Gracie's Lulliby

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Marriage Purposal

I looked at the approaching men and one of them said, “The son of our ruler, fit for royalty, but plays the role of protector, tell me young prince has your mother told you of your bloodline?”

“What are you talking about? My mother and her boyfriend live in London.” I asked then stated with a statement of my own.

The same man stated, “We have watched you young prince, when you were born at your father’s death everything he owned would become yours, his followers, everything even down to Kelsey his child and executioner.”

I smiled looking at the men, “ Really, you wait until my father is cut down and defenseless due to foolishness and then you come running seeking a replacement, I can promise you one thing, you will suffer for the lack of support you gave my father in his time of need as will Samantha Blair and Gabriel Canon that is if Kelsey hasn’t already carried that out, I will start with the three of you. Gracie Lynn go home.”

“But, how can I help you?” Gracie Lynn asked to receive a death glare from Leonard as she punched one of the vampire men charging at them.

Leonard turned to face the men as a muscular one ran at him the landed on the ground, Leonard kicked him in the air extending his hand as a blade appeared from his hand cutting the vampire’s head off as he came down quickly getting to his feet. The blade went back into his hand as he punched the last vampire breaking his neck. Gracie Lynn looked at the vampires and said, “ You royalty, weird you never seemed to show it.”

“I never wanted the position you can not be a king and a hired assassin so I never told anyone your mother would have treated me like royalty if she knew my father was Alexander V. Kleinias, so to hide who and what I am, I went by my mother’s last name.” Leonard looked at Gracie Lynn.

“Dude, you have a rich name and legacy with what your father built in this town and you choose to be a hired assassin instead of having an easy life? That’s whacked up.” Gracie Lynn stated.

Leonard sighed, “Let me get this straight, what if in your world of bubblegum pop I did tell my secret what would I gain out of it, misery and commitment-”

“Dude, you get treated like a cook, whatever chore you’re forced with no respect for it, my mother appreciates you, but wouldn’t it be awesome to have the relationship with my mother as I do? She can be the best friend you ever had or the worst enemy you ever had, dude she would force our servants to treat you with respect or probably take their heads off.” Gracie Lynn interrupted Leonard.

Leonard opened his mouth to speak, to hear Graceona say, “There you two are, looking at it, it would appear my worries for Gracie Lynn can rest thank you Leonard for following her here is your weekly payment.” Graceona handed Leonard his payment.

Leonard pushed her hand away, “No money is needed, but I do wish for Gracie Lynn’s hand in marriage.”
Graceona looked at him and said, “I don’t doubt your emotions, but with Gracie, my daughter with a killer, I respect you, but I’m going to have to say no.”

Leonard bowed to her, “Forgiveness your majesty, I’m letting my emotions get away with my work, I think I shall head home I am tired.”

Graceona smiled, nodding her head as Leonard walked away.

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