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All he wanted was a mate. What he wasn't expecting was an assassin with motives to harm his pack. Cy is the Beta of Red-moon pack, a hybrid. Strong and Powerful. He has everything but a mate. It's not like he hasn't tried, he left no stone unturned to find her. But he failed and finally gave up. But as they say, it will happen when you least expect it. In an attack what Cy least expected was to come across a she-wolf who happens to be his mate. But she comes from the Enemy pack with motives to harm his. She's not up with negotiations and he's not intended on letting her slip off his fingers.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1: Mateless


NOTE: In my book, hybrid wolves are referred to those who have some kind of Elemental power It could be fire, water, ice etc.Cy’sPoint of View


I snap open my eyes.

’Yes, alpha.′ I answer through the mind link. I let out a big yawn. It was after weeks I got this peaceful sleep but it’s gone now. I groan internally at Alpha Calix. Being his damned Beta I listen what he has to say next.

’Where are you?′ He asks.

’In my bed.′ I answer rubbing my eyes. I look outside the window and find it dark outside. I wonder why he is bothering me right now.

’I want you to go check on the southern territory.′ He orders. I let out the biggest yawn possible and push the sheets off me.

’Now!′ He snaps. This gets me running. In just a minute, I am running off to our southern territory in my pajamas. I wonder why he is sending me there now. The possible reason for my wondering could be rouges. I look down at myself and examine my pajamas as I make my way to the southern border. I look nothing but out of place for a possible fight. I wonder if the rogues will pass a comment or two on my blue pajamas with white strips.

I increase my speed and finally, I am on the southern border of our territory. I examine the whole area. It seems undisturbed. Everything is in its place except for one thing.

The smell.

The smell is different. It’s foul and it definitely doesn’t belong to my pack. It’s a mixture of sweat, mud, and blood. It smells like rogues.

I sniff more to get to know how many have been here. Suddenly, I hear a twig snap at a distant. I act as if I haven’t noticed it but at the same time prepare myself for a possible attack. I keep quiet. Suddenly, I hear another twig snap and this time I turn around to attack to find three sets of glowing eyes. I growl at them and one of them leap on me.

Suddenly, I feel every cell in my body heat up. I feel that energy flow through my body like blood. Fire. I imagine fire. First, I feel the heat slowly engulfing my body then I feel a tingling sensation running throughout my body but concentrating mostly on my hands. Soon I see flames oozing out of my hand. The same happens for the wolf, it’s body oozing with flames. The wolf is on fire too.

Before the wolf can touch me, its whole body is engulfed in flames. The wolf loses its control and lands roughly on the ground with a loud thud. First, the fire burns its fur then it reaches for his skin. The wolf howls in pain as the fire kisses its body, leaving burned skin behind. Soon the fire penetrates its skin, claiming the insides of his body and making him twitch more in pain. All of this happens in seconds. Soon the wolf stops twitching, that’s when the other two realize what has happened to their companion. They eye their companion who has turned into a mere pile ashes and bones. They try to run in the opposite direction but before they could realize, I have set them on fire the same way I did with the first wolf.

Their reaction is the same. They twitch in pain and howl as the fire claims their body, not leaving any part untouched. Soon, they stop twitching and go still. The fire continues to explore their now remaining bones, slowly breaking them into small pieces and uniting them with the ashes that happened to be their skin and organs.

All dead.

Bloody rogues.

In a matter of minutes, all that remains is the ashes and the partly burned skull of those three rogues.


’Yes, Alpha.′ I answer through the mind link.

’What happened?′

’There were three rogues.′ I answer calmly looking at the ashes that happened to be those three rogues.


’I have finished them.′

’Good, they better learn not to step on my lands again.′

I nod, knowing that he won’t be able to see me. These ashes will be enough for others to know what happens when they step on our land without any permission.

As I proceed to go back the way I came, I yawn once more. I desperately want to go to bed and sleep forever but my body won’t allow that. Plus, sleep is something I don’t look forward to. Not when you are mate-less, restless wolf. Every time I go home knowing there won’t be anyone to greet me but still I get disappointed. I don’t know why.

Werewolves find their mates when they turn 18. Well, I am 25 and I haven’t found mine. I don’t know when I will find her. Sometimes, I doubt whether she even exists or not. Every werewolf has a mate but then I am an exception.

I am a hybrid. I have an elemental gift of fire. I can control fire or set things on fire and that’s what makes me different from an ordinary werewolf. And being un-ordinary I doubt if I have a mate as the ordinary ones have. As the years passed by I searched and waited and I am still waiting. But It’s been long, long since I have been waiting. Waiting for someone I doubt even exists.

She doesn’t exist. My other half doesn’t exist.

I have to give up and find someone else. My wolf Leo doesn’t seem too pleased with the idea of mating with someone else. He is still waiting but I have stopped listening to him. But still he is a part of me and I can’t ignore him forever, so sometimes he really gets to me. Plus, I am a hybrid. Some people think of it as a curse and some think of it as a gift and me? Well, I keep changing between these two. But honestly speaking, it is a gift which has its own drawbacks.

They say that I have stolen the fire from hell and I will burn in those fires myself, well, technically speaking, I am already burning.

I walk towards the pack house in my pajamas. The warriors who are out training look at me with curiosity and some of them wondering what I have been doing in the woods in my pajamas.

The morning breeze kisses my skin like a long lost lover as I yawn once more. Remembering what’s going to happen today, I sigh. I have work to do.

Today the Night Howler’s pack is visiting our pack to discuss some serious rogue attacks that are increasing day by day. I have to make a lot of arrangements. I like to keep myself busy all the time. It makes me think less about my situation and helps me ignore my always whining wolf. I think its better that way. At least for me.

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