My Mate is My Enemy {Sample}

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Chapter 3: Sweet Scent


Cy’s Point of View

“ are eating too much...stop” I burst out laughing seeing the toddler trying to chew four cookies at once. Seeing him trying to chew even harder makes me clutch my stomach and laugh like crazy.

Finally, when he realizes that it’s not possible for him to chew that many cookies he spits them. I laugh even more. He is a bunch of cuteness. He is Calix’s son. Our next alpha. He likes to stay with me more than his parents.

The night when Calix met his mate, I thought that I will be more alone but I was wrong. After their mating, soon Miles was born and no one else could stop him from crying but me. And Luna Aphrodite prefers to leave him with me because Miles is really notorious and only I know how to handle him. Sometimes he even sleeps in my house. I look after him as if he is my own pup. Soon, Miles is going to have a sibling. Luna is pregnant and I can’t wait for their next pup.

I love Miles for one more reason. He doesn’t fear me like the rest of the pups in our pack. He is totally different than other pups in our pack. I think it has to do something with him having alpha blood. He is always following me around the pack like a lost puppy. I can’t help but smile whenever I see him. He is going to look like his father.

“Miles, you have to go now. I have work to do.”

“No.” He says extending his hands towards me. He wants me to take him in arms. I fulfill his wish and take him in my arms.

“Okay, now time to go to mom.” I say opening the front door of my house to go out.

“No!” He shrieks.

“Yes.” I say laughing.


“Yes, you have to.”

When I reach alpha’s house, I knock and get in. I see Luna Aphrodite working in the kitchen with her swollen tummy. She will deliver any day.

“Luna.” I say to claim her attention as I walk in the kitchen. She looks at me and smiles placing a hand on her swollen tummy.

“Cy, sorry for troubling you.” She says eyeing Miles. I shake my head and laugh.

“There you go Miles.” I say placing him down but he clutches my legs and buries his face. I laugh even more on his actions. He is really cute.

“Miles, you will come here, now!” Luna says. Finally he walks away from me, his head hanging low.

“Aww Miles, I promise, I will take you to the forest after I am done with work.” His face lights up in a smile and I can’t help but smile too.


“Deal.” I say nodding.

“Bye Miles, Bye Luna.” I say as I move towards the door to exit the house.

“You will make a good dad, Cy.” Luna says as I step out of the door. This makes my heart ache. Leo groans.

We have already given up.

I ignore him and proceed towards the pack house, where Alpha’s office is located. I have to get things done.


“Look.” I whisper as I point towards a fawn, which is peacefully drinking water from the stream. I look at Miles and he is watching the fawn with his careful eyes. I can’t help but smile. He looks like a predator.

A cute predator.


“Let’s catch it.”


“Why not?” I ask.

“If we catch him then his moma will be worried.” I am really stunned by his words. He is really caring. I shake my head.

A predator can’t make friends with its food or it will die. He has to learn this but his face says that he wants to play with the fawn rather than hurt it.

“Do you want to go near it?” I ask him. He nods in answer.

“Okay. You go and I will watch.”

“Why aren’t you coming?”

“I can’t come. He will run away.” Animals can sense danger. And for them, my wolf is a danger. It won’t take that fawn much time to sense my wolf if I go near him. The fawn won’t doubt Miles though because his wolf is not much developed yet.

“Okay”. He says and makes his way towards the fawn. I watch him carefully. He nears the fawn. The fawn is watching him cautiously. Miles nears it and gives him a gentle pat on its head. The fawn closes its eyes enjoying Miles’ pat.

Suddenly, the wind blows in the wrong direction and the fawn senses me. It stiffens.


I see Miles, he seems confused. The fawn starts running in the woods and Miles follow it before I could tell him to stop.

“MILES!” I shout but he is already after the fawn. I start running after him but suddenly, I stop. A sweet scent hits my nose. It’s something I haven’t smelled before. For a moment I just want to follow it and find out to whom it belongs. It doesn’t seem to belong from someone of our pack. But then, I remember that I have to find Miles.

“MILES!” I shout again. He doesn’t answer back. I panic. If something happens to him then I will never forgive myself.

“MILES!” I call his name once more but my calls are unanswered this time too. I sniff around and try to find his scent.

Right now this place is filled with that intoxicating scent. I can’t help but sniff more of it. I feel Leo purr inside. What’s wrong with him! Finally, I find Miles’ scent and follow it but I stop midway when I hear him talk.

“Who are you?” He asks, his voice filled with innocence.

Who is he talking to?


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