The Unforeseen

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Chapter Nine

Managing to get out of Silas' grips, Timena pushed against his broad chest. His stance barely shifted at the force.

"Don't you ever put your fucking hands on me again." She spat out. Silas looked down at her, the hint of a smile pulling at his lips.

"You'll want me to do more than that one day, I assure you my princess."

Who the- Who the fuck does he think he's speaking to?

He seemed content with what he had said, simply waiting for a retort.

"You'd never be so fucking fortunate." She countered, before turning around and walking away.

His footsteps followed and Timena began to pick up her pace, rounding a corner before feeling herself being pushed against the brick wall. Silas' arms entrapped her as he analyzed her, she looked away.

"You fighting me, only makes me want you more. You're smart enough to realize that, I'm certain." His body was mere inches away from hers as he whispered near her ear. She felt a strange sensation deep in her stomach but ignored it.

"You don't know what you want, you're interested because I won't fall to my knees at the sight of you like the others. That's all it is." Timena pushed with all her might but Silas wouldn't budge. His eyes followed her movements and he smiled at her.

"That is where you're wrong my princess, I want every inch of you, mind and body. And don't worry, you'll fall to your knees in front of me one day and you'll want to, I assure you of that." The gleam in his eye was disarming as Timena peered up at him. Suddenly ducking under his arm, she ran away without looking back.

As she reached the kitchen downstairs, her pace slowed. Timena released a heavy breath as she felt the breeze begin to blow in through the open door. He had some fucking nerve.

Timena was momentarily startled at the sight of a tall, broad shouldered man standing in black armor outside. She rolled her eyes realizing Silas was most definitely going to have someone watching her every move from now on. They traveled down the hill, the guard shadowing her movements as they made it into the stables.

"Timena, is it true you beat Delacroix to a pulp?" Enoch's excitement was barely being contained as he ran over to her.

Wow, word surely travels fast here.

She placed her hands on both his shoulders to steady him. "That's over exaggerating things, I did not beat her to a pulp Enoch."

His shoulders fell slightly as he waited for an explanation.

"I simply talked to her, that's all." Almost immediately, they smiled at one another, knowing that wasn't true.

Timena looked to Enoch in confusion as he hastily left the stable— as she turned around, she now realized why.

Vassar stood at the entrance, he smiled sadly as Timena's gaze fell on him.

"Could I have a word?" His tone was gentle. She didn't say a word but waited expectantly for him to enter.

"I certainly don't blame you for hitting your sister, but you have to forgive her eventually Mena. She feels terrible, your mother and I could see it in her face." Vassar said as he took a seat on an old stool.

"You're the second person to say that, what about me? This is partly her fault, I can't leave. I am now being followed by this rather large barnacle. No offense." She said towards the guard in the corner of the room.

He shrugged his shoulders. "Under the circumstances, none taken."

"Tell me the truth or just go." Timena tried to calm herself.

"I never wanted you to find out but, Mororcin has been in a bit of a financial bind and this was his request... your hand in marriage. He's been very kind in assisting us as well as getting other allies on our side." Resting his hand against his forehead, he let out a heavy breath.

"How long?" She asked angrily.

"A few years perhaps." He spoke quietly.

Timena's head turned in his direction, shocked at his response. "A few years, Mororcin has been under the assistance of Calyx for a few years. Who else knew?"

"The deal was made between him and me, no one else was present. No one else knows, not even your mother. He promised to keep his word, if I kept mine." He said, ashamed. "I offered him anything, and everything else but he wanted you, this was why I always tried to keep him away from you when you were younger— he's shown interest in you for quite some years." He let out a dry laugh.

"So, you just made a fair trade huh?" She asked, incredulously.

"I tried to persuade him into choosing your sister, but he's a stubborn bastard that man. I-I'm so sorry Timena."

She looked down at him. "So that's, it. You gamble your first born away and now I suffer the consequences?"

"As your father, I want to tell you that you don't even have to look at him, let alone consider marrying him but as a king..." He couldn't finish the sentence. Vassar couldn't look at his daughter, he would never have a proper explanation for using her as a trading tool.

Timena couldn't help but sympathize, in some ways understanding the position her father was in. It must have been extremely difficult for him.

Why are you trying to rationalize his side of the situation? He basically sold you away. Timena reminded herself.

"Nothing else to say for yourself?" She asked. "Nothing at all?" Her voice had turned into a scream, she was furious. Vassar stayed completely still, not acknowledging her. Timena huffed loudly before storming past the guard and out of the stable.

Removing her gear as she slammed the bedroom door, Timena walked to the bathroom. The bath, like any other morning had been set, the water was a bit cooler than expected but she didn't care. She had been betrayed by her own father and sister, and a witch she had begun to consider her friend. Her father's betrayal seemed to hurt the most, that he had basically sold her away like some common mule without her knowledge. Now there was no escaping. The tears welled up in her eyes and trailed down her cheeks, the silent tears turned to muffled sobs and her body shook underneath the cool water. She laid with her head just above the water as she closed her eyes, overcome by her feelings.

"Timena wake up, oh my stars." Eurina's voice rung in her ears and her body sloshed around in the water as she was now alert. Looking around, she realized she was still in the bath, she must have fallen asleep.

Her body was shivering and her teeth chattering as Eurina hurriedly retrieved her bathrobe, then pulling her out of the tub and helping her dry off.

"Are you trying to kill yourself Timena?" Eurina looked to her, furiously. Peering down at her hands, she could see that her fingernails had a slightly gray tinge to them, and the fingertips were cold to the bone.

"Answer me, am I going to have to keep an eye on you?" She yelled, Timena shook her head as her eyes welled up with more tears.

"I'm sorry." It came out a whisper and Eurina sighed, bringing her in for a hug.

"Oh, my poor child..."

Timena woke up alone underneath large covers that were well tucked under her sides, that must have been Eurina's handiwork.

She got dressed, slowly putting on a long-sleeved tunic and her breeches. Upon looking out her window, it was clear that she'd slept past morning and well into the afternoon. Peering down below, she wasn't too surprised to find that there were a few guards standing around the perimeter of the castle.

The rumbling of Timena's stomach was the only reason for her leaving the safety of her room and even then, she mentally debated whether she really needed to eat. The kitchen was at its' usual busy state when Timena finally made it down the steps.

"You're awake finally, have a seat." Eurina said with a smile. "How are you feeling?" She asked in a hushed tone.

"I am a bit calmer than before, but let's see what happens if I see Delacroix's face again." Timena replied sarcastically.

Eurina held back her laughter, continuing to season the meat in front of her.

"Now Timena, I cannot say that I, disagree with what happened between you two, but eventually you'll have to speak to her and possibly even forgive her." She suggested.

Timena shook her head, lost in her own thoughts. "I'm too angry to forgive her, everyone is telling me that I should because she regrets what she's done. Does anyone not see that it was horrible for her to have done it in the first place?! I've done nothing to her and our whole lives I've tried to be a good sister to her, to push her to have a relationship with father. I have never once betrayed her in any way so she can go fuck... her... self." She emphasized the last two words.

Chuckling lightly, Eurina sighed. "She's been jealous or envious of you your entire lives and you are right, you aren't to blame. You've been a good sister, but jealousy and envy can remove any trace of rational thought. Forgive her because it's right, not because you feel like you must, but because right now she's foolish and every person deserves the chance to right their wrong. I'm not saying you have to do it right away, maybe put her through the ringer a few times but eventually forgive her."

Eurina certainly knew how to put things into perspective. Timena didn't know if she had it in her heart to forgive Delacroix right now but she would keep Eurina's words in mind.

Timena helped cut the vegetables, cook meat and make soup and bread. She felt slightly at peace helping Eurina, it made her feel as though everything was as it should've been even though it wasn't. Things were going to change, she wasn't exactly sure how or even when, but it was to be expected. Everytime her mind came across an unpleasant thought, she could feel her stomach tying itself in knots, no matter how much she tried to brush the thoughts away.

Timena ate her meal in the kitchen that night with the company of Eurina, the kitchen staff and the guards. She harbored on her current predicament the entire meal. but she was thankful to not be in the presence of her family and Silas.

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