning strikes. You become this spiteful and angry person, it's like you're someone else entirely."

He chuckled lightly. "Sometimes my anger gets the best of me, and I know that I want to be with you and it always feels as though you'll slip through my fingers." He admitted.

She giggled softly. "Well, let me tell you a secret, I'm not a girl who likes to be kept."

"You have no idea how much that frustrates me, and oddly enough-"

"Makes me want you more." They said in unison. Silas was caught off guard hearing her mock him.

She smiled sweetly at him and he wanted so desperately to kiss her. His gaze fell to her lips.

"You can." His eyes narrowed, questioning if she meant it and she nodded.

Reaching for her quickly, his lips connected with hers. He bit her bottom lip and groaned in approval as her mouth opened slightly. His tongue brushed against hers, teasing and she grabbed onto the nape of his neck, bringing him closer. Pulling her onto him, Timena straddled Silas' lap as their mouths continued to work against one another's. Moaning softly against his lips, she wrapped her arms around his neck as he wrapped his around her waist. Silas' erection rubbed at her sex slightly, surprising and exciting her and she couldn't stop herself from faintly grinding against it. He let out a deep groan— his lips trailed down her jaw and neck and back to her lips, their tongues entwined in a heated, wet kiss.

"I've wanted to taste you again since that day, so badly." Silas confessed.

"Shut up." Timena said before bringing his lips back to hers.

She was still new to this and she couldn't stop herself from exploring his mouth, her tongue sliding over his as she felt moisture pooling between her legs. She wanted him, badly. Holding onto the dark strands tightly, she continued to grind against him, the friction bringing her closer to a release.

She moaned against his mouth as she felt her release come over her. Every muscle in her body tightened as her eyes clenched shut.

"Fuck." She whispered as she came down from her orgasm. Her body fell against Silas' as she sighed contentedly.

Timena moved back to stare at Silas' pleased face, she wondered if she should reciprocate, but she was nervous to suggest it.

"Lock the door and sit over there." She directed him. He looked at her for a moment, surprised but he didn't ask questions as they both got up from the floor. Timena giggled nervously.

When Silas came back, sitting down on the large divan, Timena bent over him. "I've never, done this before as I'm sure you're aware."

He chuckled at her nervous expression. "We don't have to Timena, it's quite alright-"

"No, you've made me, twice now. It's only fair-"

Silas held onto her face lightly. "It is never about that, I want you to do it because you want to." He said seriously, making direct eye contact.

Timena blushed. She realized that she did want to. "I do."

Pulling the string of his pants, she freed his erection. She gulped at the sight of the length of it, it was somewhat intimidating seeing it up close. Wrapping her fingers around it, she tried to become accustomed to the thickness of it in her hand.

Timena licked from the base to the shaft slowly, watching for his response. Her tongue teased the tip of his manhood as she swirled around the head of it. Her mouth covered the length of him inch by inch and she felt the tip hit the back of her throat as she gagged a bit. Silas hissed, holding onto the side of her neck, his thumb brushing back and forth.

Timena looked to him, he nodded, reassuring her.

Her mouth traveled up and down the shaft in a rhythmic motion, swirling her tongue around the engorged head, which elicited a number of groans and curses. Timena decided to try cupping the balls with her other hand, squeezing gently and was pleased by his reaction. Using his hands to bring her long curls into his hand, Silas held it loosely in a fist as she continued to suck the length of him.

His hips jerked ever so often as he murmured encouraging words to her under his breath, until finally his hips bucked before he stilled. He let out a hoarse cry, calling out her name as Timena felt the warm, faintly salty liquid from the head of his cock enter her mouth in spurts. She looked up at him, clearly delighted that she had elicited such a response on her first try.

Timena slowly removed her mouth, now admiring her handiwork, a satiated Silas with his manhood still twitching.

"We're even." She said jokingly.

Silas looked to her lovingly, before sitting forward to bring her lips to his. His tongue assaulted her mouth, sucking and teasing as she had only moments ago.

Silas halted the kiss, cupping her face lightly. "Are you certain you've never done that before?"

Timena laughed. "No, never." At her response, he kissed her softly, his tongue just barely entering her mouth, she could feel herself getting aroused again.

"I told you you'd to fall to your knees in front of me one day." He said with a cocky grin.

Timena punched at his chest repeatedly as he began to laugh, loudly.

Everything was coming together, he would take her away from Silas. Torture her, kill her maybe... the possibilities would be endless. He would make him pay for taking away the love of his life, his love for Silas' love. It was decided that he would do it the night before the wedding, he'd let the guard lead her to where she needed to be and then snatch her away like a thief in the night. He'd have to make certain she was tied or even unconscious considering she was a little fighter. Once they'd made it away safely, they would need to be hidden away safely in the woods until they could make it to the nearest shore— once they made it into the sea, he could do whatever he pleased with her, and Silas would have no choice but to beg for her life the way he had.

"So, does this mean you'll be calling off the wedding?"

"Postponed... I just don't want to give her any more reasons to resent me, she's willing to give us a chance." Silas said hopefully.

Aldus raised his eyebrows in shock. "She may be the one to tame you yet brother. So, what happens now... with Barinon?"

"Has there been any word of his whereabouts?"

"No." Aldus replied defeatedly.

"He's been on the run since that day, and no one can figure out where he's run to. I need to bring her back to Calyx, just until we find him." Silas said wearily.

"Do you think she will go? Without you forcing her I mean?"

"I'll just have to persuade her." Silas thought back to the previous night, smirking to himself.

"Well best of luck with that." Aldus laughed.

Timena's cheeks grew warm each time her mind wandered back to the events that took place the night before. She had been avoiding Silas the entire morning, afraid that if she saw him her body might burst into flames— so she continued to do little tasks around the castle to distract herself, and it wasn't too soon before she remembered what her father had told her. Timena wondered if Silas knew, most likely not she thought. It seemed that ever since he'd set foot in Mororcin, secrets were being revealed left and right.

"Have you been hiding from me?" Silas whispered into her hair, startling her.

Timena turned around quickly, her shocked expression turning into a scowl. "I do not appreciate you sneaking up on me."

He flashed a smile, pleased with himself. "My apologies." He started to move slowly towards her.

Timena backed away as he came forward. "Silas, I am busy." She lied.

"I think you've been avoiding me, it wouldn't have to do with what happened last night now would it?" He asked knowingly.

Timena's back landed against the wall of the armory, and Silas' arms trapped her in that spot.

"Last night has been playing in my mind all day." He whispered near her ear, his nose lightly grazed her cheek.

Timena's head turned to make a remark but Silas had already caught her lips with his own. His body pressed against hers before he picked her up by her waist, her arms wrapped around his neck easily as her tongue mingled with his. Placing light kisses all around her face and neck, Timena giggled at the ticklish sensation.

"Come to Calyx with me," Silas said suddenly, bursting their little intimate bubble.

Timena's eyes opened immediately and she stared at him with a blank face.

"Just to visit, I won't speak another word of the wedding. We'll marry when you are ready." His thumb trailed back and forth against her cheek.

"Do you, really mean that? Not just in this moment?" She asked seriously.

Putting her down gently, his hands went to caress her face, holding her in place so she couldn't look away. "I promise." He genuinely meant it.

"W-When?" Timena asked hesitantly.

"Tomorrow? The day after?" He suggested.

Timena took a moment to think, she wanted to give him a chance, seeing as how he seemed to be leaving things up to chance. "We'll come back?"

Silas chuckled. "Of course."

Looking around the dusty room, she deliberated with herself before saying, "Alright."

With a smile, Silas brought his lips to hers once more, eager to continue what he had started only moments ago.

Reevus stood by the outside entrance to the armory, rolling his eyes at the sound of Timena and Silas kissing. He remembered King Vassar boasting about her being his best fighter that night and he was shocked that she had lived up to the expectation. He had challenged her the night he spoke to her during the ball and he'd been more than ready to have her land on her ass the following day during sparring, but Silas would have had his head that day. Reevus had needed to remain inconspicuous so that when the time was right, he could carry out Barinon's orders and let her be captured by him. However, it seemed that Silas was changing his plan from marrying her to instead hiding her away for a while, Reevus would just have to ensure that Silas' plan would never come to fruition.

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