Gracie's Lulliby

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Gracie Lynn looked out of the window of the passenger seat of her mother’s moving car, a sigh escaped her lips as she said, “Mother, why won’t you allow Leonard and I to be together, I love him and he loves me. I thought as long as I found someone you approve of that you would give the blessings, Leonard is sweet and he protects me every chance he gets isn’t that enough for you to give you satisfaction?”

Graceona looked at her and stated, “Grace your father and I love you, Leonard as I stated I have no doubts, but sweetie, we don’t want to give you up so early, you’re just eighteen don’t you want to live a little before jumping into marriage?”

Gracie replied, “No mother, I feel like I won’t have a life without Leonard Kleinias… I mean Blair.”
Graceona stopped the car looking at her daughter, “What name was that again?”

Gracie scratched her head Leonard was going to have her head for revealing his secret, Graceona stated, “Leonard is Alexander’s kin, it seems logical once one thinks about it, Blair was that girl that helped Alex along with Gabriel to take his life, are you telling me that Leonard is their son?” Gracie Lynn sighed, “Yes, mother, he is but he doesn’t want it to be known. So can you act like I never mentioned it around him, please.”

Graceona looked at her daughter and said, “He doesn’t wish to be royal or is it he is ashamed of his mother?”

Gracie shrugged her shoulders and responded, “The fact of being royal I don’t think he has any harsh feelings towards his mother, of course we never talk about her, so with him taking her name I can bet they are on good terms with one another.”
Graceona looked at her daughter, “Right, I wouldn’t bet a lot on the table dear.”

Without another word spoken Graceona drove Gracie in the direction of Leonard’s home.

Leonard sat in the repaired condo that his father once lived in he had managed to replace the broken items and buy new furniture, other than that the house looked as it always had. Leonard sat at the large table with a turkey sub he looked out the window as the phone rang, two rings, then the answering machine answered, he heard Kelsey say, “Leonard meet me at noon in the forest behind your house.”

Leonard looked at the phone picking it up in time to talk to his adopted sister, “Kelsey, did you handle everything in London.”
“I just got done, I saw him Leonard, Joachim I held him, he was beautiful.” Kelsey said.

Leonard sighed stating, “You let him live right? Joachim wasn’t a target father would be furious if we went too far with this.”

“I’m nursing him now he took some hard hits, but he will be fine, Samantha and Gabriel are gone.” Leonard heard Kelsey sit in a chair, a smile on her face. “He’s beautiful Leonard I think I love him.”

“I’ll meet you here tomorrow I think I have company.” Leonard stated as the line got silent.

“Alright, Goodnight Leonard.” Kelsey stated as the lines disconnected.

Kelsey looked at the bloody man lying on her bed, his black hair soaked with sweat, his bare chest coated in blood and sweat, she started to tend to him humming gently, Joachim looked at her and said exhaustion in his tone, “What is your name, you are worthy of my attention with the way you are skilled, please allow me to know who you are.”

Kelsey smiled and answered, “Kelsey Lewis.”

Joachim grabbed her hand, “Soft, but powerful, I like it.” Joachim stated closing his eyes.

Kelsey sat on the bedside kissing his forehead, placing her hand on his chest, Joachim stroked her hand with his free hand, “I will protect you forever Kelsey.” Joachim stated coughed losing consciousness.

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