The Last Magus

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Another day in Hell

Meanwhile in a parallel plane of existence that some choose to refer to as hell, two female demons known as succubi were crossing the blasted and desolate ground towards the iron fortress at the centre of the plane. They had been summoned to the fortress, their presence required by their master, the ruler of this level of hell, and his was not a command to be rejected lightly.

From their appearance succubi are incredibly sexually alluring females, they corrupt the mortal male with the single weapon they possess in! There is a male version known as an incubus that can have a similar effect on females. Once corrupted the mortal souls are thus consigned to hell, in a few cases the succubi/incubi will devour the soul of their victim instead. However in hell, souls are the currency, the more a demon can acquire the higher his or her standing.

Both girls were attired in the briefest of clothes, temperatures in this level of hell, of which there were many, varied from excruciatingly hot to a cooler painfully hot. They had heard one level was icebound but that was just rumour. Their normal behaviour therefore was not to wear anything at all, their bodies usually bearing a glowing sheen from sweat. Today, however, they were to have an audience with the ruler of this level of hell, their master, their liege lord, his unholiness himself. This was a rare occurrence under normal circumstances so both were puzzled by why he would command their presence. To appear naked would not be seemly so they wore clothes, clothes that left absolutely nothing to the imagination and in fact covered very little. These two had been two sisters in their mortal existence, one had succumbed to a heart attack dying during a particularly strenuous sex session involving fifty men, talk about sinning! While her sister had been involved in a road accident, fatally, while trying to get to the hospital. Thus they had died on the same day and the bond of sisterhood held them together. Their lives had consisted of debauchery and sin so when they had faced judgement and been consigned to hell at least the sister who had died in the car crash had felt a little grieved…but their arrival in hell, well that’s when they’d started really having fun!!

Since arriving in hell they had determinedly worked their way up the corporate ladder, ingratiating themselves and using their obvious sexual talents to achieve the now heady status of succubi. They were named Ell and Ay (as said in hay without the h), they couldn’t remember their mortal names, the dead tended not to have memory, but they felt a sense of familiarity to the sounds that those two letters made, L and A.

Ell stood about five feet four tall, she had dark flowing hair that came to the small of her back in length. Figure wise she was somewhat gourd shaped, Ell was buxom, in human terms the words massive breasts said it all, narrow sort of waist with sizeable hips. Her chest though was her most prominent feature and as a succubus had become her most potent attraction. It often amazed her how mortal males drooled over her bust. She had to admit they were very large, heavy full breasts that just drew males eyes like magnets draw iron. She loved her body that way, the attention, the adulation. As she walked her breasts bounced and jiggled with each step. In life she vaguely remembered she had had a similar shape, it was a sort of body memory. But had she experienced back trouble? That seemed plausible given the obvious size and weight sitting on her ribcage and so had undergone a bust reduction operation. Many of her more ardent admirers, for she had had a profusion of them, even attaining celebrity of a sorts, had deserted her after the operation. This had left her with a deep sense of regret at having had them cut down, she had tried obvious augmentation but it wasn’t somehow the same as natural. Finally she had succumbed to the draw of prostitution, on the advice of her elder sister, selling what she had to anyone willing to pay.

Then after her fatal car accident and passing into hell, with subsequent elevation to succubus level, she had been delighted at the offer to create her own body shape. With a single minded attitude she had thus recreated her own pre-operation body with the more natural feeling huge breasts supplying plenty of cleavage she remembered having. She felt proud of their size, their weight, she liked the strain felt in the fabric of her top, when she bothered to wear any. She loved the fact that it took whole bottles of oil to massage them and keep them supple. Her costumes, when she wore anything, were invariably small and tight, clinging in ways that caused her chest to bulge as if trying to escape the confinement. Today her clothes consisted of little more than a few well placed scraps of black leather, oiled and shiny covering her more intimate areas. She was not afraid of showing it all off, probably part of the reason she was here in hell in the first place. Another vague memory was she was well known for removing her clothes practically at the drop of a hat! Had there really been a time in a church she had streaked? Oh she was indeed a bad girl! But normally she would have been walking around completely naked without a thought…naked except for her boots. Her boots had become her most prized possession, thigh length, black spike heeled boots shined to a mirror like finish. Just the feeling of power she got from wearing them was intoxicating to her. She crunched her heels on the surface of the white dust road kicking up a little plume of dust as she strode forward with purpose. She looked down on hearing the gritty crunch, thanks to her mammoth breasts she could only see her own bulging cleavage. She couldn’t actually see her boots, except the very tips of the toecaps when she stretched her foot forward as far as she dared. But she knew from her arduous polishing the kind of damage they suffered.

“Shit! This road always scuffs my boots. What do you suppose it’s made off Ay?”

Ay shook her head and gave a quiet giggle and a wry smile, “You and your boots! Don’t you know dear sister? It’s made from crushed fragments of bone, you walk upon the road to hell, it isn’t paved with good intention after’s paved with the bones of the dead! All the bones of the souls that inhabit this realm are pulverised to make this road. Your bones are in there somewhere dearest sister, as are mine. The souls go to the maggot pits and some, like us dear sister get to climb out.”

Ell stopped and stared down for a moment at her feet, she wondered if she could pull her breasts apart to see, but instead stood just guessing at how the dust was affecting her boots, “Well maybe we need a better surface! Has our master never heard of tar?”

Ay almost laughed out loud. It would have been a curious sound, laughter in hell, and was deeply frowned upon by her superiors.

Ay herself was slightly taller than her sister, in human terms she would have been maybe three years older too. She had been the more brazen strumpet of the pair, nude model, prostitute, video pornstar and had suffered her heart problem while trying to bed fifty men for a video. She had been responsible in no small way for her sister’s descent into depravity too! Getting her into nude modelling, pornography and finally prostitution. Bodily she had more of a pleasing shape to her, that is to say she was buxom just not as physically imposing as her sister. She sported a pinched in waist and rounded wide hips. She remembered having a daughter at one point but whatever had happened to her? Ay’s hair was a dirty straw blonde cut to a shoulder length bob. She wore the same sort of minimal costume as her sister, except to keep her waist in she wore a thick black leather corset type belt, wrapped tightly around her waist and buckled in the back. She had wrapped it so tightly, pinching her waist so small this day that she felt a little light headed breathing in small gasps as she squeaked and creaked each time she moved forward.

To the unfortunate human observer, well to be in hell you had to be unfortunate didn’t you? They would have resembled two attractive women walking along a beach front in the absolute minimum of skimpiest swimwear imaginable...that is assuming he could have raised his eyes to their faces! They walked along the white road occasionally talking, crunching bone fragments under foot and spewing up little white clouds with each step…that is the observer would have thought this of them until he had seen their backs. For both sisters in the centre of their upper spine grew a pair of black leathery bat wings easily equal in height to themselves. It was the wings that marked them out as the succubi demons they were. Years in hell had made them cruel to the point of being sadistic, they had been trained to use sex, sex of every possible variety and perversion. They both liked it rough too but used it above all else to get the souls they needed. There was some stupid metaphysical rule saying the soul had to be given freely, rather than taken, but it didn’t mention anything about coercion, and, in spite of any evidence to the contrary, these two ladies were good at what they did.
Ell carried a five or six foot bull whip curled into one hand, she’d been playing the dominatrix tormenting some of the latest arrivals when the call to attend the fortress had come. While Ay wore a short rod at her waist, at a twist of its grips this rod could spring into a six foot trident, she’d been serving at the maggot pits when his unholiness had issued his command.

Ay looked across at her sister as Ell strode another pace, her breasts bounced heavily, barely concealed by the two patches of leather, “Have you been adding to your tits again Ell? I swear they look bigger than the last time I saw you.”

“Just a couple of extra inches…You like them?” Ell half turned with her free hand on her waist. The turn caused her chest to shimmy and wobble for a couple of seconds after she stopped.

“A couple of inches? Gods be cursed, that’s what now double G cups?” Both of them still thought in the mortal systems of measurement.

“Double H actually, what’s the matter…jealous are we?”

“It’s not me that would be interested hun. I could swing that way but I don’t, I guess I like men too much!”

“Yes well fifty was probably a bit far even for you.”

“Well if I’m honest dear sister I think they look a little stupid, much too big! Aren’t they heavy?”

“I’ll have you know I was a double H before, remember?”

“Remember what? You know the dead have no memory. But I vaguely remember you had them reduced, didn’t they give you back trouble?”

“Yes, they got cut down to a double D, but I realised it wasn’t down to back trouble. It was that jealous bastard I married, he got sick of the looks I got from other men. I was thinking of getting them to double K size maybe.” Ell breathed in deep expanding her chest further.

“He can’t have been the only reason. Besides you had a son by him didn’t you? So he can’t have been that much of a bastard.” Ell’s face dropped fractionally as her smile faded, “I’m sorry sis I love you dearly, you know that, but well…honestly it’s getting stupid. How do you know where to place your feet? You can’t possibly see over those balloons.”

Ell’s face dropped a fraction more, she loved her sister but she loved her appearance. She felt the tiniest sense of anger at Ay now. “Well I don’t know what you’re griping about dear sister, you’re not exactly sporting sparrows kneecaps there!” She said pointing with an accusing finger.

“I know...” Ay caressed her own breasts seductively, passing her hands down to her waist, “I do OK, I seduce my fair share. I had another five just the last dawn. But come on Ell…seriously you are telling me mortal males really go for those Zeppelins?”

Ell’s smile returned as she swung her chest side to side, “Like bees to honey dear sister, like bees to honey! The bigger they are the more males I seem to get…And believe me I make them pay for them too.” Ell laughed raucously as she cracked her whip.

Both sisters turned and continued walking, they were approaching the imposing gateway of the iron fortress that their master inhabited. Their master was the undisputed ruler of this level of hell, there were many other levels but they had never seen them. Ay tilted her head back as they passed under the eaves of the massive gateway. The gate itself was black iron and vast, Ay stared at it for a moment trying to gauge its weight, whatever it was she reckoned mountains probably weighed less! Massive black iron spikes festooned the walls and ramparts, arrow slots, culverts and recesses covered the surfaces of the inner walls. Anything allowed in would not get out easily, while it would have a hell of a time trying to force itself in. Looking up she could just see the massive engines of war on the high battlements. The one overall impression she had is power!

“Come and take it if you dare...” Ay mused.


“Just looking at the fortress dear sister. I don’t know why our master needs all this stuff, it’s not exactly as if someone is going to invade is it? When was the last time you heard of someone actually trying to conquer hell?”

“Remember the other demon lords dear sister. Our master is but one of the unholy council. Each level has its ruler.”

“Yes, yes and from what I hear you can’t trust anyone on that council. They’re all a lot of back-stabbers, traitors, liars and scumbags.”

“Well that’s a good part of why they’re here isn’t it? What are you going to do with them sister? Send them to hell?” Ell laughed aloud again, throwing her head back as her laughter echoed through the gatehouse.

Ay stepped forward and touched her sister on the shoulder, she whispered half heartedly, “You know Ell our master frowns upon laughter, best not to make too much of it.”

“Depends on the laughter doesn’t it…laugh to be cruel and he loves it, laugh just to laugh and it’s back to the maggot pits!” Ell gave a smirk.

“Any idea why he’s called us?”

“None! But I’m sure he’ll let us know if he feels we need to know…”

The pair progressed through the fortress, escorted at times by demons and devils that served as militia. Ell teased and toyed with some of them trying to see if she could seduce them, but each stoically remained staring ahead as they ignored her.

“Hmm must be all homosexuals!” She wiggled her rear at another guard who just stared straight ahead. “They always said it was a sin…guess they were right!”

Finally, as Ay was just starting to feel that they would never reach their master’s throne room, a vast set of double doors opened with a hollow boom and they were lead into the throne room. It was a monumentally vast space adorned with lights and brassieres. Ay smirked, in the heat of hell they really needed brassieres?

A small group of figures could be seen huddled at the end of the room surrounding the equally vast black iron throne raised upon its thirty foot high dais of skulls. Ell and Ay were escorted forwards along the blood red carpet that lead up to the dais. Ay looked down, to call the carpet blood red was accurate she had heard it was regularly washed in the blood of millions. One of the figures in the group raised his head and half turned as they approached.

The group fell silent while Ell and Ay realised they had become the centre of attention. He was an imposing male with bright eyes and a goatee beard, middle aged by human terms. One glance from him was said to be enough to turn any heart to liquid. Although he was physically quite a slight, almost sickly looking figure, anyone who knew anything about the politics of this place knew never to cross this devil…unless eternity in the maggot pits appealed, as one of the maggots!

Both Ell and Ay fell to one knee as his burning gaze fell on them.

“My lord...command me lord.” They said together with faces turned down to closer examination of the carpet.

“Ah, yes the two sisters. Succubi in my service.” The ruler half turned his face back to the group before continuing, his voice was polite, polished with the sound of a public school education. As a mortal he would have been called posh or gentry, but of course here in his realm no one would even think of calling him anything other than lord. “I’ve been hearing some good things about you two.” He waved a hand in the girls general direction, “Loyalty, unswerving service, devotion to duty…loathsome character flaws normally.” In one hand he held a vast gilt goblet and he took a deep draught from it before speaking again. “From the looks of you both though you enjoy a certain success with mortal soul collection.” His eyes glittered at the shape of them both, even the ruler of hell was not bereft of feelings of lust.

“Thank you lord, we only aim to serve…”

“Well that is what I require…your service, both of you!” Just for a moment his Unholiness paused, that was indeed a pleasant thought, both of these two at his service! He coughed somewhat self consciously, “It would appear I have a little job for you…” Ay for a brief moment turned her face towards Ell mouthing silently the words told you. “It has come to my attention that there is a mortal male…”

One of the other figures in the group laughed a little explosively, “there are billions of them…” Then remembering who he was laughing at, “I mean sire…” The ruler of this level of hell looked at him scornfully, his diamond eyes glittered and the demon promptly shut his mouth with a snap.

If I might be permitted to finish!” He said pointedly enough that his words caused the one who had interrupted to flinch visibly and quail as if being stabbed by a hundred blades. “…There is a mortal male. I believe he might be a countryman of you two, in your former mortal existence I mean. This male it appears has reacquired the ability to use magic.”

It was now Ell’s turn to face her sister, she turned back almost immediately before questioning the ruler with a cough, “Magic your desolateness?”

“Yes! That is what I said. Magic, a long time ago mortals could and did use magic, real magic. Caused all sorts of bloody problems, suddenly getting summoned here or end of interruptions! Well at least one such mortal was extremely good at it too. But after his demise magic use sort of trailed off to nothing…bloody good thing too I might add!” His unholiness laughed as he sloshed his goblet around with a wave. “Now it appears we have another would be wizard rising to the fore.”

“And you wish us to stop him your desolation?”

“Stop him? But of course, it depends on the circumstances. So I will instead leave you two to decide how you proceed. Know this though, both of you...” His eyes glittered like intense diamonds refracting laser light, “there is a balance to this universe. That balance is very delicate, extremely delicate in fact. The universe you could say is balanced on a knife point and it is the sharpest you can imagine. This wizard...” the ruler of hell almost spat out the word in distaste. “This wizard fellow threatens that balance.” He took another mouthful of drink.

Ell gulped, Ay looked across at her then raised her head slightly as she looked back at the ruler, “A mortal who can threaten the balance master? He must indeed be powerful...”

“Don’t be ridiculous wench. No…he isn’t!” The ruler waved off her statement like an annoying fly, “at least…he isn’t yet! But he gets more powerful by the day. You see he may disturb the balance by his own inept bumbling…and that I cannot and will not allow!” his unholiness now thumped his goblet down onto a tabletop causing the wine to slosh out in a widening puddle.

“Would your majesty care to explain a little more? How can one mortal exert such influence?”

“His majesty…” his unholiness swallowed as he breathed in, “is wondering why he has to explain himself to his two underlings at all!” The ruler snapped. Both girls flinched, crawling back a pace as if a lash had just hit them, “I have given you your assignment, so to my view a loyal servant would be on their way!” The ruler paused momentarily as if thinking, “…But in this case I suppose it is a fair enough question.” He tapped his lower lip with a finger as if thinking, “There is you see one of the old ones asleep on the mortal plane. A demon of the original chaos from before. If he should awaken that balance I spoke of will be destroyed utterly. What is keeping him asleep? Magic, my dear wenches, old magic, indeed very powerful old magic. Now this pathetic imbecile and his fumblings with magic could drain the very energy from the enchantment keeping the old one asleep.”

“When you say old one majesty...” Ell rose her face momentarily before dropping it back to the carpet hurriedly.

“Do you know nothing of this universe?” The ruler snapped again, his eyes flared like two bright cut diamonds again, Ell now flinched back further, she felt as if her own whip had just lashed her. “This universe my dear girl was constructed on the previous domain of the old ones, the older Gods, Gods of chaos! One of their number escaped the others imprisonment, if he is allowed to roam free he will seek to destroy everything! Do you understand? I cannot and I will not allow that to happen! Must I repeat myself?” The ruler had raised his arms in a show of defiance and anger, thunder now rolled ominously. “It would end my rule here and the existence of this plane in its entirety, indeed ALL the lords of this place would be destroyed! I do not intend to become some damn refugee begging for a bed for the night! Thus I intend…” He swallowed a mouthful of wine and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, “I intend to nip this upstart in the bud. Now go the pair of you. You are both dismissed!”

Both girls looked at each other momentarily puzzled.

“Yes your most desolate majesty, thank you your majesty!” Both girls crawled backwards, gazing at the carpet, nodding with each shuffle, repeating over and over those words. Until they reached the door of the throne room. At that point they climbed somewhat stiffly to their feet and turned towards the door.

“Magic? Wizard? If it wasn’t him saying these things I’d say he was loopy or drunk!” Ell brushed her boots with her hands, “I’m going to have the very devil of a time shining these boots now!”

“Keep it down he might hear you. The maggot pits are fun dear sister, unless you happen to become one of the maggots!”

“So what do we do next then sis?”

“Well he left it up to us didn’t he? I suppose first thing to do is find this guy he’s talking about. He’ll be a male, a mortal male and we both know how to deal with them. Better pack our stuff up so we can go to the mortal realm soon as.”

“What do you suppose he meant countryman of ours?”

“Means we came from the same place I assume…not that I remember precisely where that was.”

“I barely remember anything of my mortal life, and less as the days pass.”

“Me either, it’ll be an education for us both then. Come on we’ve got a wizard to find...”

Both girls turned smartly and walked back out of the fortress to begin their quest. They had a creeping thought of what failure might mean to both of them.

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