The Unforeseen

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Chapter Twenty-Seven

The crowded room turned in anticipation, revealing Timena with a small bouquet in her hands. The hushed sounds of whispers and shock sounded throughout the room as she was presented before them.

The soft melody began to play as she put on a small smile, beginning to walk forward. Timena tried to focus on Silas' figure in the distance, holding her head high as she walked down the aisle. The guests smiled in her direction and she noticed the familiar faces among her family, Enoch, Norman, Eurina and Makar. Her eyes widened and she smiled in delight. Enoch waved happily and Norman and Eurina had smiles plastered on their faces. The royal families sat further up— Emandalyn smiled excitedly as Hanleigh rolled her eyes in annoyance, nodding at Timena. Timena nodded in return as she made her way up to the front.

Silas' face caught her off guard, he was focused on her, and her alone. The emotion in those blue eyes left her stunned as she walked up to him. His gaze offered something deeper than she had ever seen before, and a warm feeling enveloped her, even causing her cheeks to feel warm. Timena gave her flowers to a young girl before placing her hands in Silas'.

"You are so beautiful." He whispered as they both bent down to kneel before the priest.

Their hands were joined together and tied loosely by a sheer scarf, signifying their commitment. Passages from the bible were recited as the ceremony went on. Timena peeked over at Silas, seeing that his gaze was still fixated on her face, she blushed deeply.

"Does anyone present know of any reason that these two should not be married?" They waited for a moment before the priest continued. "Now I ask, would either of you be able to confess any reasons for prohibiting this marriage."

Timena shook her head as Silas replied with a stern "no." She giggled lightly.

Continuing with the ceremony, the time came for them to recite their vows.

"Timena, I remember when I fell in love with you. I noticed everything about you that day— I always said to myself that you sparring was the second most beautiful thing I had ever witnessed, apart from your beauty." He smirked. "You were and still are an enigma to me, everything you do beguiles me, and I never want it to end. I can't promise that I'll always have a clear mind or be rational when it comes you, but I promise to protect you, I promise to love you with every ounce of my being, because I only want you. I don't want to laugh, fight or experience another moment without you. You make me happy, I've never been able to truly say that about anything in my life. I want to stand beside you as you forge your way to greatness, as you rule and lead. I am yours, my heart, body and soul."

Some of the women had been quietly crying as his vows came to an end, whispering 'yes' as though he had just spoken to them. Timena' eyes too had begun to tear up, his public display of devotion to her had made her feel entirely too warm, she smiled sweetly at him.

Now that he had been clear about his love for her, his desire to cherish and protect her, Timena wanted to be able give him that same piece of mind.

"Silas, our story was nothing like the romantic tales you tell children." They both laughed, remembering it. "But I love you. That is something I can never say about any other man, you forced your way into my heart, slowly and eventually all at once. I promise to love you, cherish you, protect you as you've promised me, and I will give you all of myself. I trust you and I only ask that you continue to have patience with me, because I am a bit stubborn, and headstrong." She joked.

"But you want me that way, you don't wish to alter me in any sense of that word or stop me and I see that now. I vow to be yours forever, to love you forever, offer as much as I possibly can... except my swords of course. You cannot have those." She said jokingly and sounds of laughter began to fill the room.

Silas smirked. 'I love you.' He mouthed.

She smiled back happily.

Taking the rings from a small, velvet cushion, Silas placed the beautiful ring on her finger and Timena placed a simple gold band on his.

Before the priest could even say the final words, Silas pulled Timena to him for a long, passionate kiss. Everyone stood up and the room erupted into applause; laughter, whistles and cheers sounded around the chapel.

Breaking off the kiss finally, Timena smiled awkwardly at him before looking away.

"Pronouncing Queen Timena Sybil Mororcin and King Silas Dubovik Stokrev of Calyx." Their names were announced. Timena tried to hide her slight sadness at her new title. Silas stood behind her, letting her have the moment.

They began to walk down the altar, waving on each side to their loved ones and close comrades, before finally exiting the chapel.

Timena played another game, seeing how many times a guest would say they hadn't seen her since she was a little girl, or asked if she had remembered them, this time Silas helped her keep count.

A feast was held on the court, from roasted meats, salted fish and prawns to fruits, vegetables, and every pastry Timena could possibly think of. The melody continued to play as all the guests socialized and children ran around.

"I can't believe you, actually got married, queen Timena." Samuel joked.

"Yeah, you and me both." She shoved him lightly, before taking a large gulp of wine.

"When do you leave?" He asked sadly.

"We haven't decided yet, but we don't have to leave so soon yet." Silas appeared suddenly, wrapping an arm around her waist.

"You could go back to Calyx and return to visit every now and then." She jokingly suggested.

Silas laughed sarcastically. "Not a chance in hell, you're never leaving my side again." He countered.

She rolled her eyes, smiling slightly.

"Someone would like to see you. Excuse us for a moment Samuel." He said before leading her away.

Makar turned around as they approached and Timena almost screamed as she ran over to hug him.

"Ah Tim Tam, it's good to see you." His gruff voice sounded as he hugged her back.

"It's so good to see you too Makar, so good." She said, beaming.

"Congrats on your wedding, I wanted to give you a gift." He said before leading her over to where a guard stood.

The guard moved aside, revealing a securely wrapped sword, Timena held her breath, not sure if it was real or if she was dreaming.

"That isn't what I think it is Makar." She said in disbelief.

He chuckled. "It is." He answered, unwrapping the blade.

Timena clutched her chest as he unveiled the blade. It was shiny steel, the hilt twisted around in black and silver, and the pommel upon further inspection had a 'T' engraved on both sides. Makar placed it in her palms and moving onto the grass quickly, she began to wield the sword in her hands. The balance of it felt amazing between her fingers, it felt unbelievably sturdy. Makar began to explain all the key components in making the sword and Timena eagerly listened, completely enamored by the weapon and how he'd constructed it.

Silas smiled deeply, watching his wife listen to Makar's explanation of his techniques, loving every bit of interest she had in what he was saying.

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