The Unforeseen

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Chapter Twenty-Four

Setting her recovery back considerably, Timena found herself in a constant state of boredom— not able to leave her bed unless it was to relieve herself or bathe, and only with the assistance of someone else.

When she was finally allowed to get a bit of exercise to regain her strength, it was a short walk along the corridors. Timena hadn't realized how much her body needed to recover after what Barinon had done; it was an unfamiliar and unwanted feeling to be so dependent on others, but she'd had no choice.

Adelia, Vassar and Delacroix checked in on Timena habitually as the weeks passed, sometimes she would wake to find at least one them near her bedside. She became increasingly annoyed but tried to understand what it must have been like from their perspective. Silas gave her room to be alone for the most part during the day, but in the evenings he stayed by her side— and as irritating as he could be, she was growing accustomed to his constant presence.

"So, I am a lot stronger now. Do you think that I could see Reevus now?" Timena reopened the conversation.

Silas stared at her blankly. "You're still not strong enough-"

"Silas, it has been weeks since it happened, I can take care of myself for the most part, you all just keep forcing me to rely on you." She stopped him, sounding rather defensive.

He looked away. It was true, Timena was getting back to her normal state but he still wanted to be cautious.

"Alright, when do you want to see him?" He complied.

"Now?" She suggested.

"Right now?" Silas asked, a bit startled. "Fine." He said after a long pause.

Timena giggled, lightly.

Against her many protests, Silas led her the entire way down to the dungeon. They walked along the dark hall, before Timena felt him directing her view towards her left.

Her mouth fell open slightly at the sight before her. Under tattered clothing was Reevus' frail body. His skin was covered in bruises, sweat and dirt as his eyes slowly opened, only to see Timena standing before him.

"Good to see you're well." He spoke slowly.

She laughed, sort of bitterly. "And you've had better days." She continued to eye his current physical state.

Reevus smirked. "Your husband and father have been very kind."

Timena's eyes widened. "He isn't my husband." She replied quickly, looking back to a less than pleased Silas standing behind her.

"I have to thank you I suppose, for not having me killed, at least not right away." He gave a questioning look.

"I was surprised they hadn't killed you. I wanted to know why, you stopped Barinon that day."

Reevus stayed still for a moment before answering. "His revenge was always about Silas, but when you came along, he saw you as a bargaining tool. I suppose he thought he could lure Silas into his grasp and possibly kill you anyway."

"That does not explain why you helped me."

He sighed. "I suppose I never agreed with the idea of you dying in the first place." He answered.

"Why did you help him?" Timena asked.

"I guess I was never fond of Silas, especially after what he'd done to Barinon. I wasn't very fond of you either at first."

Timena wondered what she had done to offend him, but then decided that she did not care.

"Well look where that led you." She replied, sarcastically.

Reevus laughed before closing his eyes. "Neither Barinon or I were good at carrying out tasks I suppose." He said ruefully.

Yes, I guess not.

"Did you get the answers you wanted? Are you going to kill me now?" He almost bit out.

"I haven't decided what I'll do with you, but you aren't dead yet, thanks to me. So consider us on even terms." Timena responded coldly, turning to leave to the dungeon.

She sat on the windowsill of the study, looking out to see men training out on the court— Timena longed to spar, it felt like it had been an eternity since she had last touched a sword. She worried that her body mightn't remember how to even hold a blade now, the thought was disconcerting.

"It's good to see you out of bed Sadon." Clara's familiar and unexpected presence caused her to laugh.

"It feels even better to be out of bed." She replied with a small smile.

"I'm sorry I couldn't locate you sooner." Clara said, feeling guilty.

Timena looked at her, slowly realizing. "It was you who found me?"

"Yes, almost too late. My son is determined, but somewhat incompetent when it comes to directions it seems."

They laughed at the remark. "How did you find me?"

"Well I may have eavesdropped on the men's conversations, but I could feel your presence in the places you had been." Clara began to explain. "When I meet a person, I gain a sense their being, their aura. I can also, get an idea of their future, whether it be through decisions they make, or certain ailments. It was how I knew something was wrong with you."

Timena couldn't believe what she was hearing, she was both confused and astounded. "So you knew I had been stabbed?"

"Well, I knew that something was wrong. I got a, sick feeling about you when I made it to the burned-out fire. I tried to move as fast as I could, we were fortunate." Clara said.

"One of the men who took me... he tried to save me. He's still in the dungeon now, I haven't decided what to do with him as of yet. I know that Silas and my father are just waiting for me to give them the 'go ahead' to kill him, but I don't know if I can do that." Timena said, her judgement feeling clouded.

"You don't have any blood on your hands do you?" Clara asked.

"I've killed in defense."

Clara was surprised. "I didn't know that, but you have the choice to save his life or end it. Will you be able to live with yourself if end his life this way?"

"He tried to save me... even though he did help in capturing me. I feel as though, his life is might be worth sparing." Timena shrugged, unsure of what she should do.

Clara smiled at her. "You're a good soul Sadon, you know what the right decision is. Don't let my impetuous son or anyone else influence your decision."

Timena snorted. "I'm glad you know the kind of man your son is." She replied jokingly.

"I don't want him dead." Timena burst through Silas' room door in a haste.

"Alright..." He replied, going back to his reading as he sat comfortably on the bed.

Timena's body visibly relaxed, as she realized that he had just agreed with her. Walking over to him, she pushed the book away from his view.

"You're, not going to argue with me?" She asked curiously.

He smiled. "No, I don't wish to fight with you, my love." He gently pulled her by her waist, bringing her body closer to him. "I have other plans."

Silas took hold of the neck of her tunic, bringing her face to his level. Timena stared at him, feeling her breath go shaky. Their lips met, his just barely grazing hers as he waited for her to respond— Timena closed the distance, her fingers reaching for his hair before she felt herself being lightly tossed onto the bed.

Silas knelt over her. "Are you alright? I lost my head for a moment. I-"

Timena's fingers touched his lips as she giggled. "I'm fine, don't worry." She assured him.

With a dark gleam in his eyes, he bent down to meet her lips once more. Their kisses started slow, as they usually did before it deepened. However, this time it felt more passionate than before, his tongue teased her mouth leisurely— Timena eagerly tasted him, feeling every outline of his chest and abdomen greedily.

"I missed touching you like this." He murmured near her ear.

Silas moved away to remove his tunic, revealing his defined chest and abdominal. Timena bit her lip in anticipation as he came back down to her.

He took her mouth again hungrily, as his hands glided along her waist, stopping to cup her breasts. He began to plant soft kisses along her neck before teasing the flesh with his tongue. Timena moaned softly, feeling her insides tightening with each kiss.

Silas slowly removed all of her clothing, he stopped to look at her side that was still bandaged. Timena brought back his attention to her face and he'd forgotten all about her wound.

"I certainly missed these." He said pointedly toward her breasts. She shied away from his gaze.

His hot tongue made contact with them, lavishing each of her beaded nipples with attention. He sucked and licked, scraping his teeth against them occasionally, causing her to tremble. Silas chuckled in satisfaction each time.

Kneeling before her, he spread her legs wide so she couldn't hide. He nuzzled the inside of her thigh, which caused her to stir just a bit. When his tongue made contact with Timena's most intimate area, her head fell back almost immediately. Silas began to lap at the sensitive bud, his tongue momentarily tracing around it teasingly. He took his time pleasuring her, stopping just before she reached her climax — Timena looked down to see those piercing blue eyes and his lips glistening as he smiled devilishly at her before returning to teasing her.

Silas held her legs open with strong arms as she wriggled around, seeking release. She had bitten her lip countless times as she fought to stifle her moans. She brought her hands down to his head, tightening her fingers in the soft, dark strands as she began to grind against his tongue. Silas' tongue lapped over the bundle of nerves, moving faster as she felt her climax approaching. Timena's entire body tightened as she bit down on her lip, she groaned as she rode out her release.

She gasped for air as she finally felt the sensation begin to slowly dissipate. Silas continued to tease her until she tried to push him away, her sex feeling entirely too sensitive.

"That was the most beautiful thing I have ever witnessed." Silas looked up, admiring the view of Timena's naked body.

She laughed suddenly, still trying to catch her breath. "That was... something else."

"And we aren't finished." He said simply.

Timena's head snapped down to Silas in confusion. "What do you mean?"

"We have the rest of the evening." He declared before pulling her back to his mouth in one sudden movement.

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