The Unforeseen

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Chapter Twenty-Three

The state of Timena's unconscious body had been a harrowing sight for everyone to witness when Silas, Vassar and the rest of the group had returned. Adelia had cried out in horror as Delacroix ran over to her sister in panic. Timena was moved to the infirmary where her body was tended to, Silas watched anxiously as her wounds were cleaned. Barinon's dirty knife had cut deep, the wound had become significantly larger than it once was— Silas had brought in healers, apothecaries and botanists to help assist in any way possible, a stoic expression remained on his face, but he couldn't have been more terrified for Timena's life than he was at that very moment.

"Come brother, rest. She is safe now." Aldus began to gently push Silas out of the room.

"I am fine, I want to stay her-"

"Miro and I will watch over her tonight, if her condition changes, I won't hesitate to tell you." He reassured him.

After a moment, Silas nodded. Placing a lingering kiss atop her forehead, he finally left the room.

Instead of heading to his chambers to rest, he made his way down to the dungeon. It was cold, dirty and foul smelling as his footsteps drew nearer to the torture chambers. The walls had become narrow as he approached the two guards manning the doors, they stepped aside, one opening it to let Silas in.

Vassar sat with his legs crossed, content at the sight before him. Silas looked to see Barinon's naked body laying across a wooden frame with rollers at both ends. His wrists and ankles were tied to each roller as he groaned out in pain.

"I see you have already begun the process." Silas said, amused.

Vassar continued to watch Barinon's body wriggle weakly. "Oh yes, time waits for no man." He chuckled, menacingly.

Silas had never been very fond of Vassar in the past, but at that moment he had never appreciated his company more.

"And it's only just begun." Silas said, and his lips turned up in a malicious grin.

Timena drifted in and out of consciousness, unable to decipher between reality and her own dreams. At times, she could hear voices whispering in the distance and other times she could have sworn she had seen Reevus and Barinon looking down at her. Pieces of the previous events had floated around in her mind and she frequently tried to reach for her side, only to feel someone gently pull her hand away.

She felt the pain, that had been real— but everything else was hazy, she wanted so desperately to get up, to wake up, but her body was just too weak.

Her eyes opened slowly, Barinon stood at the end of her bed.

"You may have escaped, but Silas won't."

Timena felt panic rise in her chest, she tried to move but her body wouldn't allow it.

Barinon laughed eerily. "There's nothing you can do princess, this is what you wanted, wasn't it... to be rid of him?" He asked curiously.

N-No. She thought, as she reluctantly fell back into a deep sleep.

The next time she woke up, Timena found herself in her bedroom. She was alone and well tucked under the sheets. Her eyes were weak, but she forced herself to keep them open.

Silas. She thought back to Barinon's words.

Moving her arms, she was pleasantly surprised to feel them working as she pushed the sheets away. She slowly pushed her legs to edge of the bed until she felt the carpet against the soles of her feet. Holding onto the bed for support, Timena stood up slowly. Her legs buckled slightly but she continued to push against the support of the bed until she felt herself standing steadily enough.

She dragged her body towards the door, opening it to see that a guard was sleeping peacefully right outside. Knowing that if she went down the main staircase she could risk the possibility of being seen, she tiptoed past him and down the hidden stairway that would lead near to the castle entrance. Timena felt a hitch in her breathing and a pain in her abdomen, she clutched onto her side. Everything appeared blurry, but she had to continue on.

"You may have escaped, but Silas won't." The voice repeated.

Two guards stood near the main entrance in the distance, Timena felt around for a distraction. Under the dim light, she saw a piece of broken wooden board near the corner of the staircase. Bending down to pick it up, Timena stifled a groan as she felt the pain again.

"Fuck." She whispered.

Just slightly opening the door, Timena peeked her body out, seeing that it was clear. Throwing the piece of wood as hard as she could to her left, she closed the door quickly only to hear the guards running towards the sound. With all the strength she could muster up, she opened the door to run out of the stairwell.

"Princess!" Timena looked back to see the guards alarmed expressions. She continued to run, rounding the corner.

As she was passing her father's study, she heard Silas' angry voice. Was she too late, she wondered. Bursting through the doors, she found Silas in deep conversation with Aldus, Miro and Vassar. They looked to her in complete and utter shock.

"Timena what are you doing out of bed?" Silas rushed to her, concerned.

She stood, feeling dumbfounded and confused. "I-I thought he was going to kill you, b-but you're fine."

Suddenly her knees buckled again, and Silas easily caught her in his arms.

"Timena, your wound. It's reopened. What were you thinking?" He asked sternly.

She looked down to see that she was bleeding through her nightgown. She felt even weaker than before, but she smiled, knowing that Silas was safe.

"You're fine, you're fine." She repeated, before falling unconscious.

"My princess" The voice sighed. "What were you thinking?" Silas?

Timena's eyes opened to see Silas sitting by her side. "I thought he was going to kill you." She answered.

Silas' body visibly perked up. "Timena, you're awake." His knuckle lightly grazed her cheek. She nodded.

"Where is he? Barinon?" She asked him, trying to shake the groggy feeling away.

"He's been dealt with." Silas replied simply.

"Is he, dead?"

He nodded.

Timena felt a bit of relief at his response.

"Now what did you think he was going to do?" Silas regained her attention.

Timena remembered Barinon's harsh voice." He was going to kill you. Said that I had escaped, but you wouldn't."

"When did he say this?"

She tried to remember where she had been. "In the infirmary, I believe."

Silas chuckled, bringing her small hand to his lips. "I would never allow him anywhere near you, my love. You must have imagined it."

Timena began to search her brain, understanding that it must have been a nightmare. She laughed mentally, realizing she had made all that fuss for no apparent reason.

"Why did he want you dead Silas? What did you do?" She asked, hoping to hear that he would tell her the truth.

"I killed his wife." He replied.

Timena was relieved that he hadn't lied, but curious as to why he had killed her. She looked up at him, questioningly.

"She had been conspiring against me with enemies, and then she tried to poison me. She was never very fond of me, but to betray your king in such a manner... it was punishable by death."

"So, you just had her killed?"

Silas looked away, remembering something. "No, I killed her myself, in front of Barinon. He tried to go against me but failed. He took off after that and went into hiding."

"It was one of the reasons I was trying to get you to come back with me to Calyx, I wanted you safe until we found him." He admitted.

Timena processed the information, making sense of everything.

"But you were worried for me?" Silas shifted the conversation. His deep voice causing her to shiver slightly as he studied her face now.

Pulling her hand from his grasp slowly, she turned her head away from him. "I just didn't want blood on my hands, that's all."

Silas came closer, placing gentle kisses all around her face as Timena tried, but failed to scoot away.

"What about Reevus?" She suddenly remembered.

Pulling back, Silas' expression grew hard. "He's in the dungeon, we haven't decided what to do with him yet."


He began to smile again. "Your father, he spared no time in handling Barinon. I was quite surprised."

Timena could only imagine the state of Barinon's lifeless body, she didn't wish to ponder it any longer.

"Can I speak with him?" She asked.

"Reevus? No, I don't want you near him." He replied dismissively.

Timena grabbed a hold of his arm. "Please, in the end, he tried to save me. You would have surely found me dead if he hadn't tried to stop Barinon." Timena explained.

She felt very little remorse for Barinon's death, but she felt a slight hope for Reevus. She wouldn't forgive him, but maybe his life could be spared.

Silas exhaled loudly, deliberating with himself. "Alright, when you are in better health, I'll take you to see him." He gave in. "Happy?" He asked with a bit of an attitude.

Timena smiled weakly, nodding.

Silas smirked, leaning down to kiss her very dry lips. Timena tried to turn head away, but he kept it in place and she eventually gave in.

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