The Last Magus

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The info witch cometh...

Next morning Natalie sat in her office, with Draco seated on a chair beside her in his miniature dragon form, as she poured over the images from her computer screen. Joe’s appointments were all sorted out and his spell books catalogued. Her database had even reached a sort of hiatus as Joe seemed to research fewer new spells these days, content just to practise the ones he knew. She also knew that he didn’t want any recurrence of the strange malady that had left him in her bed spitting up stuff that for all the world resembled tar and smelt of rotten eggs! Thus with Joe out this morning and no calls Natalie felt at a loose end, she felt that she needed a complicated project to fill her time. This project of finding the schools would be perfect, it would also be something she could do to help Joe properly with his magic. It was all very well and good her being his personal assistant, keeping his diary in check and looking after his money and banking but that was normal…mundane, as Joe called it, and frankly rather boring! This though she felt was a goal that would stretch her talents, something to get her teeth firmly fixed find the six towers, lost in the mists of time for six millennia…if only?

On her computer screen slowly revolved a globe of the Earth intricately detailed, rotating as if in real time. With clicks of her mouse and deft movements of her hand she could rotate it in any direction as well as zooming in for close up views that used enhanced satellite images.

“OK Draco, this is the world as it is now, today, or as good as.”

“How do you know that to be so?”

“One of the things we’ve developed in six thousand years is artificial satellites, machines that are orbiting the planet and they take pictures. We can see the weather formations building up and predict things like hurricanes and serious storms. But with those pictures we can build a globe like this.”


“So to find those schools we just need to work out where the schools were six thousand years ago, then work out how their positions might have changed due to continental drift or tectonic changes. That is assuming they still exist. Hmm!” Natalie looked at the globe, Earth was an active planet. Earthquakes, tsunami, volcanic eruptions all of them could change the layout of the world.

“My memory of the exact locations may not be what it was miss Natalie, it was a very long sleep, one doesn’t expect to go to sleep and wake up six thousand years later. As I say much has changed, some that was…is no more, while some that wasn’t has been created. The schools themselves should have survived but only as long as the magic that protected them was still strong.”

“Well then we’ll just have to do our best won’t we? My dad always says it doesn’t matter if you win or lose as long as you did your best.” Natalie smiled sweetly as she spun the globe manually through a complete revolution finally centring on the Eurasian continent. She scrolled the mouse wheel deftly zooming the view into the western portion. With a fingertip she pointed to the United Kingdom pair of islands. “This is us here, well this country anyway. I can zoom in further and you’ll see more islands, it’s not just two. I can if I want get it right down to this house, but this is where we are. Now if we can even get close to any school it will be something, and if these places were as magical as you say maybe Joe will feel them if he visits them, you know as he gets closer, like a magnet will draw a piece of iron. Look Draco I haven’t told Joe this, his banking has never looked healthier, he’s got his shows keeping everybody happy and his practise…but what about me? I feel like a spare wheel at the moment.”

“A spare wheel?”

“I mean I feel that my being here as Joe’s girlfriend come PA well it’s not exactly fulfilling. I sit here most weekdays and I know I’ve got you and Joe to keep me company. But like this morning, Joe is out so I’m at a loose end. I’ll make coffee, listen to music, even a snack at eleven but I want something to do Draco...something important! I want to be able to contribute something to his magic!”

“Very well, is it possible to get a…globe? The way it was all those millennia ago?”

“I don’t know, but we can try can’t we? It might only be a rough thing. You described a pretty earth shaking event when that magus met the demon.”

“It may be miss Natalie that finding one school may lead us to the others but that may also be a slim hope.”


“The Great Magus was the factor that unified them, once he died the six schools became insular, they cut themselves off from one another. Their unity became fractured, their prejudices towards each other boiled back up. In fact the very day the Magus died they almost started a magic war over who would possess the Magus’ staff.”

“A magic war?”

“It would have been a devastating thing, perhaps nothing compared to the Great Magus and the demon, but all that magic used in one place...spells meeting counter spells.”

“Wow! I never even thought…That staff was really that important?”

“A singularly unique artefact, the Magus himself crafted and created it. It far exceeded anything the masters of the six schools possessed themselves.” Natalie gulped audibly, she suddenly had a miniscule insight into why Joe had been so keen on finding it.

“Well then like I said we can only do our best and it’s not like there’s any race to be run doing it.”

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