My Mate is My Enemy {Sample}

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Chapter 2: Stable

Cy’sPoint of View

“Good Morning Alpha Calix.” I greet as I enter the Alpha’s office.

“Morning Cy.” He greets back not looking up from the papers on his desk. I notice the bags under his eyes.

“Is everything okay?” I ask taking a seat.

“Um, I don’t know.” He answers, leaning back in his chair and massaging his forehead.

“What’s wrong?” I raise an eyebrow at him. I have never seen him like this. He is always energized and there’s always this power radiating off him. Today he seems dull. He looks as if he hasn’t slept well last night.

“My wolf is troubling me. He has been saying incoherent things to me all night. When I try to communicate with him, he is always shutting me down.” He says. His tone gives away that he is dog tired. I am tired too, but my situation is completely different than his or maybe in some ways he has the same problem as me. He is mate-less to. Being a mate-less alpha is not helping him at all. He needs to find his mate before his wolf goes mad. It’s the same way with me, my wolf is stronger than other wolves, and it’s the advantage of being a hybrid. But this has a disadvantage too. He needs to get stable soon or he will go mad too. And only she can make him... us, stable.

’Leo is already mad.′

’Shut up you moron.′ Leo growls at me.

’I have said nothing wrong. You are halfway mad.′ I say.

’But it ain’t my fault. She is taking too much time!′

’Leo, are you even sure that she exists?′


’I am gonna block you for now.′ He says and cuts me off. I sigh at his behavior. Yup, he is half mad.

“Anything else, you have been feeling lately?” I ask him. He shakes his head in response.

“Hmm, let’s just see what happens in the evening.”


It’s evening and I am getting ready for the Night Howler pack’s arrival.

’Dress well, mate could be coming.′ Leo teases.

’Shut up.′ I block him and concentrate on choosing my outfit for the evening. Honestly, I don’t care for my appearance. I look decent, scratch that, I look much more than decent. It’s one of the perks of being a hybrid. I know the female wolves go crazy on me. No matter how dangerous they think I am, they also have the audacity to get aroused by me. I can always smell them. Leo always feels disgusted. He wants only one she-wolf to feel like that, but the thing is that we haven’t found her yet. And I doubt if we will ever find her.

I have given up my hopes a long time ago and I don’t want to be disappointed again. She won’t be coming and I know it. I have known it all this time.

’She is never going to come.′

Leo shakes his head in denial but does not say anything. Maybe he is slowly accepting the fact too. Maybe he is losing hope too. Suddenly, I feel disappointed. It’s a new kind of disappointment. I have never expected Leo to lose hope. Some part of me wanted him to never lose hope and continue being persistent even after I have given up because his bickerings lit a small spark of hope somewhere inside me. Even though he was joking but I knew that he meant every single word.

He had been looking forward to this meeting in the hopes that our mate could be in that pack and she might be visiting us tonight. He was fantasizing about finding her tonight but I know that the probability of finding her in that pack is slim to none but my logical reasons don’t help him stop fantasizing.

But now he is giving up.


He is tired too.

’Sorry, Leo.′

I let go of my thoughts and proceed to do the task at hand while Leo goes back in my mind, watching me patiently with his sad and melancholy eyes.

I get dressed and make my way towards the pack house where the meeting and the dinner will be held. I spot Calix near the house. He looks restless. As I approach him, he looks at me and smiles. His smile is troubled, the one which does not reach his eyes.

“What’s wrong?” I asked placing my hand on his shoulder. His eyes are dropping and his shoulders are slopping. As far as I can interpret his body signs, it has nothing to do with the meeting.

“Cy, it’s my wolf. He is acting really weird.” He says. I can sense him trying to control his wolf. There’s this dangerous amount of energy leaking off him as if his wolf is fighting for control as if it wants to be set free. Suddenly, this thought crosses my mind.

“Calix, it’s your mate. You might find her soon.” I say. If that’s the reason then I am really happy for him. Our pack wants a Luna really bad and I think we will get our Luna soon. It’s time we need some women’s hand in this business.

A Luna is the Alpha wolf’s mate who rules by his side and acts as the mother figure for the whole pack. She commands the she-wolves in the pack and also makes sure to continue the Alpha’s bloodline. She makes sure that pack gets its future Alpha. She is the basic necessity of an Alpha wolf and looking at a miserable Calix all I can say is he need a Luna. Really bad.

He nods in response. I really wish that he finds his mate tonight.

“I don’t know.” He says looking away nervously.

“Good luck.”

He nods in response and goes inside the pack house. I follow him and together, we go through all the arrangements. We were busy when we heard howls signaling their arrival. We walk outside to find a heard of wolves emerging from the forest in the clearing. First, the warriors step inside the clearing followed by a large wolf who must be the alpha of the pack. He nods when he sees us. We nod back.

As the Alpha wolf nears us, I see some wolves following him closely. I assume that they must be his family. Soon, the Alpha wolf steps aside to reveal his family and suddenly, I see the grey she-wolf right behind the Alpha wolf stop walking.

A light breeze blows towards us from the woods, bringing in their scents. As soon as the gentle breeze hits us, I feel Calix take a sharp breath and freeze beside me. His eyes search the group of wolves in the clearing and rest permanently on the grey she-wolf who seemed to be frozen at her place. It didn’t take me long to realize what has happened.

“Mine.” Calix growls beside me confirming my thoughts. I can’t help but smile. We have got our Luna, finally. But suddenly I realize that from now on, Calix won’t be spending most of his time with me. I will be more solitary but I am happy. I am happy for him. He has finally found his mate and the Luna for this pack.


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